26 Adventurous Safari Decor Ideas You Can Apply in Your Home

The Safari decor theme is an adventurous and unique idea to have in your home. Whether it is your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, Safari theme is definitely something you won’t regret having. Since it is an adventurous idea, you might think that it will prevent you from having good quality rest at your own home. However, that is not actually the case if you know how to do it correctly. These things might get tricky, but you have come to the right place. 

We have put together 21 Safari decor ideas that cover ideas for your living room, bathroom, and bedroom. There are different variations on the list so you can find the one that is closer to your personal style and preferences. Feel free to combine two or more ideas together to have that perfect Safari decor idea that you like. 

Safari Decorations For Living Room 

The living room is one of the most important parts of a home. This is where families get together and guest hosting takes place. Safari decorations for the living room will be adventurous yet rewarding if you do it correctly. So, these are some safari decorations for living room ideas that you can follow. 

1. Warm And Cozy Safari Living Room  

Starting the list with a basic style that could never go wrong: warm and cozy Safari style. In order to achieve this style, yellow lights are crucial and necessary for decorating with a Safari theme. The yellow color gives off that relaxing and cozy vibe to your living room while giving off that Safari feeling to the whole room. It makes your house feel like it is located in the middle of a jungle in Africa. Also, wooden furniture will complete the whole cozy Safari vibe you are going for. You can think of it as your way to make your jungle home feel cozy despite being in the middle of nowhere. 

2. Animal Prints Theme 

When decorating with Safari theme, animal prints are a must. Whether it is a zebra or tiger prints, it will make your living room feel like a Safari instantly. Having it as a sofa cover, chair patterns, or the curtain patterns, you can get creative and play around with it. This is the easiest Safari home decor that you can try. However, you need to plan it super well to prevent your room from being too overwhelming to see due to the amount of Safari prints you incorporate in one room. It is safe to take one or two items in one room in an animal print while leaving the rest in a subtle earth tone color to balance it out. 

3. Animal Safari Theme 

If you are not into animal prints and you like something clean, you can always bring in animal statues or figurines to your living room. Getting yourself an animal figurine is the ultimate Safari home decor you can take. In the past, people liked to bring in preserved real animals which sometimes could be too intimidating to see. Thus, you can bring in a more modern replica of these animals in your living room. If you prefer the smaller ones, you can place it on a shelf or on top of a table. If you like something that is bigger, you can put it on the floor and make your living room look like a mini museum. 

4. Colorful Safari Theme 

Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

Other than the unique animal prints, colorful tribal patterns are another big thing in Safari style ideas. Decorating with a Safari theme can’t get more exciting than this. Instead of choosing the subtle earth tone colors, you can go with the brighter and fun colors like yellow, red, blue, and white. We are focusing on an African-themed decorating on this one. In order to keep the Safari vibe to it, you can use wooden furniture and stone walls. Then, you can finish it off by adding colors through different sorts of living room decorations like rugs, sofa covers, pillow covers, etc. 

5. Safari Bohemian Style 

Source: Pinterest (@kukuinteriors.com)

Safari and Bohemian style will be an interesting combination to go for. For those who love having rattan and wooden pieces, this style is definitely for you. The rattan decoration will give off that chic boho style. On the other hand, the wooden furniture will give off that jungle and Safari vibe. In order to wrap the two styles together, you can add some simple plants or animal print rugs. Even though it sounds kind of overwhelming, the combination of these two styles surprisingly will result in a clean and warm feeling for your living room. 

6. Minimalist Safari Style 

Source: Pinterest (@mariakillam.com)

The minimalist enthusiast should really consider incorporating some Safari style to their living room. Adding animal prints is the simplest way to do so. However, you need to also pay attention to the colors you choose. The combination of warm earthy tone colors like browns and cream will be the best one. The key in achieving is balance. Make sure you balance the use of prints, darker solid colors, and lighter solid colors. A little too much of one thing would make the overall living room look a little off. 

