25 Vintage Travel Posters As Part of Your Interior Decoration

The Earth is filled with various kinds of beautiful scenery. Each country has their own cultural identity as well as traveling destinations. When you visit the United States, you will marvel at the Statue of Liberty. But when you take a trip to China, you might want to stop by the Great Wall. It will be a huge milestone for you if you’ve managed to travel the globe and enjoy the wonders of Earth. However, things like money and time may factor into your inability to accomplish that mission. But don’t worry, even if you’re unable to travel, it doesn’t mean that you can’t collect vintage travel posters as decorations. 

People dig vintage travel posters as interior decoration. As a matter of fact, you can hang these items in your living room, bedroom, or even a café that you own. Looking at vintage travel posters help remind us about the beauty of the world. We probably can’t visit those places now, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate them! If you’re interested in buying some vintage travel posters, please take a look at our list below. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.   

Vintage Travel Posters for Your Living Room

Vintage travel posters are perfect to be hung in your living room. It can be brought up as one of the topics during a conversation with guests. Please take a look at some of the best vintage travel posters that will fit your living room perfectly.

1. Travel to Tokyo

Travel to Tokyo

Let’s take a look at this beautiful poster that promotes the Land of the Rising Sun. To be precise, you’re invited to enjoy the wonders in Tokyo. As one of the most populated cities in Japan, you surely won’t want to miss out on visiting this wonderful city someday!

2. Vintage Tokyo Poster

Vintage Tokyo Poster

Japan is known for a lot of cool things. Sakura, anime, and unique technologies are just some of them. If you are really interested in the culture of Japan, then you should buy this vintage travel poster. It will fit perfectly in your living room

3. Vintage Britain Dover Castle Poster

Vintage Britain Dover Castle Poster

Dover Castle is a medieval castle located in Dover, England. It is regarded as one, if not the largest, castle in England. If you are interested in visiting the castle one day, then you should definitely own this amazing poster first. 

4. Vintage Santa Catalina 1935 Poster

Vintage Santa Catalina 1935 Poster

Posters that are printed out in landscape format are better suited to be hung in the living room compared to your bedroom. That’s the reason why we’re putting this cool vintage poster on the list. It’s really beautiful and it will be perfect for your interior decoration

5. Original Henri Matisse Travel Poster

Original Henri Matisse Travel Poster

If you want to have an original and great value travel poster, then you should not ignore this poster. This poster was created by the brilliant Henri Matisse. This travel poster perfectly depicts the city of Nice, France.

6. Monte Carlo Vintage Travel Poster

 Monte Carlo Vintage Travel Poster

This poster is a nice reproduction of an original vintage travel poster that promotes the city of Monte Carlo, Monaco. It’s highly durable and will be resistant to fading for at least 75 years. It will definitely look so cool in your living room!

7. United Air Lines Vintage Poster

United Air Lines Vintage Poster

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, then you probably have spent some time enjoying the beach. Perhaps you might even enjoy canoeing. If that’s the case, you might want to immortalize those fun memories by having this vintage travel poster in your living room. 

8. Sevilla Vintage Travel Poster

Sevilla Vintage Travel Poster

There’s a million reasons to visit Spain. If you ever get the chance to do that, make sure to spare some of your time and visit the amazing city of Sevilla. In the meantime, owning this vintage travel poster for your living room might just be enough.

Vintage Travel Posters for Your Bedroom

Smaller vintage travel posters might just be good enough to be hung in your bedroom. In this case, we’re trying to avoid vintage travel posters that have people on it. Hanging an old picture of a person might just be a little too creepy for you!

9. Poland Fisherman’s Paradise

Poland Fisherman’s Paradise

If you’d like to own original vintage travel posters that depict an event that happened at that point in time, then you might fancy this item. It is an original poster made in Poland. This vintage poster promotes Fisherman’s Paradise. Its cute design and the vintage vibe that this poster emanates makes this poster perfect for your bedroom. 

10. Disneyland Star Tours Poster

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Who would want to reject a chance to go to the magnificent place called Disneyland? Even adults love to visit them. If you love Star Wars and Disneyland, then you better grab the chance to own this vintage poster now!

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11. Fly TWA Los Angeles Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

This is a classic poster that promotes the lovely city of Los Angeles and the TWA Airline. The TWA Airline hasn’t been operating since 2001, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t own this cool vintage travel poster. In fact, hang this bad boy in your bedroom. 

12. New Orleans Airline Travel Poster

New Orleans Airline Travel Poster

You shouldn’t underestimate the beauty of New Orleans. It isn’t as fancy as New York and Los Angeles, but it does have its own uniqueness. If you’d like to visit New Orleans someday, please consider buying this wonderful travel poster, too. Because of its simplistic design, you might want to consider hanging this amazing poster in your bedroom. 

