25 Funny Retirement Gifts for Elderly Friends

After working for countless hours a week for decades, there will come a time for an employee to call it quit. There are, after all, more things to be explored outside the workspace. Plus, their elderly body may hinder them from achieving top quality stuff at work. They might not produce the same kind of work quality that the young guns are doing right now. For that reason, we think it’s a good idea to give a special retirement gift for our elderly friend, right?

You should be happy if one of your friends decides to retire. The decision to retire may not be easy to some people. To celebrate the milestone, your team should plan a farewell party for your favorite member. Don’t forget to find some parting gifts for them too. But if you want to avoid all those tear-jerking moments, you should find some funny retirement gifts instead. These gifts will be a special tribute and make your friend laugh one last time in the office before calling it quits. 

Funny Retirement Gifts for Men

We’re going to start off the list by compiling some funny retirement gifts that you can find for your male coworker (Don’t worry female coworkers, we have compiled a list for you too). You’ll find some cool and funny retirement gifts down below, so let’s get going! 

1. “New Management” Mug

“New Management” Mug

Most men really think that they are a free person once they retire. Well, they are gravely mistaken. Remember who rules the house and it’s you!  To commemorate that fate, you can get your friend this funny mug!

2. “Double Husband” Garage Decoration

“Double Husband” Garage Decoration

Husbands are often blamed for their lack of appearance at home because of their crazy amount of work at the office. But, there’s no excuse for that once your friend has retired. Now, he can atone all the moments lost with his wife. To honor that, please hand him this sweet wall decoration for him. Let his wife know that he is ready to be a fulltime husband.

3. License to Chill Retirement Gift

License to Chill

While the brilliant James Bond is given a license to kill any terrorists that endangers the world, your friend is given a more prestigious license: to chill out and relax at home! Hand them this personalized certificate decoration to make it official!

4. Men’s Retirement Gift: Funny Survival Kit

Men_s Retirement Gift Funny Survival Kit

This comical gift is truly one of the best funny retirement gifts that you can find. It contains a funny “retired” business card, a poop-emoji card game, and other hilarious items that will be essential for your coworker’s survival after retirement.  

5. “Not My Problem” Shirt

“Not My Problem” Shirt

When you retire, you won’t have to deal with different kinds of problems in the office anymore. That’s the reason why this funny shirt is the perfect gift for retired workers. Hand this over to your friend and show them that you won’t bother them anymore with work-related stuff. 

6. “No Rush” Car Decal

“No Rush” Car Decal

People tried their best to reach the office on time each day. That’s why, you won’t be surprised to see that there are so many vehicles speeding up through the street. However, people need to cut some slack when they spot a car with this funny “no rush” decal. They are, after all, retired and in no rush to get somewhere!

7. Wall-Mounted Ski Bottle Opener

Wall-Mounted Ski Bottle Opener

Now that your friend has retired, they can spend more time exploring hobbies that they previously were unable to. If your friend loves skiing, you can give them this awesome bottle opener. It’s made from recycled ski boards!

8. Feather Pen Quill Set

Feather Pen Quill Set

Feather pen seems like something old people will use, and that’s the reason why we’d recommend this funny item. With this feather pen and quill set, you can make fun of how old they are! Plus, they can still use this to write or as an awesome decoration!

Funny Retirement Gifts for Women

Now that we’ve gone past the list for men, it’s time to talk about funny retirement gifts that you can get for your female coworker. Down below, you can find cute and funny items for them to cherish. 

9. Quitter Scented Candle

Quitter Scented Candle

Cussing gifts will always give out a funny aura to the items. It’s practically the reason why you should consider this gift to your friend. Although it’s got a funny message printed on the bottle, the scented candle is pretty darn good for your friend. 

10. Retirement for Beginners Book

Retirement for Beginners Book

We don’t know if there’s an expert in retiring. But we do know that this book will fit right into your criteria of funny retirement gifts for her. Scare her a little bit by saying how retirement can be hard! She will probably proceed to read this book carefully. Mission accomplished!

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11. Women’s Retirement Gift: Funny Survival Kit

funny retirement gifts

Previously, we have mentioned the funny survival kit for men. Now it’s time to bring the women’s essential kit for retirement. It contains a professional sleep mask, a poop emoji lollipop, and tons of items that will make her happy during her retirement. 

