20 End of Summer Party Themes To Create Unforgettable Memories

The end of summer party is going to be the most fun party ever! You can’t beat the end of summer party to let loose and enjoy the warm weather. With an outdoor BBQ, music, and a plethora of games you can relax with friends and family while celebrating the end of summer. Share your good times together and enjoy some music, good food and drinks with colleagues or friends at the party. Therefore, choosing the best end of summer party themes will be a good start to rock the celebration.

Suppose you are going to throw a fabulous goodbye summer party, then we will help you to find out more ideas that are suitable for you. From unique summer party themes for adults to end of summer birthday party ideas, we are sure you will love one of the ideas below. Let’s check this out!

1. Vintage Beach Party

Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

Throwing a beach party for summer theme party ideas will never go wrong. Simply place a wooden picnic bench and table, facing the mesmerizing beach view. Add some refreshing soda with ice buckets to delight your guests. You can also place summer themed pillows in red, yellow, and blue stripes for extra comfort. This is indeed a fabulous goodbye summer party you can try.

2. Colorful End of Summer Party Cart

Source: Pinterest (@sprinklecreative.com)

Let your summer holiday end with a beautiful and colorful party. Go extra with bright and vibrant summer decor in pink, yellow, and green for the last summer farewell. Place some pineapple decor and flamingo ornaments to light up your summer party. Don’t forget to add some refreshing pink beverages with cupcakes and sweets to complete this party as well. You can also add the “Need More Summer!” light as the focal point.

3. Summer Kids Garden Party

Source: Pinterest (@lauraslittleparty.com)

If you are looking for end of summer birthday party ideas for kids, then having end of summer games in the backyard will be a brilliant choice. Decorating cakes will be a fun game your kids can do together. Before that, turn the backyard into a beach atmosphere with some palm trees and summer balloons. Add a large cart full of cake decoration and a large table with plain cakes or cupcakes. Let them have fun decorating the cakes while saying goodbye to the summer.

4. Orange Summer Tea Party

Source: Pinterest (@blog.homes.com)

In order to say goodbye to the summer and welcome the next season, the orange summer party will be one of the best end of summer party theme ideas. Inspired by the color of clown fish, you can set the orange and white table with the fish bowl decor in front of the pool. Put some cups and coasters in matching colors with the table cloth. You can fill the cup with some cookies and candies, perfect company for an elegant tea party.

5. Surfing Into Summer Pool Party

Source: Pinterest (@porch.com)

Enjoy the last day of summer like it will never come back again with this idea. All you need is a long table full of summer elements. Put some blue soda in cups on the table to refresh your guests. You can add some sweets inside the plastic buckets since you may need more sugar at the party. Decorate the table with the “Surfing Into Summer” flags and beach balls to complete the summer party. This idea is also ideal for a summer birthday party. Invite your friends to gather around the table while enjoying the refreshing treats.

6. Modern Luau Hawaii Party

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

Inspired by the traditional Hawaiian party, this is one of the best back yard end of summer party ideas you should try. The idea is to combine the vintage style with the contemporary end of summer party. You need a special food display full of sweets and snacks. In addition, you should prepare an additional cart for the end of summer party games. Don’t forget to place the pink words balloons in “Aloha” lettering to welcome your guests in Hawaiian style!

7. Lemon Themed Party for Ladies

Source: Pinterest (@beijosevents.com)

Having an elegant brunch party will be one of the most ideal end of summer party themes for adults. Especially for women who want to create unforgettable memories, this idea is worth trying. You need a set of a table and chairs next to the swimming pool. Decorate the table with sunflowers and lemon ornaments, radiating the summer vibe that is going to end. Bring the bright summer atmosphere by adding some white and yellow balloon garland as well.

8. Swimming Pool Backyard Summer Party

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

With this concept, you can have one of the best backyard end of summer party ideas for your kids. Utilizing the area of the backyard near the swimming pool, you can set the main area for the food display. Place some inflatable toys for kids to play in the swimming pool, as well as for party decor. In addition, use helium gas to make some beach balls floating above the pool.

9. End of Summer Bohemian Backyard Party

Source: Pinterest (@inspiredbythis.com)

Bohemian style is one of the brilliant ideas to celebrate the end of summer in your backyard. All you need is a large tapestry in bright and vibrant colors, radiating the last summer vibe in that year. You can place a low leg table setting along with some cushion seats in matching tones with the tapestries. Having an aesthetic brunch or tea time will be an ideal party to say goodbye to summer.

10. Tropical Flower Summer Party

Source: Pinterest (@houseofharper.com)

Summer is the perfect season to grow beautiful flowers! Let the end of the summer party be the time to display your wonderful flowers. Simply decorate the beverage cart with some tropical flowers to bring the true summer vibes. You can also hang a large helium balloon in matching tones with the flowers. In addition, put some refreshing beverages on the cart so your guest can enjoy it while admiring the flowers.

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11. End of Summer Evening Party

Source: Pinterest (@recentlytheblog.com)

An evening party is indeed the most romantic time to say goodbye as the summer ends. With this idea, you may consider throwing your end of summer party in the evening! Use your backyard or even some wood area for this party. You can add some beautiful white lanterns hanging on the trees, giving a peaceful and romantic vibe as the sun sets. Place some tables and chairs in white, making this party more elegant.

