20 Ways on How to Celebrate Last Chemo Treatment to Enjoy New Life

It’s official! Chemo is behind you. You’re now cleared to go to the beach, to start eating all of your favorite foods again, and drink with abandon. Make it a day that you and your loved ones will always remember. Honor your accomplishment in the best way you can since it is a major occasion that deserves attention, even if it just comes in the form of social media. So the process of looking for the best ways on how to celebrate last chemo treatment can definitely start now!

In case today is your final chemo treatment, we would say that the first thing to do would be congratulating yourself on a job well done. Or, if this is your friends or kids who are celebrating the end of treatment, you can give special gifts and surprise for them! Now that this phase of your cancer journey is over, here are some tips for celebrating your victory and looking forward to a new chapter.

1. Eat Your Favorite Meal

Chemotherapy causes nausea, and specialists will recommend a certain diet during treatment. During the chemotherapy treatments, you might not have been able to enjoy your favorite dish as much as you used to. So, you can go and celebrate the end of chemo treatment by dining out at your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dishes. It would be a terrific idea and it will give you the excitement like never before.

2. Make a Toast with Your Favorite Drink

Say hello to cocktails and wine! To celebrate your last chemo treatment, a glass of your favorite drink will definitely make a statement. Go to the bar nearby or buy a wine bottle to bring home. Invite your best friends to enjoy your favorite beverage together. Moreover, it will taste better if you make a toast with them before having a sip!

3. Attend a Concert

Now that you are finally feeling well enough to do so, you might want to go see your favorite performer performs live. In fact, music can help lower your cortisol hormone, which is good for cancer survivors. Purchase concert tickets and gather your friends to celebrate your return at the concert together. Make sure the event is scheduled a few weeks following your last chemotherapy treatment so you have time to recover and rest.

4. Cafe Hopping

You may miss going out with your girls and trying pastry and coffee from new cafes in town. If so, then cafe hopping is a fun activity you should try after your last chemo treatment. Ask your best friends to have the girls day out and try new cafes that just opened. Or, try cafes that sell healthy food such as the HiBlend Health Bar & Cafe for the start. Enjoy this new stage of your life by conversing with them in a lighthearted manner, just like you used to.

5. Home Spa Day

Although a final chemotherapy treatment is exciting, you won’t return to normal right away as you need to let your body recover. Therefore, we think that pampering yourself at home is a great way to celebrate the end of cancer chemo treatment. Purchase calming products like heated blankets, candles, and bath bombs. Make a gift basket for the end of chemotherapy that is stocked with spa products you may use long after your cancer has faded.

6. Watch Sports Game

If you feel lonely during the chemo treatment, then free yourself at the stadium after the last chemo treatment. You can support your favorite sports team at the stadium and bring along your friends to have fun together. Feel the amazing cheers and crowds you’ve missed for a long time, and get yourself pumped and energized. This will be more exciting when you go with your family and friends.

7. Go Shopping

Who doesn’t enjoy going shopping? After a long chemo journey, buying some fashionable clothes is a wonderful idea. You might appreciate a day of shopping for attire other than post-chemo loungewear. Reward yourself with new clothes or bags to show your new charm. Ask your friends to accompany this fun shopping trip after finishing cancer treatment.

8. Visit a Museum

A day at the museum will be a great idea if you want to go out but don’t want to get too tired. Since you may get easily tired after chemo, we recommend this medium to low activity. Nothing will be more calming and soothing than watching a masterpiece of art in the museum. You can take pictures of the artworks and upload them on social media to celebrate your special day.

9. Fancy Staycation

For those who enjoy personal time, a luxury staycation is definitely a fun activity to celebrate the end of chemotherapy. Book your stay at your favorite hotel nearby. St. Regis New York and The Peninsula Beverly Hills are some great hotels to accommodate your fancy staycation. Enjoy staying at the hotel room, order delicious food, and finish some episodes of your favorite series.

10. Go to Theater

Feel the amazing movie watching experience in the theater after those isolation days. Go to the theater nearby to celebrate your last chemo and watch your favorite movie. You can do a movie marathon in case 2 hours in the theater is not enough to redeem those chemo days. In addition, watching movies at the theater with your loved ones hits differently! It may improve relationships, boost mood, and reduce stress.

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11. Party with Family and Best Friends

Your cherished child deserves a huge celebration for finishing chemotherapy and overcoming cancer! At the end of the chemo party, family members and their friends can also express their affection and support. Therefore, we think that throwing a party that features all the kid’s favorite things will be an excellent celebration idea. Make your young kid feel appreciated by asking the guests to bring last chemo celebration gifts.

12. Take a Special Photoshoot

Embrace your baldness in the last chemo treatment by taking a special photoshoot. Some people may be embarrassed of their look after chemo, but let this become a memory to treasure instead. Wear your favorite clothes and put makeup on your happy face. Ask your family and close friends to join at the photoshoot, creating a precious moment together.

