20 Best Ways on How To Celebrate Halloween Alone

Halloween is one of the most special times of year. Halloween is the day where you can wear special costumes and enjoy spooky things with friends and family. However, it can be hard to enjoy Halloween with friends when in fact you’re alone this year. It would be undeniably difficult to find the motivation to dress up and go out on Halloween, especially when you’re not invited to any parties. If you have an empty house or apartment, then it might be your only option to rock your Halloween night. It doesn’t have to be the spookiest night of loneliness in October if you have a plan after all. If you need some inspirations, we think with these fun ways on how to celebrate Halloween alone below, you can make the most Halloween on your own.

If you should spend Halloween by yourself this year, don’t worry! We are here for you and we’ve got some fun activities to do if you are alone on Halloween. From candies to movies, we have it all. So sit back, relax and get ready to discover the best ideas to make your Halloween a little less lonely this year.

Let’s get started!

Amazing How To Celebrate Halloween Alone

1. Dress Up As Your Favorite Character

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Dress Up as Your Favorite Character

Make your Halloween night special by dressing up as your favorite creepy cartoon or movie character! Please remember that you dress to light up your day, not to impress people at the party, because you will be celebrating the night alone and you are free to choose any character you like.

You can be a cool character and have fun celebrating Halloween solo at home. We recommend you to try evil or villain characters like Cruella or Doctor Octopus from ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. In addition, if you are feeling a bit bored at home, you might want to take a walk around your house and scare the kids in your neighborhood. 

2. Go for Trick or Treating

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Go for Trick or Treating

You can go out and get more candies if you don’t like the idea of spending Halloween alone at home. Before that, put on a costume to disguise yourself as an adult. For a simple option, we recommend you to wear a onesie costume.

You can dress as one of the Money Heist robbers or animals. Or, you can pretend to be a police officer and ask for candies around the neighborhood. In our opinion, it will be one of the most fun activities to do if you are alone on Halloween. 

3. Enjoy Your Favorite Candies

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Enjoy Your Favorite Candies

After collecting some treats from your neighbors, it’s time to enjoy your favorite candies! Let the colorful M&M candy be your little company on Halloween. Or, you may want to taste the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from your childhood.

However, if you don’t have time to trick or treat, remember that you can always buy them at the supermarket. We would suggest that you choose your favorite sweets to light up Halloween night. In fact, chocolate is a fantastic mood booster!

4. Challenge Yourself with Horror Halloween Movies

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Challenge Yourself with Horror Halloween Movies

If you are a dread lover, we highly recommend you to watch scary movies on Halloween night. Do you remember when was the last time you watched a popular movie like “Rodan”, “The Wolfman Meets Costello”, or “The Tingler”? If it’s too hard for you to remember, then it’s too long already!

In our opinion, it would be a great idea to download your old favorites and play them again for a fun-filled night of nostalgia. Based on our experience, spending time alone on Halloween is not a bad thing to do. In fact, it can actually be fun! After all, we all need to be alone once in a while, right?

5. Surprise Kids with Tricks

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Surprise Kids with Tricks

Instead of giving kids chocolates on Halloween, how about entertaining them with some cool tricks? We think this is a great idea on how to celebrate Halloween alone, because you can actually go out and hang out with the kids around the neighborhood.

If you don’t have chocolates at home, you can dart out of the bushes when they ring the doorbell and grab all the sweets the children drop as they run. Then, when the kids return, you can present those candies to them as if by magic! It will be one of the best and fun ways to celebrate Halloween.

6. Order A Box of Pizza

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Order A Box of Pizza

For those who want to have a simple Halloween celebration alone, then let your Halloween night be special. Perhaps you prefer to stay in and watch your favorite TV program? Great! To be able to do that, simply order a box of pizza or two to enjoy while watching some creepy shows such as Stranger Things, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead.

This is a great idea on how to celebrate Halloween alone for those who don’t feel leaving the house. Plus, this is also a great idea for those who require some quality time without any company.

7. Make Your Own Jack-O-Lantern

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Make Your Own Jack-O-Lantern

Carving a pumpkin is a true work of beauty, and it’s one of the most awaited things to do in welcoming Halloween. If you feel a little bit artsy, then with this idea you will celebrate Halloween alone by spending your time creating artworks.

