Citroen Unveils Ami the Micro Buggy Concept For Eco-friendly Mobility

With raising awareness to tackle the global pollution problem, EV cars (all-electric vehicles) have gained more popularity in recent decades. EV cars are likely here to stay, especially with growing support from authorities. 

For instance, Europe’s policy through The European Commission’s ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy’ aims to have at least 30 million environmentally friendly vehicles on the road by 2030. Now, Citroen’s Ami is one of the newly developed EVs. 

This mobility platform uses electric components in place of internal engine combustion. The vehicle is equipped with a 5.5 kWh battery that can be refilled with a quick 3 hours recharge time from a standard electrical socket. It can run as fast as 28 mph tops to a range of 43 miles. 

Although Citroen’s Ami was launched relatively recently (June 2020), the company has announced the latest model: My Ami Buggy Concept. Citroen presented My Ami Buggy car as the cute upgraded version of Ami with a leisurely and adventurous design in mind. 

This EV Buggy car is ready to face off-road terrains with specially-rimmed tires that allow it to run on a more uneven surface. It has firm rear side mirrors that are adjustable by screwing onto the mechanism. It is also equipped with LED bar lights to provide more lighting for an evening drive on an off-highway landscape. 

Citroen’s Ami buggy has a set of protection bars for the front and rear lights. The panoramic transparent roof also hosts a spare tire, emphasizing the safari style of this unique electric car. According to Car and Bike, this buggy can run with a top speed of 45 kph to a range of 71 km despite its bulky appearance. 

Thanks to the cozy memory foam seats, both driver and passenger can still sit comfortably despite the rough terrains. It gives off a laid-back personality by going bare without any conventional doors. Instead, it provides enough cover through removable canvas doors for rain protection, windshield, and front vent windows. 

This electric buggy strives for a compact backpacking-fit design with detachable parts. It has distinctive sets of luggage that can be attached to the car interiors from below the dashboard to the steering wheel. There is also 2 extra onboard storage placed on passenger and driver’s sides. 

The color palette is fresh and goes well with the outdoor theme. My Ami Buggy Car comes in army green paint. Its unique features, such as the luggage and the seats, are painted in an iconic bright yellow. The exterior detailing is boldly lined in black. 

For now, the My Ami Buggy car is a concept car. Ami describes it as an illustration of what EV Ami can be developed into. However, the possibility of mass-production cannot be ruled out considering how Citroen’s Ami itself started as a concept car.

Not to mention, there are also a growing number of enthusiasts that would love to get their hands on this beautiful piece.

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