32 Scary and Popular Purge Halloween Costume Couple

The Purge is one of the most popular horror movies ever and has spawned numerous sequels. Its plot follows a family who has taken refuge in their home from a violent gang that runs amok in their neighborhood. They are completely unprepared when they discover they are not safe inside either. Adopting the movie as a Halloween costume for a couple or group will be a fantastic and affordable idea. Fake blood, a fake weapon, a creepy mask, or a simple shirt are necessary to make a scary Purge Halloween costume couple. Moreover, the Purge has various scary masks that add creepy vibes to your outfit. 

In case this is your first time choosing a Purge Halloween costume couple, you may need some great references. Therefore, we have compiled the best Purge Halloween costume couple ideas to light up your Halloween party.

Whether you are looking for a baddie-the-purge outfit for Halloween or a scary American flag skull mask to highlight your couple’s outfit, you will find some insights in this article.

Let’s jump to the list!   

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What Is A Purge for Halloween?

The Purge is a unique Halloween costume concept that is inspired by a movie with the same name. Usually, people will wear the scary purge mask, wear a bloody costume, and bring weapons. For the mask, you can either buy it on the internet or use your painting skill to draw your face to create a scary look.

Besides, the Purge Halloween costume couple is getting more popular to make you stand out at the Halloween party. For more inspiration, you can read the article above.

BEST Purge Halloween Costume Couple

In the chilling realm of Halloween attire, nothing quite captures the essence of eerie elegance like the “Purge” couple costumes. As the cinematic world of anarchy meets romantic duos, the result is hauntingly fashionable. For those seeking to strike the perfect balance between terror and style, the Purge-inspired ensemble is your ultimate ticket.

Prepare to delve into the BEST Purge couple costumes that are sure to leave an unforgettable mark this spooky season.

1. Neon Blue Lady Liberty Mask in Casual Style

Neon Blue Lady Liberty Mask in Casual Style
Source: Pinterest (@Juliana Andrea)

Light up your Halloween party with some iconic neon blue masks that Lady Liberty wears in the movie. Those masks feature LED lamps that will glow in the dark, making you and your couple stand out. For the scary Purge Halloween costume, the girl can wear a two-piece black outfit with a white cardigan.

Meanwhile, the man can wear a casual white shirt and jeans. Splash some artificial blood on the white shirt to make the appeal even scarier and more intimidating.

2. Scary Grin Mask in White Shirt Outfit with Weapon

Source: Pinterest (@chasingdaisiesblog.com)

The scary smile masks are indeed one of the scariest masks in The Purge. Make your couple get the purge outfit with this cool mask and outfit. Wear the evil grin mask to make a strong presence at the Halloween party. For an attractive appearance, wear a basic white shirt and bring your fake weapon.

Instead of wearing colorful trousers, you guys better choose black, slim-fit jeans to create a frightening style. Display artificial blood on your shirt, hands, and body to make your Halloween celebration more thrilling.

3. Purge Makeup Halloween Party Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@Borbala Solyom)

Dress like the hottest couple at the Halloween party with this fantastic concept. For this Purge Halloween costume couple, the woman can wear a slim-fit black dress, while the man only needs his full suit attire.

For the focal point, use makeup art to draw the scary smiling face mask inspired by The Purge. Your girl can also use black nail polish and hold a fake gun, while you better grab a long one that suits your shape well.

4. Cross Mask with Scarf and Ripped Clothes

Cross Mask with Scarf and Ripped Clothes
Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

Get the baddie the purge outfit with this scary Purge Halloween costume couple. Taking inspiration from the Cross mask, you can paint your face to resemble the real one in the movie. Both the man and woman can wear the reusable ripped white-shirt with fake blood stains, making an awesome appearance.

If you want to tuck in your humorous side, bring gun toys instead of a fake one that looks real.