7. Modern Art Gallery Style 

Source: Pinterest (@mydomaine.com)

For the arts enthusiast, you would want to have this modern art gallery Safari inspired style. Unique wooden furniture pieces will be the base of the whole look. Then, a brown unique looking yet cozy sofa is a must. Then, for the Safari wall decor, you can bring  in huge African inspired paintings or photographs. These pieces will make your living room look like an art gallery. It is going to be fun for both your eyes and soul. A fun Safari decorations DIY project that you will enjoy doing. 

Safari Decorations For Bathroom 

Out of all the rooms you have, the bathroom would be a fun part to get creative with. Apparently, there are tons of unique and fun Safari bathroom decor ideas you can explore. Decorating your bathroom will definitely give your house a plus point. Since the bathroom is an important place where great ideas are born, thus it will be great to have it nicely decorated. 

8. Safari Pattern Bathroom 

Source: Pinterest (@m.kohls.com)

The easiest and most basic Safari bathroom decor idea you can go with is by incorporating Safari patterns into it. Starting from your shower curtains, towels, etc., you can incorporate similar patterns into your Safari bathroom accessories. If you want a more subtle way to bring out these Safari prints, you can use it as your floor tiles and keep the rest of the room in subtle earth tone colors. These prints will definitely add some fun and excitement to your bathroom.  

9. Tribal Style 

Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

If you like the African Safari decor but not the animal aspect of it, you can easily go with the tribal style. You can put up some African tribal wall decorations. For this style, we will go into the direction of African-themed decorating. In order to keep the Safari feel, you can choose stone materials or dark-colored marble for your bathroom sink table. A stone bathroom sink would also be a great addition for your bathroom. It definitely comes with amore mature feel compared to the Safari-animal style. 

10. Luxurious Jungle Bathroom 

Safari Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Clarisse Kouadjo)

The bathroom style that you can see on 5-starts Safari hotels and villas. This luxurious jungle bathroom style usually comes with a semi outdoor bathroom setting. A pair of bathroom sinks and a stone bathtub in the middle of the room is basically all you need. For the decoration, you can go with rattan or wooden details to accentuate the Safari and jungle vibe. 

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11. Trendy Safari Bathroom

Source: Pinterest (@margaretrajic.com)

The trendy Safari style would be great for a smaller bathroom. You can solely focus on elegant Safari wall decor just like a great Safari theme wallpaper. The key point on this style is to choose the right color and details that will suit the size of the bathroom and your very own personal style. We suggest something like a deep color wallpaper with elegant gold colored illustrations of animals and plants for that Safari feel. Then, you can keep the rest of the items included in your bathroom in a similar shade of gold to make the whole look more cohesive and pleasant to the eyes. 

12. Playful Safari Bathroom 

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Are you looking for a Safari bathroom decor for your kids? This playful Safari bathroom will be a great idea. Incorporating cute animal illustrations on the wallpaper or shower curtains will be an easy go to idea. It will still be easy to match a minimalist style home with this decoration style. We suggest keeping the rest of the bathroom in simple and minimalist color so the cute animal prints could be the main character of the whole room. Your kids would totally love this idea. 

13. Minimalist Safari Bathroom 

Minimalist Safari Bathroom 
Source: Pinterest (@just-myself.com)

The next one is the minimalist Safari bathroom decor that will be suitable for the adults. The key in achieving this look is to correct materials for all your Safari bathroom accessories. Using raw stones and combining it together with some rattan details is the foolproof formula on achieving this minimalist Safari bathroom look. Finally, keep your bathroom simple and minimal and don’t bring things that you won’t actually use. Simple practical bathroom decoration would always be your go to. 

