26 Magical Harry Potter Figurines

The anticipation towards the next installment of the Fantastic Beast cannot go any higher than now. But before we watch the third movie from the Fantastic Beast trilogy, let’s stop and look back to the series that starts it all: Harry Potter. Since the book and movie were launched, people have been crazy about Harry Potter. And when a franchise is getting massive, you can bet that there will be cool merchandise and figures that sell out. 

You can find a lot of different Harry Potter figurines in the market. In fact, there are a lot of manufacturers who have launched their own model of Harry Potter figurines. From Funko to Macfarlane Toys, you will find different kinds of fun figurines of your favorite characters like Hermione to Draco Malfoy. Below, we have compiled a list of awesome Harry Potter figurines for you to buy. Please be aware that some of these items are rare and hard to find, so it’s better to hurry up and obtain them!

Are Harry Potter Figurines Worth Anything?

Rare Harry Potter figurines will always climb up in value. There are a lot of Harry Potter figurines that can be sold for hundreds of dollars, but there are some that are practically worthless. We suggest you to buy some cool Harry Potter Funko Pops while their stock lasts. After they run out, you may see some rare Pops that can be sold at an insane price.

Cool Harry Potter Figurines

We’re not overhyping when we said that there are a lot of Harry Potter figurines out there. However, some action figures will look cooler than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best Harry Potter figurines that you may want to consider. 

1. Macfarlane Harry Potter Wizarding World

Macfarlane Harry Potter Wizarding World

Macfarlane Toys have released some dope action figures over the years. Certainly, they won’t fail to impress, the Harry Potter figurine series are very well-done. Here, we’ve got the titular character. Harry couldn’t look better in this Macfarlane action figure

2. Macfarlane Deluxe Lord Voldemort

Macfarlane Deluxe Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort has been acknowledged as one of the best movie villains of all time. Macfarlane Toys has successfully captured his menacing aura in this Deluxe Lord Voldemort action figure. This seven-inch figure is also incredibly detailed and successfully portrays his movie appearance. Additionally, you get a mini Nagini in her snake form as a bonus!

3. Neca Harry Potter Figure

Neca Harry Potter Figure

Neca had come up with their own wave of Harry Potter figurines. Here, we’ve got the cool Neca Harry Potter Figure from Neca’s second series of Harry Potter action figurines. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on, as its value can rise up anytime. 

4. Bellatrix Lestrange Funko Pop

Bellatrix Lestrange Funko Pop

It would be strange to have a list of Harry Potter figurines without bringing up Funko Pops. In fact, we’ve got a lot of Pops that you can choose from. First up, we got the awesome Bellatrix Lestrange for you. Voldemort’s strongest lieutenant is here to serve as one of your collections!

5. Luna Lovegood Funko Pop

Luna Lovegood Funko Pop

Luna Lovegood is an important character in Harry Potter lore. Here, we’ve got Luna with her famous glasses which are called Spectrespecs – glasses that allow the wearer to see Wrackspurts. She is so cute on this Funko Pop, and we suggest you quickly purchase it. 

6. Harry Potter Deluxe Funko Pop

Harry Potter Deluxe Funko Pop

To celebrate Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary, Funko released some cool Harry Potter Pops. This Deluxe Funko is one of the best in that particular wave. It reenacts one of the movie moments where Harry is pushing his trolley. 

7. Dumbledore Funko Pop! Town

Dumbledore Funko Pop! Town

Albus Dumbledore will always be remembered as one of, if not the best, sorcerers of all time. Funko pays its tribute by releasing this awesome Dumbledore pop. It’s so cool that this figurine came with a Hogwarts building. Go buy this quickly before you miss the chance.  

8. Hermione with Wand Funko Pop

Hermione with Wand Funko Pop

As one of the main characters in the whole series, Hermione really deserved a cool Funko Pop. Fortunately, Funko won’t disappoint you. This awesome Hermione Funko Pop also features her signature wand. And so, this item should be featured on your Harry Potter figurines collection. 

9. Harry Potter with Flying Key Funko Pop

Harry Potter with Flying Key Funko Pop

People will always remember that iconic Quidditch tournament in the movie. To honor that moment, Funko has released this incredible Harry Potter Funko Pop, featuring his broomstick and flying key. This is a Summer Convention exclusive, meaning that stocks are available in limited quantities. So, get this one now before it runs out!

10. Funko Mini: Harry Potter

Funko Mini Moments Harry Potter

Harry Potter faithful will be able to recognize where this Funko mini moment takes place. Indeed, this is the iconic potions classroom from the movie. You can collect this, along with three other Funko mini moments, to build the entire potions classroom. 

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11. Funko Mini: Professor Snape

Funko Mini Moments Professor Snape

Here’s the second figure from the awesome Funko Mini Moments series. We’ve got the menacing Professor Snape who is ready to teach you some lessons in the potions classroom. This set also comes with mini shelves, tables, and other knick-knacks! Collect this and the other three figures to build the entire room. 

12. Funko Mini: Draco Malfoy

Funko Mini Moments Draco Malfoy

During the entire series, Draco Malfoy is a pain in the butt for Harry Potter. But if you like him, you’d probably want to consider buying this cool Mini Moment Draco Malfoy Funko Pop. Don’t forget to purchase the other three mini moments to finish up the entire series!

