20 Fun Ways How to Celebrate Birthday While Camping

A camping birthday party is a fantastic experience that should be enjoyed by anyone at least once in a lifetime. Whether you want to enjoy the open air, or need a new way to celebrate your birthday, camping is an activity that can help accomplish both. While camping, the number one thing to do while celebrating a birthday is to stay with your family and friends all day. Plan fun things to do to celebrate your birthday while camping. You can also play games and have some delicious food before going to bed just to keep the party going.

Camping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday with loved ones. This is also a great opportunity for family bonding, so try hard to make as many memories as possible. So, why not plan fun birthday activities while camping this year? Here is how you can celebrate your birthday while camping with fun!

1. Relaxing in the Hammock

In case you just want to relax while admiring nature on your birthday, you can set a hammock in the forest. Find two trees that are 10-14 feet apart and set up your hammock high. You can take a nap or read a book while hearing the peaceful sound of nature there. In our opinion, it is one of the best ways to look back on what you have accomplish so far, and think about plans on what to achieve next. This is the perfect time to contemplate in your new age.

2. Decorate Your Camping Site

When it comes to a party, you will definitely need camping birthday decorations. Check your camping site whether it is allowed to decorate them. Put some colorful pennant flags and fairy lights on your tent and trees. Light up your camping area with balloons and decorative signs. Don’t forget to bring all the decorations back after the party ends. When the night comes, you can gather with your loved ones and share stories or enjoy night snacks to celebrate your birthday.

3. Outdoor Movie Night

Create a fantastic movie experience by setting an outdoor theater on your camping ground. All you need is a projector, external speakers, a screen, and a laptop. Set up your outdoor movie theater with some seat cushions and snacks to enjoy. Watch adventure movies like “Without a Paddle” and “A Walk in the Woods” to give a true camper feel. This is one of the best birthday activities you should try while camping.

4. Private Trip with Family and Best Friends

Due to the limited space on the camping site, you probably can’t invite all your friends and family to the camping birthday party. After all, celebrating a birthday with your closest circle is the best choice to make an intimate camping birthday party. One of the best places to camp in the United States is Acadia National Park, Maine where you’ll find beautiful sights and do fun activities like fishing and swimming in the great wide wilderness. In addition, you can have a wonderful camping trip together that strengthens the bond between you and your best friends.

5. Team Building Activities 

Make your camping birthday party a moment to remember by family and friends. For easy reference, browse some team building games and activities on the internet to strengthen their bond and relationship. The Human Knot and Outdoor Rope Course are the classic games you should try. Or, you can hire a professional trainer to lead the team building activities so you can also enjoy the games with them.

6. Camping Costume Birthday Party

For those who are looking for a fun way to celebrate birthdays while camping, ask your guests to wear camp themed costumes at the party. Allow them to use dry leaves and branches around the camping ground to make camouflage costumes. They can also dress as forest rangers or pretend to be wild animals like birds and lions. By the end of the party, give small rewards for those with the best costumes. Based on our experience, this kind of party will be the one that your friends will remember.

7. Play Truth or Dare with Friends

When the cool night air signals that bedtime is near, wind down around the campfire with truth or dare that will truly make your birthday camping trip special. Use this game to do crazy and challenging things or simply reveal top secrets with your friends. This is a unique way to strengthen your friendship on your special day. After all, we all know that Truth or Dare is a game that never gets old.

8. Play Scavenger Hunt

A party is not fun without games. Use the whole camping area as a place to find prizes in games for camping themed birthday parties, like the scavenger hunt with customized twists. Hide some gifts in the camping ground. Ask your friends to find them all by solving mini games like rock paper scissors or answering questions to test how much they know about you.  

9. Musical Performance

Light up your camping birthday party with some music and art performance. Bring a guitar to the campsite and be the star of the day. If you are not good at playing instruments, play some folk or campfire songs on the bluetooth speaker. You can sing, dance, and even perform a mini soap opera with your family and friends.  

10. Have a Special Camping Birthday Dinner

An intimate dinner will be a perfect camping birthday idea for adults. Especially if you love cooking, you can turn the basic camping food into a special dinner. Campfire nachos, chicken tzatziki skewers, one pot pasta, and chickpea curry will be fantastic camping birthday party food ideas you should try.

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11. Yoga and Meditation

Camping places you at the whim of Mother Nature. You might occasionally have days with less-than-ideal weather or moments when you’d just like to play quietly and enjoy the serenity of nature. On your special day, take some time to express your thankfulness to God and the natural world. Go barefoot and practice yoga or meditation to feel like you are a part of nature even more.