However, make sure you have a large orange pumpkin to make the spooky Jack-o-Lantern. Use a sharp carving knife and newspapers to cover your workspace. When finished, light a candle and insert it within the pumpkin to produce a sinister glow. We have no doubt, it will be one of your best Halloween artworks!

8. Bake Halloween Cake

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Bake Halloween Cake

We think baking is actually a fun activity to do while you are celebrating Halloween alone at home. If you love baking or are interested in trying new things in the kitchen, then in our opinion, this idea will be the perfect thing to do.

As for the cake, simply make a classic apple pie or pumpkin cake to bring out the autumn and Halloween spirit. Once you’re done with your cake, we would suggest that you can share the delicious cakes to those kids who come and ask for Halloween treats.

9. Halloween Theme Home Spa

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Halloween Theme Home Spa

You’d like to treat yourself this Halloween, but you simply lack the time to go out? Well, who says you can’t treat yourself at home? If you’re planning on celebrating Halloween alone at home, now is as good a time as any to finish it.

You can spend Halloween at home to spoil yourself. Use charcoal or Halloween-themed beauty products to light up the Halloween vibe. You can also use the scream emoji face mask to add a creepy touch. Then, surround your bathtub with little pumpkin candles to add the Halloween atmosphere, and we believe you will have a relaxing moment to refresh yourself before you start your busy days again.

10. Decorate Your House with Halloween Ornaments

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Decorate Your House with Halloween Ornaments

Although you have to celebrate Halloween alone and spend the night solo, it doesn’t mean you should stay in a boring living room and patio. Instead, we recommend you to buy some fairy lights to decorate the whole room, giving a magical vibe to your house.

You can also make DIY Halloween ornaments such as bats and pumpkin hanging decor from cardboard. To create more vibe, change your pillow cover and blanket into black and orange. Undoubtedly, those creative decorations will bring your home to life.

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11. Visit A Haunted House

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Visit A Haunted House

If watching horror movies is just a piece of cake for you, then we recommend you to try the harder and a more challenging challenge! One of the ideas is to find a haunted house in your area and make a visit there. There has to be an old house that people usually call as the haunted house in the are, right?

Before you go, you might want to prepare yourself with a flashlight to explore the location. Who knows, you will meet some “friends” who are celebrating Halloween as well there!

12. Get A Creepy Nail Art

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Get A Creepy Nail Art

If you love cute and creative nail arts, then Halloween is a fantastic time to get yourself a new nail art! To celebrate Halloween, you can buy some acrylic nails with a Halloween theme nail polish kit. As for the drawings, feel free to use your creativity to make DIY Halloween nail art.

In addition, if you need Halloween nail art inspiration, we recommend you to so some online searches on social media like Pinterest or Instagram. Or, you can also book a nail art appointment if you want to pay for professionals and get better results.

13. Reading Your Spooky Book Alone

How To Celebrate Halloween Alone
Reading Your Spooky Book Alone

For some people, being alone is pretty scary. But since it’s Halloween, scary things should actually be our aim, really. So, if you’re up for scary things, we recommend you to take it double spooky on Halloween night by reading a horror book alone.

To create a more scary ambience, find a quiet and comfortable place to read the book. In our opinion, your bedroom or backyard will be a great location. Moreover, reading a book alone makes you more focused to imagine each sentence in it. However, we have to remind you not to be surprised if you feel someone (or something) is watching you from behind and get goosebumps!

14. Playing Horror Video Game

Playing Horror Video Game
Playing Horror Video Game

If you are a gamer who prefers to spend time by yourself instead of attending a Halloween party, we’ve got you the perfect idea to light up your Halloween! We recommend you to buy horror video games and play them from midnight until the next day to celebrate Halloween alone at home.

However, since it’s Halloween, you might want to try old horror video games such as Silent Hill 2 or Resident Evil Series. Also, to be competitive with yourself, set your target to complete the game before the autumn season ends.

15. Try To Talk with Spirits

Try To Talk With Spirits
Try To Talk With Spirits

This next idea is probably one of most classic ideas to celebrate Halloween, but we think it never gets old. Grab your Ouija board to communicate with spirits. Invite those spirits to your house and let them talk to you. Or, you can visit the cemetery of your ancestors and have a conversation with them.

