25 Adorable Tween Bedroom Ideas That Will Be Loved By Your Kids 

Tween is the phase of life before becoming a teenager. Tweens are usually 8 to 13 year old, as children grow up and become teenagers. Tweens are at a stage of life that they transition from an active child to a more feminine or masculine child. The bedroom is the first place they start expressing their identity, so they need a bedroom that expresses who they are as people. Tween girls and tween boys have different preferences regarding their bedroom. It is because the tween bedroom is a cool and fun space that reflects your child’s personality, interests, and levels of independence. Therefore, tween bedroom ideas will be a starter guide to fulfill their dream room.

Tween bedroom ideas can help you create a fun space that inspires your tween to do her best in school and let her imagination run wild. From tween bedroom ideas to small rooms and the modern tween bedroom design, this article will help you to choose the best concept. In this modern age, it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing aesthetics. A tween bedroom is a reflection of your kids personality and style, so make sure it reflects who they are!

1. Cute Pastel Tone Bedroom

Cute Pastel Tone Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@popihome.com)

An adorable and cozy space for your tween girl, this idea radiates your 12 year old girl’s sweet and calm personality. Choose pastel pillowcases, blankets, and wall decor, making cute tween bedroom sets. Pink, white, and light brown colors make a great combination in your eyes. You may place inspiring picture frames above the headboard, making one of the best tween bedroom ideas that bring positive vibes.

2. Fairy Lights Decor

Fairy Lights Decor
Source: Pinterest (@lovahomy.com)

As your 12 year old girl is already exposed to social media, she might be aware of the trend of fairy lights for wall decor. So, try to match the hype with some fairy lights decor to adorn the whole bedroom. You can create a small spot for photo collages of her with family and friends. It will be one of the most charming tween bedroom ideas which is full of glow.

3. All White Bed Canopy

All White Bed Canopy
Source: Pinterest (@ikea.com)

Suppose your tween girl shows her feminine side as she grows up, she may fall in love with princess theme tween bedroom ideas. Inspired by the princess bedroom canopy, you can put the white lace bed curtain above the bed. Put a dreamcatcher to wish her a nice dream all night. The LED string lights outside the canopy will add charming effects from inside.

4. Pink Flamingo Tween Bedroom

Pink Flamingo Tween Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@fomfest.com)

Radiate the positive atmosphere for your tween bedroom ideas with a flamingo theme. Flamingo is a powerful symbol of the joy and beauty in life, perfect to resemble your active tween girl’s persona. All you need is pink flamingo decor such as statues and wall arts in matching tones with other tween bedroom sets. Pair the pink tone with white to give a bright feel, perfect ideas for small rooms.

5. Bright Floral Wallpaper Decor

Bright Floral Wallpaper Decor
Source Instagram (@sweetroseandwren)

If your tweens are trying to be more mature than last year, they might want more classic and elegant tween bedroom ideas. Try with floral wallpaper in black and white to give a spacious feel, making great ideas for small rooms. Use classic engraved furniture for the bed and table, but combine it with pastel tone pillows and a blanket. This room won’t make them look childish anymore. 

6. Colorful Bedroom Makeover

Colorful Bedroom Makeover
Source Instagram (@hedecoratedroomaustralia)

In case you are looking for tween bedroom ideas with less natural light sources, this idea will accommodate your problem. Colorful tones are the best way to make your tween bedroom feel bright and cheerful although it doesn’t have large windows. The combination of white, pink, blue, and green will be a perfect combination for the bedroom sheets. The pink table lamps on both sides add more colors in the room.  

7. Black and Gray Bedroom For Tween Boys

Black and Gray Bedroom For Tween Boys
Source Instagram (@daler73)

Choosing the best tween bedroom ideas for boys is pretty challenging. As a tween boy usually doesn’t want a feminine or childish bedroom, you can go with black and gray concept. Choose black and white checkered bed sheets and gray black out curtains to express his masculine side. You may add a little touch of red colors in his pillow and wall decor to give a distinctive look to the adults room. 