14. Modern Safari Bathroom

Modern Safari Bathroom
Source: Pinterest (@deardesigner.co.uk)

The Safari bathroom decor that is favorites to many is this modern Safari style. Basically, to achieve this style all you need is the right Safari color to use. For example, you can use a combination of different shades of green. Starting with a deep dark green color for your wall and lighter greens for your Safari bathroom accessories will look effortlessly great. Bringing in some green plants will finally complete the whole look. It will instantly be your most favorite part of your modern Safari home. 

Safari Decor For Bedroom 

We need to cover some ideas for a Safari bedroom on the last part of this list. There are Safari decor ideas for adult bedrooms, kids bedrooms, and also nursery rooms too. Since Safari theme bedrooms could be exciting for both kids of all ages and kids disguising as adults. So, let’s just explore it. 

15. Bright Safari Bedroom 

Bright Safari Bedroom 

The first idea for the African safari decor for the bedroom is a bright safari room. To achieve this look,  you can choose a brighter color palette like lighter yellow and beige as the base color. A plain one color wall will look a little boring. So, choosing wallpaper with plants on them will be a more fun idea to do. Adding real plants to the room would also make your bedroom feel more alive. 

16. Ultimate Safari Bedroom 

Ultimate Safari Bedroom

This ultimate Safari bedroom is the dream bedroom. If you happen to have bedroom windows overlooking some tall trees, you need to transform your room into this Safari bedroom. It is actually rather simple to achieve this style. First of all, you need to have all wooden furniture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, and all furniture needs to be wooden. Then, you can bring in pieces like wooden barrels as bedside tables or camping chairs to accentuate the jungle Safari feel. A cozy and super close to nature concept you will definitely love. 

17. All Green Bedroom 

All Green Bedroom 
Source: Pinterest (@posterstore.pl)

Green would probably be an adventurous color to many people. However, it could be a cute and charming color for a Safari theme bedroom. Animal prints might be too overwhelming for you and would make you lose some sleep. Green color, on the other hand, could help you relax and soothe your soul for the maximum amount of rest. Green walls, green bed covers, green pillow covers, and don’t forget some green plants. You will feel like you are sleeping in a jungle. 

18. Safari Nursery Room 

Safari Nursery Room 
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Moving on to a Safari nursing room idea. You might have had Safari baby shower decor previously and would want to have your nursery room in the same theme. You definitely have the right choice. Safari baby room decor is always fun and cute to have. You can always do a little Safari decorations DIY project for your nursery room. Setting up cute animal wall decorations is a must. Then, you can choose cute animal nursery room furniture too. For the color palette, you can choose warm Safari colors for a more inviting and warm feeling. Lastly, don’t forget to include those cute stuffed animals. 

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19. Kids Animal Safari Bedroom 

Kids Animal Safari Bedroom 
Source: Pinterest (@behance.net)

Not only Safari baby room decor, Safari kids room are also fun and cute to play around with. You can do a minimalist Safari kids room by adding some animal and plant decoration into the room. A cute leaf shaped rug will be a great start. Then, simple plant wallpaper will be a great addition. Simple wooden kids bed is a must have. Lasly, don’t forget to add in cute stuffed animals for decorations. The more the merrier. 

20. Safari Jeep Bedroom 

Safari Jeep Bedroom 
Source: Pinterest (@s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

If you have some extra budget to spend, this safari jeep bedroom style will be a great idea to do. Your kids will be sleeping on top of a Safari jeep with the company of lion and zebra stuffed animals. The Safari jeep bed is already amazing by itself. However, you can use wooden flooring and a vintage looking map as a wall decor. A book shelf filled with books about animals, jungles, and everything in between will be an exciting addition to your kids room. 

21. Safari Tent Bedroom 

Safari Tent Bedroom 
Source: Pinterest (@ministylemag.com)

Starting with a Safari baby shower decor and now you are here looking for some safari kids room decor ideas. This safari tent bedroom idea is not as exciting as the Safari jeep idea, but it will be enough to let your kids experience the camping life. A cozy tent-like bed is the heart of this style. Then, you can add a subtle animal print rug and some plants to the room. Wooden furniture is the way to go for this style. Lastly, you cannot miss on the cute animal decorations and dolls to complete the whole look. 

