25 Awesome Gifts for A Hippie Mom That Optimizes Fun

If your mom was born in the 70s, there is a good chance that she might have been a hippie! So, to surprise her on her next birthday, you should consider getting some hippie gits for your mom. Hippies are associated with peace-loving, cheerful, playful, and loving personalities. You need to find some gifts that match your mom’s hippie traits!

If you are unsure which type of product will make a good gift for your hippie mom, don’t worry! Because here, we have collected various items that offer beautiful design, soothing effects, and fun, perfect for your hippie mom. Let’s check the following fun gift ideas!

Best Essential Gifts for A Hippie Mom

Some basic stuff with a striking design would make an excellent gift for your active hippie mom! Here are our gift recommendations that will make her day!

1. Organic Lip Balm

CLIGANIC USDA Organic Lip Balm

If your hippie mom is a chatty person, she will appreciate some lip balm as a gift! Because the hippie movement is often associated with environmentalism, an organic lip balm would be perfect for her. It is created from natural ingredients free from harmful ingredients and preservatives.

This item moisturizes the lips while maintaining their health, so they don’t dry out and crack. You’ll find a variety of delightful flavors, such as mint, orange, eucalyptus, and vanilla.

2. London Tea Classics Collection

London Tea Classics Collection

A cup of hot organic tea has a lovely property that can induce peace of mind. It is also naturally healthy, perfect for a hippie mom. After being active, hippie moms need a cup of hot tea with various pleasant flavors such as chamomile, honey, vanilla, green tea, and many more. This gift for a hippie mom is manufactured without artificial ingredients. 

3. Personalized Boho Bag

Personalized Boho Bag

Is your hippie mom’s birthday coming up soon? Give her a beautiful and charming functional gift like this boho bag. It can serve to store all the personal equipment of a hippie mom. The beautiful and exotic tassel design makes this item much sought after. You can also personalize it by adding a name to this bag.

4. Incense Sticks with Premium Scents

Scents Premium Incense Sticks

This aromatherapy incense is ready to give a pure and natural fragrance. The incense stick brings natural calm and coolness to a hippie mom’s room. After all, it is handcrafted using natural ingredients with a touch of ancient Indian accents. Your mom can use these aromatherapy sticks for meditation, yoga, and healing. 

Top Fashionable Gifts for A Hippie Mom

The following fashionable products would be perfect for hippie moms. They feature fun and stylish accents, colors, and designs. Here are the top trendy gifts for a hippie mom that you can consider:

5. Hippie Sunglasses

Hippie Sunglasses

These fashionable glasses are manufactured from primed polycarbonate mirror lenses. It can block 100% of harmful UVA & UVB Rays. This gift for a hippie mom offers a stylish oversized heart-shaped silhouette and a vintage style that makes you more attractive and eye-catching for outdoor enthusiasts or parties.

6. Women Hippie Vest Faux Suede

Women Hippie Vest Faux Suede

A sleeveless vest cardigan, leopard pattern earrings, and a boho crystal headband are cute hippie accessories. So, this cool and fashionable item will give your hippie mom a new and attractive charm. The cardigan will also provide her with a different element and an excellent choice for festivals, Halloween parties, celebrations, and other occasions!

7. Tribal Hip Belt

Tribal Hip Belt

s completely handmade using the macrame method. The strings I use are strong wax strings that retain their original shape for years. It is waterproof and no glue is used at any point of the process. 

8. Flower Hippie Floral Crown

Flower Hippie Floral Crown

This light, handmade hippy flower crown will make a hippie mom outfit more fashionable. It is a lovely gift for a hippie mom that offers a simple, sweet, and romantic style, making your hair look more attractive and eye-catching. This sunflower headband is designed as a beaded adjustable strap. It can be attached to your head and make it fit perfectly.

9. Silver Bib Necklace

Silver Bib Necklace

Are you a hippie mom who has an office job? If yes, then the silver necklace is perfect for you. This antique silver decorative necklace with ethnic nuances will give a fashionable impression to your outfit. This necklace is plated in sterling silver with an antique matte oxidized finish. This beautiful item is made of hypoallergenic lead, which does not cause allergies or irritation.

10. Hippie Add A Bells Accessory

Hippie Add A Bells Accessory

Get your mom this fashionable leg covers as a gift to complete her hippie costume! It features a colorful peace design and floral pattern with excellent faux-suede edging fabric. This cool and unique item is made of polyester, which is soft and comfortable. Your mom will be the center of attention if she wears this beautiful accessory!

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11. Boho Prints Wide Headband

Boho Prints Wide Headband

Looking charming and fashionable is one of the identities of a hippie mom. These gifts for a hippie mom are retractable boho headbands. Available in various types of girly and charming floral designs, this item is ideal for perfecting the outfit of a hippie mom. This cool item is ideal for any occasion.

12. Bohemian Hippie Beach Scarf

Bohemian Hippie Beach Scarf

Summer has arrived! Vacationing to the beach will be a fun activity for a hippie mom. This beach scarf that has a fashionable design gives a beautiful and extraordinary accent to a hippie mom’s holiday outfit. Manufactured from soft and breathable Voile material, this fashionable item is comfortable and light to wear.

