25 Unique Jigsaw Puzzle for Someone Who Loves Challenges

A unique jigsaw puzzle is used to kill time or to train your brain to become smarter because you need to solve a problem (jigsaw puzzle). A jigsaw puzzle is interesting because it is not just a mere game but also a challenge to improve yourself.

A unique jigsaw puzzle is not also hard to solve but also contains a beautiful design in it. So, when you have solved the puzzle, you will see scenery that will satisfy your eye and be grateful that you have conquered the challenge.

What Makes A Jigsaw Puzzle Different?

Jigsaw puzzles are made differently based on their shape, theme, color, and size which measure their difficulty. Therefore, the stranger the shape, the rarer the theme, the more colorful the color, the bigger the shape means the unique jigsaw puzzle will be more difficult to solve.

BEST Jigsaw Puzzle for Someone Who Love Mysteries

1. Tree of Four Seasons 

 Tree of Four Seasons

A tree in four seasons has different shapes and conditions. Therefore, the puzzle might be needed to solve one by one. The unique jigsaw puzzle may be easy at the start since it contains four-season, so you only need to solve it each season before moving into a different season. A nature or tree lover will love this puzzle as a gift and as a challenge.

2. Blue Turtle, Kids & Adults Wooden Puzzles


Turtles look beautiful, doesn’t it? The unique jigsaw puzzle represents a turtle. The turtle puzzle might be a bit hard to solve since it is colorful. But, don’t lose before the fight even starts. After you solve this puzzle, you will see a beautiful turtle. Turtle lovers would be delighted to solve this puzzle.

3. Harbor At Dusk

Harbor At Dusk

Harbor at dusk may be one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The unique jigsaw puzzle is inspired by it. Hence, anyone who works at the harbor or ships should have this jigsaw puzzle to play in their free time. To solve this puzzle, you need to classify the puzzle’s colors that are alike, for example, the cloud’s color.

4. Dog Wooden puzzle

Dog Wooden puzzle

Dog lovers who love to solve a problem should have this unique jigsaw puzzle. After walking their dog, they should rest and play with this puzzle to refresh their mind. The dog puzzle is quite hard because it has many contrasting colors, but the unique shape like the tail and ears may help you.

5. Lake House Jigsaw Puzzle


Missing a holiday could affect your mental health. This unique jigsaw puzzle will heal your missing feeling, especially if you are fond of the lake house. Moreover, the puzzle contains a lake, mountains, trees, ducks, and the surrounding environment that will be a challenging puzzle to solve.

6. Vintage Succulent Puzzle

Vintage Succulent Puzzle

To reduce global warming effects, plants are needed. The green scenery from the plant also can relieve stress. And for that reason, a biology college student or plant lover should have this unique jigsaw puzzle as a gift. For biology college students, you can give this jigsaw as a gift at their graduation party.

7. Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

Astronomers are usually up to a hard challenge like solving a long math equation. So, without a doubt, they will accept a challenge to solve a puzzle. Furthermore, the unique jigsaw puzzle is shaped like a galaxy. When they observe a beautiful universe, you should give them this jigsaw puzzle as a surprise gift.

8. State Flower USA Map Puzzle

State Flower USA Map Puzzle

The USA is a large country, therefore it is a good idea to make a unique jigsaw puzzle out of it. With its cute design that uses flowers as the jigsaw. It will make the puzzle difficult to solve, therefore challenging for a flower lover.

9. Joyful Rainbow Wooden Puzzle

unique jigsaw puzzle

The rainbow’s color contains red, vermillion, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. The key to solving a unique jigsaw puzzle like this is to classify the color which is conformable to each other, For instance, yellow and red with vermillion color. The jigsaw puzzle is suitable for anyone regardless of their age.

10. Night Sky Wooden Puzzle

Night Sky Wooden Puzzle

Starry night is one of the most beautiful sceneries in the nighttime that you should see with your eyes. The starry night unique jigsaw puzzle also has trees with dark colors to strengthen its evening or night theme. Therefore, it is no doubt that astronomers will be interested in solving this starry night puzzle.

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11. Springbok Puzzle

Springbok Evening at the Lake Camp

An evening with a calming and picnic theme is not losing to a starry night if we talk about their quality. The puzzle consists of a tent near the lake in the evening with the person who waits for the water to boil is inside the tent. If your friends love camping, be sure to give this unique jigsaw puzzle to them before they go camping.

 12. Cute Bear Puzzle

unique jigsaw puzzle

Who can resist a cute bear? Kids or adults have a hard time resisting it. The unique jigsaw puzzle offers a challenge that rewards a cute bear that wears a magician hat. The puzzle is quite hard because it has so many colors in it. More than two persons may be great to solve this puzzle once for all.

