25 Cool Bucket Hats: The Must-Have Accessory for Every Adventure

Hats are an article of clothing that gets mistaken as accessories. They usually complete someone’s outfit as a finishing touch. Being one of the hats with the most unique designs, the bucket hat is actually one of the hat family members that match almost every fashion style. You can wear cool bucket hats to hide you from the sun, shield you from the rain, or make you look cooler than you already are.

In terms of options, there are so many options for bucket hats for you to choose from. You can choose either by their materials or designs that suit your characteristics. To help you choose the perfect bucket hats, we come up with 25 cool bucket hats in different patterns, colors, or whatever you might be looking for.

Let’s dig up and see which one suits your style the most!

BEST and Cool Bucket Hats

Step into a world where style meets comfort and where a simple accessory can transform your entire look – welcome to the realm of cool bucket hats. Imagine lazy summer days, strolls on sun-kissed streets, and the perfect hat perched effortlessly on your head. These hats aren’t just fabric and stitching; they’re a reflection of your personality, a nod to the classic while embracing the contemporary.

From hip urban outings to relaxing beach escapes, a cool bucket hat isn’t just an accessory – it’s a statement, an attitude, and a fashion essential. Get ready to explore a captivating journey through the trendiest and most versatile accessory – the cool bucket hats that are about to become your go-to fashion companion.

1. Calif Bucket Hat

cool bucket hats

Let’s start with this black Calif Bucket Cap that radiates the cool 90s styles. The floppy brim moves flexibly following your movements. The adjustment string on the hat’s rim is the part of the classic design that differentiates this hat from the others.

In terms of comfort, we think the comfortable fabric and neat embroidered details are the best combinations to have. All in all, this cool bucket hat will match all sets of outfits you prepare.

2. Jumpman Washed Twill Bucket Hat

Jumpman Washed Twill Bucket Hat

This beautiful color bucket hat is a rare find. The simple design bucket hat with the iconic Jumpman logo are two main reasons on why we recommend this cool round hat to you.

Thanks to it’s coolness, we think this is officially one of those cool bucket hats for your daily use or special occasion like an outing at the beach. The washed twill material spurts a vintage look that will look good with any dress or t-shirt you wear.

3. Adidas Love U Bucket Hat

Adidas Love U Bucket Hat

We think Adidas was brilliant when releasing this Love U bucket hat. The colorful embroidery looks harmonious with the full black hat.

In addition, this hat is also a great choice if you want to send a gift to your family member or friends. However, bear in mind that this is one of those cool bucket hats that’s available only in one size. Thus, you should be extra careful, especially when you send them as a gift.

4. Linen Bucket Hat

Linen Bucket Hat

This Linen Bucket Hat is the perfect choice of clothing to be worn during summer. By the nature of linen, this cool bucket hat still has a lightweight and comfortable material even if it’s layered.

In terms of options, this hat is available in various soft and earthy colors that you can choose based on your clothes and style. Moreover, it also has a wide floppy brim to cover you from the sun’s rays.

5. Washed Denim

Washed Denim

We think we can all agree to the fact that the 100% washed denim bucket hat will never be wrong. In fact, we think it is one of the hats that needs to be part of your wardrobe. Take this next item for instance. It comes as one of those cool bucket hats that you can choose based on your taste.

You can also choose one preferred color from the three available colors. Just like a denim jacket, this denim bucket hat will complement any color you are wearing. Moreover, this cool denim bucket hat has two eyelets that help the wind come and go. 

6. Reversible Daisy

Reversible Daisy Bucket Hat

A single daisy on the Reversible Daisy Bucket Hat becomes the center point of this hat. It is uniquely made from cotton with reversible functionality.

Aside from white and yellow, the bucket hat also comes in many color choices, so that you can choose your preference. In our opinion, this adorable bucket hat is perfect for a picnic date on a sunny day. 

7. Patchwork

Patchwork Bucket Hat

If you like the simple and basic denim bucket hat to wear, then we think this Patchwork Bucket Hat will be lovely for your next purchase.

Being another great choice of those cool denim bucket hats, this one offers stitching lines that are very neat and beautifully done. Also, this cool bucket hat allows you to be stylish in every activity you do with it. 

8. Ripped Bucket Hat

Ripped Bucket Hat

Just in case you’re wondering, nope, we will not stop bragging about this Ripped Denim Bucket Hat. Let’s be honest here, denim bucket hats are very hard to resist, don’t you think? Take this one for instance.

