25 Awesome Long Distance Gifts for Mom

A mother is the most selfless human on earth. She’s willing to sacrifice anything, even herself, for her children. You may leave home to become independent, yet your mother’s love will continue. However, having a long-distance relationship with your mom often causes misunderstandings. Hence, surprising her with sweet gifts for mom is one of the best ways to maintain your relationship.

You don’t have to wait for a special day to give your mom a gift. After all, it is an act of love. You can do it anytime! Send your feeling to your long-distance mom through those gifts. Suppose you are looking for a gift for your mom who lives away. In that case, you should consider the following 25 awesome ideas below as your inspiration.

1. Customised Sunflower Bracelet as a Gift for Mom

Customised Sunflower Bracelet

Sometimes, it is not easy to say “I love you” directly to your mom. In case you want to express your gratitude for having a lovely mother, you can give her this adorable bracelet as a gift. Jot down meaningful messages to your mom on the customized box. This gift definitely will be a precious piece of jewelry she’ll cherish.

2. Heating Massage Neck Pillow as a Lovely Gift for Mom

Heating Massage Neck Pillow

As a child, we realized that being a mother must be exhausting. If you wish to give her a little massage to relieve her fatigue, but you live far apart, then this will be one of the best long-distance gifts for mom! This awesome gift will help soothe her aching muscles and simultaneously improve blood circulation.    

3. Diffuser with Essential Oils

Diffuser with Essential Oils

To keep the good air quality in your mother’s house, we recommend you give her this smart diffuser. Especially when your mom has respiratory issues, it is essential to help her breathe better. Moreover, this device features a night light with calming colors, absolutely perfect for a deep sleep company. 

4. Acrylic Night Light as Gift for Mom

Mom Acrylic Night Light

Are you looking for memorable gifts to celebrate a special day with your long-distance mom? If so, try to give her this stunning night light! It will give her warmth in her room as she turns the light on. Moreover, every time she sees the messages in this wonderful gift, she will surely feel your love as well. 

5. Pillow for Neck & Back Pain

Pillow for Neck & Back Pain

You may often hear your mother complains about her neck and back pain. It should be the right time to get her a gift to solve her problem. You can give her this premium contour pillow. It has an ergonomic design that surely will keep your mom’s pain away. 

6. Flower Suncatcher as a Cute Gift for Mom

Flower Suncatcher

Joy can come from a little simple thing, just like watching this stunning suncatcher every morning. It will be a symbolic and beautiful present for your mom. Made from natural pressed flowers, your mother definitely will fall in love with this gift. Moreover, it also can be personalized with engraved text. 

7. Satin Pyjama as a Comfy Gift for Mom

Satin Pyjama

It is normal to miss your mom, that lives far away, and wish to hug her. If so, try to make your wish come true with this gift! This soft and luxurious satin pajama will accompany your mom to sleep as if you hug her every night. Your mom will be thrilled to wear it. 

8. Digital Frame Gift for Mom

Digital Frame

If you are looking for gifts for your mom that can remind her of the family, this digital frame is perfect. As your mom is getting old, she tends to forget things. However, this gift will make your mom stay connected to the family although you live apart. 

9. Mom And Daughter Music Box

Mom And Daughter Music Box

Express how really thankful you are to have such a lovely mother through this fantastic gift. Although you can’t be there with her, this awesome music box will bring each other’s hearts closer as she listens to the heartwarming music inside. This gift definitely communicates beyond to your long-distance mom. 

10. Birthday Wish Jar as a Gift for Mom

Birthday Wish Jar

Since your mother has a long distance relationship with you, she definitely wants to keep more memories with you during your visit. Therefore, giving her a birthday wish jar as a unique keepsake would be a great birthday gift idea. You can fill this jar with thoughtful messages that she will surely remember.  

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11. Spa Kit as a Self-care Gift for Mom

Spa Kit

Help your long distance mom reduce her stress level by giving her this incredible spa gift box. In case your mom needs a ‘me time’ after a long tiring day, this gift will be the cure. It features handmade products that are beautifully designed for mothers.  

12. Flower Plant Terrarium

Flower Plant Terrarium

Is your long distance mom also a nature lover? If so, try to give her a plant terrarium to brighten up her house! It features hydroponic plants that can purify the air and is beautifully designed with natural wood, bringing calming and vintage vibes. Therefore, this gift will be absolutely suitable for any home decoration.   

