sentimental graduation gifts for best friends

25 Best Sentimental Graduation Gifts for Best Friends 

Graduation means a lot to most people. After all, they have gone through ups and downs while searching for knowledge, including passing the bar exam and thesis defense. And so, we believe that giving a sentimental gift on graduation day is the best way to commemorate the occasion.

A graduation gift carries a deep sentimental value because it contains your best wishes to the receiver. It is a form of appreciation that will touch the feeling of whoever receives it. Moreover, sentimental graduation gifts are prompted by feelings of tenderness and nostalgia, so it means a lot to the receiver.

Here we have listed the 25 best sentimental graduation gifts to give to your best friend. There are jewels, ornaments, gift cards, decoration stuff, and various other items that will help bring out your true feelings.

Graduation Gift for Male Best Friend 

Giving a sentimental graduation gift to your best friend is a must! You need to appreciate their hard work. Here we have created a list of 13 sentimental graduation gifts for male best friends. The list includes various items such as knick-knacks made out of stainless steel, photo frames, graduation journals, and all kind of things that has masculine character. Moreover, the following items will also help them become a more productive man!

1. Cuban chain necklace

Cuban chain necklace

Let’s start the list with this Cuban chain necklace. It has a see-through lens, so you can add your best friend’s small photo to the bar-shaped pendant. Thanks to its simple and contemporary design, the necklace is definitely one of the most excellent sentimental graduation gifts for your male best friends. 

2. Graduation Hat Frame

Graduation Hat Frame

Consider buying this unique graduation hat frame as a sentimental graduation gift for a male best friend! It is made of porcelain and hand-painted, so it looks unique and special. You can give this graduation frame with or without your best friend’s photo inside. He can also use it to display his graduation photo later. We bet there is no other graduation photo frame as unique as this one!

3. Graduation Cap Bottle Topper

Graduation Cap Bottle Topper

Looking for a practical and sentimental graduation gift for a best friend? This bottle topper might be one of the most unique choices! Celebrating graduation with a bottle of refreshing beer would be nice. The funny graduation cap-shaped topper will enhance the atmosphere and help your friend cover the opened beer bottle. 

It is handmade using acrylic wool, and it’s very well-crafted. This item will add more fun and sentimental feeling to a graduation celebration!

4. Graduation Minifigure

Graduation Minifigure

This cute male mini-figure can be given as a sentimental graduation gift. Look at this cute guy bringing his graduation certificate and feeling proud. By giving this Minifigure, it looks like you are feeling proud of your best friend who passed all their exams and finally finished their studies. Therefore, this mini figure can be considered one of the most sentimental graduation gifts for best friends. 

5. Graduation Ornament

Graduation Ornament

This graduation ornament is a must-have sentimental gift for best friends. It can be used as a graduation decoration or little keepsake. You can add a name, class of the year, degree of study, and school name to make it more personalized and special. This ornament can be used as a little keepsake or additional graduation party decoration. 

6. Graduation Gift Card Box 

Graduation Gift Card Box 

This graduation gift card box is simple yet can still be a perfect sentimental graduation gift for a best friend. It has a written word that says Congrats, Grad! When a person is graduating, they usually receive hundreds of gift cards. This box will be perfect for storing those sentimental cards. It can be used as an additional graduation party decoration too!

7. Pop Up Graduation Card 

Pop Up Graduation Card

Another simple, fun, and sentimental graduation gift for a best friend is this pop-up graduation card. Let them know that you also have the same excitement as them! The card features a 3D design inside, and you can add cash, check, or gift card for an additional surprise. It also has spare space in the back to write your own sentimental message for the one who will graduate soon. 

8. Lockdown Word Art Frame

Lockdown Word Art Frame

Next, we recommend this word art frame as a sentimental graduation gift for a best friend! It has a shade of someone who will graduate and is filled with multiple word art that describes the person. This artwork will display the name of the person bigger to look stand out and exclusive. So, you should consider getting this artwork as a sentimental graduation gift for your best friend. 

9. Graduation Journal

Graduation Journal

This graduation journal is different from the usual journal. It features a leather journal cover and a long message for the new journey of the one who has graduated. 

It features a perfect size that your best friend would like to bring everywhere he goes. There are also stylish hardcovers to put an ID card, credit card, name card, or unique photos! So make sure to check this out as a sentimental graduation gift for your male best friend!

10. Graduation Cap Jar

Graduation Cap Jar

This graduation cap mason jar will make a funny present for your friend. You can order customized colors from the artist to make this graduation cap look unique. Don’t forget to give this to your friend along with a mason jar you can buy at a store and fill it up with cash or a message in rolled papers to make it memorable and a sentimental graduation gift. 

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11. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Your best friend might want to travel around the country after his graduation. So, this stainless steel travel mug would be an appropriate gift to support his dream. It features a spill prevention lid-lock and easy handling for going anywhere. The written word “I hope this B.S. pays off” will definitely amuse your best friend who is about to start his new journey. 

12. Horseshoe Graduation Gift

Horseshoe Graduation Gift

Not many people use this item as a gift, but that is what makes horseshoes become a unique and sentimental graduation gift for a best friend’s graduation. A horseshoe can be used as a good luck charm before he starts job hunting post-graduation. It can also make an attractive ornament for his door. Moreover, the horseshoes come in 3 colors you can choose from!

