25 Funny Gifts for Farmers to Make Them Laugh

Farming is difficult, but it is also rewarding. While the task is surely messy and exhausting, farmers always find a way to have a good time. As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for amusing things on the farm.

Furthermore, farming involves a variety of funny creatures, which will undoubtedly make farmers laugh. Cows can be playful and lovely, whereas pigs are sometimes hilarious, rooting around in the mud and emitting funny grunts. If you have family or friends who work at a farm, you can make them laugh with funny gifts for farmers below which we’ve gathered in order to inspire you.

1. Funny Coffee Mug Tea Cup

Funny Coffee Mug Tea Cup

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can lift a farmer’s spirits before going to work. You can surprise him with this gift to bring him even more delight and a small laugh in the morning. This is a long-lasting mug with a humorous joke printed with eco-friendly ink that will please farmers.

2. Tractor Farm Keyring

Tractor Farm Keyring

This is a thoughtful present that will impress farmers. If you want to offer a keepsake to someone who works on a farm, this tractor-shaped keyring with engraved cheesy and funny jokes is a great choice. Furthermore, because it is a handcrafted item, each key ring will be different and unique.

3. Funny Fantastic Farmer Tumblr

Funny Fantastic Farmer Tumblr

Farmers need to pack water because they are constantly working in the field and need to stay hydrated. As a result, you can admire their efforts while also making a joke with this funny tumblr. It is designed with a humorous but snarky farm quote that will lighten the farmer’s attitude.

4. Personalized Cow Tag

Personalized Cow Tag

If your pair works as farmers, this one-of-a-kind cow tag is a great way to commemorate their anniversary. When elderly couples used to write their love proclamation in a tree, you can now engrave your anniversary date on a cow tag! Furthermore, this gift can be a keyring, which will be both humorous and meaningful.

5. Any Name Garden Plaque

Any Name Garden Plaque

Your farmer may not have time to make a sign of belonging if he has a huge field. Therefore, try to make a joke out of this plaque that reads “Welcome To Any Name Garden.” Your farmer will be overjoyed to get this gift, as it is also made of weatherproof wood.

6. Farmers Tea Towel

Farmers Tea Towel

For farmers, a towel is a must-have tool for wiping away sweat and dirt while working. A plain towel, on the other hand, is less appealing as a present. Therefore, give them this amusing tea towel depicting farmers in their natural habitat, which will make them smile and laugh.

7. Grandpa Tractor Crossing Sign

Grandpa Tractor Crossing Sign

Farmers are always busy using tractors in the farm. Try to embrace it with this amusing cross sign, as they’ve always been associated with tractors. To make the gift more memorable, you can customize it with the farmer’s name. Not to mention, it can also be used as a decoration indoors or on the farm.

8. Green Tractor Socks

Green Tractor Socks

These tractor socks would be a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys spending time on the farm. These crew socks are incredibly soft, comfortable, humorous, and enjoyable! In addition, socks are carded with a selection of hilarious quotes or messages. They’re the ideal gift for a farmer’s father or grandfather to keep them warm and amused.

9. Beware of Chicken Funny Sign

Beware of Chicken Funny Sign

This gift can be advantageous in a funny way to farmers who raise hens. With a few jokes, this present can warn visitors who are terrified of chicken not to create a fuss, which will create peace on the farm. Furthermore, this sign is durable and colorful, making it perfect for use on a chicken coop.

10. Mother Chuckers Mousepad

Mother Chuckers Mousepad

Farmers are now also adopting computers to help them with their tasks. If any of your farmer’s relatives or friends do, you may make them stay connected to the farm by haunting them with this funny chicken mousepad. It also includes a hilarious pun design, as well as soft materials and a smooth surface that are comfortable for hands.

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11. Chicken Feet Socks

25 Funny Gifts for Farmers to Make Them Laugh

Socks for Christmas gifts will show your thoughtfulness to the farmers by making them warm and comfortable. However, you can try to add a twist with this funny gift. This pair of warm socks can be worn by your farmer to imitate a pair of chickens running around. Furthermore, the embroidered chicken feet will be a cute companion for the winter seasons.

12. Electronic Yodeling Pickle

Electronic Yodeling Pickle

Working on the farm might be isolating, thus this present could be the perfect companion to cheer up your farmer’s day. When you click the button on this pickle, it starts yodeling which will make him laugh. Furthermore, its small size allows it to slip into any pocket and be carried anywhere.