12. End of Summer Lunch

End of Summer Party Themes
Source: Pinterest (@Miss Gunner)

For those who want to have a private end of summer party with family, the lunch party will be a great idea. You can set an outdoor feast with a long dining table and some chairs according to the number of families invited. Decorate the table with refreshing summer elements such as orange, lemon, and flowers. For elderly seats, you can give a special canopy above the chair. Consider choosing the light and refreshing meal for this party. This is a perfect time for family gathering as well.

13. Magical End of Summer Indoor Party

Magical End of Summer Indoor Party
Source: Instagram (@the_lanesborough)

Bring all of the summer colors in your end of summer party with this idea. Especially if you are going to throw an indoor party, then you may fall in love with this idea. Colorful balloons and flowers will be the main actor for this idea. Decorate the wall with balloons and flower garlands in pink, blue, and yellow. For the floor decoration, you can mix the colors of flowers and balloons, making an artistic garden view. This concept is perfect for an anniversary or birthday party celebration as well. The summer colors will make your party merrier.

14. BBQ Summer Party

BBQ Summer Party

When it comes to the authentic summer party, BBQ party will be one of the perfect ideas you should try. The idea is to throw a BBQ picnic in your backyard. Put some folding chaise lounge chairs and pillows for your family or guests, surrounding the BBQ charcoal grill. In addition, you can put some condiments and other snacks on a long picnic table next to chairs. Don’t forget to bring some musical instruments or sport equipment to play with your friends. This is a perfect moment to have a great time at the end of the summer.

15. End of Summer Garden Party

End of Summer Garden Party
Source: Instagram (@rw_photographic)

Simple but full of warmth, this end of summer party idea is a perfect choice for adults.  Simply use the garden area for a heartfelt dinner together. You can set the dining area for those elderly who need to sit while eating. Meanwhile, add a large canopy for those who prefer standing while eating. Let the green plants in the garden be the natural decoration for the party. You can bring a bluetooth speaker for additional entertainment. Allow the elderly to dance a little to the summer party tunes!

16. Farmhouse Style End of Summer Party

Farmhouse Style End of Summer Party
Source: Instagram (@robinhillsfarm)

Suppose you are planning to use your patio for the end of summer party, then you can use this idea. Inspired by the farmhouse style cafe, all you need is wooden tables and chairs for your guests. You can add some string lights to enhance the party mood. Moreover, make your kids enjoy the party as well by setting the kids playground in the corner area. With this idea, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset that marks the end of the summer season. What a wonderful moment to remember!

17. Jazz Summer Evening Party

Jazz Summer Evening Party
Source: Instagram (@jennygreensings)

Jazz is the perfect music to say farewell with summer while welcoming the autumn season. If you don’t have a specific theme for your end of summer party, then let the music be the main element for the party. You can set a special stage for the jazz band that will play instrumental songs in a beautiful way. While your guests are eating at their table, they will have a great time hearing some wonderful music at your party.

18. Hula Dance Party

Hula Dance Party
Source: Instagram (@avaloninsider)

Party is not the real jam without dance! Let your end of summer party be filled with unforgettable moments like this hula dance party. This wonderful dance is the signature of the summer. So, we can say goodbye to the summer season with this fun dance as well. You can hire professional hula dancers for your party and ask your guests to follow the dance together! Prepare some Hawaiian flower necklaces for your guests. Let them feel the amazing hype while joining the hula dance!

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19. End of Summer Movie Night

End of Summer Movie Night
Source: Instagram (@idaho.dreamcatcherevents)

Movie night parties are also a wonderful idea to end the summer holiday. Use your backyard to set the outdoor theater along with a large screen, projector, chairs, and rugs. Invite your family and friends to enjoy the summer movie together. To add some light without interfering with the video on the screen, you can place some electrical candle lights on the floor. Don’t forget to prepare some popcorn and soda to complete your movie night party!

20. End of Summer Party Backyard Picnic

End of Summer Party Backyard Picnic
Source: Instagram (@iris.evaestevam)

If you are looking for an intimate end of summer party for best friends, you may consider this idea. With this idea, you only need a small backyard to throw a party. Simply set a mini picnic area with a long leg table and cushion seats. Place some cutlery sets on the table. You can decorate the table with some flowers or the end of summer party mini blackboard. A simple and easy idea you should try!

Latest Post:

What is a good theme for a summer party?

The beach and Hawaiian party is the most popular theme for a summer party. Beach parties are related to some refreshing drinks and fun games near the beach. Meanwhile, the Hawaiian party is famous for the Luau party, the traditional Hawaaian dinner celebration. 

How do you plan the end of a summer party?

You should choose the convenient location. After you get the perfect location, you can consider the theme of your end of summer party. After that, you can start to collect the decoration needs, pick the food menu, and plan additional entertainment such as games or music.

What is an end of summer party called?

It is usually called the Luau party. It is a customary Hawaiian celebration or feast that frequently includes entertainment. It might include cuisine, drink, and entertainment like hula and music from the Hawaiian islands.

How do you set up a summer party?

You should determine a certain theme for the summer party. After that, consider the location you want to throw the summer party as well as the number of your guests. Later, you can choose the decoration item, food, and entertainment that suit your summer party theme.

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