12. Make Birthday S’more

Marshmallow is the perfect food while camping. Instead of birthday cake, you can make your birthday s’more while camping. Simply roast marshmallows near the campfire, and make a sandwich with crackers. Use this menu as your camping birthday party treat. Your family and friends also can customize their own s’mores with frosting and sprinkles.

13. Tell Campfire Past Time Stories

Sit with your companion as you prepare the campfire for the evening. Ask the oldest to provide some entertaining and captivating pastime tales. In addition, tell them your favorite tales from previous birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. Because who wouldn’t love to laugh at old funny moments together?

14. Make Colorful Fire

In case you are bored of watching the campfire all the night, we’ve got you the perfect solution! Buy magical flames color packets for instant rainbow fire. Sprinkle dry colorants onto flames. Before the color brilliance diminishes, you can enjoy up to an entire hour of bonfire color flames. Since it contains chemicals, make sure to take care where you dispose of ashes. It will be a wonderful campfire birthday party to remember.

15. Stargaze

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For those who love a peaceful atmosphere instead of a lively party, you also can go on a camping trip to celebrate your birthday. As the sun goes down in your camping ground, you will find how gorgeous those stars are in the forest at night. Ask your campmates to observe the stars and create your own constellations. If you’re lucky, you can make a birthday wish upon a shooting star!

16. Take a Lot of Photos

Take A Lot of Photos

During your special day, you should keep as many memories as you can by taking photos. Use this chance to keep moments with your special ones in the forest for a few days. In addition, this is a perfect moment to enjoy what nature gives to you and let photos recall all those great memories with smiles later.

17. Cook Foil Packets 

Cook Foil Packets 

You can truly use any combination you like when cooking food in foil packets over a fire. Shrimp, cajun sausage, potatoes, and corn can all be combined to make packets. Place each component in its own foil packet, making careful to double wrap them. Before cooking, you can also add some spices. We are sure this camping birthday meal will satisfy your mouth and tummy. Once everything is combined, enjoy!

18. Camping Birthday Cake

Camping Birthday Cake

You don’t have to give up on birthday cake just because you’re camping if you’re up for the task! At your campsite, you can make a cake in a cast iron Dutch oven. Bring a box of cake mix, but any cake will do. To guarantee equal heating, just bring some coals. After the cake is done, decorate it with some fruits and jams for your special camping birthday cake.

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19. Camping Cooking Contest

Camping Cooking Contest

Cooking is a fun activity to do while camping. But, have you tried to make a camping cooking competition? Inspired by cooking contest in television, challenge your guests to make a special dish from limited ingredients while camping. Select those who are a good cook as the participants. This is also a creative way to enjoy delicious food on your camping birthday party!

20. Host Sports Competition

Host Sports Competition

You can have a fantastic night’s sleep under the stars while camping if you do sports and stay active during the day. If the campground does not provide sports equipment for guests to use, think about bringing your own to play games like volleyball or kickball. In addition you can hold a sporting event in honor of your birthday and provide prizes to the winner.

Final Thought

Since you choose to be out in nature to celebrate your birthday this year, then make sure you make it fun and memorable for everyone. However, a little advice before you start planning your camping birthday party. Do remember to be friendly with the environment. You can also plan some activities that can give positive contribution to the environment. Say, trash picking or planting seeds around the camping ground, perhaps?

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What is a camping birthday party?

Inspired by camping activities, a camping birthday party is located outdoors with fun games to do. You may also cook your birthday meal like campers do while camping. In addition, it is usually full of active outdoor games and events. For more fun ways on how to celebrate birthdays while camping, please check in the article above.

How do you decorate your camping site to celebrate your birthday?

You  should make your camping site bright and light. Put some flags and fairy lights on some trees and your tent. Pick vibrant colors that will stand out against a more natural background for decorations you can hang with thread on tree branches. Look for light, biodegradable decorations whenever you can. 

How do you make a remote birthday special while camping?

You can have a video call with your family and friends while camping. Look for the strongest signal in the camping area for the better network. Or, you can be romantic by writing a letter for your loved one while camping and give it to them when you are back.

How to have an epic camping birthday party?

Make sure your camping birthday party has tasty food, enjoyable games, and entertainment. Prepare the best camp meals for your visitors. Create competitions and activities with a camping theme, and invite all of your visitors to take part. You should also have entertainment ready, such as enjoyable music, fireworks, or perhaps a movie theater.

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