26 Unique Stud Earrings For Every Occasion

Accessories are great ways to elevate your outfit. Stud earrings are one simple kind of accessory piece to use that will fit  any occasion. When you are in your casual fit or dressing up for formal occasions, there is the perfect pair of stud earrings to accompany you. The stud earring is usually well loved by people who like simple accessories that are effortlessly chic. Stud earrings are not only limited for women to wear, men could also wear them. There are numerous designs available in the market. You will be spoiled with choices. 

With the overwhelming number of choices in the market, we have put aside 26 different choices of unique stud earrings pieces into one complete list. Each item has been carefully curated to live up the title of being a unique stud earring. This list will accommodate both men and women. Prepare to find pieces that are more to the unique and artsy side. Beautiful and unique pieces that will make you want to bring them home even if you already have tons of stud earrings at home.

1. Klein Blue Artsy Swirl Statement Earring

Klein Blue Artsy Swirl Statement Earring

Starting this list of unique stud earrings with a bold, artsy stud earring piece: the Klein blue artsy swirl statement earring. Comes in a bold blue color and a swirl design, this earring is definitely a unique statement piece you need to have. It is made from hypoallergenic sterling silver and color retention lacquer so you don’t have to worry that the blue color will wear off anytime soon. 

2. Face Art Stud Earrings

Face Art Stud Earrings

The face art stud earrings are simple earrings for the artsy soul out there. It is made from titanium with a gold tone color. The design of the earrings are the outline of two mismatched faces in a classic circle shaped-earring. The circle shape is a little irregular which adds a unique and artsy feel to it. An abstract-designed earrings that is simple and perfect to be worn daily. 

3. Sterling Silver Modern Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Modern Stud Earrings

The sterling silver modern stud earrings come in a unique design which is very different from the usual stud earrings that you can find. The front part of the stud is just a simple stud with a single stone. The back part of the stud, however, comes with a little extra detail that will be shown in the edges of your ear lobe when you wear them. A modern piece that is unique and fresh. It will definitely make you look extra cool and fashionable. 

4. Geometric Multilayer Stud Earring

Geometric Multilayer Stud Earring

If you are into modern and cool stud earrings, this geometric multilayer stud earring. Not your usual rounded shape earrings, it has the design of a multilayer round spiral shape. It is made from silver and perfect as a daily wear. The spiral design is unique and will give an edgy feeling to your overall look. 

5. Love Knot Earrings

Love Knot Earrings

The love knot earrings are dainty gold stud earrings that are unique to wear both daily and on special occasions. Its minimalist and clean design makes it easy for you to dress it down or up the way you want to. Both a unique and sentimental piece in style. It is super easy to match with any outfit and not visually overwhelming. This piece is available both in silver and gold. 

6. Hammered Stud Gold Earring

Hammered Stud Gold Earring

Adding a unique twist to the basic round pin gold stud earring. The hammered details in this hammered stud gold earring elevates the whole look. The textured detail makes the piece unique. It is made from brass and you can choose to have it plated with 24k gold or 18k rose gold. Definitely a must-have piece in your stud earrings collection. 

7. Bar Stud Earring

Bar Stud Earring

The bar stud earring is one of the cool and unique stud earrings on this list that is also suitable for guys to wear. It is made from stainless steel with a hypoallergenic plating. You can choose to have it in silver, gold, rose gold, or black color and whether you want a 6mm or 12mm bar. Simple, cool, modern, and straightforward: the perfect choice for guys.  

8. Black Diamond Stud Earring

Black Diamond Stud Earring

A unique diamond stud earring choice on this list is the black diamond stud earring. Unlike the usual white, clean, and sparkly diamond we all know, this stud earring comes with a unique diamond in black color. Black diamonds are known to be denser and heavier so they usually appear smaller than the usual diamond of the same carat size. The stud earring design comes in a classic design that you can wear for a long time. 

