25 Effective Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas 

Having an outdoor hot tub at home might be the dream of many. Living the life that many of us fantasize about: being able to enjoy your own private outdoor hot tub in the comforts of your own house. Unfortunately, we need to do some reality check on that. An outdoor hot tub needs tons of considerations to have. The first one will be the space to build it and the cost to build it. The other aspect that sometimes was overlooked was its privacy. Since it is located outdoors, it is naturally harder to have privacy. Privacy is the key to having the best relaxing day outdoors relaxing in a hot tub. 

Since it is an important aspect, you might need some inspiration on setting up some privacy without ruining the whole aesthetic of your hot tub. There are 20 different ideas on this list of backyard hot tub privacy ideas that will help you get inspired. They are both effective and aesthetic. You don’t have to worry about ruining the whole look and vibe of your supposedly favorite relaxing spot at home. 

1. Big Trees 

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

We are starting the list of backyard hot tub privacy ideas with the least effort. You can find the spot in your garden that is hidden with the big trees and all. If you are blessed with big trees in your garden that could give you some extra privacy, you need to use it well for your hot tub. However, the problem would be the falling leaves and branches that will make your hot tub dirty. So, you can have a hot tub cover so you can have it closed when you don’t use it. It is a cheap hot tub idea that is effortless yet effective. 

2. Fence 

Fence is the simple hot tub privacy idea that could never go wrong. It is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to make sure that it is high enough to prevent unwanted eyes spying on you while you enjoy your time relaxing in a hot tub. For the material, you can use any material that you like: wood, metal, etc. It will be best to have it with the design that will compliment your overall house. 

3. Semi Outdoor Hot Tub

Another simple hot tub privacy idea you can also do is to have a semi outdoor area for your hot tub. You will have enough privacy from the room setting while feeling the breeze of being outdoors. By having it this way, you don’t really have so much to do. You can either remove the roof or one to two sides of the walls. By having it this way, this will give you the best privacy you will ever want. It will definitely be your favorite room at home. 

4. Hot Tub Gazebo 

Setting up a gazebo for your hot tub will provide you with the privacy that you need. It might cost you some more money, but it will provide you with the privacy that you need. A hot tub privacy gazebo is always a great idea because it provides you with the outdoor feeling that is essential to a great and enjoyable backyard hot tub experience.  

5. Hanging Garden   

This one is a fun idea for those who love gardening. Instead of putting up a plane wall or fence as cover, you can set up a hanging garden to provide some privacy. While you can grow your own herbs or flowers, you can also provide some privacy for your hot tub. WIth this style, you can be efficient with your backyard space. Even if you don;t have a big backyard, you can still fit both. 

6. Plant Wall 

A unique hot tub privacy idea is by using a plant wall. Unlike the usual fence and wall, this plant wall will give off a more natural-feel to your hot tub area. Seeing all the green leaves and maybe some little flowers, it will soothe your eyes and heart while you relax in your hot tub. It will make you feel more safe and relaxed. Also, this plant wall will allow you to hang on some decoration to set up the mood. 

7. In Between House And Back Wall 

Talking about strategic placement, this one might be a smart way to give some privacy around your hot tub. It will be a great idea for a small garden hot tub in between your back wall and your house. You will have a fence or privacy wall without the need of building a new one. Doing it this way will also allow you to be effective and efficient with the spaces at home. 

8. Farm Style Gazebo 

Another hot tub privacy gazebo idea is the more down to earth style. A farm barn style gazebo that could provide you with the level.of privacy that you need. The perfect place for a little secret hideout to wine down and relax after a long stressful day. If you have a wooden home or countryside style home, this gazebo style would be the best fit. 

9. Tall Hot Tub 

We will utilize the deck design to provide you some privacy. By having a taller hot tub deck, it will let you sink in more. With this, you can hide inside your tub. This deck design will be suitable for those of you whose backyard is not as close to your neighbors so it will provide enough privacy for you. Despite its simplicity, it probably might not be suitable for those of you who live in crowded neighborhoods which will require extra privacy.