5. Purge Makeup with Joker Outfit

Purge Halloween Costume Couple

When it comes to fusion Halloween costumes, you can combine the scary face paint from the Purge with the fantastic Joker outfit. Use white face paint to draw the Cross mask for both the man and woman. Moreover, the man can color his hair with green dye and wear a formal white shirt, which will radiate its own charm.

For the woman, you can wear a gold dress for extra glam. Don’t forget about the detailed accessories, like metal bands, a blonde wig, and surreal makeup to support the look.

6. Drawing Purge Makeup for Halloween Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Put your creativity to combine some iconic masks in your Purge Halloween costume. This concept combines the Kiss Me mask lettering with the smiling mask in fantastic face paint. Or, you can create your own lettering, such as “DIE,” for extra eerie vibes. For the outfit, the woman should wear a short white dress to expose her sexy personality. Meanwhile, the man can wear a simple shirt with fake blood.

To add a scary impression, we also recommend bringing a fake, long gun and blade. In addition, wear a pair of black gloves to cover up the crime!

7. Scary Smiling Mask in Formal Couple Outfit with Ax

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Sammi Walker)

Stay elegant and glamorous at the Halloween party with this unique concept. The idea of this Purge Halloween costume couple is to emphasize the luxurious dress and suits with scary smiling face masks. Since it’s a Halloween celebration, the outfits must give off a spooky impression.

So, black color is a must! Your girl can also pair the dress with a blonde wig (if hers is not blonde!) to create an eerie appeal. For additional threatening charms, bring the realistic ax prop to make a powerful presence.

8. Purge Vendetta Mask with Bloody Sword and Gun

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Miranda)

Show your scary vibe with this Purge Halloween costume idea. The man can wear the Vendetta mask and bring a gun in a formal suit. Meanwhile, face paints the woman into scary Purge-style makeup and brings a blood sword.

As for the supporting outfits, the woman can try a short, black dress with revealing cleavage to make her look sexy. Then, pair it up with transparent black stockings and a white cardigan. It will create a dangerous battle scene between the man and woman.

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9. Pinky Hair with Purge Mask and Bloody Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Instagram (@amyabrownn)

Keep your style cute but scary by combining long wavy pink hair with a smiling face mask and a white, striped pattern jumpsuit. Your man can wear a similar mask with a formal shirt and pants. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner don’t wear exactly the same clothes as long as the base color is closely related.

Next, put the bloody hand stain in those white outfits for extra sadist vibes. Ensure the stain forms a hand as an impression if your victim asks you not to kill them. For the weapon, bring the classic bloody ax in your hands. 

10. Glamorous Costume with Realistic Latex Purge Mask

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Instagram (@poorvamodi)

Make your mask look like the real one with the smiling latex mask. With this mask, you can adjust your expression although your face is covered. However, it won’t be complete without a glamorous Purge Halloween costume couple to impress the guests.

The man can wear a formal suit, while the woman wears a purple dress to steal the spotlight. To make this look terrorizing, bring a plastic baseball bat and a fake long knife to the Halloween party with your partner.

11. The Face of God Makeup and Black Mask Halloween Girls

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@haleyy:butterfly:)

In case you want a Purge Halloween costume couple with your best friend, then you can get inspired by this concept. You and your best friend can wear any scary Purge mask, such as the Cross Mask and Black Mask.

In case you don’t have such masks, you are welcome to paint yourselves. In addition, you can match the outfit by wearing the same oversized white shirt with blood stains, which is also perfect for group costumes as well.

12. Tutu Dress with LED Purge Mask

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Amber Wilson)

For those dancing couples, this adorable Purge Halloween costume couple should be on your list. The woman can wear a bloody tutu dress for dancing, creating cute and frightening looks. Moreover, the man can compliment his outfit with a bloody white shirt and red tie for the focal point.

Meanwhile, your glowing Purge mask makes your appearance look weirdly stunning and scary at the same time. So, make sure you don’t miss them! Also, bring the toy weapons that make you look like a solid scary couple.

