Tailfins Non-Trip Flippers

Flippers are fun to swim in. You boot your speed, control, and stamina. Swimming fins are especially handy for kids who are only beginning to swim by themselves.

But kids can’t stay in one place for too long, even if in cool refreshing water. They want to play, run around, rest on the beach then get back into the water and so on.

But doing all those things, except for the last part, can not be done while wearing flippers. At least not without tripping or flopping right into the sand. 

Tailfins Non-Trip Flippers

However you, as a parent, can keep your kids from injuring themselves and make their playtime by the water much more enjoyable with Tailfins non-trip flippers.

Tailfins are non-trip flippers that allow your kids to effortlessly swim, run, walk, and even climb ladders. All without taking the flippers off. While wearing regular flippers your kids would have to take the time to remove them before they go out of the water.

Tailfins Non-Trip Flippers

Naturally, the temptation to just leave them on without wasting time on taking them off is too strong. That’s where the trouble begins. It can be amusing at first, watching your kids walking like small penguins, but one misstep and they can injure themselves. With Tailfins, no such thing would occur.

Tailfins Non-Trip Flippers

The design of these non-trip flippers has completely foregone the elongated front fin concept. Instead, the thrust you’d normally get out of regular flippers is given you through the carefully designed side fins.

They not only give you more power while swimming but also allow you to walk freely without the usual tripping hazard. Additionally, they make it possible to easily climb swim ladders.

Tailfins Non-Trip Flippers

Tailfins come in a bright orange color that makes it easy to spot your kids in the water. Plus, it makes them look like adorable ducklings, but that is beside the point.

They come in various sizes, from Child 9 (UK 8, Euro 25) to Women’s 7 (UK 5, Euro 37.5). 

Tailfins Non-Trip Flippers

If something is worth spending money on it’s your children. You can make their time spent on the beach more fun and a lot safer with these non-trip flippers.

In return, you will be able to relax on the warm sand without constantly reminding them to take off their fins. Sounds like a win-win situation for all parties involved, don’t you think?

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