25 Funny Valentines Gifts for Him

When the new year finally arrives, you best prepare yourself for that one day in the year that you must not mess up. Indeed, we are talking about Valentine’s Day. On the 14th, you will get every chance to be the nicest, most romantic person for him. It’s all done to show how deep your affection is towards your lover. And what better way to express yourself other than giving the best present for them? Guess no one can replace the best feeling after giving funny Valentines gifts for him, because it is fun, exciting and seeing his expression while receiving it is priceless.

Valentines are closely related to chocolates. You might consider giving these sweet snacks to your guy, but you need to think about how it’s getting a little boring to give the same old thing each year. It’s healthy and challenging if you are trying to take it up a notch this year, so why not find unique gifts for your man? Although Valentine’s are commonly perceived as the need to be romantic, there’s nothing wrong in trying to find unique and funny gifts too! Here’s our list of funny Valentines gifts for him!

How Do You Make Him Feel Special on Valentine’s Day?

Men loved their partner’s attention. By giving him your full care and attention on this special occasion, you might fulfill that task. Besides that, they might appreciate relatable and unique gifts. So, go out there and find some funny Valentines gifts for him!

What Should You Not Gift Your Boyfriend?

Remember when we told you that men loved unique items? That’s going to be the standard in finding presents for your boyfriend. Avoid buying simple things that you can find in the store. Instead, buy something meaningful. You can even try finding funny Valentines gifts for him!

Funny Valentines Gifts for Him

Turns out that there’s a lot of funny Valentines gifts for him. We have compiled some interesting items that you might be interested in. Please be warned that some of these items may contain messages not appropriate for children. Now let’s begin!

1. Toy Topper on Bottle

funny valentines gifts for him

Who wouldn’t fancy fine dining for a sweet Valentine’s Day? And when you’re talking about a Valentine’s dinner, wine will play an important part in making it classy. So if you’re looking to take it up a notch, you might want to give this funny item to your guy. It’s not classy, but it’s so hilarious that they will cherish it forever

2. Wine “Condoms”

funny valentines gifts for him

Here’s another funny wine topper gift for him. Hand over this elegant-yet-hilarious wine condom to your partner as a reminder that wines also need some kind of stopper and filter on Valentine’s Day. Each pack came with six wrapped wine condoms!

3. The Kissing Mug

funny valentines gifts for him

When you are sure that you are with the perfect partner, you shouldn’t think twice in purchasing this perfect mug for him. Look at how these two mugs complete each other, and tell your partner how you feel the same way about him!

4. “Fart” Notebook

funny valentines gifts for him

Women like to maintain an elegant image of themselves, especially when meeting a new guy. Part of the reason is down to men’s tendencies of backing out from an awkward first impression. But when your man loves you for who you are, you know that you are with the right person. Hence, you might want to remind them with this funny and adorable notebook!

5. “Anal Kit” Mail Prank

funny valentines gifts for him

People who thought that pranks are just for kids are gravely mistaken. Adults have that same privilege, and we’ve got the perfect item for a Valentine’s Day prank. We’d recommend you this “Anal Bleaching” Prank Kit. Send this to your loved one and see how they react to it!

6. Wine Pairing Towel Set

funny valentines gifts for him

This particular item is perfectly suited for a wine-loving man. There’s a lot of information and guides for red and white wines that your man might be interested in. It’ll also look very beautiful when it is wrapped in a wine of his choice!

7. “Effin Love You” Pin

funny valentines gifts for him

Pins containing love messages are a cute way to remind your partner of how much you loved him. With this enamel pin, you can show how much you loved all those late-night activities with him… err, we meant how much you adore him! This is truly one of the best funny Valentines gifts for him.

8. Kissing Lovers Sculpture

funny valentines gifts for him

Giving a unique sculpture for your partner’s home decoration may be one of the best ideas for Valentine’s gifts. One particular sculpture that we might recommend is this Kissing Lovers Sculpture. It will definitely show him how much you loved him. Besides, it will suit perfectly in your partner’s house. 

9. “My Lobster” Keychain

funny valentines gifts for him

Come on, don’t be shy to tell us that you and your partner have a sweet codename for each other. And if it happens to be lobster, then this “Lobster” keychain will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Lobsters are designed for lovers that are meant for each other. It’s also meant to be both romantic and funny, so it suits our criteria for funny Valentines gifts for him. 

10. Scratch-A-Sketch

funny valentines gifts for him

Tired of finding unique Valentine’s Day gifts? Perhaps it is time for your creativity to start doing its magic! What better way to let it loose than by using this Scratch-off Valentine’s set. Express your affection towards him by drawing anything you want! Then, cover it with the scratch-off sticker provided. Make sure to capture the precious moment when he sees all of your sketches.  

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11. “Meh” Pendant

funny valentines gifts for him

There’s a chance that you might be one of those couples who don’t like to celebrate the 14th of February. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give something hilarious to him. This pendant might be the perfect choice to remind him of how casual you are in celebrating this occasion. 

12. “Mates for Life” Wall Art

funny valentines gifts for him

There’s a partner for everyone. It’s good to remind yourself on Valentine’s Day. This wall art might be one funny way of reminding that. Besides, it’s beautifully drawn too, making it perfect to be hung on his wall!