9. Ruby And Diamond Ring

Ruby And Diamond Ring

Another unique diamond earrings choice on this list that combines the white sparkly diamond and the bold red ruby together. The combination you never thought you needed to see. It comes with a rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold plate that holds all the stones together. This will definitely be your go-to unique classic piece especially on special occasions. 

10. Peridot Stud Earring

\peridot Stud Earring

The peridot stud earring is a unique diamond earring with a unique color combination. The bold neon green peridot stone is surrounded by shiny white diamond halo. An unexpected combination that is bright and fresh. It does not feel too serious so you can wear it casually for a hang out with friends or on a casual date. The perfect piece for you who are adventurous and quirky. 

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11. Square Stud Earring

Square Stud Earring

The square stud earring will be the go-to stud earring for guys. The all black, square-shaped earring will be appealing to the guys. The earring is also adorned with black cubic zirconia crystals which adds some subtle spark to the earrings. The perfect hint of spark to an all black earring. The square shape makes the whole look of the earring to suit the men more. It is definitely a bold design that men could wear daily. 

12. Dark Brilliant Round Stud Earrings

Dark Brilliant Round Stud Earrings

Another all black unique stud earrings choice in this list. The dark brilliant round stud earrings are an all black earring perfect for guys and for girls too. It comes in the classic diamond stud earring design, but this one is in all black color. The whole black design makes it a cool and unique piece to wear daily. It is made from sterling silver with a piece of round or square cubic zirconia stone. 

13. Petite Spiral Earrings 

Petite Spiral Earrings

The Petite spiral earrings come in a unique spiral design. The gentle twist represents the ever-evolving energy that the Greeks called “life-energy”. A simple piece for women to wear on any occasion. It comes in sterling silver or gold coated brass which will suit any outfit easily. This piece will suit people who prefer petite stud earrings or a person with a smaller ear lobe. A handmade piece with a distinct textured finish which makes it unique and timeless. 

14. 14K Gold Milky Way Opal Studs

14K Gold Milky Way Opal Studs

A gold stud for women which comes with a unique combination of unique diamond, opal, and recycled 14k yellow gold. The 14K gold milky way opal studs are designed to represent the bright shining stars in the Milky Way that are uniquely and one-of-a-kind. The rough diamond and opal being used has raw cut to it which makes the piece naturally stunning. A classic piece that you can pass down through generations. 

15. Love Is All Around Stud Earring Set

Love Is All Around Stud Earring Set

The love is all around stud earring set comes in five unique designs. You can mix and match the different designs and make your own pair that suits your taste and style. All of the stud earrings are made of sterling silver, two designs are yellow gold plated, and one other design is rose gold plated. With this set, you will always have a new pair of stud earrings to use. 

16. Lucky Charms Stud Earring Set 

 Lucky Charms Stud Earring Set

Another unique set of stud earrings on this list: lucky charms stud earring set. Unlike the previous set, this set has more unique and fun designs such as rainbows, elephants, four-leaf clovers, etc. They are made of sterling silver with onyx stones and enamel designs. You can get creative and do some mix and match with the five different designs of the earring for some good luck. 

17. Sapphire Foliage Stud Earring

Sapphire Foliage Stud Earring

The one unique stud earrings choice on this list that will make you feel like royalty. The stunning blue sapphire is the ultimate representation of nobility, royalty, and majesty. Combined with silver, it made a unique and cool stud earring for women. The perfect pair of stud earrings to wear on special occasions or on days you want to feel like you are a queen. 

18. Raw Birthstone Studs

Raw Birthstone Studs

The raw birthstone studs are a cool and unique choice for daily wear. It is also a sentimental and personal piece to own because it comes with your very own birthstone. The combination of the raw cut birthstone and recycled silver makes it feel very natural and personal to have. The perfect piece to wear dailly to add some pop of color to your whole look. 

