25 Best Prank Gifts for Various Occasions

Pranking someone is one of the best things to make your friends laugh. Life should not always be serious, or you will be stressed out. Hence, to brighten up everyone’s day, you can surprise them with a prank gift! If your friend’s birthday is coming up, such gag gifts are also appropriate. You can make their special day more memorable through funny items.

Prank gifts come in many shapes and functionality. Some will produce surprising effects, while others will have funny designs straight up from the box. In any case, the following items are among the most humorous prank gifts that you should consider!

Quirky Prank Gifts

Would you like to surprise your friends on their special day? Try getting them quirky gag gifts! These items include props with irregular shapes or even seemingly inappropriate designs! Either way, research your target first because not everyone will have a positive response to such gifts. But, if they do love quirkiness, then go for it!

1. Creepy Finger Soap Set

Creepy Finger Soap Set

The first quirkiest prank gift we recommend is this super realistic finger-shaped soap! Your friends will be surprised because they might think you have mutilated someone. Despite the shocking design, the soap actually has a soothing watermelon scent. It is practical, funny, and surprising at the same time, the ultimate hilarious gift!

2. Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

A birthday party is not complete without glitter. Now, surprise the birthday boy or girl with this spring-loaded glitter bomb. You can wrap the tube nicely and let your unsuspecting friend open it. An explosion of colorful glitters will ensue as the spring unload! 

3. Beer Belly Waist Pack Prank Gift

Dad Bag Fake Beer Belly Waist Pack

Does your father often prank you? You can get him back with this hilarious fake beer belly waist pack. Get one as a gag gift for your dad and challenge him to wear it in public places. It features a realistic-looking hairy bulgy belly design that will surprise anyone who sees it! Not just funny, the waist pack actually also offers a storage compartment and a zipper.

4. Mini Toilet That Squirt Water

Fridja Mini Funny Prank Squirt Spray Water Toilet

This prank gift comes in a shocking design! It is a miniature toilet with fake poop inside. It can squirt water when you open the toilet lid. If you want to trick your friend, this novelty water sprayer is excellent. Furthermore, it is palm-sized, so your friend will not expect the tiny device to have such surprising functionality.

5. Novelty Talking Teeth

Novelty Wind Up Red Talking Teeth

False teeth usually are worn by the elderly because most of their teeth are gone. However, this denture is tailored as a funny prank gift for the young. It features a wind-up mechanism that allows the teeth to seemingly talk. You just need to twist the key, and it’ll go clattering around on its own. This item is also perfect to freak people out on Halloween.

6. Fart Spray Prank Gift

Fart Spray

Do you want to prank the entire room? Try this novelty liquid fart spray! You can spray it secretly when you have a gathering with your friends. Watch the hilarity ensues as your friends blame each other over who’s farting! The harmless scent does mimic the smelly belly gas.

7. Age Control & Midlife Crisis Pills Prank Gift

Prank Age Control Pills & Midlife Crisis Medicine

These age control pills and mid-life crisis medicine are excellent for a gag gift to celebrate your friend’s birthday. They are perfect for older people in their 20s who may face mid-life crises soon. The contents and the bottles are decorative only. The pills are vintage, so you should not eat them.

8. Proctologist Prank Gift Boxes

Prank Gift Boxes, Inc. Dr. Proctor's Recto-Kleen 2000!

If your friend is a prankster, you may want to get them this prank gift set. The complete set features various gag tools in one package. For instance, it includes 24 proctologist-related items that will make your friend squirm. You should Google proctology if you do not know it because it is hilarious. The person who receives this will, without a doubt, laugh out loud.

Prank Gifts for Friends

The following section will discuss more regular-yet-hilarious types of prank gifts. These items will not offend your friends because they are simply fun. The designs are also less offensive, so these items are perfect for everyone.

9. Fake Parking Tickets Prank

prank gifts

Does your friend have a habit of parking selfishly? If the answer is yes, you can try these prank gifts. The yellow parking violation ticket looks quite realistic. Put it on your friend’s car’s windshield and watch their funny expression as they feel confused.

10. Canned Air From Berlin Prank

prank gifts

Did you visit Germany recently? Or do you simply want to prank your friend in a novelty method? Try this canned air from Berlin! Of course, it is basically just an empty can. But the elaborate labeling might blow your mind away. It features detailed ingredients of the atmosphere, making it hilarious, the perfect gag gift for intelligent people!

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11. Fake Squirt Ketchup & Mustard Bottles

prank gifts

These fake bottles of ketchup and mustard will squirt a piece of red and yellow string instead of the actual substances. If you have an outdoor BBQ party, you can pretend to accidentally squirt ketchup or mustard on your friends. They’ll be annoyed at first, but they’ll laugh once they realize that it’s just string!

12. Fake Puff Cigar Prank

prank gifts

Heavy smokers are the perfect target for these prank gifts. You can ask your friend first if they want to smoke or not. If they say yes, this is your chance to prank them with these fake puff cigars and laugh at them! If you are not a smoker, you can also use this prop to pretend that you are. Your friends will all be confused! It emits realistic-looking smokes.

13. Rubber Snake Prank

prank gifts

The rubber snake prank is a classic way to freak your friends out. You can place it in unexpected places! Let the super realistic rubber snake coil around a tree in your friend’s garden, toilet, or bed. Watching your buddies running away or getting jumped by this gag toy is such a pleasant experience.