8. Bohemian Beach Tween Bedroom

Bohemian Beach Tween Bedroom
Source Instagram (@escape_home)

Feel the amazing beach tween bedroom with this idea. Especially if your tweens love the beach so much, you can bring their favorite place into their bedroom. First, you need bohemian home decor such as the hand woven headboard and the rustic lampshade. Give your tweens a little spot to play with a hammock swinging chair for the tween bedroom ideas. Don’t forget to bring some plants to give an outdoor feel.

9. Dreamy Tween Bedroom with Study Room

Dreamy Tween Bedroom with Study Room

Make your tween bedroom a comfortable place to rest and study at the same time. This is one of the best tween bedroom ideas that encourage them to study happily. You can place the bed frame near the window along with some decorative plants, making them love to wake up in the morning. Place  the study desk near the bed, and decorate it with cloud wall stickers to give a dreamy atmosphere.

10. Black and Yellow Tween Bedroom Decor

Black and Yellow Tween Bedroom Decor

A creepy yet cheerful visual, the combination of black and yellow represents your tweens which are in the transition of kids to teenagers. This is one of the best tween bedroom ideas if your tweens want to express both their childish and mature persona. Simply choose black and white pattern for the bedsheets and rug. Meanwhile, you can put yellow pillows, a yellow hand knitted pouf, and an alarm clock.

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11. Purple Orange Minimalist Tween Bedroom

Purple Orange Minimalist Tween Bedroom

Suppose you want to keep the minimalist white bedroom but want to add few colors for tween bedroom ideas, try to combine purple and orange then. Giving a little accent of orange and purple for lanterns, wall stickers,and pillows will make their bedroom full of joy and warmth. This is a unisex tween bedroom idea as the minimalist decor is suitable for both tween boy and tween girl.

12. Blue Theme Tween Bedroom

Blue Theme Tween Bedroom

Surprise your smart tween boy with a cozy space for sleep and study. One of the best tween bedroom ideas is a blue theme since it will help your tween boy concentrate while he studies and get a good night’s sleep. Use the blue tone bed sheet and pillowcases for the bed area. For the study area, you can hang a blue world map and inspiring blue frame wall art.

13. Colorful Bed Sheet Loft Bedroom

Colorful Bed Sheet Loft Bedroom

Make your tween loft bedroom look bright and spacious with this idea. Since loft bedrooms usually have a low ceiling, you don’t have to put too much wall decor. Instead, you can put small decor above the cupboard or desk. However, you can paint the tween bedroom furniture in bright and vibrant colors such as pink and green. Don’t forget to apply a colorful bed sheet, making one of the most appealing tween bedroom ideas. 

14. Low Bed Frame for Active Tween

Low Bed Frame for Active Tween

If you are looking for tween bedroom ideas with loft beds, then it will be a great choice. This idea is ideal for active tween boys who often play in his room. With this loft bed, if he were to fall off the bed, it wouldn’t hurt him. You can add tween bedroom furniture such as a study desk, chair, and knitted pouf. This is also one of the best ideas for small rooms.

15. Monochrome Tween Musician Bedroom

Monochrome Tween Musician Bedroom

Support your tweens’ hobby in music with this bedroom idea. The monochrome concept will be one of the best tween bedroom ideas for young musicians. You can use the black and white stripes bed sheet and monochrome rug in matching color tones with the music theme wall decor. The knitted pouf and guitar will be great tween bedroom furniture in this room.

16. Astronauts Tween Bedroom

Astronauts Tween Bedroom

For those space enthusiasts, this is one of the most amazing tween bedroom ideas to impress them. As your tweens want to be an astronaut, you can decorate their bedroom with the space theme decor. Put star wall stickers on the black painted wall. Use a geometric pattern bed sheet to show the futuristic feel in this room. Add other astronaut gadget decor such as a telescope, astrological sign wall art, and black globe.  

