25 Unique Bathroom Vanities to Refresh Your Bathroom’s Look

It doesn’t matter where you live, whether in a home or small apartment, having a beautiful and comfy bathroom is important. As one of the most intimate rooms in your home, you need to have routine bathroom renovation, major or small, to refresh the whole design of your bathroom.  When you’re looking for new furniture to refresh your bathroom’s look, make sure you choose the right bathroom vanities. Measure it carefully and make sure it can accommodate the things that you want to store inside it.

If you’re looking for a new and unique design to give a fresh look to your bathroom, here are the most unique bathroom vanities for your bathroom.

1. Modway Render Bathroom Vanity in Walnut

Modway Render Bathroom Vanity in Walnut

When you’re looking for a vanity to complete your natural yet modern looking bathroom, you can go with this unique bathroom vanity made of walnut wood. The unique design will bring mid-century intrigue and modern style into the room with an adjustable shelf.

2. Modway Harvest Bathroom Vanity in Gray Walnut

Modway Harvest Bathroom Vanity in Gray Walnut

Simplicity is what this bathroom vanity offers to your bathroom. With its 24 inch size, this unique bathroom vanity is perfect for a small size bathroom but still offers an adjustable shelf to store your bath stuff.

3. Timber Wood Natural Oak Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity

unique bathroom vanities

When you choose an industrial design to be your bathroom style, we suggest this Oak Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity to perfectly complete your bathroom’s industrial look. The natural and unfinished wood materials of this vanity comes as a moisture resistant plywood and ceramic top for a sleek look.

4. Cloakroom Corner Bathroom Vanity

unique bathroom vanities

For a small bathroom, this corner bathroom vanity is the one you need. This beautiful and unique bathroom vanity also comes with a high-quality sink of your choice; a ceramic sink or glass bowl. This might look small, but guess what? This vanity offers a large storage to keep your bath stuff.

5. Hand Carved Tropical Hardwood Bathroom Vanity

unique bathroom vanities

This hand carved bathroom vanity will add a touch of fine art into your bathroom. Featuring a marble top, large cabinet storage, and filigree-inspired cutouts, this unique bathroom vanity will definitely be the perfect item for your bathroom.

6. Hand Carved Crisscross Bathroom Vanity

unique bathroom vanities

This unique bathroom vanity has a crisscross pattern in an indigo hue, making it look modern and classic at the same time. Add your choice of sink on top and you will have a versatile-loong vanity with a roomy drawer and cabinet space in your most intimate room at home.

7. Vintage Vanity Cabinet in Dark Green

unique bathroom vanities

If you plan to refresh your bathroom by applying a classic look and design, then you might want to consider adding this vintage bathroom vanity into the list of furniture. This vanity offers a vintage feel that will take you back to the 1960’s whenever you see it.

8. Bathroom Vanity Top Epoxy Resin

For anyone who dreams of a bathroom that looks natural yet expensive, then this piece of fine art will be the perfect bathroom vanity for you. This beauty is made based on order and it has a luxurious 18K gold leaf that makes it look elegant and expensive.

9. Tribeca Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

unique bathroom vanities

This unique bathroom vanity is a true description of simplicity and minimalist design. For modern families who love the beauty of minimalist and modern look, this bathroom vanity is the perfect item for their bathroom. This functional set of vanity features a combination of melamine wood finish and white, and a clean integrated ceramic sink.

10. Stela Bathroom Cabinet with Integrated Sink and Metal Base

unique bathroom vanities

This unique bathroom vanity shows a true industrial design that combines concrete and metal materials. The open shelves give you a clean look for easy access to your towels or tissues. The legs are adjustable and you can choose white or black metal frame based on your preference.

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11. Ove Decors Eden Vanity

unique bathroom vanities

This unique bathroom vanity captures the essence of modern farmhouse style that will create a sweet and sophisticated look into your bathroom. This vanity features pull-out shelves that include a power bar with sockets and usb ports to support your electricity needs. 

12. Fine Fixtures Bathroom Vanity and Sink

unique bathroom vanities

If you have a bathroom with limited space, this small-size bathroom vanity is perfect for you. The simple design in white adds a clean and sleek touch to your small bathroom. Plus, you can still have a space to store your dry and clean towels despite the small size of this vanity.

13. Ove Decors Canyon Bathroom Vanity

unique bathroom vanities

If you’re currently looking for a bathroom vanity and the mirror to match with it, you can choose this bathroom vanity set and be worry-free, as this comes with the mirror, too! The contemporary and compact design of this set makes it a unique bathroom vanity that will fit perfectly in your small bathroom.

