25 Toys for Deaf Cats You Have To Get Now

Have you ever met or raised deaf cats? If you have, then you’ll know how adorable they are. They might lack of hearing, but most of them are smart and also fast learner. Plus, they have a great ability to smell. However, not many people know how to handle deaf cats. It’s not gonna be easy, but knowing how adorable they are, it’s definitely worth doing. If you’re looking for something that can keep your deaf cat entertained, you find lots of toys for deaf cats in the market.

It’s not easy to raise a deaf cat, but it’s not that hard either. They have amazing abilities such as learning through body or sign languages. Whys is why it becomes the most possible way to communicate with them. If you want to give them a wonderful time to play, why don’t you give them fun gifts for deaf cats? In this article, you can find 25 most recommended toys for deaf cats, which will surely make them entertained.

1. Handmade ​​Cat Toy Wool Ball


Have a fun playing time together with your cat with these wool ball toys. Ball toys are some of the most popular toys for cats. It comes in various adorable colors that include light gray, mustard yellow, pink, and blue. Each set includes three wool balls. Made in New Zealand, these cute wool balls are the perfect toys for your deaf cat.

2. Rabbit Fur Cat Toy Handmade


Now you can play together with you cute deaf cat with these adorable toys. These are called Rabbit Fur Cat Toys. Just like the name, these are made of natural rabbit fur and hemp rope. Cats have a great hunting instinct, even if they are deaf. So, these rabbit fur can play a good role as a prey.  

3. Roll Ultimate Cat Kicker or Scratcher


This toy can be a good gift for your deaf cats. This is a Roll Ultimate Cat Kicker. More than just a toy, this item can also be a cat scratcher. It was made of crush resistant cardboard tubes, and includes a natural organic blend of catnip, which will trigger your cat’s curiosity while playing wit it.

4. Real Feather & Catnip Toys 


This item is a very cute handmade toy for your deaf cats. A Real Feather & Catnip Toy will trigger your deaf cat’s curiosity, which give it a nice and fun playing time. Made of high-quality cotton linen, this item features a breathable fabric. With a smell of catnip in it, your cat will be able to smell it through the fabric. Without a doubt, this will be a cool toy for your deaf cat.

5. Cat Fish Toy Non-Electric


You deaf cats will definitely have a good time with this toy. This item is a cat fish toy and it has the shape of a raw fish. This version is a non-electric one, making it safe for young deaf cats. You can see your adorable cat bites, kicks, or takes this toy everywhere it goes. In addition, it features a bright color, which can help your cat to find it easily.

6. KashaKasha Dragonfly Cat Toy


Have you ever seen deaf cats trying to catch a dragonfly? Now you can make that happen with this toy. It’s a Rustling Dragonfly Cat Toy and it has the shape of a dragonfly made of plastic. The unique PetStar design is definitely irresistible for deaf cats. Moreover, it also has a triple layered protective plastic, so it won’t hurt your cat.

7. Premier Pet Fox Tail Automatic Cat Toy


If your deaf cats ever feel lonely, go try to have this Pet Fox Tail Automatic Cat Toy at home. This toy can stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct whenever they see the tail coming out. The wagging tail can make your deaf cat feels curious and wanting to touch it. Since it is an automatic toy, it can be automatically turned off after 10 minutes of play. Truly one of the best toys for your deaf cat.

8. Automatic Laser Cat Toy 

toys for deaf cats

For deaf cats, why don’t you try to get them this attractive toy? This is an Automatic Laser Cat Toy and it features a laser that moves in random patterns. This toy will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. Without a doubt, it will make your deaf cats happy since they can have fun and exercise at the same time.

9. Dizzy Thing Electronic Spinning Cat Toy

toys for deaf cats

This motion cat toy is so unique! This Dizzy Thing Electronic Spinning Toy is a toy that comes with a replaceable battery, which will make it spins and rolls. With adorable leaves and fluffy tuft, your cat is going to have a lot of fun playing with it. Moreover, this toy is utilizing environmentally friendly, recycled and sustainable materials, making it a safe toy for your cat. 

10.  Petlinks Mystery Motion

toys for deaf cats

Moving on to the next item on the list, this one is called Mystery Motion Toy. With its erratic movements, your deaf cats can definitely have an intimate play time with it. Moreover, this unique toy can also mimic the thrill of a hunting time, which encourages deaf cats to chase or leap. Not to mention that it will turn into a good exercise time, too. Last but not least, it also features a catnip!

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11. SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion

toys for deaf cats

This is a SmartyKat Feather Whirl for deaf cats. It can make a very good motion to encourage your deaf cats to catch it. It also has a weighted base in it, so the feather can whirl easily. You can turn it on with a touch of a button. With this toy, it can help your deaf cats to exercise more and stay healthy.

12. Funcee Electronic Remote Control Mouse Plush Rat Toy

toys for deaf cats

Cats and mice are worlds’s greatest enemies, just like Tom and Jerry. Based on that fact, it would be a great idea to give your cat this Rat Toy Electronic Remote Control. Your deaf cat would love run around the house chasing this toy, for sure. Being a great toy for your deaf cat, this item comes in several color options that include gray, brown and black. You can control the mice’s movement using a remote control. 

13. Hide & Seek Wobble Pond Interactive Cat Toy

toys for deaf cats

Deaf cats definitely love to play something interactive. Try to give this Hide & Seek Wobble Pond when it’s time for them to play. Their natural behaviors will lead them to hunting and battling with this toy. This toy can also be a scratcher, which will help deaf cats to relieve their excitement. Moreover, it has a catnip blast, which can be another reason for this toy to be their favorite one.