13. Sari Silk Kimono

Sari Silk Kimono

Make your hippie mom’s bathing and relaxing experience even more enjoyable with this fashionable kimono robe. The unique clothing presents a fashionable and charming abstract look. Manufactured from premium silk, she will feel extraordinary comfort when wearing it. Buy it now and let her have a great experience while bathing and relaxing!

14. Feather Pendant Earrings

Feather Pendant Earrings

Do you want to impress a hippie mom? Give her a unique and attractive fashionable item! Tassel dangle earrings made of feathers are the right choice. This cool and fashionable item is made of high-quality alloy and fleece material which is durable and beautiful. Vibrant designs and colors make this product perfect for a hippie mom!

15. Starflower Groovy Hippie Costume

Starflower Groovy Hippie Costume

If you are a hippie mom who has a costume party schedule this weekend, then a hippie costume is the wisest choice. This clothes offers a beautiful and fashionable floral design. The beautiful combination of various colors will make you stand out at the costume party. What are you waiting for? Order this cool and fashionable item right now!

16. Dream Catchers Necklace

Dream Catchers Necklace

A fashionable dream catcher necklace would enhance your mother’s hippie mom style. This beautiful and stylish item has a smudge-proof feature. It is more durable than ordinary gold-plated materials making it suitable for everyday wear. You can choose gold, silver, or rose gold colors.

17. Sunflowers Leather Wallets

Sunflowers Leather Wallets

A wallet is an essential item for everyday life. So it’ll make a lovely gift for a hippie mom who loves a fashionable purse with a charming accent. The beautiful wallet comes with floral accents that look exotic. It consists of several compartments that you can use to store cash, coins, debit cards, credit cards, and business cards.

18. Boho Hippie Gothic Rings

Boho Hippie Gothic Rings

Give a hippie mom’s fingers a fashionable and artistic touch in a fun way! Boho rings with artistic contours and accents are the main attraction of this item. You can use it on four fingers with each ring having a unique and different design. This cool item is hand-crafted silver plated over brass. It is completely non-allergenic, nickel & cadmium free.

19. Harem Hippie Casual Pants

Harem Hippie Casual Pants

A young hippie mom likes fun activities such as holidays, festivals, yoga, and other activities. Give her versatile casual pants that are fashionable and elegant. This gift for a hippie mom offers a fashionable Bohemian hippie design with a soft and cool material. Manufactured from premium rayon fabric, you will have the best and most enjoyable summer experience.

20. Bohemian Beaded Dress Sandals

Bohemian Beaded Dress Sandals

Stay fashionable and beautiful while on vacation at the beach! That’s every hippie mom’s dream. This item with a fashionable and charming wrist strap design is easy to adjust to the size of your foot circumference. This cool item can be paired with all kinds of clothes. This beautiful product is made of soft material with a comfortable insole and non-slip rubber outsole. It’s perfect for your vacation!

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Best Decorative Gifts for A Hippie Mom

Apart from being fashionable and useful items, a hippie mom also loves decorative items. They can be used in your home or room to create positive vibes. Here are the recommendations:

21. Chakra Wall Ornament Meditation

Chakra Wall Ornament Meditation

Do you want to get nuances and positive vibes in your home? A hippie mom needs items that can fulfill those needs. You will get various life stones such as red jasper, green aventurine, and many more. This decorative ornament is perfect for hanging in the living room to attract positive energy.

22. Psychedelic Hippie Tapestries Wall Decoration

Psychedelic Hippie Tapestries Wall Decoration

This Bohemian rug with 3D printing technology is ready to be the ultimate decoration for a hippie mom. This gift for a hippie mom provides vibrant color with rich artistic elements. You will feel a very comfortable home atmosphere. This decorative item is super soft, color resistant, durable, easy to hang or pack, and perfect for all seasons.

23. Mosaic Table Lamp

Mosaic Table Lamp

Don’t let a hippie mom’s table have mediocre decor! This gooseneck table lamp boasts a decorative and charming Turkish design. This cool item is constructed of cut glass and fun colored beads. This cool product can be paired with a candle bulb for a warm and cozy glow. Buy this cool item right away before it runs out!

24. Hippie Decoration Table Runner

Hippie Decoration Table Runner

Feel the feel of a nice dinner in a hippie style. This gift for a hippie mom offers a beautiful and unique dining table decoration. This cool item can brighten up the atmosphere around the house. This amazing product is a handmade product with patchwork embroidery. Each accent is embroidered with a unique pattern.

25. Ceramic Decorative Vase

Ceramic Decorative Vase

This ceramic vase with artistic and decorative design is ready to beautify a hippie mom’s room. This cool item features completely handcrafted pattern drawings and paintings. Display this beautiful vase so that every guest will be amazed. What song are you waiting for? Order this amazing decorative item now!

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What kind of gifts do hippies like?

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