20 Spiritual Hippie Tattoo Ideas for The Free Spirited Spirituals

We may have mixed views and opinions when we hear the term hippie. Some people may think of a bunch of homeless people scouring the suburbs with a van, while others may think of free spirited individuals who live their best lives and have big dreams which is to keep the world in harmony and peace. Whichever side you are on, we can all agree that hippies are unique in their own way and they have their own culture that is lovely and admirable.

The hippies have a strong belief in harmony, balance, free will, and equality for all. They live very close to nature and their ultimate goal is to become one with nature. That is why a lot of hippies got spiritual symbols tattooed on their body. Not only to express their beliefs, but also to spread the messages. They love spiritual symbolism, especially the one that speaks for nature and life balance because it goes align with their way of life.

Now if we talk about hippie tattoos, you may think of something that is full of color and full of psychedelic symbolism. However, in this article we are talking specifically on spiritual hippie tattoos. Where we expose the more spiritual side of the subculture’s tattoo scene while not leaving both the fun and free spirit. So, without further ado, the following are the best hippie tattoo ideas to inspire you.

1. Mandala Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@howlifestyles.com)

Mandala tattoo has a special meaning and is close to the hippies belief system. It represents eternity and perfection as symbolized by the perfect geometric symbol that is interconnected with each other creating a beautiful design that looks good on both men and women. If you are planning to go to a festival and want to rock the look just for the event, you can get yourself a temporary mandala tattoo that is easy to apply and remove.

2. Om Lotus Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Kendra Messer)

Om is a chant or mantra that is sacred in many religions. It is used in prayers and manifestation. According to ancient traditions, om is one of the primordial sounds, one of the very first sounds ever to exist in the universe. Spiritual practitioners and hippies often use the sound as a chant when they meditate to help them focus and open their third eye. While lotus often symbolizes purity and enlightenment. Together, they make a beautiful tattoo with deep meanings.

3. Moon Phase Lotus Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

You may see a lot of lotus tattoos when searching for a hippie spiritual tattoo. This is because the lotus holds a spiritual and mystical symbol the hippies love to incorporate into their lives. The same goes with the moon phase. It represents the never ending cycle of birth and rebirth. This is what makes the combination of both designs so strong and pretty at the same time.

4. Hamsa Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Hamsa, which is also known as the Hand of God, holds a high spiritual meaning. The hippies believed that hamsa tattoo is able to bring happiness, good luck, health, and fortune to its wearers. No wonder this tattoo design is very popular especially in the spiritual hippie tattoo scene. You can still get the same meaning and value by wearing a Hamsa hoodie as an alternative to permanent body tattoo.

5. Mushroom Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Maddie)

Mushroom tattoo originally means power and that’s how a lot of people have a mushroom on their body. However, in the later years, the symbolism swift’s a little bit and is used as a representation of the magic mushroom a lot of people use as a psychedelic substance that is very popular in the hippie community. Mushroom is a cute tattoo design whether it is used as a stand alone or combined with other designs.

6. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@kickassthings.com)

We all remember the good old days back in the 2010s when almost everyone had either a dreamcatcher or mustache tattoo. Dream catcher tattoos were a huge hit along with the rise of watercolor tattoos. Now that its popularity began to fade away, it is still pretty much loved by the hippies because they get the tattoo not only because it is trendy, but for its spiritual meaning. Dream catcher has become a part of the hippie culture as you can see they hang dream catchers in their houses and vans.

7. Chakra Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@savedtattoo.com)

If you believe in energies, you know that the human body was driven by the seven main chakra. The optimization of all chakra is believed to create harmony resulting in better physical and mental health. That explains why the chakra tattoo is popular among the hippies whether it is one of them or all seven. The chakra symbolism also appears on hippies home decor such as tapestry just as much as it does in body art.

8. Crystal Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@thetatt.com)

Spirituality cannot be separated from crystals and gemstones. It is believed that specific types of stones hold special benefits that can help us in our life. The most popular use of crystal is of course on home decor and accessories such as the crystal pendant. But lately, crystal tattoos have also gained popularity among the hippies and spiritualists in general. It can come in the form of just the crystal, but it is also often combined with other designs from plants to animals.

9. Tree of Life Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Montse Velasco)

Tree of life symbolizes so many things. From mother earth that keeps us grounded, the source of all life, to hopes. In hippie spiritual tattoos, the tree of life also represents inner growth and self development. It is indeed intricate from the design to its meanings. No wonder people also wear tree of life accessories in their life to give them strength and manifestation.

10. Peace Sign Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoodo.com)

Talking about spiritual hippie tattoos, we cannot leave out the peace symbol. It is maybe less spiritual, however, it still represents the free spirit most hippies live by. It is a symbol of freedom, equality, and above all, love for everyone, everywhere. The peace sign can be found everywhere in the hippie community including wall art, clothings to rugs. You can get a peace sign tattoo in black and white, colored, or even combined with other designs.

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11. Sacred Geometry Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@tattoodo.com)

A lot of spiritual hippie tattoos incorporate geometric elements in their design. This piece, for example, incorporates several spiritual or mystical symbols that are linked together through an amazing geometric work. You can take this tattoo design as an inspiration and replace the sacred symbol with all of the things you find meaningful to you and carry your own spirit hippie tattoo.

