25 Harry Potter Wand Toy Like A Real Mage

Harry Potter is a well-known novel series that has been adapted into a film series. J.K. Rowling was the outstanding author behind this mage series. Harry Potter uses the wand to do his magic. Therefore, if you want to copy his move, the Harry Potter wand toy may help you do the job.

The Harry Potter wand toy is suitable for any age because the magic show and the Harry Potter series many people love them regardless of their age. And if you are one of The Potterheads, you must be familiar with the wand that frequently appeared in the movies. Suppose you are looking for a perfect wand to complete your Harry Potter collection, then you just arrived at the right place. We provide 25 Harry Potter Wand Toys that will surely amaze you! Check it out!

What Is Harry Potter’s Magic Wand Called?

Harry Potter’s magic wand is called holly wand, a brother wand of Voldemort’s wand. Because the wand has a connection, they can attack each other when Harry is engaged in a battle with Voldemort.

What Are Harry Potter Toy Wands Made Of?

Harry Potter wand toys are usually made of resin or plastic. Sometimes there are also wands that are made of wood. It is better if the resin has a stronger and firmer durability than a wood, so even a baby can play with it.

BEST Harry Potter Wand Toy – Our 3 Best Picks

Realistic Harry Potter Wand ToyHarry Potter Wand Toy SetUnique Harry Potter Toy
Harry Potter 14.5″ Wand Replica11 PCS Magic WandsBox Props Lantern Magic Wands
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Awesome Harry Potter Wand Toy for The Potterheads

1. Ron Weasley Magic Wand

Ron Weasley magic Wand

The Harry Potter wand toy is made by Kiklop, a famous fan-made Harry Potter filmmaker and the elder wand. The wand is suitable for any age, as long as they like magic, Harry Potter, or need some ideas for Halloween gifts, the wand is good for them. In the series, the wand has various usage such as disarming, nonverbal magic, dark magic, and many more.

2. Professor Dumbledore Elder Wand

Professor Dumbledore Elder Wand

The Harry Potter wand toy has a beautiful design. Thanks to the resin material and iron core, this wand looks so magical! The wand will surely make you feel like a real mage just like in the Harry Potter series. You can also bring this to a birthday party or Halloween party.

3. Draco Malfoy’s Metal Core Wand

D. Raco Metal Core Magical Wand Character

The Draco Malfoy’s wand in the series has a unicorn hair core and is made of hawthorn wood. The wand in the series can cast magic to conjure a snake which is a suitable wand for snake lovers if they want this Harry Potter wand toy.

4. Dolores Umbridge’s Wand

Metal Core Magical Wand Professor mean Character

The Harry Potter wand toy which is considered short is inspired by Dolores Umbridge’s wand in the series which is made of dragon heartstring core. Even though it is short, the wand can cast advanced magic like conjuration and nonverbal spells. Although the wand was destroyed in the series, you or your friend should keep this magic wand toy, so you can bring it to any birthday or Halloween party.

5. Realistic Harry Potter Wands

Realistic Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter uses the wand to defeat the antagonist and many things. If you have a wand that looks close to Harry’s wand, it should give a cool vibe. The Harry Potter wand toy is great, the paint doesn’t chip away when you handle it in the long term.

6. 11 PCS Magic Wands

New 11 PCS Harry Potter Hermione Dumbledore Voldemort Magic Wands

Voldemort is a major antagonist in the Harry Potter series. The harry potter wand toy is not only exclusive for the protagonist but also for the antagonist. Furthermore, there are eleven wands which you can choose from. Be sure to choose the wand that suits your taste.

7. Harry Potter 14.5″ Wand Replica

HOT New Harry Potter 14.5" Magical Wand Replica Cosplay Christmas Gift In Box

Black Harry Potter wand toy is perfect for you if you love characters like black mages. The wand is brand-new and hand-made. In addition, it comes with the box that makes it a great gift box on Christmas eve.

8. Harry Potter Wand with LED Light

Harry Potter Magic Wand Wizard w/ LED Light Cosplay Costume

The Harry Potter wand toy that looks functionally active like the real magic wand is thrilling and amazing. The wand can produce light but not by magic. But, the LED system helps the wand to illuminate the light. The good news is you only need a AAA-type battery to turn it on.

9. Box Props Lantern Magic Wands

Box Props Lantern

Not only lamps that can shine in this world but also Harry Potter wand toys. The eight wands could be a toy to play with or become an emergency light in the blackout. Above all, the magic wand is good for a Christmas gift on Christmas day.

10. Severus Snape Magic Wand

Severus Snape Magic Wand 14.5" Collection Costume Props Toy Gift Harry Potter

The 14,5 inches Harry Potter wand toy is ready for use by anyone regardless of their age. The wand can be a tool to support a role-playing party. The black color makes it intriguing to collect. Moreover, the resin material ensures the wand’s durability.

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11. Disguise Harry Potter Wand

harry potter wand toy

Disguise is one of the top leaders in the Halloween industry by creating Harry Potter toy wands like the picture above. The wand will make you look like a great magician at the Halloween party, thus making you the center of attention.