13. The Bloody Sugar Skull Floral Couple

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@instructables.com)

Show your face paint creativity and skill with this bloody sugar skull mask concept. Inspired by the skull mask from the Purge, you can add some twist to the Purge Halloween costume couple. The woman can take a floral concept for the dress and the flower hair accessories, which makes your female partner look strangely pretty but creepy!

Meanwhile, the man can wear a formal suit with a red rose inside the suit. Oh, and please, don’t forget about the black hat with those flower décor!

14. Artistic Purge Mask with Circus Theme Halloween Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Crushed Grapes :grapes:)

Liven up your Halloween party with this Purge Halloween costume couple concept. You can draw your face with face paint, creating artistic Purge masks. Unlike the regular white shirt for the outfit, you can wear the Circus theme costume. The man can wear a white sleeveless shirt with a skull red ribbon on his neck and hold a knife.

Meanwhile, the woman can wear a black dress with a furry hat and balloons on her arms. To make a woman’s appearance more intimidating, pair a white wig, black stockings, and red nail polish. What a scary Halloween costume!

15. Bank Robber Purge Costume

Bank Robber Purge Costume
Source: Pinterest (@discover.hubpages.com)

This couple’s costume was inspired by bank robber style and it comes with two different mask colors; white for the boyfriend and red for the girlfriend. As for the costume, it’s not that hard to recreate. The boy only needs to wear a pair black pants, a black shirt and a black jacket. While the girl just needs to wear a black bra and black cargo pants.

Also, make sure you wear black shoes or boots, which will complete your all-black look that will give a unique contrast if you put on your masks. Also, to make you look even more badass, you can also carry fake money bags to make you look as if you just robbed a bank.

16. Bloody Nurse Purge Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@cciadiogo)

You and your partner can choose to become a couple of a nurse and her doctor with these costumes. Not the usual nurse and patient duo though, because they both are wearing bloody costumes which will make you look like assassins who just killed other people using a special potion injected to their bodies.

The costumes are in stock and you will get a complete set plus the nurse hat and white stockings, too. All costumes are full of blood stains, so make sure you complete the look by putting on some scary makeup.

17. Double Trouble Chucky Purge Costume

Double Trouble Chucky Purge Costume
Source: Pinterest (@dailymail)

We all know that Chucky is the true definition of evil and trouble. But how about Chucky and his bride? We believe it will double the trouble, and you can become a pair of troubles with these Chucky costumes. It will be a disturbing purge attire that makes you the star of the night.

The set includes two striped shirts and denim overalls for you and a white dress for your partner. However, the girl costume also includes a cropped leather jacket, which will make her look like a hot bride of Chucky. In addition, you will also get a knife, which will become your weapon, making sure you are ready for the purge.

18. Bloody Zombie Purge Couple

Bloody Zombie Purge Couple
Source: Pinterest (@boredart.com)

You can also choose to be a bloody couple wearing bloody white attire, which will make you look as if you both just held a bloody wedding party. Both costumes are full of blood, making sure people know that you just had a bloody party. 

This is a set of costumes that includes a white dress for her and a white suit for him. All the pieces are full of blood and we think it would be perfect if you can complete the look by wearing a pair of black shoes, a horror hand bouquet, and scary makeup, too.

Purge Halloween Costume Couple with Mask

Dive into the eerie world of the Purge, where fashion meets fear in the most thrilling way. Every couple’s dream? Maybe not, but for those seeking a chilling twist this Halloween, it’s a match made in horror heaven.

With masks that aren’t just unique but are show-stoppers, prepare to unveil the ultimate Purge couple costume collection that promises more gasps than giggles.

19. Face of God and Scary Dog Purge Mask

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@costume-works.com)

Kill the Halloween costume party with the combination of Face of God and Dog Purge mask. Just simply wear these masks that match your formal party outfit to make a horror vibe in your Purge Halloween costume. Even though you can wear any color, like red or white, at your Halloween party, black ones will always kill it as it looks extremely intimidating.