When you need more equipment, such as voodoo dolls, ask acquaintances who have experience in this field for recommendations. In our opinion, this is definitely one of the most creepy things you can do to make you less lonely on Halloween. However, this activity is for the brave ones out there.

16. Play Your Halloween Songs

Play Your Halloween Songs
Play Your Halloween Songs

Don’t make your Halloween alone flat and boring! In order to avoid that, why not set some spooky or Halloween theme songs on your playlist? Shuffle those songs to add surprising elements while playing this set. Simply connect your phone to a bluetooth speaker and let those amazing songs fill up the whole room, making you feel less lonely at home.

While the music is playing, you can do other things to keep you entertained on Halloween night. You can perhaps read some books or play some video games to keep you busy all night long.

17. Cook Your Own Halloween Dinner

Cook Your Own Halloween Dinner
Cook Your Own Halloween Dinner

Halloween is more than just cool costumes and spooky things, because it’s all about good food, too! If you are celebrating Halloween alone at home this year, we recommend you to make your own special Halloween dinner.

Since you are alone, you can be creative with the menu, and we suggest that you go with a simple but tasty dish such as the Ghoul-ash. In addition, if you need more challenge, try to cook a Graveyard Chicken Enchiladas to make out the best Halloween celebration.

18. Create DIY Ghosts At Home

Create DIY Ghosts At Home
Create DIY Ghosts At Home

For those who love crafting, we think this idea can be a perfect way for you to spend your Halloween alone. This is a creative craft that requires simple tools that you have at home. To start with the craft, prepare a white cloth, a black marker, and a plastic ball or a white ceramic cup to create a spooky white ghost.

In addition, do feel free to add more colors based on your preference and create a more colorful images as you like. If you use a white cloth, you can also make a blank face mask with fake blood or paints to make a scary zombie mask.   

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19. Do Halloween Face Paint

Do Halloween Face Paint
Do Halloween Face Paint

Are you looking for a fun and creative activity to do while spending Halloween time alone? We think face painting is indeed a perfect choice! Nope, face painting is only for kids, because adults can do it, too!

You can start by buy a face paint kit if this is your first time experience. Then, you can express yourself and free your imagination through this form of art. If you are a great painter, you will have a plus point because you can be the scariest ghost with some paints and brushes! 

20. Read Your Fate with Tarot Cards

Read Your Fate With Tarot Cards
Read Your Fate With Tarot Cards

You can train yourself to be a foreteller, especially if you are curious about your fate on Halloween but don’t want to pay money to a psychic. First, you need to purchase a Tarot card deck and a book that explains how to read them.

Then, you can deduce the meanings of the images on the playing cards by looking at them, and the book’s layouts let you conduct your own readings. It sounds simple, but it actually something that needs some learning and reading. So, if you are interested to become a tarot reader, we highly recommend you to start. Who knows, your friends might go for you of they need some tarot reading.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is a special moment for you to go out and celebrate with your friends. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween on your own, too. If you choose to celebrate a calm and quiet Halloween alone this year, that would be ok, too.

However, make sure you don’t miss the hype by doing nothing. Instead, you can actually do so many exciting things at home to celebrate the spooky night. With our list of 20 ideas on how to celebrate Halloween alone, we believe you will not be running out of ideas. So, make sure you read our list and be prepared to have an exciting Halloween celebration alone!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you do for Halloween if you have no friends?

Well, you can do many things by yourself on Halloween. You can enjoy delicious Halloween themed cuisine and candies. Decorating your house or making DIY Halloween crafts can also be a brilliant idea to light up your Halloween celebration. If you don’t know how to celebrate Halloween alone and need more fun activities you can do alone, go check out the article above.

What do people do on Halloween night?

People usually go for “trick or treat”, collecting candies from neighbors. In addition, some of them gather to celebrate Halloween with a costume party. Meanwhile, the rest of them prefer to stay at home alone and spend Halloween night in their own ways. In case you need more fun things to light up your Halloween day alone, you can read in the article above.

How do people celebrate Halloween day at home?

They usually watch horror Halloween movies, play scary video games, or simply read a spooky book. Additionally, they will prepare their own Halloween dinner or simply order delivery to enjoy with their flicks. To add the Halloween vibe at home, they usually put some decorative ornaments such as Jack-o-Lantern and bats around their house.

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