13. Springbok Classic Car Garage Puzzle

unique jigsaw puzzle

Missing a car due to routine service can be quite painful. It’s better to hone your brain’s skill rather than wait in sadness. The unique jigsaw puzzle offers you many colorful and cool cars to spend your time waiting for the service to be done. Also, the puzzle may give you a new idea of what car to buy next.

14. Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

unique jigsaw puzzle

The Red and blue owl are cute. But, the color of it makes it difficult to solve, thus providing a big challenge to whoever wants to play with this puzzle. You can also give them to bird lovers, it is better if they are nocturnal like owls.

15. Springbok Coca Cola History

unique jigsaw puzzle

Coca-cola is a world-famous soda company that sells the most delicious cola in the world. A well-known investor, Warren Buffet also invested in the coca-cola stock. But, we don’t drink the jigsaw puzzle. Hence, playing the difficult unique jigsaw puzzle with the coca-cola theme is a perfect idea for a soda lover who has sharp problem-solving skills.

16. Puzzle Spectrum Lion

Puzzle Spectrum Lion

The lion is a symbol of majesty, strength, courage, and justice which is suitable for a leader. If your leader is a great problem solver and jigsaw puzzle lover, then this colorful lion will be a wonderful gift to them.

17. Irregular Puzzle Pieces Mighty Tiger

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Irregular puzzles are hard to solve, especially if the shape is not symmetric at all. After the lion, the tiger entered the fray. For brave and wild people, a tiger really suits them because the animal gives a bold and dashing impression. A unique jigsaw puzzle with tiger’s theme will challenge the solver’s willpower.

18. Butterfly Puzzle

Butterfly Unique Jigsaw Puzzle

A worm will go under metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly jigsaw puzzle is not only worth trying because of its difficulty but also for its colorful design. Insect lovers without a doubt will play this jigsaw everyday.

19. Goat Jigsaw Puzzle

Goat Unique Jigsaw Puzzle

Domestic animals like goats are not only good for food but also a brilliant idea for jigsaw puzzles. Just look at the various colors of the puzzle! It will surely take a long time to solve it. For domestic animal lovers and persistent people, this goat puzzle will certainly suit them very well.

20. Jigsaw Puzzle Charming Garden

unique jigsaw puzzle

Ever happen to think that you plan on confessing your love to your girlfriend or being engaged after a long-distance relationship? The romantic jigsaw puzzle is the key present for your love and it’s better to give it in the garden at night because it matches the jigsaw puzzle condition.

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21. Peacock Puzzle

unique jigsaw puzzle

Peacocks have beautiful feathers that become their trait. If you want to look at a peacock but unfortunately can’t go to the zoo, you can play with this beautiful bird. Furthermore, the outer part of the circle, the head of the peacock, and its feathers will be the key to solving the puzzle.

22. Jigsaw Puzzle for Romantic Love

unique jigsaw puzzle

A romantic date at the park in the middle of a cold night. What is to add to make it more romantic? Of course, a present that will spice things up. The jigsaw puzzle pictures a couple that enjoys their date in the night while looking at the full moon and a lake in which there are mountains across it.

23. Explorer Kids Solar System Jigsaw

Explorer Kids Solar System Board

Teaching kids about the solar system at an early age is not a bad idea at all. Outer space has many interesting things in it such as planets, galaxies, asteroids, comets, meteors, etc. The kids will learn in a creative way with this solar system puzzle.

24. Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle (Cozy Room)

Difficult Board

After a tiring working session, a cozy room is all you need to rest. It is better if you have a pet to accompany you so you can relax together. The jigsaw puzzle that is shaped like a cozy room like this will be hard to solve because it contains many things and colors that could be annoying when you try to arrange and solve them.

25. Bus Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Bus Board

Buses are one of the best choices to make if you want to take public transportation. Therefore, if someone often takes a bus to wherever they go, you should give them a bus jigsaw puzzle. After many changes of the bus after work to go home, they should relax while playing the bus jigsaw puzzle.

Final Thought

Choosing the right kind of jigsaw puzzle depends on the level of difficulty that you’re going after. For adults, the best jigsaw puzzle would be the ones that offer medium to high level of difficulties, with a lot number of pieces and more complicated images. But if you are looking for puzzles for younger segment, for kids or teenager for instance, then you can go for ones that offer low to medium level of difficulties. You might also want to choose those with less quantity of pieces and less complicated images, too.

Latest Posts :

What skills do jigsaw puzzles develop?

Since jigsaw puzzles require sharp problem-solving skills, creativity, and memorizing. Therefore, The unique jigsaw puzzle will hone your problem-solving skills with creative thinking and a bit of memorizing, especially if the puzzle has a unique color or shape that is easy to remember.

What are the best jigsaw puzzle makes?

The best unique jigsaw puzzle makes the most rewarding scenery ever. Since it is hard to solve it, the reward must be big too to make it worth solving it. The reward is not money, but beautiful scenery like a romantic jigsaw puzzle.

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