12. Harry Potter Mystery Wand Series 3

harry potter wand toy

Do you want a random wand instead of a wand that you choose yourself? The box contains three wands that have no same wands in each box. The twelve inches wand would certainly make a great gift for your kids if they are already teenagers.

13. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Wand

harry potter wand toy

The Deathly Hallows is the final series of the Harry Potter novels. The Harry Potter wand toy looks like an ordinary wooden rod but actually, the wand is brand new and available in many sizes such as large and extra-large.

14. Classic Voldemort Wand

harry potter wand toy

Instead of the protagonist, there are also people who like the antagonist more than the protagonist. If there are Harry Potter fans that match that criteria, the Harry Potter wand toy is perfect because this is Voldemort wand. The magic wand is in possession of the main antagonist of the Harry Potter universe. The wand is surely great to bring to the Halloween party.

15. Luna Lovegood Magic Wand

harry potter wand toy

This is one of Luna Lovegood’s wands in the series. To be precise, this is her second wand. The crafter utilized wood and core material to create the wand, just like her first wand. She lost the first one when she was abducted by the death eaters. Nonetheless, she received the second wand personally after the rescue which was made by the crafter himself, Ollivander.

16. Harry Potter Glasses & Wand for Kids Accessory

harry potter wand toy

The wand and glasses will make you or your friend look like a real Harry Potter in the series. You just need to spell a magic word to cast a spell to give a great role play game at the Halloween party. Even though it looks hard and solid, the plastic material the glasses, and the Harry Potter wand toy are made of plastic.

17. Royal Oak Wand with Metal Heart Magic

harry potter wand toy

If you want to role play to be a magician, therefore you need a Harry Potter wand toy to do it. The role play can be useful if you run out of ideas to calm your newborn or baby that can’t stop crying. The material is safe with no smell, so even a baby can play with this wand.

18. Luci Metal Core Magical Wand

harry potter wand toy

Lucious Malfoy was the owner of the serpent head wand. He was the head of the pureblood Malfoy Family. But, unfortunately, the wand was taken by Voldemort, the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series. After being released from the Azkaban, Lucious regains ownership of the wand. If there are Harry Potter fans that love serpents/snakes, you should give this to them.

19. Wizard Training Wand

Wizard Training Wand

The sturdy, and made of resin that is stronger than wood Harry Potter wand toy is suitable for kids. They will be confident when they go to the Halloween party. Even more, you can give this wand at birthday parties or Christmas parties.

20. Spellbinding Harry Potter Wand

12-inch Spellbinding Harry Potter Wand

Do you need help when you want to use a magic wand? The Harry Potter wand toy also has a collectible spell card in the package which you can use to play with your kids or friends. Don’t forget to spell the magic word at the birthday party with this wand.

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21. Fred Rare Metal Core Magic Wand

harry potter wand toy

Fred Weasley’s wand has the same materials that are used to make Luna Lovegood’s wand, wood, and core material. Fred Weasly, who was a gifted spell caster, used the wand. He can use the wand to cast martial magic and transfiguration magic. Also, the wand can be used to defend himself. A gifted person will undoubtedly love this Harry Potter wand toy.

22. Rubie’s Wand with Light & Sound

Rubie's Harry Potter Wand with Light and Sound

If before there was a Harry Potter wand toy that can produce light, there is also a wand that can produce both light and sound. After the wand produces light, it also produces a magical word. The wand offers you great accessories for any Harry Potter costume.

23. Harry Potter Illuminating Wand

Harry Potter Illuminating Wand,14-Inch

Exercising with a Harry Potter wand toy is not a bad idea. You can turn on and off this magic wand just by waving it. Hence, the cycle of on and off the wand can be a good exercise for your hand. It is also useful in the blackout or there is no source of light in your house.

24. Hermione Granger’s Illuminating Wand

Hermione Granger's Illuminating Wand

Granger is one of the trio besides Harry Potter, and Ronald Weasly. It is good to know that there is a Harry Potter wand toy that has a replica of Granger’s wand. Fans of her would be appreciated and thrilled to receive this kind of gift, especially if they are also fond of magic.

25. Sirius Black Magic Wand

Harry Potter Sirius Black Wand

Sirius Black is the godfather of Harry Potter. Therefore, it is an honor to have this kind of Harry Potter wand toy. The wand can be played by your teenage kids, and can be given to their friend in the birthday party.

Final Thoughts

The magic world of Harry Potter is the world that almost every kids and Harry Potter fans in the world is dreaming of. Therefore, having a Harry Potter wand is something that can bring a little part of that world alive. Finding the best wand for a special Happy Potter fan is going to be a lot easier if you know who is that person’s favorite character in the movie. If they love Harry, then you must give them Harry’s wand. You can find wands that belong to each character in the market. So, happy hunting!

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What Is The Best Harry Potter Wand?

The best Harry Potter wand is relative to the fans, whether they like a protagonist or an antagonist. If they like the protagonist, Granger’s wand or Harry’s wand is the best for them. If they like antagonists, Voldemort’s wand suits their taste perfectly.

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