25 Cool Pillow To Spice Up Your Room

Pillows are basic essentials everyone needs in their daily life. It helps us to rest our head comfortably during the night and even has a great impact on our health. You can catch a serious health problem if you don’t choose the pillow right or use it the wrong way. 

Meanwhile, there are also cool pillows that serve more as a decoration than basic headrest tools. These pillows usually have a more fun and unique design that isn’t necessarily practical, but still has the quality of a real working huggable pillow due to its soft materials. 

Without further ado, below is a selection of cool pillows you can get as a decorative item to brighten up your rooms. 

1. Takashi Murakami Rainbow Flower Pillow

Takashi Murakami Rainbow Flower

We cannot start a cool pillow list without the iconic Takashi Murakami rainbow flower pillow. This design is very iconic and appears often in pop cultures including music videos, murals, and even in the shape of a pillow. Even the pop star princess Billie Eilish herself owns these pillows and incorporates the design in one of her music videos. So if you are looking for a cool pillow to brighten up your room, this pillow should be on top of your list. 

2. Bakery Products Pillow

Bakery Products Pillow

These bakery product pillows are so cute and will make a cool gift for a baker. The pillow is made out of soft and high-quality plush fabric with cute faces. These pillows can be placed on every corner around the house and will provide comfort to create a homey space. 

3. Mushroom Plush Pillows

Mushroom Plush

These mushroom pillows have a unique and cute mushroom design and come in various sizes perfect for layering. The color is dominated by light beige with soft brown feet and red heads that will pop in every room design. You can get several pillows with different sizes and have your own mushroom family. 

4. Doritos Chips Pillow

Doritos Chips Pillow

This Doritos pillow is perfect for any snack lover who loves to sit on the sofa munching on chips. The prints on this pillow are very high-quality and look like the real Doritos bag. It can be a perfect gift for your best friend who can’t live without having some chips crumbs on their couch and sometimes hair. 

5. Custom Sequin Photo Pillow

Custom Sequin Photo Pillow

This pillow is so cool because it is made out of reversible sequin material. You may often see this sequin material that can be reversed with different colors so you’ll be able to create some design or just change the vibe. But this pillow is extra cool because once you reverse it, it will reveal a photo that can be fully customized. It is printed using a cutting edge printer to ensure that the image is being printed perfectly with great details. A very cool gift for your special someone. 

6. Personalized Name Pillow

cool pillow

If you want to get a more personal cool pillow, then this one can be your best option. The pillow can be printed on both sides. On the first side, you can choose an initial in watercolor letters with floral design on it. You can add the name under the initial. You can also add a personalized quote on the other side. 

7. Decorative Knot Ball Pillow

cool pillow

This knot ball pillow is a good decorative piece, but also actually soft and can be held to provide you with the comfort you need. If you haven’t noticed yet, this knot pillow is also very on trend right now and can be a great accent  pillow on your couch. 

8. Soft Velvet Moon Pillow

cool pillow

A great pillow to use as an accent on your living room or nursery room. It’s made out of soft velvet material that is very comfortable either for adults or children. It has a soft nurturing color that is very fashionable and creates a comfy vive. It also has pom-pom on it creating a warm and comfortable feel. 

9. 3D Rose Throw Pillow

cool pillow

This rose throw pillow is beyond beautiful. This pillow is handmade to create great 3D pillow details. It has a soft pillow core so you can actually hold it comfortably. This pillow will make a great decoration for your room and will be a nice gift for your loved ones. 

10. Boyfriend Pillow

cool pillow

This pillow is perfect for lonely souls who don’t want to commit to a relationship but still want to be on someone’s arm by the end of a rough day. This pillow will make a great gift for your hard working single friends or even yourself if you want to feel the comfort of being hold throughout the night. 

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11. Vintage Decorative Pillow

cool pillow

This pillow might remind you of your grandmother’s house. This can be because of the old vintage design and color scheme used on this pillow. This can be a perfect accent pillow if you opt for a 70s interior design style. Imagine this pillow against a warm single couch. That will be a bold and fun statement that also bring back that good feeling of being home. 

12. Personalized Story Book Pillow

cool pillow

This pillow can be a great gift for a book lover or if you want to encourage your kids to read more. This pillow is fully customizable. You can choose the title and make your favorite person the main character. You can also add a ‘review’ on the other side of the book. A great opportunity to say thank you or to express your feelings towards them. With its personalized story book illustration, this pillow can be a very meaningful gift to anyone who receive it. 

13. Hand Embroidered City

Hand Embroidered City

A pillow with a city design can feel so close to us or can also feel nostalgic when we, for example, get it as a souvenir. What makes this pillow unique is the fact that the city design is embroidered so it has a unique texture and also makes the design long lasting and will never fade even after a long time. 

14. Plush Organs

cool pillow

This pillow is not only fun and cute, but also educational at the same time. This can be a great pillow to get if you have a child and want to educate them regarding human organs in a fun way. This pillow can also be a great gift for anyone struggling with health issues and can be used as a get well soon card that can help them feel a little bit lighter and can face their issues with ease. 

