25 Lovely Handmade Gifts for Best Friend Girl

Choosing a gift for your best friend must be easy because you already know everything that she likes, or that wishlist that has been peep out in your daily conversation. Still, have you ever considered giving her a handmade gift? We highly encourage you to give her one because handmade gifts are the most special gifts. It is unique and lovely because it is made individually with lots of care.

If you are interested in doing so, we are glad to help you pick the best gift for your dearest friend from the list below. The items are very diverse, so these are perfect for any occasion. From a specially made for birthday to an essential that she needs daily, we have compiled it for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s look more into it!

1. Heart-Shaped Quicksand Water Cup

Heart-Shaped Quicksand Water Cup

Your best friend definitely needs a water cup in her life. But giving them a boring cup won’t do. Thus, this cute handmade double wall glass is more suitable for her. There are heart-shaped quicksand inside the transparent glass which make drinking more fun.

2. Hair Scrunchies Set

Hair Scrunchies Set

We all know that hair scrunchies are very necessary for every girl. They have it in their bag, pocket, or even on their hands. That’s why you should just give your best friends this set of 5 hair scrunchies. Because this is handmade, the quality is really good and the color, pattern, size, as well as the material is varied.

3. Chara Zip Around Wallet

Ergonomic 360° Baby Soft Carrier

Another essential that you can give your bestie is this adorable handmade wallet. Its material is faux leather so it is very sturdy. Besides, you can pick the color and the animal character of your friend’s liking as there are more than 25 design options that you can choose.

4. You’re My Rock Handmade Personalized Artwork

You’re My Rock Handmade Personalized Artwork

If you want to give your mate something simple but meaningful, you can buy this rock artwork. Aside from this being a handmade gift, you may make your own personalization to make it more unique. Your friend surely wants to hang this on their bedroom wall.

5. Paint by Number DIY Kit

Paint by Number DIY Kit

This one gift requires a little more work than the other. Why? Because after you buy the kit, you need to paint it by yourself. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be good at art to finish this canvas as it has a number guide that you can easily follow. After your artwork is done, you can finally present this to your best friend. She will appreciate it once she knows it is you who made the painting.

6. Zero Waste Gift Set

Zero Waste Gift Set

Perhaps your friend is a zero waste person, then this set is a thoughtful handmade gift for her. Including 100 of cotton buds, three cotton makeup remover pads, a cotton laundry bag, a face mask, and a natural massage soap, this has completed almost all of her daily needs. And of course, the materials are using biodegradable bamboo and other eco-friendly materials that will not harm the environment.

7. Natural Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Natural Coconut Bowls and Spoons

This bowl set is the next handmade gift option for a zero waste person in your life. Coming in boho style, this bowl was made from a coconut as an upcycle project. By using this bowl set, you are helping to provide the local farmers with a secondary income, as well as preventing more coconuts and trees being needlessly burned as waste.

8. Homedecor Pottery Planter Pot

Homedecor Pottery Planter Pot

In case your best friend is growing some plants, a planter probably is the most suitable gift for her. You can consider this stunning handmade pottery planter set for her precious plants. She will get three planters, each with a different design. It is created with up to 3 holes at the bottom for water to exit, so it is absolutely perfect for succulents and cacti.

9. Handmade Floral Theme Ceramic Spoons

Handmade Floral Theme Ceramic Spoons

Almost everyone owns a ceramic bowl or spoon, but how about a ceramic spoon? If your bestie doesn’t have one, maybe it’s time to get her one or two of this lovely spoon. It is handmade by high quality ceramic that is safe to use and has a floral design on it.

10. Personalized Hand Cut Mini Map

Personalized Hand Cut Mini Map

Give your friend this handmade wall decor if she is interested in architecture. Or, you can use this as a way to commemorate the first place that you and your bestie met. In the size of 4”x4”, this mini map will always bring a nostalgic feeling every time your friend look at it.

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11. Pressed Birth Month Flower Art

Pressed Birth Month Flower Art

Fresh flowers may not be great for a gift because it is not durable, so the recipient can’t keep it for a long time. Then, why not try to switch it with these dried flowers that are already pressed to capture the beauty of the flowers themselves. This became more wholesome because the flowers resemble the birth month. Your friend might want to receive this pretty gift from you.

12. Vegan Sweets Letterbox Gift

Vegan Sweets Letterbox Gift

There is no way your vegan friend cannot eat any candy. In fact, there are many candies made for vegans. But if you don’t have time for checking what candy is vegan and what is not, you can simply buy this gift box as a sweet gift for your dearest friend. You can also add a personal handwritten note as this is a handmade gift.

13. Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

A combination of jewelry and flowers would obviously make any girl head over heels. Hence, getting this necklace for your soul mate is just impeccable. The pendant is designed with a heart shape and contains a birth flower of your friend. You could give this handmade jewelry as a birthday gift or for valentine.

14. Handmade Stud Earring Dish

Handmade Stud Earring Dish

It is no longer a secret that girls are such a hoarder for cute little things. Consequently, they have a lot of clutter from it at all times. This handmade stud earring dish might help your girlfriend to keep her space clear because she can place every tiny accessory that she owns in this.

