26 Unique Gifts for Fortnite Players

Games like Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, and Cyberpunk 2077 are very exciting. Those are all magnificent, top-notch games with cool gameplay and ideas. But currently, there have been a huge amount of people who are particularly interested in the battle royale genre. Hence, games such as PUBG and Call of Duty Warzone came to mind. One game, however, seems to top it all: and that’s Fortnite. And so, if you are looking for unique gifts for Fortnite players, you’ve come to the right website!

Fortnite isn’t just your regular Battle Royale game. It combines the elements of a thrilling shooting game with a unique twist of building things for your survival. The cool idea seemed to have pulled a lot of people to play it. Therefore, you could see a lot of professional Fortnite tournaments! If you have a friend who likes this game, you could probably do them a huge favor by handing out gifts for Fortnite players. On this list, we have some interesting items that will be useful for them. 

Useful Gifts for Fortnite Players

It doesn’t matter if your friend played Fortnite on an amateur or professional level. They still need all accessories to ensure victory. You can help by finding vouchers or gaming items that will make them comfortable. Here are some cool gifts for Fortnite players that will enhance their gaming experience. 

1. Fortnite 5000 V-bucks Physical Card

Fortnite 5000 V-bucks Physical Card

Just like any other game, the in-game purchase is essential to upgrade players’ skills and skins. In Fortnite, 5000 V-bucks is enough to buy a lot of in-game accessories. Go buy this card for your friend to help them acheive victory!

2. Fortnite Minty Legends for Switch

Fortnite Minty Legends for Switch

This is one of the best add-on packs you can get for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. It contains winter-themed items that will make your friend’s avatar look a lot cooler. This pack guarantees you three outfits, some additional items, as well an extra 1000 V-bucks!

3. Mobile Game Controller Trigger

Mobile Game Controller Trigger

In the past couple of years, mobile games have been on the rise. Interestingly, Fortnite can also be enjoyed on this platform. If your friend chose to play this cool game via Android or iPhone, you might want to buy them this cool mobile controller. It really enhanced hand comfort while increasing the overall gaming experience. 

4. Wooden Qi Wireless Mousepad

Wooden Qi Wireless Mousepad

Cool gamers always need to have the best mousepads. Perhaps, this particular mousepad will fit your friend’s purpose. With this elegant pad, your friend can charge their phone while fighting for victory on the battlefield. It’s also compatible with both Android and iPhone. 

5. “Do Not Disturb” Gaming Socks

“Do Not Disturb” Gaming Socks

It’s a bad idea to talk to a gamer who’s in the middle of playing. It could disrupt their focus and cost them the game. That’s the reason why this sock is one of the funniest gifts for Fortnite players! Besides, this sock is made up of premium material that will feel very comfortable. 

6. Gamer Mask

Gamer Mask

Nowadays, gamers need to ensure their safety while attending professional tournaments. With this cool mask, they won’t have to break health protocols while still appearing at events with style!

7. Fortnite Cups

fortnite Cups

When you host a cool Fortnite-themed party, you also need to make sure that your friends will receive cool souvenirs. There’s nothing that will fit better than these cool Fortnite cups. These adorable cups will be a nice present that can accompany your friends during their gaming time at home. 

Decoration Gifts for Fortnite Players

As a hardcore gamer, your friend will definitely have many gaming-related decorations and toys in their room. You can help fill your friend’s room by obtaining some of these cool gifts for Fortnite players. Check it out!

8. Fishstick Fortnite Poster

Fishstick Fortnite Poster

Fishstick is one of the rare obtainable skins in the Fortnite game. He looks so cute and awesome on the battlefield. If your friend loved to use this character as their avatar, you might want to give this cool poster to them. 

9. Deadpool Fortnite Poster

Deadpool Fortnite Poster

Fortnite is known to have many collaborations with other franchises. One character that particularly stands out is Deadpool. This Marvel antihero is obtainable for a limited time. If your friend missed out on getting this skin, you might want to buy this poster to cheer him up! Who knows if the merc may be obtainable later on!

10. Food Fight Action Figures Pack

 b Food Fight 4 Figure Pack

Action figures are cool decorations for a gamer’s desk. For a Fortnite player, these 4 figures might be a no-brainer to choose. This pack includes four of the most popular outfits in the game like Guaco, The Brat, Gutbomb, and Hothouse. Hurry up and buy it for your friend! 

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11. Fortnite Baller Vehicle 

Fortnite Baller Vehicle 

Bring your friend’s Fortnite fantasy to life with this awesome Baller Vehicle. Sometimes, your friend might want to take a break from looking at the PC screen. But there’s no need to stop their Fortnite dream by playing with this cool Vehicle! Take it on a cruise around your friend’s room. 

12. Midas and Jules Diorama

gifts for fortnite players

Midas and Jules are two of the most popular characters from the game. With this cool diorama, your friend will be able to recreate an iconic moment between the two characters. It’s a perfect decoration for your friend’s room

13. Midas Rex Collectible Action Figure

gifts for fortnite players

Worried that your friend already has a room full of collectibles? Well, buying one more tiny figurine won’t be a problem. Besides, this Midas action figure has a badass design. Your friend would appreciate having one of these from you. 

