Sony SRS-NS7 is an Innovative Neckband Speaker That Uses Immersive 360 Spatial Audio Technology

Sony’s SRS-NS7 neckband speaker is an innovative solution if you are looking for a portable way to enjoy music and home theater. This device offers immersive sound quality without compromising your situational awareness.

Instead of blocking surrounding voices, like headphones or earbuds, the SRS-NS7 speaker will sit on your shoulder, around your neck. You can listen to crisp quality audio and still get to hear what’s going on around you.  

The SRS-NS7 utilizes Dolby Atmos’ sound technology to deliver crystal clear audio. This type of speaker allows you to enjoy Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound feature. Your immersion when watching home theater will be significantly enhanced thanks to this ability.

When you wear this neckband speaker, you get to feel as if you are in the middle of the audio source inside the movie. The accompanying equalizer app can enable and adjust the spatial sound effect. Additionally, because you wear SRS-NS7 around your neck, the sound will literally surround you and create a pleasing listening effect.

Sony SRS-NS7 Innovative Neckband Speaker

For music, you can enable Sony’s 360 Real Audio feature. It boosts the sound quality of your favorite singers. What’s more, this neckband speaker comes with a set of X- Balanced speakers that face upward directly toward your ears units to decrease distortion. Sony also equipped this device with Passive Radiator for extra rich bass.

This innovative neckband speaker is designed to be comfortable. You will hardly feel its weight. Whether you are lying down, standing, walking, doing chores, or sitting, the SRS-NS7 will not get in your way.

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Sony SRS-NS7 Innovative Neckband Speaker

Furthermore, Sony gives SRS-NS7 flexibility. This device will not break easily, even if you twist it slightly. The design of this neckband speaker is intentionally not rigid. This feature also gives its wearer extra comfortability.

The SRS-NS7 is rated IPX4. A bit of splash on the surface of this device will not be damaging. Therefore, this neckband speaker is especially suitable to wear to keep you entertained while doing chores.

Sony SRS-NS7 Innovative Neckband Speaker

The battery of the SRS-N7 Neckband speaker can last up to 12 hours. This way, you can enjoy a continuous jamming session with your favorite playlist. When the power runs out, a 10 minutes charging will extend this device’s life up to 1 hour.

Sony’s neckband speaker is compatible with various devices wirelessly. You can connect it with your TVs, phones, laptops, and more. The Multipoint Connection feature allows you to pair your neckband speaker with two devices at once.

Sony SRS-NS7 Innovative Neckband Speaker

For example, you would like to use SRS-NS7 as your home theater audio output. At the same time, you can connect it with your phone. If you receive a phone call, you can pick it up while watching movies.

With only around $370, you get to own Sony’s SRS-NS7 neckband speaker. This accessory is an excellent alternative and a portable solution to enjoy home theater audio.

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