17. Black Board Wall Decor

Black Board Wall Decor

If your tweens love arts and drawing, then let them draw freely with this concept. Put a large black board wallpaper for the special drawing spot. Your tweens can use their drawing skills to make their own wall decor in the blackboard wall. This concept works well with bedroom ideas with loft beds. Moreover, you can add black and white tween bedroom furniture to complete the makeover.

18. Abstract Painting Wall Decor with Mirror

Abstract Painting Wall Decor with Mirror

A feminine and elegant tween bedroom, this is a great tween bedroom for your beautiful 12 year old girl. She might already be aware to take care of her appearance, so you can place a large round mirror in the study desk. A large abstract painting will enhance the beauty of this room, showing the mature side of your sweet tween girl. However, don’t forget to still give an extra shelf to display her favorite doll.  

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19. Stylish and Functional Fuschia Bedroom

Stylish and Functional Fuschia Bedroom

A stylish and functional tween bedroom design, this idea optimizes each corner of the room very well. You can divide the tween bedroom into 3 areas: bedroom, studyroom, and closet room. The touch of fuschia color in the twen bedroom furniture gives a cheerful atmosphere. This is a modern tween bedroom where your tweens can do everything in one room.

20. Scandinavian Tween Bedroom

Scandinavian Tween Bedroom

Help your tweens to stay organized and maximize the function of wall decor. Inspired by Scandinavian tween bedrooms, you can place a schedule board to track their daily routine. You can hang a small clock alarm on the wall as well, so it will force them to wake up, stand up, and reach the clock to turn it off. This is also one of the most functional ideas for a small bedroom.    

21. Boho Style Bedroom in Bright Colors

Boho Style Bedroom in Bright Colors
Source: Pinterest (@moonfacestudio.com.au)

For tween girls who love both boho style and fun colors, we have the best recommendation of bedroom decor for you! The room idea combines boho style with bright and fun colors that will represent the characters of a fun, sweet, and cheerful tween. Pick a bedsheet in bright colors like magenta or orange, and add some boho style cushions and pillow sheets that offer bright colors as well. Then, add a classic bohemian rug to complete the look, and place some unique pieces of decorations to make it look more vibrant.   

22. Tween Girl Bedroom in Soft Pink Color Tone

Tween Girl Bedroom in Soft Pink Color Tone
Source: Pinterest (@stylecurator.com.au)

If you’re looking for a tween bedroom idea for a girly and sweet tween girl, then this one can be something to consider. This bedroom idea comes in a soft pink and peachy color tone that will be adored by a sweet tween girl. The soft pink color looks perfect with a touch of broken white and cream, which can be applied on the furniture and bed accessories, such as the rug, dresser, mirror, blanket, or even pillows and cushions. 

23. Mint-Green Bedroom with Reading Spot

Mint-Green Bedroom with Reading Spot
Source: Pinterest (@chaylorandmads.com)

A bedroom with mint-green color tone will look bright and definitely brings out the fresh feeling everytime you enter the room. To recreate this bedroom design, you can paint the room wall in a soft mint-green and combine it with natural wood color, as well as white. In addition to the bedroom, you can also add a hanging chair, which will be the perfect spot for tweens who love to spend their time reading in their personal and private spot. 

24. Soccer-themed Bedroom for Tween Boys

Soccer-themed Bedroom for Tween Boys
Source: Pinterest (@Remy)

Boys will be boys. No matter how old they are, most boys will still love sports, including soccer. For tween boys who happen to love soccer, this one can be one of the best bedroom ideas for them. The room comes with a design that highlights gray, white, and a little bit of black as the color tone. It also has the element of soccer all over it, including some wall and room  decorations, too. There are shelves placed next to the bed that become the space for them to place their memorabilia or collection items that are related to soccer.   

25. Comic Lover Bedroom

Comic Lover Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@google.com)

Show your love for comic books by having your own comic-themed bedroom. Turn one side of the room wall into a wall that shows a page of your favorite comic book, and see how it turns your bedroom into a unique bedroom that truly represents your love for comic books. Moreover, instead of having the usual black and whote comic pages, why don’t you try to have them in full colors instead? Therefore you will have a fun looking bedroom that brings out your true character. 

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