14. Vintage Light Blue Cottage Style

unique bathroom vanities

This kind of bathroom vanity is made to help you maximize the use of every corner in your bathroom. And for you who seek for a functional and polished model, this unique bathroom vanity is also perfect, especially with its surprisingly large storage space. Plus, this item also comes in several colors for you to choose.

15. Benton Collection Abbevilla Distressed Blue

unique bathroom vanities

If you’re currently upgrading your bathroom with a rustic look, we suggest this unique bathroom vanity to complete your bathroom’s rustic look. The antique and unique blue finish undoubtedly offers a look that will create a relaxing retreat at any home.

16. Benton Collection Asger Mirrored

unique bathroom vanities

If wood is not your style, go with this unique bathroom vanity that offers large mirrored panels on all sides. This single sink vanity is gonna be the perfect piece for a small-size and classic-looking bathroom.

17. Benton Collection Octavia Mirrored French

unique bathroom vanities

Not too keen on having full mirrored panels on a vanity? Then pick this one and you will have a clean yet modern looking bathroom vanity in your classic bathroom. This one provides all the required storage that seamlessly blends in with a classic bathroom decoration.

18. Silkroad Exclusive

Silkroad Exclusive

Looking for a timeless piece of a unique bathroom vanity? Then we have the best solution for you! This Silkroad Exclusive Bathroom Vanity is undoubtedly the most timeless model of any bathroom vanity out there, which will add a touch of elegance to your most intimate room at home.

19. Venezian Navy Blue

Venezian Navy Blue

A modern and colorful bathroom deserves this navy blue bathroom vanity to add a sweet touch to its overall look. This unique bathroom vanity isn’t just your usual bathroom vanity, but also a piece of modern art that will be a unique statement in your bathroom.

20. Fine Mixtures Modern Black

unique bathroom vanities

This piece of unique bathroom vanity is so slim and chic, but still features double drawers for you to store your toiletries and bath items. For a small bathroom with monochrome design, this simple vanity has the right style to match your bathroom

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21. Altenburg Wall-Mount Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Altenburg Wall-Mount Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Smaller size bathrooms need this unique bathroom vanity to be added into the list of furniture, but perfect for large bathrooms, too! Made of engineered wood, this item comes with a marble countertop and two inset doors beneath the sink as storage.

22. Kenn Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Kenn Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Minimalist and contemporary are two words to best describe this unique bathroom vanity. The cylinder legs add a simple touch to your minimalist-style bathroom and make your small intimate room a cozy place for you to spend a quality time.

23. Allen + Roth Helena Sandstrom Undermount

Roth Helena Sandstrom Undermount

This medium-size bathroom vanity will be perfect for a monochrome bathroom with elegant and classic style. The used-white and sandstorm finish will add a sweet rustic kind of feeling into the bathroom, especially with Calacatta marble top. 

24. Ronald Almond Toffee Undermount

Ronald Almond Toffee Undermount

This unique bathroom vanity features a straight-line design that will give you a versatile piece of decor into the bathroom. The small size and natural wood finish will be perfect for a bathroom with simple design.

25. Pamari Cassara Barn Door

Pamari Cassara Barn Door

Planning on changing the look of your bathroom to a timeless farmhouse look? Pick this chic and modern bathroom vanity that will look beautiful. This beauty features open shelves to store your toiletries, and the compact size is perfect for small to large size bathrooms.

Latest Post:

How do I choose a bathroom vanity?

In choosing the right bathroom vanity, you need to consider who will use it, and how they will use it. Find out where your plumbing is located, look for any potential obstacles to decide how you place it, and decide the kind of storage that will fit your needs, and lastly determine the sink style.

What kind of vanity should I use in a small bathroom?

The biggest factor to consider when buying a bathroom vanity is the size. Your floor plan and overall space will help you determine the best size vanity for your bathroom. Width, depth, and height dimensions need to be factored into your choice and are based first and foremost on your bathroom size. For instance, for a small bathroom you can pick a single sink vanity from the items that we’ve reviewed in this article.

How can I make my bathroom look expensive?

There are several methods to make your bathroom more expensive. You can use white for elegant simplicity, but if you want to go for classic beauty, gray is the best color. You can also create a soothing bath retreat with a monochromatic color scheme or incorporate the outdoors as a design element to make your look expensive.

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