15. Road Trip Pillow

cool pillow

How cool is it to have a soft and comfy pillow ready on your exciting and tiring road trip? This neck pillow is designed specifically to provide you with comfort throughout the trip so you don’t have to deal with back pain or a cramped neck any more. It has a belt with a carabiner to help the pillow stay in place so it will not go MIA. The coolest part of this pillow can be the materials that are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Now you ca enjoy comfortable convenience while helping the earth. 

16. Personalized Mixtape

cool pillow

This cool pillow can be the most romantic gift you can give to your lover especially if you both love music. It comes in a classic tape cassette design that is fully customizable so you can put on your name and your lover’s name on it. This pillow will make you be able to curl up with nostalgie after a long day of work or school. A true huggable romantic pillow that will remind you of the good old days. 

17. Travel Pillow with Massager

Travel Pillow & Neck Massager with Heat

If a travel pillow itself is already a cool pillow to have, then a travel pillow with a massager will help you to not only stay comfortable during the trip, but also can release some of the tension you get. This massager pillow is not only perfect for travel, but you can also use it on regular working days right after a long and tiring day of work.This pillow comes with a heat massager to relieve all of that muscle pain and it comes with a controller you can adjust to suit your needs. 

18. Succulent Cactus

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This pillow is the right one to get for plant lovers. Taking care of houseplants is now becoming a trend that a lot of people do. For the love of the plant, they don’t only take care of the real plants, but also love everything related to plants. This is why this succulent pillow can be a great gift for them. It is made out of soft pillow material and has great details making it look so much like a real succulent. 

19. Reading Pillow

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

Readers might experience a lot of struggle in finding the most comfortable position to read. Readers often struggle with back pain and other inconveniences due to the wrong position they take to read for hours. This reading pillow is designed specifically to solve all of those problems. It has a comfortable design that will allow the user to sit straight without sacrificing comfort. It is soft and comfortable, but also can give great support at the same time to ensure the user stays in the right position. 

20. Cactus Pillow

cool pillow

This cactus pillow is not only huggable and soft but also has a cute design it will make a cute decorative piece around the house. It has the cute combination of green and pink with a cute face that will brighten up your days for sure. This pillow can be a good company as well as a stress relieve. 

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21. Mirror Pillow

Mirror Pillow

The last thing to ever cross your mind when talking about pillows is probably the combination of pillow and mirror. But, yes, this pillow has mirrors embroidered in it. The mirrors are actual working mirrors that can reflect lights and even your face. This might be not the best pillow to hug, but it is definitely the best decorative pillow you will ever have. 

22. Crystal Diamonds

Crystal Diamonds Pillow

After knowing that mirror pillows exist, we should not be surprised to know that crystal diamond pillows also exist. These kinds of pillows are made specifically for decoration purposes only. And if you like glamorous things in your life, then this diamond pillow is a must have. It is made out of navy silk material and embellished with beautiful diamonds all over the surface creating a true beautiful and luxurious pillow to put on your house. 

23. Faux Leather Throw

Faux Leather Throw

This pillow is very simple yet elegant and will suit a masculine minimalist interior. It is made out of faux leather that looks very modern and sleek and with that black color, it will go with literally everything. It will be a nice accent pillow against faux leather coach either it is black or white. 

24. PinTuck Velvet Round Cushion

PinTuck Velvet Round Cushion

A pintuck velvet cushion gives the room a feminine and delicate vibe. It looks very pretty as a decoration but can work comfortably as a sitting cushion or leg rest. You can simply throw one of these pillows on the floor or put several pillows with slightly different colors for variations and together, they will make the room feel more decorated and pretty. 

25. Avocado Squishable Fuzzy

Avocado Squishable Fuzzy

We cannot have a list of cool pillows without including some fuzzy squishable pillows. This pillow comes in the shape of an avocado and was made out of soft fuzzy material that is very comfortable to hold and will give you comfort. It is available in huggable large size as well as medium and mini size you can use as a keychain. Give this avocado some love and it will love you back with the warmest, softest convenience. 

Latest Post:

Do cool pillows really work?

Cool pillows work just like any other pillow, but in a cool way. The cool pillow works not only as a functional pillow but also serves well as a decoration. If cooling pillow is what you mean, then it works in a way that can help you regulate the heat so you can have a better sleep quality. 

Are cooling pillows bad for you?

Cooling pillow works with gel material that can whisk away heat. Some people say that the material used in a cooling pillow can be toxic. But as long as the pillow is made out of natural material such as cotton, wool, and linen that can naturally cool when touching the skin, that should not be a problem. 

How do I pick the right pillow?

If you want to use it as a decorative item, you can prioritize the design, but if comfort is what you need, the material is the most important thing to consider. The best pillow material to choose is the one made out of organic and natural material such as cotton, wool, or bamboo. 

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