This is one of those cool bucket hats that looks best for streetwear style both on women and men. Despite its thick appearance, this cool bucket hat is actually a lightweight article—no complaints about uncomfortable material for sure.

9. Corduroy Bucket Hat

Corduroy Bucket Hat

Similar to denim bucket hats, we also think that this Corduroy Bucket Hat can give a cool look yet a very cozy feeling to your look, too. The texture of this classic design bucket hat makes it extraordinary and lovable.

However, this product is selling pretty fast online. And as we speak, four of five colors are available, so you better be quick!

10. Reversible Waterproof Flower

Reversible Waterproof Flower Bucket Hat

Based on the fun pattern of this hat, we think the Reversible Waterproof Flower Bucket Hat is best for ‘water’ activities. Well, of course not for activities like swimming or diving, but it’s more like activities such as watering your plants in your garden or walking your dog to the park during a subtle light rain. We also think that this lovely hat will make look like a walking masterpiece of an art exhibition.

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11. Furry Faux Woman

Bucket Hats Women Furry Faux Fur Print Soft Print Winter Warm Plush Fluffy Cap

Bucket hat in winter? Why not! For that purpose, we think this Furry Faux Woman Bucket Hat is the perfect option of clothing to warm up your body.

The artificial fur is so soft that it keeps your hands touching the top of the hat. Also, the maintenance of this cool hat is relatively simple. Just remember to do hand wash only. In our opinion, this cool bucket hat is a must-have item to accompany you on cold days. 

12. Men’s Faux Furry Casual

Kangol Men's Faux Fur Casual Bucket Hat

The best furry bucket hat for men belongs to this casual faux furry bucket hat from Kangol. If you look closely, this warm bucket hat has a blurry leopard design on it, which makes it look super cool.

We think it’s a perfect leopard lover design who wants to stay low instead of wearing the bold leopard pattern. If you’re a woman and wondering whether it will fit you or not, the answer is definitely yes. However, do remember to order it a size down because it runs large.

13. Unisex Outdoor

Unisex Bucket Hat Golfing Hiking Fisherman Golf Beach Sun Hats

This clean white unisex bucket hat is undoubtedly the perfect hat for outdoor activities.

From golfing and fishing to attending a concert, this is the perfect hat to carry along. This cool bucket hat claims to be a modern twist of the original military Boonie hat. So we can really say that this is a classic bucket hat will never be out of trend. Our advice, do consider buying this hat as an investment to an ever-lasting fashion style.

14. Cute Print Bucket Hat

ZLYC Unisex Cute Print Bucket Hat Summer Travel Fisherman Cap for Women Men Teens

We clearly cannot leave out the Cute Print Bucket Hat from the list. Based on the pattern, you can definitely see that you can have so many designs printed on a single bucket hat.

Besides this avocado bucket hat, there are many fruits and vegetables available for you to choose from. In our opinion, you can buy this charming bucket hat for your little sister and be the avocados girl squad.

15. Red Denim Patchwork

GuanGu Denim Bucket Hat for Women Washed Cotton Packable Summer Beach Sun Hats Mens Womens Bucket Hat for Travel

This colorful patchwork denim bucket hat is exceptionally beautiful as it’s symmetrically sewn following the lines.

We also think that this hat deserves a spot on this list because the combination of light denim and red denim creates a festive pattern. With such an adorable design and color, you can mix-match this bucket hat with any style you want and pull it nicely. 

16. Fluffy Plush

Fluffy Plush Bucket Hat

Can you guess what pattern this Fluffy Plush Bucket Hat is called? But no cheating, please. Yup, this black and white pattern is called the cow pattern bucket hat!

If some of you object and think this is the Dalmatian pattern, then we will immediately stand behind your back. Let’s close about the pattern discussion, but seriously, this bucket hat will be perfect for every season except the hot summer.

17. Glossy Leather

ZLYC Unisex Fashion Bucket Hat PU Leather Rain Hat Waterproof Fishmen Cap

Red and Leather are the most phenomenal combination of all. Therefore, we think this Glossy Leather Bucket Hat is a perfect item to pick. This hat is definitely ready for those that only know bold and strong looks.

In our opinion, this cool bucket hat is perfect for people with oozing confidence. Plus, we also think that it will be super sexy if you match this hat with red lipstick and red boots or pumps.

