25 Charming Mason Jar Gifts for Christmas You Should Buy

Mason jar gifts for Christmas are a classic thing, but they’re so much more special when you decorate and fill them with amazing goodies to share. Originally used to store canned food, today mason jars trends have shifted as a charming Christmas gift. Candies, jellies, or even candles are great gift ideas to fill your Christmas mason jar. Beside the things inside, the exterior should be eye-catching and attractive with decorative Christmas ornaments. It is a wonderful symbol of joy and happiness you can share during Christmas. Whether you are looking for a little keepsake for coworkers, or you want to show your gratitude by presents for teachers, mason jar gifts for Christmas will be the ideal solution. Therefore, you can share the Christmas spirit with everyone around easily.

If Christmas is coming up, but you don’t know what the best mason jar gifts for Christmas you should get, then consider yourself lucky to find this page! In this article, we will guide you to find fantastic mason jar gifts for Christmas for friends and colleagues. From the mini mason jar for Christmas tree ornaments, to the stunning luminaries mason jar, we have prepared it just for you! Let’s dive in!

1. Christmas Elk Candy Jar

Christmas Elk Candy Jar

Fill your friends’ home with the spirit of the Holidays by adding this lovely Christmas elk candy jar. It features a clear PVC jar with a lovely flannel elk at the top. The charming elk is incredibly attractive, perfect for a Christmas dinner table decoration to light up the Christmas party. It will be one of the most adorable mason jar gifts for Christmas you should buy.

2. Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House Kit

Get your little ones a fun Christmas project to do with this gingerbread house kit. This large mason jar comes with everything they need to decorate their own gingerbread house. Crackers, ready to use frostings, as well as colorful candies are the materials inside the jar. Beautifully packed in a gold rim cover jar and a big red ribbon, making it one of the most creative mason jar gifts for Christmas projects for kids.

3. Snowman In Winter Cookie Jars

Snowman In Winter Cookie Jars

A sweet treat for any occasion, this  Santa Claus cookie jar is perfect for holding all your favorite treats! Professionally hand painted by artisans, it portrays the spirit of Santa Claus with snowmans in winter. The full coverage handpainted design makes it one of the most artistic mason jar gifts for Christmas. The Christmas theme ribbon and little Christmas ornaments are added at the closure. 

4. Santa Cute Animals Jelly Pot

Santa Cute Animals Jelly Pot

Melt the heart of anyone on your list with this sweet as can be jelly pot. The large bottle’s body is made of food-grade glass, so the jellies inside can be seen. The charming and cute animals are used to embellish the appearance, as well as a Santa Claus on the top. It is one of the greatest mason jar gifts for Christmas that can accommodate many treats, perfect for the holiday season.

5. Christmas Mason Jar Ornament

Christmas Mason Jar Ornament

Cheer up your holiday decor with a mason jar Christmas ornament. This adorable and easy to personalize glass ornament makes great gift ideas for the home decor lover in your life. It comes with a mini Christmas tree and salt snow inside, radiating the farmhouse Christmas style. You can buy some of these mason jar gifts for Christmas for coworkers at your office to share the Christmas joy.

6. Christmas Tree Scented Candle

Christmas Tree Scented Candle

Feel the Christmas vibes inside the room with this Christmas tree scented candle. Packed in an elegant mason jar, it has balsam forest candle aroma with light citrus top notes and earthy undertones, ideal for creating a joyful Christmas mood. Made of 100% natural soy wax, it makes a great Christmas gift for friends or colleagues.

7. Santa Night Light Decor

Santa Night Light Decor

Wish your friends sweet dreams on Christmas night with this Santa night light. Creatively made from mason jars, it is manually etched for a frosted glass effect, then covered in white glitter magical dust and sealed. A small light is added inside the jar, creating a warm night light with a wonderful flying Santa Claus at night. It will be one of the most beautiful mason jar gifts for Christmas night.