13. Donkey Bathroom Decor

Donkey Bathroom Decor

For farmers, the picture of a donkey is always funny. However, the donkey photo in the restroom is 100 times more amusing! As a result, you can surprise your farmer with this funny gift that will look great in his bathroom. What makes it even funnier is that it has donkey-style quotes that go along with the amusing donkey look.

14. Funny Animal Boxer

Funny Animal Boxer

For everyone, a boxer is a must-have item. So, this gift will make your farmer happy go to bed if you give him a boxer that reminds him of farm life. It’s cleverly created with a hilarious duck and witty puns. For maximum comfort, these boxer shorts are also made of 100% quality combed cotton knit.

15. What The Chuck Throw Pillow

What The Chuck Throw Pillow

Perhaps it’s time to replace the farmers’ usual pillow with a present that reminds them of their chicken flock. The amusing chicken image is brilliantly printed on soft and absorbent cloth, adding extra colors to the room. This gift will make your farmer very pleased.

16. How To Speak Dog Cards

How To Speak Dog Cards

If your farmer has a dog to protect his farm, this funny present will help him bond with his canine companion. This is a list of dog training tips that can help your farmer better understand what his dog is saying. With this deck of 100 canine cards, your farmer may learn the secrets of his barks, tone, tempo, facial expressions, and body language.

17. Plant Hanging Animals

Plant Hanging Animals

Farmers must be familiar with animals. So, you can also surprise him with this funny gift, which will turn his room into a jungle. Some creatures, from slow-moving sloths to swinging orangutans, are perfectly content just hanging around. It brings some wild style to his houseplants with these funny metal decorations in his own nature sanctuary.

18. Swimsuit Calendar

Swimsuit Calendar

Giving a calendar as a present may seem mundane, but not for this funny calendar! This gift will make your farmer happy all year if he is an animal lover. This calendar was collaborated with 12 entertaining animals in swimsuits participating in watersports to make your farmer smile and laugh.

19. Do You Like Your Dog Matching Game

Do You Like Your Dog Matching Game

People believe that a dog starts to look like its owner by the time. If that’s the case, this funny gift will show it to your farmer. This is a hilarious card game that dog lovers of all ages will enjoy. In this delightful memory game, your farmer will be able to match up pups and their owners.

20. Punny Mushroom Plant Stick Set

Punny Mushroom Plant Stick Set

If your farmer has a green thumb, you can delight him with this funny plant stick. This wonderful present, with its humorous pun and cute shape, will provide joy to those who place it near the plants. Not to mention, you can rely on the quality of this product because it is made from sustainably produced American hardwood.

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21. Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter

Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter

Look at how amusing the sloth’s expression is in this gift! A farmer will appreciate this gift because a sloth is an appropriate visage to represent agriculture’s long but worthwhile pursuit. This charming gift is made of sustainable coir and will be the perfect home for your farmer’s indoor plants.

22. Cute 3D Animal Butt Bookmarks

Cute 3D Animal Butt Bookmarks

If your farmers enjoy reading books to expand their education, you can surprise them with these amusing animal butt bookmarks. THey can utilize bookmarks to keep track of where they are in the book and return to it quickly. Furthermore, it is funny stuff that will not bore them during their reading time.

23. Farm Nursery Decor

Farm Nursery Decor

This is an excellent gift for farmers who have recently welcomed a child! You can assist them in creating farm animal themed watercolor art for the baby’s room. It offers adorable baby animals that will make their child’s room cozy and entertaining. Furthermore, it is printed on excellent high-quality paper, creating a stunning aesthetic.

24. Funny Sheep Towel

Funny Sheep Towel

Sheep are a delightful and endearing animal for farmers. As a result, you may use this animal as a farmer gift by putting it on a towel. Not only that, this gift also makes a joke with a clever sheep pun that will make your farmer laugh. This is a handcrafted item that is both visually stunning and funny for your farmer.

25. Curious Cow Glass Wall Art

Curious Cow Glass Wall Art

If your farmer is intelligent and curious, consider giving him a present that reflects his personality in a humorous way. Get him this wall art of a curious dairy cow peering into the camera. Made from tempered glass, it can be a beautiful adornment for his farmhouse and makes him chuckle.

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