13. Funko Mini: Ron Weasley

Funko Mini Moments: Ron Weasley

To end our endless list of Harry Potter Funko Pops, we are presenting you this cool Ron Weasley Funko mini moment! Collect this magnificent pop, along with the other three that we have mentioned before, to assemble the iconic potions classroom from the movie!

Unique Harry Potter Figurines

Don’t stop your search just yet! We’ve got more Harry Potter figurines waiting in line for you. Below, you will find cool Harry Potter figurines and sculptures that are unique and cool to collect. Check it out!

14. Hermione Granger Figurine

Hermione Granger Sculpture

Emma Watson really nails her role portraying Hermione Granger. To celebrate her, we are offering you this cute Hermione sculpture. It will fit perfectly on your desk. Her adorable mini-figure will accompany you through your daily activities

15. Ollivanders Wand Shop Diorama

Ollivanders Wand Shop Mini Diorama

Ollivanders is a famous wand shop located in London, England. It has since been destroyed because of the raid by the Death Eaters. However, you can relive the store’s glory days with this cool Ollivanders Wand Shop diorama

16. Spin Master Harry Potter Mini Figures

Spin Master Harry Potter 3” Mini Figures

Spin Master has released some cute Harry Potter mini figures with this release. You can choose your favorite characters, ranging from Dumbledore to Luna Lovegood, and this adorable mini-figure will arrive as one of your best collections yet. 

17. Albus Dumbledore Sculpture

Albus Dumbledore Sculpture

If you are looking for a detailed and awesome sculpture to display, you might want to consider this cool Albus Dumbledore sculpture. It’s hand-painted and carefully crafted to ensure the best quality for you. 

18. Severus Snape 3D Sculpture

Severus Snape 3D Sculpture

Unlike the Dumbledore sculpture, this particular statue is made using high-tech 3D technology. However, this Severus Snape 3D sculpture will grace your room with the ultimate elegance. You would not regret purchasing this cool Snape statue as a display. 

19. Lego Minifigures Harry Potter

Lego Minifigures Harry Potter Series 2

Throughout the years, Lego has released many cool mini-figures from different kinds of franchise, such as Marvel and Indiana Jones. They certainly won’t miss out on Harry Potter. Hurry and buy this cool Lego Harry Potter Mini figure, containing iconic characters such as Ron Weasley and Lily Potter. 

20. Lego Minifigures Harry Potter

Lego Minifigures Harry Potter Series 1

Looking for a classic Lego Mini figure? There are a lot of pre-owned Harry Potter Mini figures in mint condition that you can find. You can search for some of your favorite Mini figure here! What’s more, you can get one free bonus if you decide to purchase three of them at once. 

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21. Lego Harry Potter and Hedwig

Lego Harry Potter and Hedwig

All of the die-hard Harry Potter fans will remember the iconic scene between Harry Potter and Hedwig the owl. If you would like to reenact that iconic moment, you might want to buy this awesome Lego set. Hurry up while the stock lasts. 

22. Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter Set

 Nano Metalfigs Harry Potter Set

Nano has really done a good job in making these awesome Harry Potter metalfigs. Although these figures are smaller than most of the other figures mentioned previously, they are so perfectly detailed. Truly a collector’s item. 

Vintage Harry Potter Figurines

The Harry Potter franchise has been around for a long time. Because of that, it’s no surprise if some of the figures are really old and rare. Let’s take a look at some of the best vintage Harry Potter figurines.

23. Hagrid Figure

Hagrid Figure

This particular figure, featuring the mighty Hagrid, has been around since the release of the first movie. There aren’t many Hagrid figures left in the market. If you’re a his fan, you might not want to miss out on this rare Hagrid action figure. 

24. Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley

Here’s another vintage Harry Potter toy from the first movie. This time, we have the brilliant Ron Weasley, still sealed in its original box. Do not think twice and buy this vintage figurine now! After all, others might be in line to purchase it too. 

25. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger

It would be a crime to buy Ron Weasley without his future wife Hermione. Luckily, we managed to find Hermione Granger in the same series as Ron. She also comes in mint condition! 

26. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter vs Draco Malfoy

Throughout the entire series, Harry Potter is in a constant battle with the vicious Draco Malfoy. It’s the reason why Gamestop decided to release this awesome two-pack figure containing both characters. Get them now and add it to your ever-growing collection. 

Final Thoughts

All characters in the famous Harry Potter books or movies have their own uniqueness, including the villain ones. On this list, we have a list of the most recommended Harry Potter figurines for all hard core fans of the movie. And yes, the list includes the bad characters as well. If you are planning on adding a new item to your figurine collection, the most recommended items to be added to your list are the Macfarlane Deluxe Lord Voldemort that include Nagini figurine, Hermione Granger sculpture, and Harry Potter and Hedwig Lego figurines. But be free to choose more from our list above because we have 26 selected items that will worth a spot on your collection shelf.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the most expensive Harry Potter item?

Harry Potter is a critically acclaimed franchise that is well-beloved by fans all around the world. It’s no surprise that all memorabilia related to the series can be sold at a high price. To date, the most expensive Harry Potter item to be sold is the manuscript of the Tales of Beedle the Bard. It is handwritten by the author, and it has been sold at a charity auction for £368,750!

What is the rarest Harry Potter collectibles?

There are a lot of rare Harry Potter collectibles to be explored. But let’s narrow down the topic to Harry Potter figurines. If we’re talking about them, there’s nothing that beats the first release of Harry Potter toys to celebrate the first movie. Luckily, you can still find some of them here

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