15. Jasmine Harvest Journal

Jasmine Harvest Journal

Surprise your bestie with this gorgeous journal. Not only the cover, but the paper inside this is carefully handmade too. It is made from vintage fabrics, pages and hand coffee dyed papers. This journal is certainly flawless and will be that one gift that is cherished by your best friend for the rest of her life.

16. Ultimate Birthday Gift Set

Ultimate Birthday Gift Set

Getting a cake for your friend’s birthday may seem ordinary. If you want to be a bit different, you can buy her this gift set that includes handmade bath balms, bath soak and bar soap. She will get the implicit message from you that you want her to pamper herself on her special day.

17. Toirxarn Handmade Wooden Bookmark

Toirxarn Handmade Wooden Bookmark

Your best buddy is a bookworm? Great, because we have a special recommendation for you to give her. This wooden bookmark can be instantly added to her bookmark collections by you. Handmade from a purple sandalwood and with a design of maple tree, it will suit your buddy’s taste for sure.

18. Raw Birthstone Studs

Raw Birthstone Studs

Wearing flowers as daily accessories? Of course, you can. This pair of tiny studs make it possible to do so. Designed handmade with a classic birthstone, this is the answer for what gift you should get for your girl best friend, especially if she loves flowers.

19. Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry

Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry

A wall decor could immediately turn your mate’s room from a dull space to an attractive area, particularly if it is handmade. Therefore, this macrame woven wall hanging tapestry can make quite a difference once it hangs in her room. Moreover, the tapestry is decorated with a unique half moon and star-shaped design as well as decorated with warm string lights.

20. Nourishing Floral Nail Care Pens Set

Nourishing Floral Nail Care Pens Set

All girls must take care of their bodies, down to the smallest part like nails. To remind your close friend about this, just give these handmade nail care pens whenever you want to give a gift. It’s a small act but by doing this, she can instantly tell how much you care for her.

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21. Birth Month Flower Scarf

Birth Month Flower Scarf

When you are in doubt while choosing outfits to give as gifts to your friend, you can start with an easier thing, a scarf for instance. Besides its functional purpose, this handmade scarf comes with 12 different selections, each wrapped with the monthly blossom’s scientific name and affectionate traits that are associated with it. This scarf naturally can be used as a birthday gift.

22. Modenna Chunky Knit Blanket

Modenna Chunky Knit Blanket

What about getting a knit blanket for your best friend? It becomes more appropriate if you give it in winter or cold season. This chunky handmade blanket could be your friend’s other bestie as she would snuggle into this every day in order to keep her warm. There are four color options that you can pick. Make sure it suits your friend’s preference.

23. Hobo Colorful Shoulder Crossbody Bag

Hobo Colorful Shoulder Crossbody Bag

A hippie boho style will never go out style. Because of that, we put this shoulder bag into your gift recommendation list for your bestie. With the size of 15” x 14”, this bag can carry all her belongings without trouble. It is a handmade product designed with unique stone washed patchwork that gives a beautiful natural faded finish.

24. Light Bulb Blue Hydrangea Eternal Flower

Light Bulb Blue Hydrangea Eternal Flower

Imagine being illuminated by a light bulb with flowers in it. Isn’t it amazing? At least, your buddy must think so. This bulb is individually handcrafted using eco-friendly resin construction that makes it potential to hold blue hydrangea eternal flowers in it. This must be counted as a unique handmade gift for your best friend.

25. Zodiac Aromatherapy Candle

Zodiac Aromatherapy Candle

Girls and zodiac are like you and your best friend; they cannot be separated. Accordingly, this zodiac aromatherapy candle is just right to give to your best friend as you can use this for any occasion. This candle is hand-poured with all natural soy candle wax and a blend of essential oils. The time your friend lights the candle, she will be relaxed and refreshed.

Latest Post:

What handmade gifts can be given to a girl best friend?

There are so many handmade gifts that you can give to your girl best friend, like a gorgeous journal if your friend loves to write regularly. Also, there is this macrame woven that she can hang on the wall to beautify her own room. It is pretty good too if you want to start with a simple but endearing gift, such as this handmade scrunchies.

What handmade gifts should I give to my best friend on her birthday?

You clearly want to give this pampering gift set to your best friend on her birthday. It is a package full of care and sweetness. Next, this necklace and tiny studs are suitable for birthday gifts too! Jewelry is one of the proper gifts to present someone, especially when they have a symbol of one’s identity. Last, this flower scarf would be included in the list as well because it is functional and has a design of beautiful birth month flowers.

How can I surprise my best friend on her birthday?

If we go back to the classics, surprises are usually done by bringing a birthday cake and planning to throw a party for her birthday secretly. However, there is another way to surprise your friend on his birthday, that is by giving her a gift. You can send her dried flowers or an aromatherapy candle that can instantly make her day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the distance and the time when you surprise them using the latter way.

Why handmade gifts are the best?

Handmade gifts are the best because they can make the recipient feel more special. Everyone knows it takes time to create a thing, so the handmade gift will be greatly appreciated by someone who receives it, no matter what gift it is. Moreover, handmade gifts are rather unique, even some of them considered one of a kind. All in all, giving someone a handmade gift will make them know how much we love them.

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