19. Wire-Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Earrings

Wire-Wrapped Herkimer Diamond Earrings

A unique diamond stud earrings you need to consider getting. This pair of diamond earrings comes with a sparkly white diamond wrapped around a gold-toned wire. A whimsical pair to use on special occasions. It is a handmade piece that has no two pairs alike. Timeless, classic piece to wear for a very long time. 

20. Opal Stud Earrings

Opal Stud Earrings

The uniqueness of this opal stud earring lies on the beautiful color of the opal stones. The bluish green color with a hint of yellow of the opal stone is stunningly beautiful to see. The combination with 18K gold plated sterling silver makes this piece look expensive and classy. This piece will complete your overall look for formal occasions. If you don’t mind the bold color combination, you can also wear it down with your daily outfit.  

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21. Paper Lily Stud Earrings

Paper Lily Stud Earrings

The paper lily stud earrings are a unique and artsy piece. It comes with a beautiful blue, white, and a hint of lovely pink color with an abstract shape to it. The design is supposed to represent the blooming Lily flowers. A lovely and beautiful piece to wear on any occasion. If you are looking for subtle yet artsy earrings to wear, you need to consider getting this piece. Definitely a fun earring to style.  

22. Mini Organic Stud Earrings

Mini Organic Stud Earrings

Another choice of unique stud earrings for guys on this list: the mini organic stud earrings. If an all black stud earring is not your thing, you can go with these sterling silver stud earrings. It comes in an organic shape that is simple and clean. The natural color of the sterling silver also shows the earrings natural beauty.  A great choice for daily wear, especially if you like earrings with a more natural and raw look. .  

23. Freshwater Pearl Chain Stud Earring 

Freshwater Pearl Chain Stud Earring

If you are looking for a stud earring that has a more dramatic design, you can go with this freshwater pearl chain stud earring. The combination of gold plated sterling silver and pearls is surprisingly beautiful. You can wear this on formal occasions to make your whole look more put together. A classic piece that won’t go out of style with time. 

24. Eagle Stud Earrings

Eagle Stud Earrings

The eagle stud earring is a black colored earring that has a unique eagle wings design. It is made from a combination of metal, plastic, and glass which creates the jet black color with a little shine to it. An artsy stud earring for both women and men to wear daily. Not the most common earring shape you can find in the market, but it is the piece you need to consider if you are feeling a little adventurous or you need some upgrade for your overall look.

25. Farmers Market Assorted 6-Pack Single Stud Earrings

Farmers Market Assorted 6-Pack Single Stud Earrings

A unique stud earring choice that is fun to wear is this farmers market single stud earring set. This set consisted of 6 piece single stud earrings that you can mix and match into a pair. The set has cute designs of different veggies that you can easily find in your neighborhood. If cute and unique design is your cup of tea, you can go with this one. 

26. Farfalle Pasta Stud Earrings

Farfalle Pasta Stud Earrings

The last artsy stud earring to end this list of unique stud earring is the farfalle pasta stud earrings. The cute pasta design stud earring which is made from either silver sterling or 14K gold. The pasta design also looks like a bow design. Thus, it can be your go-to pair of stud earrings to wear daily. 

latest post:

What are the best cool stud earrings for guys?

The eagle stud earring and the bar stud earring will be the two best cool stud earrings for guys. If you prefer something that is straightforward and simple, you can go with the Bar Stud Earrings. If you are into more fancy and uniquely-shaped earrings, you can go with the Eagle Stud Earrings. The mini organic stud earrings could also be another alternative if you want something that does not have an all black color. 

What are the best stud earrings for women?

The best unique stud earring for women on this list would be the 14K gold milky way opal studs and the freshwater pearl chain stud earring. They both have their own unique details which will make women feel pretty when they wear them. The classic and simple design is also another strong point to these two earring designs because it makes these two a timeless piece.

What are the best artsy stud earrings?

The paper lily stud earrings and the Klein blue artsy swirl statement earring will be the best two artsy stud earrings. Each one has a unique shape and color to it. A great piece to wear when you need some bold statement piece to complete your outfit.  

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