Suggest your partner polish their nails black to support her role in this Halloween event. Don’t forget to bring your bloody knife and baseball bat as your accessories!

20. Purge Waiter and Waitress Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Liseth Cotrina)

Are you ready to be the scariest waiter and waitress at the party? Well, this Purge Halloween costume couple is an excellent idea. Just simply dress in a waiter and waitress uniform at the party, but adorn it with some fake blood. In order for the blood to look vividly intimidating, it would be better to wear white clothes.

Then, pair them with black vests for the man and trousers for the woman. Bring the big cleaver and wear the smiling face masks for a grin attitude while welcoming the guests

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21. Kiss Me Mask in All White Outfit

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Who says that you can’t be scary without a black outfit? Well, this Purge Halloween costume can express the eerie charm of the all-white outfit. Such color allows the blood stain to make it look more sinister.

The man can wear the Kiss Me mask with a clean and neat white suit, holding the woman in a bloody white dress. She also needs to wear a stitched smile mask and a baseball full of fake blood, giving a scary look to its appeal.

22. LED Mask with Fake Blood Halloween Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Lauren DenDooven Anderson)

Instead of guns, a baseball bat can be a scary weapon for the Purge Halloween costume couple. You should put a lot of fake blood in the short white dress for women and white shirt for men. For the women, wearing a blonde wig can help to improve the scary appeal as the color will vividly show the red blood.

Make the fake blood seem to flow from your body to your feet. Don’t forget to wear the LED mask to make you and your couple appear frightening.

23. The Face of God Rangers In Black

The Face of God Rangers In Black
Source: Pinterest (@uk.eonline.com)

The Face of God is also an ideal addition to group Halloween costumes. The woman can dress as a secret agent in the black net suit while holding the weapon. Meanwhile, the man can wear a black shirt and bring a baseball bat.

To support the gangster look, wear a creepy white mask that depicts black eyes and eerie smiles. You can make the scariest gangster at the Halloween party with this concept.

24. Money Heist Halloween Couple

Money Heist Halloween Couple
Source: Pinterest (@maskerix.com)

It is without a doubt that you and your partner will be the center of attention in these costumes. As the famous costumes inspired by Money Heist, we can assure you that everyone will be familiar with the red jumpsuits that depict clever robbers.

To complete the look and ensure you are ready for ‘the purge,’ make sure you wear the iconic masks and carry the fake handguns with you. 

25. Halloween Pumpkin Head Couple

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@mycozylive.com)

You know that Halloween is just around the corner when you’re starting to see pumpkin decorations all around the neighborhood. So, for this upcoming Halloween, why don’t you create your own pumpkin costumes that look ready for the purge?

If you make your own pumpkin masks, ensure the smiles are crazy enough to throw jump scares in your neighborhood. Simply wear your badass leather jacket and ripped black jeans, some axes or swords as your weapons, plus the masks, and you’re ready to rock Halloween night!

26. I Know What You Did Last Summer Inspired Costume

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@ogeenyi.com)

These I Know What You Did this Summer-inspired costumes for couples will definitely make you and your partner look amazingly spooky yet badass at the costume party. The most remarkable thing about these costumes is definitely the screaming mask. Meanwhile, the rest of the costumes are totally based on your own references.

However, we recommend you wear all black because it will make you look scarier. Pair the robes with a short jumpsuit for the girl, while the man can wear a complete set of a shirt and a trouser. After all, it’s Halloween night, right?

27. The Purge Couple in White Mask

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@Julian Sanchez)

Imagine seeing this couple at a train station, and we bet you will freak out and probably think that the Purge is about to happen, right? Since this costume for couples can make people freak out, it’s an excellent purge Halloween costume idea for couples.

To add more so-called scary elements to the costume, you can wear a white shirt covered in blood and bloody white masks. And, of course, hold your fake firearm and sword as additional spooky accessories.