13. Inspirational Graduation Keychain 

Inspirational Graduation Keychain

This graduation keychain features a special message for every graduate. This little keychain can be attached to a backpack or any other bag wherever the graduates go. With the special message engraved on the keychain, it will surely give a sentimental feeling to your best friend who needs support after they have graduated. 

Graduation Gift for Female Best Friend 

Girls always love valuable and personalized things because they give them heartwarming feelings. Therefore, most of the items here are jewelry such as a new journey bangle, necklace, Pandora charm, and many other sparkling items. There is also a paper flower frame to give an additional romantic look that will give some sentimental vibe as well. Take a look at the following 12 sentimental graduation gifts for girl best friends! 

14. New Journey Bangle

New Journey Bangle

Graduation means a new beginning. And so, we recommend this new journey bangle as a sentimental graduation gift for best friends. It features allergen-free and nickel-free, so it is safe for all skin-type.

This bangle has silver material and exquisite design with lotus and new journey tag charm to bring out the meaning of the new journey of life, in this case is graduation. It will come in a gift box with a greeting card, so make sure to check this out! 

15. Class of 2022 Bracelet

Class of 2022 Bracelet

This Class of 2022 bracelet is offered in 14K white gold or yellow gold finish with stainless steel material. It has an exquisite ‘linked-in’ design and is a handmade item that provides a special look. This lovely bracelet will be placed in a luxury mahogany style gift box, so anyone who receive it will know how valuable it is. So, why don’t you consider this item as a sentimental graduation gift for your best friends? 

16. Personalized Graduation Necklace

Personalized Graduation Necklace

What is a better sentimental graduation gift than this personalized jewelry? This personalized graduation necklace can be customized with the graduation year and the name of the person you want to give it to. The item is made of Titanium Steel and Copper which provides it with an exquisite look, perfect for any girl who’ve just graduated! 

17. Acrylic Plaque 

Acrylic Plaque

Looking for an exquisite display? This acrylic plaque is great choice for a sentimental graduation gift for best friends. You can personalize the background of the acrylic, characters drawn on the plaque, and also add names and graduation years to make it look more personal. The plaque has high-quality printing technique it looks really great!

18. Night Light

Night Light

Do you want to surprise your best friend? This night light has a magic feature that can show an exquisite light and project your sentimental wordings on a wall in the darkroom. The box itself is made of wood that offers a minimalist look during the day. 

19. Graduation Photo Booth Message Bottle

Graduation Photo Booth Message Bottle

This photo booth message bottle has special memories in it. You can add up to 3 mini photos that you and your best friend cherish the most, or you can also add photos of your best friend studying! This item will include a photo stand with customized messages on it to convey your own message. Make sure you check this out!

20. Personalized Graduation Hampers Box

Personalized Graduation Hampers Box

Confused about which one to choose? Then this graduation gift box is for you! The set includes a glass mug with a customized name of your best friend you want to give to, an exquisite pen, a journal notebook, pretty scrunchies, and a little glittery box of Ferrero chocolate. You can also add a graduation year of your best friend to make it more unique and special.

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21. Graduation Sterling Silver Charm 

Graduation Sterling Silver Charm

What else can be prettier than this Pandora sterling silver charm? It features the shape of a graduation hat, meaning a sentimental graduation gift that is specially designed for someone who will graduate soon. It is made of sterling silver, so it serves a simple and exclusive look of jewelry. This pandora charm necklace and bracelet will fit your female best friend’s style perfectly. 

22. Graduation Initial Necklace

Graduation Initial Necklace

Completed with a special graduation message on the card, this initial necklace will make a sentimental graduation gift for best friends. It has an initial name with a graduation hat on top, which makes this item one of the best options for you! It also has nickel-free and allergic-free features, as well as handmade, so it will be safe to be worn on any skin type. 

23. Your Graduation Print Art

Your Graduation Print Art

We always have a great feeling when we have graduated, same as our family and friends. This graduation print art has a ‘newspaper’ design as if we are the best graduates in the city. It is made of archival matte paper and can be personalized with your own messages for your best friend. This item will be one of the best sentimental graduation gifts for a female best friend! 

24. DIY Scrapbook 

DIY Scrapbook 

Looking for a gift that you can DIY for your best friend? This DIY scrapbook is definitely a must-buy item as a sentimental graduation gift for my best friend! It has a photo album design, so you can put many photos of her studying, working on her thesis, your memories with her, and many more.

You can also write your own message inside to make it look unique and special. This DIY scrapbook offers excitement when someone opens it, so make sure to check this out!

25. Flower Frame

Flower Frame

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers always have meaning when it’s given to certain special people. This time, we recommend a paper flower frame, which you can customize the paper flower color, frame size, frame color, as well as the name of the person you want to give and her graduation year. It will give a romantic look for a sentimental graduation gift for best friends.

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What do you get someone for a graduation gift?

We can get a personalized graduation gift to make our sentimental and grateful feelings stand out. As always, personalized gifts are the best since we are giving a gift based on someone’s preferences. You can choose a lockdown word art frame, DIY Scrapbook, and graduation initial necklace, as well as a photo booth message bottle. Valuable things can also be considered, such as the Pandora graduation charm and linking necklace. In conclusion, valuable and personalized gifts are the best options as sentimental graduation gifts for best friends. 

Do friends give each other graduation gifts?

Friends do give each other graduation gifts as part of grateful feelings. They know each other’s journey, the hard work that has been put in to finally arrive at this step. Giving sentimental graduation gifts to best friends, it shows that we are supportive friends. 

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