12. Cosmic Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Sm:)le)

Cosmic related things are also very popular in hippie tattoos for females and male as you can see more on this list. The cosmic symbolizes the free spirit and limitless imagination as the hippies believe. It can be in the form of fine lining, small tattoos, to intricate combinations of a lot of things that still hold spiritual or mystical symbols the hippies believe in. However, planets and galaxies can be found easily when you’re looking for hippie tattoo ideas.

13. Mother Earth Tattoo

As the children of earth walking and living on this planet, we all should respect mother nature. As the hippies try to live as harmoniously as possible with nature, it makes sense if you find a lot of mother earth tattooed on hippies. The variations are wide but it usually features a woman with earth or plants in general to represent nature. Sometimes it is combined with cosmic designs that we’ve mentioned earlier.

14. All Seeing Eye and Earth Tattoo

All Seeing Eye and Earth Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

These different designs were uniquely put together into one harmonious design. The all seeing eye represents power and wisdom and also works as a reminder to stay humble. The earth represents where we come from and a reminder to stay grounded. Together, this tattoo means we should keep our feet on the ground even though our head wanders among the galaxies. They are all tied together with a hand, posing a meditative symbol to unify the whole design and creating one big picture of harmony and inner peace. This kind of tattoo is very popular among the hippies because it is very close to what they aim to achieve.

15. Cosmic Goddess Tattoo

Cosmic Goddess Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@v4n1a_aesthetic☆~☆)

Goddess or higher spiritual beings in general are also common in spirit hippie tattoos. It can come from an actual spiritual belief or mythology, or can be just a representation of the hippie spirit. Similar to the mother earth tattoo, cosmic goddesses are often combined with different designs such as plants to represent nature. With the sun in the background, this tattoo represents abundance and fertility while also embracing harmony as the hippies live by.

16. Gaia Tattoo 

Gaia Tattoo 
Source: Pinterest (@Tats For All)

We’ve talked about mother nature and mother earth tattoos. But we haven’t mentioned that in pagan spiritual belief a lot of hippies follow up to this day, the mother earth has a name and it is Gaia. Gaia is known as the source of all life and therefore, Gaia tattoo represents fertility, abundance, love, nourishment, and protection. And in this tattoo in particular, Gaia is represented as a strong being that can conquer all while keeping it soft and feminine. A great spiritual hippie tattoo for females.

17. Exploding Galaxy Tattoo

Exploding Galaxy Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Some people in the hippie community use substances to send their mind to another dimension. In the psychedelic state, everything is possible including feeling like our head exploded and sent us to the outer galaxy. This is not always the case, of course, considering that cosmic designs are already a part of hippie spiritual tattoos anyway. But if you ever want to mark your body with something that is full of magic, you can take this tattoo as an inspiration and add your own personal touch to it to make it your own.

18. Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@google.com)

Sun is powerful while the moon is delicate. They are not opposite to each other. Instead, they complete each other in a beautiful way that keeps the world running. Getting both sun and moon in a single tattoo means undeniable harmony. The connection is so strong it is almost impossible to break. It can also represent both sides of your personality, which can be strong and delicate at the same time. By getting this tattoo, you will have a constant reminder to live harmoniously like the hippies do.

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19. Moon and Goddess Tattoo

Moon and Goddess Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@SpiritualNewAge)

We’ve mentioned the moon, nature, goddess, cosmic, and even mushroom on this list. And what a good idea to combine all of the above in one single tattoo design? This tatto has it all and the artist combines all the hippie spiritual tattoo elements beautifully creating one harmonious design that looks right. We already know the spiritual hippie tattoo meaning and this tattoo ties it together beautifully capturing all of the messages and symbolism.

20. Balanced All Seeing Eye

Balanced All Seeing Eye
Source: Pinterest (@momsgotthestuff.com)

The all seeing eye tattoo represents divine providence, a constant reminder of the higher beings watching us. Both in a way to watch us from doing harm to protecting us from anything bad. The both hands enclosed the all seeing eye represents higher power as well as balance. As we all know, the hippies love to keep everything harmonious and balanced. You still have plenty of room to play with if you take this tattoo as an inspiration for your own spiritual hippie tattoo.

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What kind of spiritual tattoos did hippies have?

There are a lot of tattoo kinds the hippies have but some of the most popular includes natural tattoos, cosmic tattoos, chakra tattoos, dream catchers, as well as other symbolism we’ve mentioned on this list. Crystals and natural elements are also a huge part of the hippie tattoos and they often combine two or more elements into one single tattoo. 

What are hippie symbols?

The hippie symbol is that shape we all know as the peace sign. It has a long history rooted from the hippie movement that protested the war. It was designed as a free-to-use symbol and therefore it gained massive popularity and grew into the hippies youth subculture symbol. Up to this day, it still holds its original meaning to make peace instead of war. 

What does a spiritual tattoo mean for hippies?

Spiritual tattoos for hippies means so much more than just body art. It represents a mark for every life milestone they’ve gone through. It also represents their strong belief in whatever field they believe in. For some people, tattoos also become a way to express their political choices as well as a way to spread the value and message they want to share. 

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