13. Air France and Paris Travel Poster

Air France and Paris Travel Poster

Here’s another cool airline travel poster for your consideration. If you’re more interested in the city of Paris, France, then you should probably buy this cool poster instead. This is a nice reproduction that maintains all the details found in the original poster. 

14. France by Train Vintage Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

We’re not done with France yet. As one of the hottest traveling destinations, it comes as no surprise that there’s a lot of vintage travel posters that promote said country. In this poster, you’ll see the wonderful scenery of the French Riviera, the Mediterranean coastline in France. 

15. Travel By Rail Vintage Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

Airplanes have been around for a long time. But long ago, trains are the favorite mode of transportation. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this awesome vintage travel poster. It promotes the use of trains and asks you to “stick it to the airlines”!

16. Monaco Grand Prix Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

Many people like to travel to Monaco for the annual Grand Prix tournament. Since its inception in 1929, it has become a staple in the racing community. This particular poster promotes the second ever Grand Prix tournament in Monaco. So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

17. Paris, Lyon Vintage Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

There’s a lot of touring destinations in Lyon. The Notre Dame Church is just one of many visiting spots that you can find here. If you really want to visit Lyon someday, then you better check this vintage poster and hang it on the wall of your bedroom. 

18. Original Vintage Poster Imprimerie Kossuth 1912 Calendar Ballerina

Vintage Travel Posters

This is an original travel poster that promotes the island of Sikinos in Greece. Get one now and frame it immediately to avoid damage to the art. It will be perfect in your bedroom. It will be the right decision to hang this poster in your bedroom because looking at this poster gives you some kind of a relaxing vibe.

Vintage Travel Posters for Café

Cafes also need to have vintage travel posters as decorations. It will definitely attract more people, as they like the vibe that the posters emanate. They can also take pictures with them, promoting your café in the process. Let’s take a look at some of the best vintage travel posters for your café. 

19. Andy Warhol Liberty Statue Original Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

It won’t hurt for you to put original vintage travel posters as part of your café decoration. In fact, we’ve got just the right item for you. Presenting: the Andy Warhol Liberty Statue poster! Make sure to frame it to avoid any unwanted damages. 

20. Diavolezza Vintage Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

Diavolezza is a famous ski resort located in Switzerland. Moreover, this is also a favorite tourism destination for people who love skiing. If you want to bring a cool vibe for your café, make sure don’t forget to buy this vintage travel poster!

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21. Visit Mexico Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

This vintage travel poster is perfect for your café. Looking at the food presented on the poster will definitely make your customers feel hungrier. Therefore, go buy one now and we guarantee that your café will always be filled with hungry people. 

22. Vietnam Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

Posters that depict scenery are good for cafes. Plus, it makes the customer’s mood better, too. If you want to buy one, we’re recommending this cool Vietnam travel poster for you. So get one now and hang it in your café. 

23. Warszawa Vintage Travel Poster

Warszawa Vintage Travel Poster

Add some elegant touch to your café with this amazing vintage travel poster. This is a reproduction of a cool poster. Don’t worry, it’s printed using high-definition technology. We guarantee, you would not be able to tell the difference between this item and the original one!

24. Sydney Ferries – Australia Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

Let’s put one airline travel poster on this list, too. Here, you can see original vintage travel posters made in the 1960s. This art cleverly depicts Sydney Australia in an abstract form. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to miss this beautiful poster.

25. Pacific Coast, California Vintage Poster

Pacific Coast, California Vintage Poster

Last up on our list of cool vintage travel posters is this awesome poster of the Pacific Coast in California. It’s a beautiful piece of art made by Kerne Erickson Greg. If you love the scenery, then never think twice about buying it!

Latest Post:

What are Travel Posters?

Travel posters are printouts that are originally used to promote a holiday destination. Sometimes, it also involves certain events that happen at the time, like the Grand Prix. There’s a lot of vintage travel posters that you can buy. You can choose to buy high-valued original posters or their reproduction as cheaper alternatives. 

What are the Best Vintage Travel Posters for Home Decoration?

There’s a lot of cool vintage travel posters that are waiting for you. Unfortunately, each collector has different tastes of art. You need to browse and look for the best vintage travel poster that suits your style. We can recommend this awesome Henri Matisse travel poster and the Cold War travel poster as your consideration. 

How Do You Authenticate a Vintage Poster?

Vintage posters will always have counterfeits and fake duplicates. One of the most telling points is to look closely at the item. If it appears pixelated, then it is definitely a fake. However, if you own a high-valued poster, it is advisable to consult a professional consultant. 

Do Vintage Travel Posters Have Value?

Vintage travel posters that are kept in perfect condition will always have high value. Just take a look at some of the items that we have curated above. Original travel posters will always sell at a high price. But if you have duplicates or counterfeit, then you can’t hope too much on it. 

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