XUPERMASK is Futuristic Face Mask That Integrates Bluetooth Earbud, Cooling Fan, and Stylish LEDs

Some masks may cover up your awesomeness, but this one will level up your greatness. Nowadays, face covers are only known to function as a protective layer for your face from bacteria and viruses.

They may also cover up the coolness on your face. Meet the XUPERMASK high-tech face mask, which has multiple functions on top of the regular cover. XUPERMASK is designed to increase your self-protection and enhance your fashion level.

XUPERMASK is built by the two major producers responsible for a touch of fashion and technological sophistication at the same time.

This futuristic mask is designed by one of the most influential stylist singers in the entertainment industry, “will.i.am”, supported by the Honeywell company’s advanced technology.

XUPERMASK Futuristic Face Mask

Apart from being an excellent mask with multiple high-tech advantages, XUPERMASK can still perform its duty as a mask by keeping bacteria and viruses away from your mouth and nose, just like the function of a face cover in general. 

The size of this innovation can be adjusted according to the size of your head. This way, this equipment feels more comfortable and fits perfectly to protect your face.

XUPERMASK Futuristic Face Mask

XUPERMASK will support your daily work. It is equipped with ventilation that helps air circulation, accompanied by a three-speed fan technology that allows you to freely breathe while doing physical activities. 

With a three-speed fan that can be adjusted according to environmental conditions, you can stay cool in warm environments and live in a chill atmosphere throughout the day.

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XUPERMASK Futuristic Face Mask

This design is also dedicated to the glasses-users in their daily life. Your mask can actually protect you from the fog that blocks your view throughout the day. Hopefully, this feature will keep your glasses steam-free with smooth air circulation and advanced three-speed fans.

In addition to protecting the mouth and nose, this high-tech mask also covers your ears with noise-canceling headphones. The quiet atmosphere it offers can bubble you up from the noise of the outside world.

XUPERMASK Futuristic Face Mask

You can immerse yourself in your playlist life theme that caresses your ear and soul with the music from XUPERMASK, connected via your Bluetooth device.

XUPERMASK will also support the comfort of your visual vision with the feature of LED lighting. Imagine your existence will be much more eccentric when walking at night with a mask’s sophisticated lighting. Experience being a half cyborg with marvelous LED lights every time your head turns.

XUPERMASK Futuristic Face Mask

XUPERMASK is also accompanied by a seven-hour battery life that has been designed to support your daily work hours every day. It can also be recharged without delaying its function to sustain your activities. At the same time, you wear it and do your routine as usual.

Overall, XUPERMASK is a head-turning future mask in a beautiful collaboration of three significant values of human life. This futuristic mask will make sure that it can support your health, bolster up your fashion, and bring you closer to the experience of touching the technology of the future.

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