13. Naughty Token

Naughty Token

We don’t speak for all the men, but there’s a lot of them who’d like to get naughty with you, especially on Valentine’s Day. This naughty token might be a funny way to show your acknowledgement and that you agree to participate in the game!

14. Yoda Valentines Funko Pop

funny valentines gifts for him

Boys loved Science Fiction stuff like Star Wars. It’s the reason why we’d want you to consider buying this cute and funny Funko Pop. It’s got all the stuff a man would love, mixed with the theme of love and joy! Hurry and buy one while you have the chance. Let’s not pretend that you don’t know how cool Funko Pops tend to sell out quickly.

15. Funny Valentine Daylily

Funny Valentine Daylily

This Daylily may be the one of the best funny Valentines gifts for him. It’s so fitting that the flower is literally named “Funny Valentine”. A perfect gift for someone who loves gardening, this daylily grows well in well-drained soil and perfectly blooms in midsummer. 

16. “Love” Table Décor

“Love” Table Décor

Relationships have their ups and downs. You can’t be expecting all of the joy without enduring all of the fights and stresses. But if your love is strong enough, your relationship will never be a failure. It’s good to be reminded of that with this beautiful table décor!

Funny Valentines Shirts for Him

Just as on any other occasion, Valentine’s-related shirts can have funny messages printed on them. If your one true love likes comedy gold, chances are high that they will absolutely adore these shirts. Check out some of these funny Valentines gifts for him!

17. “V is for” Shirt

“V is for” Shirt

It turns out that the word “V” doesn’t stand for Vendetta. More surprisingly, it surely doesn’t mean Valentine on this shirt as well. On an unexpected turn, the most important “V” word is Vodka! Hand this funny shirt to him during a nice dinner and see how he reacts to it. 

18. “Heart Thief” Shirt

“Heart Thief” Shirt

This is the perfect shirt for a couple. Buy one for yourself and give the pairing for him. Use it during a vacation on Valentine’s Day and take a photo of the two of you. Then, look how cute you two really are wearing this adorable shirt!

Valentines Game Gifts for Him

Celebrating a Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go outside. Sometimes, you can stay at home with your loved one and do some things you both loved. To kill some time, you can consider playing some funny Valentine’s-related board games.  Here are some funny Valentines gifts for him. 

19. “Spice It Up” Card Game

“Spice It Up” Card Game

Technology advancement and the stress of work life might be some of the factors that could distance a relationship. To make it smooth again, all you need is constant communication. This card game is a fun and sweet way to do just that! With a total of 150 cards, brace yourself for a spicy night. 

20. “Triple Date-Night” Gifts

“Triple Date-Night” Gifts

This is the best Valentine’s gift pack you can buy for him. It contains three sets of things that you can enjoy: 100 movie scratch-off posters, a sexy truth or dare game, accompanied by 12 delicious chocolate truffles. Spend all of your Valentine’s night with this beautiful gift set

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21. Box of Dares

Box of Dares

This is the perfect game of seduction. Containing 100 different sexy dares, you can be sure that your Valentine’s Day with him ends up in a fiery way! Plus, it’s all wrapped up in a cool foil box. 

Funny Greeting Cards for Him

Giving out Valentine’s gifts isn’t complete without including a greeting card. Here, we have compiled some of the best greeting cards to accompany those funny Valentines gifts for him.

22. “Barry Much” Greeting Card

“Barry Much” Greeting Card

This particular portrait of Barry Wood has been used in different kinds of memes and celebratory cards. Well, why not use one for Valentine’s Day too, right? Besides, you can show how big your love is to him with this funny greeting card

23. “Boobs” Valentines Card

Yerasiw Funny Anniversary Card, Birthday Card, Love You with All of My Bo*bs Card for Boyfriend Husband Him

You can show your man how much you love him by including this hilarious card. It got a blank space for a personalized message that you can write, too. This will surely bring a smile to him!

24. “Annoying” Greeting Card

“Annoying” Greeting Card

When you are trying to be both funny and romantic, this greeting card might be the best bet. With the beautiful design and a blank space for your customized message, nothing can go wrong with this one. 

25. “Octopus” Greeting Card

“Octopus” Greeting Card

You might love him for his generosity and kindness. But on Valentine’s Day, you might appreciate his physical attributes more. It’s the reason why we’d like to recommend this funny greeting card! It’s so funny you might buy it for other occasions as well!

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s day is the day for your boyfriend to know how much you love him and how much you care for him. However, if you have a boyfriend who happens to be the clown in the class, we think that it would be a great idea to give him a funny Valentine’s gift this year.

The gift must be funny yet meaningful because you want your gift to be something that he will love and cherish for many years to come, right? So, we hope that our list of the most recommended funny Valentine’s gifts for him can give you more inspirations and ideas to pick the perfect item.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you gift your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is closely related to romantic things. You might want to try buying things that will melt their heart. Its also advisable to find funny Valentines gifts for him. Items like mugs, beautiful wall arts, and cool Funko Pops are some presents that you might want to consider. 

What are the best funny Valentine’s Gifts for him?

There are lots of different funny Valentines gifts for him that you can find. If your guy loves decorations, you might want to look at this sculpture. On the other hand, you might want to give this naughty token for a furious night, too! Whatever present you will give, make sure to include this funny Barry Wood greeting card as well!

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