Marshmallow Roasting Fishing Pole

This Marshmallow Roasting Fishing Pole is a very cool camping gadget, it gives a completely new twist to roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Instead of a stick, you’d usually use for holding the puffy marshmallows over a fire you get a roaster that looks and works like a fishing pole.

You can use this roaster for marshmallows or other kinds of food you’d like to try fresh from the campfire.

The “hook” that you put your food on is made out of stainless steel, and maintaining it in perfect condition is pretty simple, just use soap and warm water. (Also available in a set of 4 with bag and stand

Marshmallow Roasting Fishing Pole

When it comes to flipping your roasting treats, it’s the easiest thing in the world. Just quickly jig the roaster, like you’d do with a real fishing pole that has a fish on it. Well, maybe with a little less force.

Marshmallow Roasting Fishing Pole

That’s the kind of fishing that no one would dare to call boring, that’s for sure. 

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