28. Post-Apocalyptic Purge Couple

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@geektyrant.com)

This post-apocalyptic costume is a true definition of the perfect purge Halloween costume for couples. The couple is still wearing their wedding dress and suit that have been torn apart, with additional weapons, ammunition, and gas masks as accessories.

To make it look realistic, make sure your outfits look grungy and dirty. The whole appearance is perfect for a costume party or Halloween night because you will definitely become the center of attention. 

29. American Flag Skull Mask Halloween Outfit

American Flag Skull Mask Halloween Outfit
Source: Pinterest (@stylishbelles.com)

Make you and your partner the scariest but the most patriotic ghost in the Halloween party with this Purge Halloween costume. The American flag skull mask will be the highlight of your outfit.

Don’t forget to bring some fake weapons and spread the fake blood all over your white shirt for creepy vibes. And oh, bring your fake, long, serrated sword as additional accessories for your eerie style.

30. Sexy Money Heist Couple Costume

Sexy Money Heist Couple Costume
Sexy Money Heist Couple Costume

Next we have another purge Halloween costume couple that was movie-inspired. These costumes are inspired by Money Heist, especially the masks. In our opinion, the masks from Money Heist are so iconic that everyone makes it one of the best mask ideas for Halloween costumes.

Aside from the masks, the attire is not hard to recreate as well, as he just needs to wear white a white shirt, a pair black pants and a pair of black shoes. While she just needs to wear a black swimsuit and a white shirt to wear as an outer.

31. Purge Costume with Scary Masks

Purge Halloween Costume Couple
Source: Pinterest (@simplyallison62)

LED masks are probably one of our favorite items when it comes to cosplay or costumes for Halloween. Take these masks for instance. Although we have already included some costumes with LED masks on the list, we still think this one must also be given a spot.

The masks look so evil-ish, making them deserve your consideration. You can pick two masks with different colors and see how you and your partner can look badass at the Halloween party.

32. Ghost Rider-Style Purge Halloween Costume

Ghost Rider-Style Purge Halloween Costume
Source: Pinterest (@sarahxelie)

Next up we have these two ladies wearing Ghost-rider movie-inspired masks. As you probably know, you can always make a great pair with your bestie by wearing this cool purge Halloween costume.

Aside from the cool masks, you can wear a cropped black top and black mini skirt, and then complete the look by wearing fishnet stockings and black boots. In addition, make sure you don’t forget to carry a knife, too!

Final Thoughts

See? Lots of spooky purges Halloween costume inspiration for couples. Some even combine cute, sexy, and weird impressions with the eerie vibes of Halloween. However, we strongly recommend highlighting black and white colors to make your appearance scary.

If you choose white shades, use fake blood stains to make it look more intimidating. As for the black, add more accessories, like swords, machetes, or baseball bats, as supports.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you dress for the purge?

The main highlight of the Purge Halloween costume is the mask. You can adopt the scary mask in the movie and match it with any kind of outfit. The plain and oversized outfit is preferred as it gives you a large surface for the fake blood accents.

Moreover, you can add some weapon props such as a knife, baseball bat, or ax. Suppose you are looking for a Purge Halloween costume couple. We hope our article above can help you to find the best one.

What mask did they wear in the purge?

The Liberty neon mask and the smiling face mask are the most popular as they will make you look stand out. Besides, you don’t need painting skills to get the mask as you can buy it on the internet.

Meanwhile, you also can use face paint to create the Cross mask or the Face of God mask in your face for the Halloween costume, making the mask look realistic. Those scary masks are also ideal for a Purge Halloween costume couple. If you are looking for more inspiration, please read our article above.

What do purge masks mean?

The masks in the real movie are useful for preventing viewers from viewing the wearers as full-fledged humans, making them appear more menacing. Besides, they will appear as faceless monsters. Furthermore, the masks are effective because they are threatening.

In case you want to have a Purge Halloween costume couple, you can check the article above.

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