18. USA Flag

USA Flag

With this next bucket hat, you don’t need a metal shield to be Captain America. This cool USA Flag Bucket Hat can support you to be a patriotic citizen in style in an instant! Aside from the cool design, the bucket hat can also do much better in protecting you from the blazing sun in the middle of summer. 

19. Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

Tie-Dye Hat

Calling all tie dye lovers! We have the perfect bucket hat form you. The fluffy colorful cotton candy-like Tie Dye Bucket Hat is calling you.

However, no matter how tempting this hat might looks, always remember that this hat is not edible. As deliciously sweet as it seems, the tide dye bucket hat should stay on the top of your head. The hat brings warmth to you by the nature of faux fur, its primary material.

20. Toddler Flamingo

Toddler Flamingo

The summer theme bucket hat adds undeniable cuteness to your adorable baby girl. In our opinion, the combination of pink flamingo, yellow pineapple, and blue water looks very refreshing.

In addition, the big font of ‘relax’ here and there will eventually bring you and your child into the calming and healing holiday time. Our advice, you can buy a similar design to this hat to give the cool Mom & Daughter versus the world mood. 

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21. Checkered Bucket Hat


This checkered crochet bucket hat is 100% handmade with recycled cotton yarn. It is very flexible in terms of design, making it adjustable to fit the shape of your head. Since this hat can also be made by request, you can simply drop a message if you have any color combination requests that will represent your unique traits more. 

22. Straw with Chain

Straw Hat with Chain

The small chain on the simple straw bucket hat gives a little luxurious and classic touch to you appearance.

In our opinion, you can match a flowy summer dress to this hat, and you will look super ready for summer. However, the key to keeping this beautiful straw hat is to let them be and not wash them. Also, do keep in mind that the material used for this cool hat is not water friendly. 

23. Long Brim

Long Brim

This Long Brim Bucket Hat must be the one you’re looking for this summer. The brim has the perfect length to cover the whole of your face from the sun, making sure your skin is protected from the sun.

With this cool bucket hat, you can enjoy a cheerful summer without burning your pretty face. In addition, this cool bucket hat will cool you down from the immense heat, too.

24. Riviera 1970

Riviera 1970

This cool bucket hat allows you to have two different colors and designs by buying one hat only. It offers the perfect reversible sides with raw edges brim. Plus, it also comes in adorable colors in and out, giving you the freedom to mix and match this hat with your style.

In addition, the brim is also very easy to mold and will return to its shape right away. Luckily, it is machine washable without fabric shrinking to ease your worry. 

25. Wool Bucket Hat

Wool Hat

This 100% wool bucket hat is the number one bucket hat to wear during the winter season. It gives you a sense of comfort and warmth when the chilly wind blows.

Moreover, thanks to the sleek and simple design, we also think that this is one of those cool bucket hats for those who love fashion. But most importantly, we do think that this cool bucket hat is ready to be with you on your Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration.

Final Thoughts

A bucket hat is one of the best fashion items that will not only protect you from the heat of the sun, but will also make you look more fashionable. Having a cool bucket hat is definitely a must, and we think it is an item that needs to be available inside your wardrobe.

However, since there are many options of bucket hats out there in the market, it is best to choose a bucket hat that fits your fashion style and appearance. You can take a pick from our list since we have sorted out ones that are the most recommended hats for you to choose from. So, pick wisely and see how a cool bucket hat can make you look a lot cooler!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the coolest bucket hats?

This question makes us think about it carefully as we have many cool bucket hats on the lists. And the coolest bucket hats go to (drum roll please) the glossy leather bucket hats and the most loved washed denim bucket hats. You surely steal the spotlight anywhere by being the only one who wears the red leather bucket hat.

Who do bucket hats look good on?

You will look good wearing bucket hats. So do your best friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, and child. Basically, bucket hats will look good on anyone. Some bucket hat styles provide smaller sizes, like the linen bucket hat that may be suitable for children. 

Will a bucket hat suit me?

It’s a big YES from us. But the only way to find out is by buying a cool bucket hat and trying it on you. We suggest you start looking at the simple design bucket hats first, like the Jordan bucket hat or the reversible daisy bucket hat, only if you are worried about your first try. 

The bucket hat is incredibly popular because of its never-ending style era. Bucket hats match many fashion styles on most people. The range style of bucket hats is also very wide, from the simple plain bucket hat to the creative design bucket hat. It’s hard not to look good in this particular hat.

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