13. Best Mom Coffee Mug 

Best Mom Coffee Mug

Say your love to your lovely mom through this simple but pretty coffee mug. This is a handmade gift, so it has the one and only marble pattern, exclusive and unique. This item will be one of the rarest long distance gifts for mom that she can treasure forever. 

14. Vintage Throw Blanket

Vintage Throw Blanket

No one can resist this gorgeous and elegant throw blanket as a gift. This awesome gift combines traditional and modern styles, giving a vintage look for the bedroom. Moreover, your mother can use it on the sofa, chair, floors, everywhere! Your long distance mom will surely be happy to receive this item.

15. Natural Perfume for Mom

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Since you want to express your love to your mom, who lives away from you, you should give her a natural perfume as a present! In fact, giving perfume as a gift conveys our affection for the beloved one. Therefore, we recommend these sweet scent perfume collections, which will be perfect for your beautiful mom.  

16. Personalised Collage Photo

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Seeing family photos will definitely bring back a lot of memories. Let’s keep those memories forever in this adorable collage frame. It has 8 photo frames and a rustic string heart which will be a perfect addition to your mother’s house. Although you are far apart, your mom can still see you through those photos. 

17. Brass Succulent Mister 

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

This is one of the most unique gifts for your mom, who also loves indoor gardening. It is a brass mister which will let her water her favorite potted plants! This elegant mist maker also will be a stunning home decor in her room. Its beauty and functionality definitely make it an excellent gift for her.  

18. Ancestry DNA

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Get your mom an ancestry DNA test as a unique gift! If your long-distance mother is curious about her ancestor, this gift will be fun and insightful at the same time. She only has to spit in the tube and send the sample. After several weeks, your mother will get the result that reveals her ancestors’ mystery, fascinating, isn’t it?    

19. Personalised Multiple Name Ring

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Buying a ring as a gift to your mother sounds basic. But hold on! Let’s take a look at this gorgeous ring! You can customize this ring with your name and your mother’s name as a good luck charm. Therefore, it feels like you and your mom will stay connected no matter how far apart you are. 

20. Mother’s Heart Necklace 

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Show how much you love your mother by giving her this personalized necklace. You can put her name on this gorgeous pendant which will prove how precious she is to you. This is a perfect gift for your long distance mom to express your love while you can’t verbally say it.  

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21. Kindle Paper White 

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Reading books is a refreshing hobby for a mom who is also a book lover. Instead of buying her books, you can give her the Kindle Paper White as a gift! Your mother can read many books only on one device. As the screen is designed to be as natural as paper, it will be comfortable for her eyes.    

22. Work from Home Robe 

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

After pandemic hits, work from home has become the new normal. If your long-distance mom happens to be a working woman as well, then this robe will put a smile on her face. After all, it is designed for business-on-top and comfort-on-the-bottom. This gift will make her look stunning during her online meeting. 

23. Candle with Aroma Therapy

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

Does your mother look gloomy these days? If so, try to cheer her up using the video call and give her this relaxing adorable gift! Lighting one candle before sleep will refresh the air and ease your mom’s feelings. It blends natural essential oils to create a refreshing fragrance that will energize your mom’s environment.

24. Split Best Friends Heart Necklace

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

For some people, a mother is also one of their best friends. If you are also feeling that way, you can express it through this fabulous necklace! Since you live far away from your mom, this gift will be a sweet reminder that you and your mom are always best friends. 

25. Recipe Cutting Board

Long Distance Gifts for Mom

If you are bored of romantic gifts for long-distance moms, try sending this funny cutting board to your mother. She surely can’t help but smile every time she reads the message. As it is not just an ordinary recipe, this gift will definitely strengthen your relationship with her.

Final Thoughts

Moms are special. They are humans with the kindest hearts and most beautiful souls. So, giving our moms the best of everything is necessary. When it’s time for us to leave home and start to live on our own, moms are the ones who will support us with all of their hearts, while they are also the ones who will miss us the most when we’re away. Even though you are away from home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show how much your love your mom. Giving meaningful long distance gifts for your mom will be something that surely puts a smile on her face. Make sure you give the best gifts, because the best gifts can be a way for your mom to ease the pain of missing you.

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