13. Creating Art Masterpieces

It’s normal for cancer survivors to worry about their cancer recurrence. Therefore, celebrate your last chemo with “healing” activities such as making arts. Buy a coloring book, use your sense of art and creativity to express your emotions by drawing or doodling. Draw your surroundings, the things you imagine, your loved ones, or something more abstract that you love. Who knows, it can be your best art masterpiece!

14. Publish a Cancer Survival Journal

Publish A Cancer Survival Journal

If you love journaling during chemotherapy, then publishing your journey book will be a great way to celebrate your last chemo treatment. Besides, this is also a terrific way to express your innermost thoughts and feelings while also relieving tension. Create a legacy of your long cancer journey. Let more people who read your book know your struggle and celebrate your new chapter in life. In addition, you can donate the money from the selling books to support more cancer survivors.

15. Help with Housework

Help with Housework

Stock the fridge, clean the bathroom, and provide your loved one with all necessary items to make their home a great healing haven. Additionally, you can prepare dinners for the upcoming week or arrange to visit your loved one occasionally to cook a dish from scratch. Ask them to help with light housework activities. These details can seem insignificant, yet can help your loved one relax and less stress when back home after the last chemo treatment.

16. Gardening at Home

Gardening At Home

Another fantastic pastime for cancer survivors is gardening since it encourages you to go outside and enjoy the weather! If so, then start your own garden at home to celebrate your last day of chemo treatment. Building and maintaining a garden at home can be enjoyable and stress-relieving, there is no doubt about it. You’ll be happy as you watch your plants bloom and grow, take in the stunning colors outside your window.

17. Find Your Peace Through Yoga

Find Your Peace Through Yoga

Celebrate your last day of chemotherapy by engaging in beneficial activities that promote mindfulness and lower stress. One of the finest ways to calm your mind and build your bodily strength is through yoga or meditation. Less demanding yoga exercises may assist with some adverse effects of chemotherapy. For instance, try restorative and gentle hatha yoga. You can even check out some yoga classes on the Internet just in case you still need to recover at home.

18. Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation

A beach vacation can be precisely what your loved one needs to go forward in their life after treatment, especially if they are feeling up for an adventure. Before making tight travel arrangements, check in with your loved one. Following treatment, they could experience anxiety about straying too far from the security of home. Put a priority on their comfort and relaxation. In our opinion, watching the sunset or sunbathing can also be a great idea.

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19. Join Cancer Survivor Groups

Join Cancer Survivor Groups

Starting to make friends after your last chemo treatment by participating in a cancer survivor group is a great idea. According to several studies, attending a support group enhances both survival and quality of life. You can have a circle who understands and supports you because they experience a similar issue. Use this forum to talk and share your emotions, making you feel happier, more optimistic, and less isolated.

20. Start Healthy Lifestyle

Start Healthy Lifestyle

The goals of cancer survivors are to become healthier, lose weight, and take steps to avoid recurrence. A key component of cancer survivorship is education on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. After your last chemo treatment, we would suggest you to start a light exercise at home. Watch workout videos on Youtube and follow the exercise to gain more endorphins. This is a great activity to start your healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Having through an endless process of chemo make people feel extremely tired and stressed out. Not to mention the feeling of wanting to give up during the process. So, the after chemo stage comes as a moment to start building up your spirits again. Our advice would be focus on positive things and activities that bring back the excitements of your life prior to chemo. Hang out with friends and family, and do things that you love. And most importantly, always think positive because new excitements await.

Latest Post:

How do you congratulate someone on finishing chemo?

You can give thoughtful gifts to congratulate cancer survivors on their last chemo treatment. A DIY painting with motivational quotes is a great idea if you love art and crafting. Or, you can buy useful gifts such as EMF radiation-blocking electronics for cancer survivors. For more fun ways to celebrate the last chemo treatment, please read in the article above.

How do people celebrate the last day of radiation?

Well, it depends on each person. Usually they have their favorite food or activities they’ve missed during the chemo period. They usually will make a wish list. So, you can celebrate that special day by doing those lists to celebrate the last day of radiation. It makes a statement that person is entering the new life chapter.

What do you get someone who just finished radiation?

Think about giving comforting items like blankets and plush robes. Stress-relieving presents, like an aromatherapy pillow and herbal tea gift set are also great choices. If your cancer survivor appreciates experience rather than physical gift, then a movie marathon at the theater or watching sports games will be a wonderful idea.

What happens when chemotherapy ends?

You will get a follow-up cancer care plan after your cancer treatment is complete. Follow-up treatment entails routine doctor visits for checks. The type of cancer you had, the sort of therapy you had, as well as your general health, will all affect your follow-up care plan.

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