14. Hartz Cattraction Gator Scratch Cat Toy

Hartz Cattraction Gator Scratch Cat Toy

You can bring excitements to your deaf cat’s days at home with this Hartz Attraction Scratch Toy. It can encourage your cat to play using their natural instincts. The texture of this toy makes it more durable and also long lasting. In addition, this toy can also make your deaf cats’ nails healthy. And last but not least, it also has a soft texture that is infused with a catnip, which will give them comfort while playing with it.

 15. Purrfect Feline Titan’s Tower Interactive Cat Ball Toy

toys for deaf cats

To keep your deaf cats busy, they have to exercise more. Exercise can enhance their mental health to be more comfortable and steady. This Purrfect Feline Titan’s Tower is perfect for that reason. It has balls that zoom around the multi-level of tracks. Once your cat plays with the balls, the instinct to hunt will be triggered. In addition, this toy also comes with a new design to prevent cats from sticking their head in it.

16. Floppy Fish Cat Toy

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This Floppy Fish Cat Toy is a wonderful toy. They named it floppy because it includes a remote control to make the tail wiggling. It also has a built-in-touch sensor to make it move and swing after your deaf cat touches it. This toy can trigger your deaf cats to play more, and the design of it is realistic enough to be played by cats.

17. All Prime Cat Tunnel

All Prime Cat Tunnel

Encourage your deaf cats to be attractive with this cat tunnel. This is the All Prime Cat Tunnel that can make them have a happier play time. It comes with beads and feathers, which can attract them to jump or chase it. It also has five wide tubes with crinkly sides in it.

18. Soft Plush Cat Toys

Soft Plush Cat Toys

Unique toys can come as an attractive things to play with for your deaf cat. These Soft Plush Cat Toys for example. These cuties come in a fish flop shape, and the size is super tiny, making these toys lightweight and stuffing-free. Plush toys like these are some of the best toys for your deaf cat, because it will definitely keep you cat busy, plus it can also be carried around easily. Moreover, this item is produced without pesticides and chemicals, totally safe for your cat.

19. Innovation Bundle Cat Teaser

Innovation Bundle Cat Teaser

This is a perfect gift for your deaf cats. It is an Innovation Bundle for Cat Teaser. In this item, you’ll find several things like automatic ribbon teaser, capsule tunnel, phantom cat toy, crinkle ball, bell ball, and other cool toys for your def cat. These items will definitely keep your deaf cat busy playing with them.

20. Paws Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder

Paws Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder

One of the perfect ways to keep your deaf cats busy is by giving them new toys. If your deaf cats have a big curiosity, then you can give this Paw Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder. It has three levels of challenges, which will train them to find their way to earn their snacks or traits. It has non-slippery rubber that will keep the game safe during playtime. 

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21. Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

This Super Roller Circuit Toy is definitely one of the most unique toys for deaf cats in this list. It has eight large-piece circuits that can entertain your deaf cats. It has high and low sections, and you can put the ball in it to make it flow and follow its way. Deaf cats will be curious to see the ball flows and try to catch it right away.

22. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

To keep your deaf cats having a fun time while eating, you can try this cat slow feeder called Catit Senses 2.0 Digger. Sometimes they can’t help being greedy when it comes to meal time. But now they can play with it through this game. You can put their dry food or treats in this cat puzzle and let them enjoy their fun time. This is made of BPA-free materials that is safe for your deaf cats.

23. Stick Cage Balls

Stick Cage Balls

Are you looking for a fun and edible cat toy? This Stick Cage Balls are for you. This toy was designed to be edible for cats. It has a dietary fiber and catnip, which can help the cat to soothe their mind. The materials can also improve your cat’s digestive system. Moreover, when deaf cats chew the cage, it can eliminate their dental plaque, too!


toys for deaf cats

To fulfill your deaf cats’ happiness, try to give them a Pet Spiral & Claw Scratcher. This toy has durable fabrics that can help your deaf cats play longer. It was made using high-quality fabrics to keep the toy protected from bites and scratches. When your deaf cats touch it, the mouse will move, which will be super exciting for your deaf cats.

25. Classic Interactive Cat Toy

toys for deaf cats

Give your deaf cats extra attention by giving them this Classic Interactive Cat Toy. It can be a good boredom buster for them. To make it more challenging, try to level up skills and they will have an intimate playtime with you. toy is clearly an interactive play that can give them mental stimulation.

Latest Post :

How do you entertain a deaf cats?

You can entertain deaf cats with fun toys. It could be a Floppy Fish Cat Toy, All Prime Cat Tunnel, Automatic Laser Toy, or Real Feather Catnip Toy. Those kinds of gifts can entertain them and help them to kill their boredom. They will not only have a fun time, they will also move their body a lot.

What toys are good for a deaf cats?

Deaf Cats need interactive toys. When they interact with something, it could help to stimulate their senses and make them learn new things. Toys like Stick Cage Balls, Pet Fox Tail Automatic Toy, Hide & Seek Wobble Pond, and Dizzy Thing Electronic Spinning can help them to concentrate more. Deaf cats also have a strong hunting instinct and those toys can make them stimulated. 

How can I tell if my cat is losing her hearing?

You can check if they are waking up when there is a loud sound. Deaf Cats can not hear or respond to every sound around them. They often become louder when it comes to meowing. Sometimes their sensitivity to temperature and smells become very sharp. 

Do deaf cats need special care?

Deaf cats are wonderful pets. Even if they lost their hearing, you can treat them like you used to. But they still need extra care and attention. To keep them comfortable, make sure to minimize a big move whenever you are close to them. You can keep them busy with a good playtime with fun toys. Don’t forget to send an accurate and consistent signal to deaf cats so they won’t be confused.

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