22 Awesome Ways on How to Celebrate a Birthday on a Road Trip

Enjoying a road trip can be a dynamic way of celebrating your special day a.k.a your birthday. It may include fun activities for you and your friends to do, and it can be done in several days. You can visit random places and go for sightseeings, and make a memorable birthday by doing fun activities in various awesome places. Whether you want to go on a road trip with your partner, friends, or even alone, to be able to celebrate a birthday on a road trip would be awesome. There are lots of places and countries you can go to, so make sure you enjoy every mile of your trip.

If you are looking for various awesome ways of how to celebrate a birthday on a road trip, be happy , because we have compiled a list of things to do to celebrate the moment. Let’s enjoy your special day and check the list out!

1. Listen to Favorite Music Playlist

Music is the best thing you can bring wherever you go. Especially when you are on a road trip, your favorite songs will be your best companion. Listening to your favorite music playlist will enlighten your mood and help you to deal with the heavy traffic. Make sure you put all of your favorite songs in one playlist so you can enjoy your trip and celebrate your birthday with your favorite music playing as the background.

2. Guess the Song and Sing It Along with Besties

It is hard to keep silent when you are listening to your favorite music, especially when you are on a road trip with your friends who share the same frequency with you. To celebrate your special birthday, sing along with your friends and enjoy the whole journey together. The same frequency you share through singing along to your favorite songs may recharge your energy that will keep you excited throughout your road trip.

3. Listen to Podcasts

Are you planning on celebrating your birthday on a road trip alone? Driving alone can be a little boring sometimes. Thus, listening to a podcast may be a good activity to do. During your trip, you may want to hear some conversations that interest you. It will not only keep you company, but it will also enrich your knowledge, too. It may reduce the probability of you getting sleepy, too.

4. Listen to Audiobooks

Do you love reading books even on your road trip? Listening to an audiobook will be an awesome activity for you since you may need to drive along the way. Especially on your birthday, listening to audiobooks can be a nice activity that is also good for your brain. It will be better to prepare and choose your favorite audiobook before you go on a road trip. So when you are on the road, you can just play and enjoy.

5. Take Photos and Videos

Make sure you make lots of documentations when you celebrate your birthday on a road trip. Freeze the moment into pictures and videos that you can enjoy again and again in the future. Keep your memories close to you and allow yourself to go back in time whenever you look at the pictures and videos. You will never know when you can go on a trip as awesome as this road trip.

6. Share Your Road Trips on Social Media

Besides keeping those memories on your own device, you can share your road trip photos and videos on your social media. A memorable moment is worth sharing with your followers and the whole world. Your photos and videos will be seen by your friends and others. Show your brightest smile to everyone online and let them know you are enjoying an awesome road trip on your birthday. You may get birthday wishes from them as well.

7. Build Your Tent, Let’s Camp!

Camp at least one night during your total road trip. Camping allows you to enjoy a different landscape in between your daily routines. It will bring fresh air into your new age. Stop on a nice site, build your tent, have a campfire, and enjoy the cold breeze. Your birthday surely will be awesome when you enjoy it in the open air. Make sure you bring all the necessary camping gadgets and bring along your acoustic guitar and sing along through the night.

8. Look Up and Stargaze

When you are on a road trip to a rural area where there are less skyscrapers and night lamps, you will be amazed on how beautiful the night sky is. Less light pollution improves the night sky’s visuals. The constellation will look even more dazzling than you used to see. Look at how the stars, planets, and galaxies move through the night while enjoying your birthday.

9. Draw the Scenic View

Everyone has that talent to manifest your sight into a piece of paper, it will be awesome to draw the scenic view that you see during your road trip. Especially when you are stopping by a savanna, hill, or mountain, and other panoramic locations. The drawing can be a great masterpiece that you can frame and put on your wall. You may consider it as your own birthday present for yourself.

10. Blow Candles on Cake on Your Campsite

Most people may put blowing candles into the birthday culture. In Germany, the candle light symbolizes the light of life while the smoke is believed to deliver wishes to the God living in the sky. One place where you can do it is on your campsite. With your favorite cake, you can start your birthday ritual inside or outside your tent. Make a wish, blow out your candle and enjoy your birthday celebration!

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11. Welcome the Sunrise

Besides celebrating your birthday in the midnight, watching the sun slowly rising can be your ritual of welcoming a brand new day of your new age. Enjoy how the sky turns lighter and brighter slowly and feel the warmth kiss your skin softly. It is as joyful as watching the sun setting slowly and wrapping you into a cold night. Allow yourself to enjoy the love of nature into your heart.

12. Meditate and Get to Know Yourself More

Everything happens for a reason. Whether you see it as a blessing or a problem, there must be something behind it. Most of the time, the answers for your problems are already there within you. You may need to meditate and get to know yourself more through breathing and relaxing your mind. It will be the perfect thing to do when you are out on a road trip. Your birthday will be a lot meaningful when you return with a deeper understanding of yourself through meditation.