14. Squeaky Crushed Red Pepper Prank

Smith's Crushed Red Pepper for Pizza

Do your friends prefer their pizza a little bit spicy? Perhaps they want a crushed pepper sprinkle. But, instead of the actual condiment, they will get a funny sound effect coming out of the bottle. Place this unexpected squeaky noise maker next to a pizza when for a hilarious food joke

15. Realistic Remote Controlled Spider

Realistic Fake Spider Scary Toy Remote Control

Here’s another freaky prank gift that will surely surprise your friends! It is a remote-controlled spider. You can move the spider as you please from a distance and make it crawl toward your friend. Watch them run away in terror! It includes 3 batteries and can move quite realistically.

16. Fake Lizard Toys

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Check out this realistic rubber toy lizard! Place the unique gag gift in weird places to shock your friends, just like the rubber snake. The lizard comes in 24 colors that you can choose from to prank your partners. If they are not afraid of lizards, these gag toys will be a nice collection. 

17. Realistic Lottery Tickets Prank

Fake Lottery Tickets and Scratch Off Cards that Look Real

Who doesn’t want to win a one million dollars lottery ticket? Everyone, including your friend, would like it too. Hence, it is the perfect opportunity to prank them with this fake scratch-off lottery prize! Give your friend one of these realistic-looking fake tickets and let them scratch them off. Let them get excited before you tell them that it is not real!

18. Realistic Fake Roaches Prank

Pretty Realistic Fake Roaches

Cockroaches are one of the most hated animals in the world. They are usually found in the household and need to be eradicated. And so, you should get this realistic fake cockroach to prank your buddies! You should also bring one to the party and unleash a complete pandemonium. Some of them might even scream hysterically. Such a devilish yet fun prank!

19. Fake Showerhead

prank gifts

This hilarious gift box contains a fake showerhead that can be attached to the coffee brewer. It is especially suitable if your friend loves coffee. You can also install it in the bathroom as a fake showerhead that will confuse everyone. In any case, you should get this novelty item for harmless minor pranks.

20. Car Key with Harmless Electric Shock

prank gifts

This fake car key can emit harmless low-voltage electricity that can shock people who push the button. If your friend wants to borrow your car, give them this fake key instead and watch their surprised expression. It is one of the most elaborate prank items that we strongly recommend!

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21. Fake Electrical Outlet

prank gifts

Here is another ultimate prank item that you should definitely get. It is a fake outlet sticker! You can buy a full pack and stick them everywhere. Watch people get confused whenever they need to charge their phones. Imagine the hilarious expression as your friend realizes that the outlet is just a sticker.

22. Ultimate Man’s Remote Control with Talking Sounds

prank gifts

Have you ever watched Adam Sandler’s movie titled Click? This prank fake remote control may be inspired by that super funny movie. Instead of being used to control devices, it emits a hilarious soundboard. You can also point it to people that you don’t like and press some buttons that will say shut up, fart, mute, beer, booze, and other sounds!

Prank Gifts for Christmas

Christmas won’t be too exciting if there are no pranks, right? Of course, being mischievous in an entertaining way after receiving your gift should be okay. Santa would understand! Christmas party should include fun prank items. So, you won’t forget the special day for the rest of your life.

23. Christmas Gag Gift Reindeer Underwear

Christmas Gag Gift Reindeer Underwear

Here is a weird yet entertaining item that will light up Christmas, the quirky reindeer underwear! Get one for your friend and record their expression as they open up the underwear. It is very Christmas-y and will invoke a lot of laughter.

24. Realistic Fake Chocolate Donut

prank gifts

Bring this fake donut to the Christmas party and let every laugh as they realize that it is rubber. The fake donut looks so realistic that it would not be difficult to trick your friend. It will make them feel hungry and crave for the real one.

25. DCI Santa Bands Funny Christmas Joke Gift

prank gifts

Here is a Christmas-themed gag gift that will make everyone who receives it smile! It is a Santa wristband. It features the iconic red and a bell on each of the bands. Furthermore, your friend can wear this quirky accessory to the gym during Christmas make the bell noise as they lift some dumbbells!

Latest Post:

What are the best prank gifts for friends?

The best prank gift for your friends should be something that is harmless yet can trigger a lot of laughs. For example, try the fake electrical outlet! The prank is simple because it is basically just a sticker. Yet, it looks very realistic, so people will get confused. You should also try the fake car key that emits harmless electricity and the miniature toilet for quirky friends.

What are the best prank gifts for Christmas?

Christmas is a season to be jolly, so any type of gag gift that makes everyone smile should be appropriate. For Santa-themed items, try the wristband with the attached bells. You can also try the fake donut and the fake crushed pepper bottle noisemaker. After all, Christmas is also a good day to eat food, so food-related prank items are the best.

What are the best inappropriate gag gifts?

For your quirky friends who love some mischievous pranks, we recommend the fart spray! It is hilarious when people can smell the stinky gas, yet no one would admit it. Furthermore, the severed finger soap and the miniature poop toilet spray are excellent. However, please note that jokes should always be taken in sufficient amounts. It might not be funny or even ruin a friendship if it is too much.

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