22. The Cabin in the Jungle Bedroom

The Cabin in the Jungle Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@decoist.com)

This ‘cabin in the jungle’ themed bedroom is the perfect design for a free-spirited couple who love the wildlife with their heart and soul. This bedroom has all the essential elements of an original cabin in safari including the bamboo walls, wooden floor, rustic curtains, and last but not least, the super vintage bed. You can make this Safari bedroom yours, and we can assure you that you will have a good night sleep while imagining the beautiful wildlife in the Safari inside this room.

23. Safari Bedroom with Coconut Tree Wallpaper

Safari Bedroom with Coconut Tree Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest (@cdn.decoist.com)

This one is another option of a Safari themed bedroom for a couple who love the beauty of nature out in the Safari. However, rather than highlighting the whole physical elements of the room, this one comes in a modern look with a modern touch of Safari design such as the wallpaper and a couch with the iconic Zebra patterns. So if you are looking for a modern Safari themed bedroom, this one is definitely for you.

24. Green Safari Bedroom for Kids

Green Safari Bedroom for Kids

Let your kids build their bond with nature by applying this green Safari themed bedroom into the decoration. As a start, apply a simple wallpaper with leaves patterns and add several leaf-shaped bed canopies to create an ambience of a Safari, which will let the kids feel like they are sleeping under big trees at night. Lastly, put in some adorable animal plush dolls on the bed on Safari-themed bed sheets. In our opinion, your kids would love to spend their time learning about the jungle and Safari life inside this cute Safari themed room. 

25. Safari Adventure Bedroom

Safari Adventure Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@decorfacil.com)

This next Safari decor idea is something that you can definitely apply if you have an active kid who loves physical activities. Not only does this room feature the colors of nature like green and light brown, it also includes some physical challenges for your kid to explore. You can add a climbing rope that will allow your kid to climb to reach his bed. You can also add some hanging decorations in the shape of plants and trees to create the unique Safari look.

26. Cute Cartoon Lion Wallpaper for Baby’s Bedroom

Cute Cartoon Lion Wallpaper for Baby’s Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@bydiane.nl)

Sweet and adorable toddlers deserve to have this graphic of a cute lion on their bedroom walls. As you can see, the lion looks so cute and perfectly adds a touch of Safari to the bedroom. It complemented the whole Safari decoration of the room, including the rattan hanging lamp, rustic bed curtain and rug, and also the soft color of the wall. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read some of the best recommendations of safari decor ideas, we hope that you can make better choices to start decorating your space. However, do bear in mind that this safari decor ideas are perfect for those who love the beauty of safari life, which is not always suitable for everyone. Also, when it comes to applying the decoration, there are lots of designs that you can choose and you need to also decide beforehand on whether you want it to be minimalist or be total with the look, your choice!

Latest Post:

How do you make a Safari Room?

There are several ways to make a safari room. The first one is to choose an earthy color palette to work with. Using natural material will also be great to use natural materials to bring in nature inside your room. FInally, don’t forget to invite the animals in. Having them in your wallpaper, as a wall decoration, or stuffed animals, the style won’t be complete without them. 

How can I make my bathroom more safari?

Similar to how you set up a Safari room, setting the color palette will always be a great starting point. You can choose earthy colors, greens, different shades of blues, or other colors that remind you of nature. There are cute animal bathroom furniture accessories such as door knobs or towel hangers that you can use to create a Safari bathroom look. 

What are the colors for safari decor?

The classic safari colors would be khaki, brown, beige, and free. You can also add a certain shade of yellow to the list too. All those colors that are included in any earth tone color palette are suitable for a Safari theme. If you want to find more unique colors, you can add any color that reminds you of nature, particularly the colors you see when visiting Safari. 

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