13. Have a Deep Talk with Your Partner

Haven’t got a chance to have a deep talk with your partner? You may want to consider doing it on your birthday this year, while having a road trip with your partner. You may pass through a lot of calm and quiet places that can be the perfect spot for you both to relax and express your feelings to each other. Use the moment to understand each other more while enjoying the beautiful scenery during your road trip journey.

14. Make a List of Fun Stops Along the Way

Enjoying your road trip without any plan on your stops may be both challenging and ineffective sometimes. Thus, take a step back and write down the interesting stops that you would pass on and places you want to visit. Write down all the places you want to visit and things you want to do, and check them out one by one. It will be more effective for your special day. At the end of the day, wasting time brings worse regret than wasting money. 

15. Guess Your Partner’s Thought Through Playing 21 Questions

Enjoy your birthday on a road trip by playing the 21 Questions game. It is a simple but fun game to keep the trip lit. It starts with one player’s thoughts about a person, place, or thing while the other player tries to guess it by asking questions. The first player can respond to the questions with a Yes or No answer. If the other player can guess it within 21 Questions, that player wins and takes turns to think about someone or something. 

16. Write a Journal About Your Birthday Road Trip

Keep your precious day recorded in your journal completely with the details of your feelings and surrounding situations. Breath mindfully and be fully conscious while describing your day. When you reread your journal book, you will turn back the time to the moment of your fun birthday road trip. Thus, writing in your journal surely will be an amazing way of celebrating your birthday on a road trip.

17. Bring Your Backpack to Visit a National Park

Visiting a national park while you are on a road trip will give you various landscapes and natural views on your awesome birthday. Big trees, high cliffs, beautiful rivers, and fresh air are waiting for you. Bring your backpack with everything necessary for you to enjoy the beauty of the natural national park. With your new age, keep on loving nature because you deserve pure love forever, as pure as nature around you.

18. Open Your Eyes and Admire Public Arts Along the Way

Road trips truly could give you various sightseeing objects on the way. One of them is the public arts and murals on the walls. You may find those arts to be dependent or not related to one another, but sometimes you can find big comics along the way. Either those arts are related to each other or not, they are adorable and worth your attention. Thus, to celebrate your special birthday, you will surely love admiring those public arts you see during a road trip.

19. Open Your Heart by Visiting Museums

Open Your Heart by Visiting A Museum

Open your heart because art is everywhere. Aside from being able to see it on the walls along your way, open your heart to visit a museum where the arts are well kept. Historical paintings, photos, and valuable arts are kept in their best condition and maintained from time to time. It allows you to enjoy the value and history behind them. Seeing those arts will develop your sensitivity in loving yourself and others in your new age.

20. Speak to Local People

Speak To Local People

Going local is one of the best things when you are going on a road trip. On your birthday, speaking to local people may give you a different kind of excitements. Especially when you are going on a road trip where people are speaking other languages. Birthday wishes and local wisdom may be delivered to you as they are happy to see you traveling their area. It can open new doors into new friends and life journeys.

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21. Buy Local Souvenirs as Your Own Birthday Present

Buy Local Souvenirs as Your Own Birthday Present

When you go local, another awesome way that you can do on your birthday is by supporting local industries. The simplest thing to do is by buying local souvenirs as your own birthday present. Finding great souvenirs is like finding a beautiful diamond. It surely can be useful and beautiful at the same time. You can find accessories, bags, even cutleries with the touch of local wisdom soul that can bring back the memory of your wonderful road trip.

22. Find The Original Taste by Eating at Local Restaurants

Find The Original Taste by Eating at Local Restaurants

A greater way of supporting local business is by eating at local restaurants. Rather than enjoying fast foods which you can find on just one step, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant may seem like finding a hidden gem in a beautiful cave. Besides getting a new taste of real food, you are helping the local businesses to keep their wheels spinning.

Final Thoughts

Each person has a different way when it comes to choosing the best way to celebrate a birthday. It is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so one must celebrate the special in a special way, and going a road trip is a great way to do it. The best way to start a birthday road trip is by knowing exactly who will you take along with you. Your best friends? Family? Partner? Make sure you think thoroughly because you would want to celebrate your birthday with those who can put a smile on your face, right?

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What are some unique ways to celebrate your birthday on a road trip?

Celebrating a birthday on a road trip can be a rare yet beautiful moment in your life. Thus, choosing the most challenging and unique ways to celebrate it is really important. Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating and challenging way of celebrating your birthday on a road trip. Besides, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant is also unique and mysterious.

What is the easiest way to celebrate your birthday on a road trip?

The easiest and simplest way to celebrate your birthday on a road trip is by enjoying the sight and views that you are passing. Listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts also are easy to do on a road trip. Express your happiness through the lyrics of your music and sing along with your friends. Let yourself enjoy the happiest birthday celebration on a road trip.

How can I make my birthday special on a road trip alone?

Having a road trip alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. Even celebrating a birthday on a road trip alone allows you to be more independent on any decisions you make during your journey. The next stops, where to spread out the picnic mat, where to camp, when to take a rest, and where to eat are all up to you. There is no one else that matters more than you do. Your birthday is special when you are on a road trip alone.

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