12. Easter Statue Tissue Holder

funny retirement gifts

When your friend has retired, she may have missed all the good times and laughter that you regularly shared during work hours. Perhaps this item will serve as a funny memento from you and the other members. Looking at this while taking the number two will now be a fun experience that takes her back to the good old days. 

13. Ladies Pension Vest

funny retirement gifts

Working hard as an employee has surely gotten a toll on your friend when they decide to retire. To honor their decision, you can give them this funny vest. When they wear it, they will feel like a newborn person who is ready to take on the world without any stress. 

14. Funny Retirement Gift Set

Funny Retirement Gift Set

This retirement gift set is one of the best funny retirement gifts for her. It contains various funny items that they can use for their daily activities. Take a look at the funny sock as an example. It’s so empowering and yet so hilarious!

15. Retirement Decal

funny retirement gifts

Your friend’s car might need some colorful upgrade to show that she has retired. Help them tune up their car with this awesome decal. This decal is durable and safe for outdoor use. People can definitely read the awesome message printed from their own car while passing through your friend. 

16. Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool

funny retirement gifts

Being a retired woman doesn’t mean that they cannot do some work or hobbies that they enjoy. It’s wise for you to consider buying them a comfortable chair for them. However, it will be funny if you decided to buy this awesome and unique chair for her instead!

Funny Games Retirement Gifts

When you don’t plan it correctly, retirement can really be boring. That’s why, you really need to help your friend get through retirement by giving them some funny retirement gifts in the form of games. Here, we’ve got some cool puzzles that they can do alone as well as games that they can enjoy with the whole family

17. Color-changing Puzzle

funny retirement gifts

On paper, this puzzle should not be as hard as other puzzles with more pieces. However, we guarantee that your friend will spend a lot of time with this puzzle, as each piece will change their color if it comes into contact with your skin!  

18. Awkward Family Photos and Movie Caption Game

funny retirement gifts

This game is a fun way to bring back old memories with your family. Find some old pictures and assemble them together with movie quotes from the deck. One person will draw a photo, and the others will try to come up with the most fitting quote from the deck!

19. Family Charades

funny retirement gifts

This is a fun game that your friend can enjoy. Flex their fingers and act out accordingly so that their partner can get the answer from this classic game. This fun game will surely keep your retired friend active and happy!

20. Mixtape Card Game

funny retirement gifts

Retired workers love nostalgia. Bearing that thought in your mind, you can really consider giving this magnificent game. Each round, one player will draw a card containing certain memories and the other players will take turns in streaming a song that best fits the scenario. 

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Funny Pranks Retirement Gifts for Your Retired Friend 

When your friend has decided to retire, you know that you won’t have any chance to prank them in the office. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do one last prank during the celebration! You can even use some of these funny retirement gifts after they get retired. 

21. Spider Prank Box

funny retirement gifts

Prevent any boring retirement day for your lovely friend by giving them this funny box. At first, they might think that this will be a lovely parting gift from their coworkers. But wait until they scream after the artificial spider jumps at them. 

22. Surprise Snake Box

funny retirement gifts

We realized that not all people are easily scared by spiders. So, if you really want to take it to another level, you can give them this snake box. Just make sure that you are able to record their reaction while opening this hilarious prank box!

23. Annoying Office Prank Device

Annoying Office Prank Device

Never agree to a peaceful day at the house. Annoy your friend with this hilarious device. It will generate a lot of different disturbing noises that will keep them from completing their tasks at home. Perhaps after you’re finished with this item, you can hand this over to them. They will certainly use it for revenge!

24. Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker

Fake Electrical Outlet Sticker

After your friend retires, they won’t need to plug in their laptop anymore. So, why not remove any power outlet in their house and replace it with this funny sticker? They would surely be confused as heck!

25. The Pranking Zebra Money Gag

funny retirement gifts

On their retirement day, your friend would certainly welcome some extra cash for their savings. But if you have a sinister mind, you can prank them by giving them this fake prank money paper. Just take a look at how shocked they will be when they realize that they just got pranked on their last day!

Final Thoughts

After being active and busy for so long, there will be a time for everyone to retire and spend their time with their loved ones and family. If you know someone who recently retired, whether it’s your parents, grandparents, colleagues or relatives, that person deserves a special gift to celebrate their retirement. If you are looking for a nice and funny retirement gift, you have come to the right page.

From funny mugs to small toys, we have a long list of items that will give you some ideas and inspirations. However, do consider the meaningful side of the gift, and we can guarantee that person will feel that they are truly loved by everyone in the family.

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