14. Raptor Funko Pop

Raptor Funko Pop

Gamers love Funko Pops. They are cool collectibles that will rise in value over time. A Fortnite player might fancy this cool Raptor Funko Pop. It looks awesome and so detailed, just like the one that was featured in the game!

15. Black Knight Funko Pop

Black Knight Funko Pop

Here’s another cool Fortnite Funko Pop for you to choose. This Black Knight figure is a stylized Pop that will perfectly fit your friend’s taste. If your friend has this cool character in the game, you wouldn’t want them to miss out on the figurine as well. 

Cool Shirt Gifts for Fortnite Players

Your friends shouldn’t call themselves Fortnite lovers if they don’t own a single Fortnite shirt. Luckily, there are a lot of unique Fortnite shirts that you can get as gifts for Fortnite players. Get one of these comfy shirts for your friend!

16. Gamer Daddy Shirt

gifts for fortnite players

Who said that Fortnite is made exclusively for children? If your friend is a proud father who loves to play the game, you might want to consider giving them this cute shirt. They might wear it with pride while taking care of their kids. 

17. Fortnite Totem Shirt

Fortnite Totem Shirt

Although Fortnite’s overall story revolves around eliminating each other to claim victory, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their shirts and merchandise cannot be cute-looking. Take this awesome shirt as an example and imagine how good it will fit your friend!

18. Ragnarok Funko Shirt

Ragnarok Funko Shirt

In the game, Ragnarok looked so menacing and intimidating. While its Funko counterpart manages to capture the same aura, you can’t deny that there’s some cuteness on it too. This shirt is one of the best items that you can get for your friend. Besides, it also contains one Ragnarok Funko Pop!

19. 2-Pack Fortnite Shirts

gifts for fortnite players

If your friend doesn’t have any Fortnite-related shirts, then this item will be the perfect gift choice. It includes two cool Fortnite shirts that will serve a greater good in your friend’s body. Both shirts are also made of premium material that is very comfy. 

20. Fortnite Hoodie

gifts for fortnite players

Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include at least one single hoodie in it. We thought that this hoodie might just be the best Fortnite hoodie for your friend. It has a cool design and is made out of premium material. What else can you ask for?

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Unique Gifts for Fortnite Players

If you’re still looking for more options for your Fortnite-loving friend, you don’t need to worry! We’ve still got a lot of cool items that will fit your purpose. Take a look at our cool gifts for Fortnite players.

21. Fortnite Nerf Blaster

gifts for fortnite players

It is no surprise that Nerf decided to collaborate with Fortnite, seeing as both involve toy guns. They also did an awesome job in recreating one of the most popular Fortnite rifles, the BASR-L. Get this bad boy for your friend, ASAP!

22. Reversible Fortnite Plush

gifts for fortnite players

Nothing will beat a cute plush. Well, scratch that! Nothing will beat an adorable and reversible plush like this Fortnite cat plush. You can swap between Meow Meow and Shadow Meowscles. It will look cute on your friend’s gaming table

23. Panini Fortnite Stickers

gifts for fortnite players

Over the years, Panini has released a lot of cool collectibles and memorabilia. The Fortnite stickers are definitely must-haves, especially for all the Fortnite lovers out there. It includes five awesome stickers inside. If you bought five packs directly, you will get a free Panini Fortnite sticker album!3

24. Fortnite V-Bucks

gifts for fortnite players

After all those times spent collecting V-Bucks in-game, your friend might fancy having a real replica for themselves! You can help them out by obtaining this cool capsule case for them. They will certainly treasure this valuable item!

25. Fortnite Monopoly

gifts for fortnite players

Playing a traditional monopoly board game might seem outdated now. But if you gave your friend this cool Monopoly board game, there’s a huge chance that they will play it all day long! It features a lot of iconic locations and properties from the Fortnite game. 

26. Fortnite Item Replica

gifts for fortnite players

Fortnite contains a lot of cool and iconic items. Consequently, you can find cool replicas that will serve as awesome decorations for your friend’s room. These replicas perfectly resemble the items that can be found inside the games! Your friend would definitely love to own one!

Final Thoughts

Fortnite players would appreciate any gift related to their favorite games. In choosing the best items, our advice is to consider things that will make them able to show their love to the game such as a cool hoodie, t-shirts, or maybe a face mask.

Moreover, you can also choose some Fortnite offline games like a Monopoli, Nerf guns or Diorama. Those games will help to balance their focus after long-hours of playing online games. As we know, sitting in front of their screen for hours can be very tiring sometimes, and offline games can be a nice healing activities for them to do.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get someone who loves Fortnite?

A hardcore Fortnite lover would certainly appreciate any Fortnite-related items that you can get for them. You can consider giving them in-game items and vouchers that will help them increase their chance of winning the game. On the other hand, you might want to consider giving out cool Fortnite figures and diorama as gifts for Fortnite players. 

What do you get a kid who likes Fortnite?

Kids love toys as much as video games. Bearing that thought in your mind, you might want to find cool toys and games that feature Fortnite characters. We suggest you obtain this cool Fortnite gun along with the cool Fortnite Monopoly board game as gifts for Fortnite players.

What every gamer needs?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or amateur gamer, you need a proper gamer set and accessories to ensure your victory. Aside from ensuring a good internet connection, you need to have excellent headphones, a mouse, and keyboards! Other accessories might be necessary, depending on the game you are playing!  

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