8. Santa Claus Apple Candy Jar

Santa Claus Apple Candy Jar

Add a little spirit to your Christmas tree with this adorable Christmas buddy! No one will wonder that there is a candy jar inside the lovely Santa Claus. The stuffed plush doll that covers up the jar is exceptionally amazing and charming. You can both store a lot of apple candies inside and use it for decoration, making it one of the most ideal mason jar gifts for Christmas parties.

9. Christmas Mason Jar Glass with Straw

Christmas Mason Jar Glass with Straw

Get your little ones this cute mason jar glass to make their own favorite drinks. It features a handle on the side and also a straw for an easy and comfortable drinking experience. On the top of the lid, the lovely and colorful Christmas ornament is printed, expressing a wonderful Christmas spirit. Your kids will definitely consider it as one of the best mason jar gifts for Christmas.

10. Ball Jar Art Snowman Kit

Ball Jar Art Snowman Kit

Celebrate the Holidays with this snowman kit in a jar. Your kids can turn a mason Jar into a fun and handy Snowman container to fill with whatever sweets you want in a simple and easy way. It comes with great materials for covering the jar and lid and also all decorations you need such as brads, ribbon, twigs, present tag, and mess-free adhesive circles and dimensional foam pieces.

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11. Pocket Snowman In Jar

Pocket Snowman In Jar

Surprise your friends with a little keepsake that they will cherish forever. This lovely snowman in a mini mason jar will be one of the best mason jar gifts for Christmas ornaments. The miniature snowman is meticulously carved by hand and placed in its own small jar, which is then filled with artificial snow. It is also adorned with little bells, and you can customize it with a name tag.   

12. Personalized Christmas Candy Jar

Personalized Christmas Candy Jar

Give your little kids their own mason jar gifts for Christmas with personalized names on them. This mini mason jar has an etched name on the clear body glass, so you can personalize it with your kids’ name. In addition, the lovely plush Santa Claus is added to the side of the jar, as if hugging the jar. Your kids will be happy since they got their candy jar guarded by Santa.

13. Christmas Earrings Charms In a Jar

Christmas Earrings Charms In a Jar

Bring good fortune one Christmas with these little charms in a jar. It will be one of the sweetest mason jar gifts for Christmas. The lovely Christmas earrings hanging inside the jar are incredibly stunning. You and your friends can wear it to Christmas parties, and also as friendship charms. When it is not used, it can be a wonderful Christmas ornament.

14. Rustic Christmas Jar Centerpiece

Rustic Christmas Jar Centerpiece

For those who love home decoration, this rustic Christmas jar will be one of the best mason jar gifts for Christmas. A glossy clear finish is applied to a ribbed glass jar that has been painted Christmas red and pine green. The mouth of the jar has a lovely Christmas theme ribbon. Not to mention, several winter-themed artificial floral stems and sprays are included in the jar to add the rustic vibes.

15. Holiday Christmas Painted Mason Jar

Holiday Christmas Painted Mason Jar

This sweet Christmas hand painted mini mason jar is the perfect way to share your love of the holidays. The glittery red Christmas tree decoration at the center will be the focal point on this hand painted green jar. The twine tie and tag take is added to make it a special gift. You can fill this jar with sweets to express the Christmas spirit.   

16. Personalized Christmas Gift for Teachers

Personalized Christmas Gift for Teachers

Bring the joy of the holidays into your teachers’ home with this fun and festive personalized Christmas candy jar. You can customize the jar design with your teacher’s name, expressing your gratitude for teachers’ hard work. It is filled with chocolates inside to share the Christmas vibes. The lovely ribbon and twine at the jar neck complete the charming look, such beautiful mason jar gifts for Christmas!

17. Mason Jar Winter Trees Decor

Mason Jar Winter Trees Decor

Create a magical Christmas vibe with this beautiful decoration. This upside down jar is filled with a charming Christmas tree with glittery snow inside, making it one of the most stunning mason jar gifts for Christmas. You can turn it upside down to make a snow rain effect inside the glass jar, perfect for Christmas decoration.

18. Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries With Flickering LED Candle

Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries With Flickering LED Candle

Christmas night is the perfect time to gather family together around the living room. Let this luminary Christmas mason jar help to bring a sense of warm and relaxed atmosphere to your home as you share memories, new and old. It comes with flickering flameless candles that give a charming appearance at night. You can put it near the windows or next to the fireplace for heartwarming home decoration.

19. Decoupage Christmas Mason Jar Tea Light Holder

Decoupage Christmas Mason Jar Tea Light Holder

The Christmas mason jar tea light holder is just what you need to make any home feel amazing this Holiday season! Using decoupage techniques, it creates an artistic winter Christmas look in each mason jar. As the candle inside is lit, you will get a wonderful and warm winter scene from the decoupage art.

20. JOY Christmas Jars

JOY Christmas Jars

Let these cute JOY jars keep your friends company and remind them of the holidays as they amaze in their favorite seasonal decorations. Each set comes with 3 pieces of mason jar, creating the “JOY” word that defines the spirit of Christmas. Inside are exquisite Christmas greens, berries, and pinecones wrapped in plaid burlap and twine, making a wonderful Christmas decoration.

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21. Christmas Tree Mason Jar Coffee Mug

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Coffee Mug

Get your coffee loving friends the best mason jar gifts for Christmas that support their hobby, such as this lovely coffee mug. Beautifully printed in artistic leather, the sleeve radiates a vintage winter fell, perfect for your friends’ chilling buddy. The lid and ring are ideal for protecting the coffee from unwelcome bugs or dust while relaxing outdoors.

22. Christmas Cloth Jam Jar

Christmas Cloth Jam Jar

This special Christmas jam jar will add a touch of warm Christmas cheer to any home. The Christmas fabric jam covers will be the focal point of this gift. You can fill the receiver’s name in the name tag that is tied in twine. It is perfect for filling with jam or little candies, or just to have sitting out on the table for Christmas decoration.

23. Christmas Elf Mason Jar

Christmas Elf Mason Jar

A cheerful addition to any Christmas decor, this adorable elf mason jar is sure to light up your friends’ holiday season. The hand painted green mason jar is filled with the upside down elf plush doll, showing the cute feet. For extra Crhsitmas vibes, the red ribbon and green foils are added to pack this beautiful gift.

24. Snowman Felt Decor Mason Jar

Snowman Felt Decor Mason Jar

Give your kids this cute snowman mason jar to collect their own Christmas treats. Beautifully wrapped with felt material, it creates a snowman’s body part with a shawl. The colorful buttons and epsom salt are added for an extra snow effect. Your kids will be happy to play with this Christmas jar, bringing the holiday spirit around them. 

25. Christmas Cookie Cutter Set In Jar

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set In Jar

For those who love baking, this Christmas mason jar will be a wonderful gift to treasure. Unlike the regular jar filled with sweets, it features a Christmas cookie cutter set inside. The simple Christmas twine and cheries complete the elegant appearance. It is a great Christmas present for making perfect holiday cookies with the family.

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What can I fill a Christmas jar with?

Sweet treats such as chocolatas, candies, jellies, and cookies will be great items to be filled in your Christmas jar. You should choose the medium to large size jar to share the sweets with the whole family and friends. The Santa cute animal jelly pot will be one of the largest Christmas jars you can pick. Or, you can choose the mini jar which is filled with charms or miniature for Christmas ornaments. The earrings charms in a jar or the Christmas mason jar ornament will be great choices.

How do you dress up a mason jar?

There are various ways and techniques you can use to decorate your mason jar. Especially during winter holiday, Christmas themed jars will be must-have items at your home. Try to use Christmas theme ribbon and twine such as the rustic Christmas jar centerpiece or the Christmas cookie cutter set in a jar. Or you can give a plush cover for your jar, like the Santa Claus apple candy jar. For more inspiration of decorative mason jar gifts for Christmas, you can check in the article above.

Are mason jars still trendy?

Surprisingly, mason jars always exist until today as a classic gift. Although some people always find a better and modern way to give presents, mason jars still are the best option to show sincerity and pure love on special occasions, like Christmas. If you are planning to get mason jar gifts for Christmas, then you should read our article above.

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