10. Privacy Screen 

Source: Pinterest (@rusticaornamentals.com)

The privacy screen is a more flexible alternative for a permanent fence or wall. There are tons of privacy screen choices that you can use around your hot tub. You can choose the simple flat wooden screen or the Japanese style screen that you usually find in Japanese or other Asian restaurants. You can also have these screens with wheels too so that you can move them around easily. 

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11. Hot Tub Tent 

Source: Pinterest (@gift-feed.com)

This is a cheap hot tub privacy idea that you can consider. It is way cheaper than building a whole new gazebo and it is more flexible to move around. This tent or solar dome would be an easy way to give you some privacy while you are enjoying your time in the hot tub. You can also put some decorations to set up the mood. 

12. Hot Tub with Clean Curtain 

Another simple hot tub privacy idea is to set up curtains. You will need some extra space to hold the frames that will hold the curtain. You can use the type of material that is waterproof and easy to clean so you won’t have too much trouble keeping it clean. The hot tub privacy with curtains makes it an easy idea, because it won’t take you too much effort to open and close it and still give you the flexibility to decide how much you want to close and leave open. 

13. Hot Tub with Retreat Deck 

Hot Tub with Retreat Deck 

This retreat deck is a more elaborate deck sign that you can try if you have a bigger free space available in your backyard. You can create a hot tub with a deck that is connected to a sitting area. It will be a great retreat place and to host your friends and family for some BBQ. The hot tub area is slightly higher than the sitting area which gives it a separate, more private area. Also, you have a mini gazebo set up for the hot tub which provides coverage from the surrounding area.   

14. Hot Tub with Wooden Screen 

Hot Tub with Wooden Screen 

A very similar idea to the hot tub privacy curtains, however this one is permanent. You can have your hot tub in a gazebo that comes with a wooden screen around it. The wooden screen comes in a design that allows light and wind to come in and through, but will provide you with the privacy that you need. You can choose to have it permanently installed or the one that you can move around. If you choose the one that is not permanent, you can have the fully covered one instead of the one with holes on it. 

15. Hot Tub Canopy 

Hot Tub Canopy
Source: Pinterest (@clevercompany.com)

A unique backyard hot tub privacy idea on this list would be this hot tub canopy. It will be best for a small garden hot tub. When you don’t have any natural big trees or any space to build walls or some extra deck, you can get this canopy hot tub. It comes with its own canopy that will give you some extra privacy. Also, some inflatable hot tubs come with their own canopy which is a super efficient hot tub choice. 

16. Hot Tub & Bar Setup 

Hot Tub & Bar Setup 
Source: Pinterest (@wavespas.com)

One of the most unique hot tub in garden ideas that you can check out: hot tub and bar setup. The bar area will be a nice looking coverage for the hot tub area. It will be a great place to enjoy some good time with your friends and family. Also, since you have the bar table next to you, you can use it to put some wine glasses to enjoy a good sip or your laptop to watch some movies while enjoying the hot tub. 

17. Hot Tub Pavilion 

Hot Tub Pavilion 
Source: Pinterest (@foreverredwood.com)

The hot tub pavilion comes with a unique deck design. Your hot tub will be located exclusively under a gazebo looking building. This could also be a hot tub privacy gazebo that will fit a small garden hot tub. You don’t need so much space to build this pavilion because it does not require a huge deck space. It is a little elevated so the deck around it will work more like a table than a floor. Then, you can add small simple stairs on one side for you to get in and out of the hot tub. 

18. Hot Tub Shelter

Hot Tub Shelter
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The hot tub shelter is one of the hot tub in garden ideas that will provide you with the best privacy. You can build a designated hot tub shelter in your backyard and have your hot tub inside it. It might require some extra space for you to build a separate place for your hot tub. If you don’t have so much extra space in your backyard for it, you need to readjust the design so your backyard won’t feel too crowded and lose the essence of having a hot tub in your backyard. 

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19. Romantic Gazebo 

Romantic Gazebo 
Source: Pinterest (@westerntimberframe.com)

Instead of going for hot tub privacy curtains, you can build a gazebo with hanging plants and lights to replace the curtain. By doing this, you will create a more romantic vibe for your hot tub. Your backyard hot tub will be your favorite place to be after a long tiring day. One of the hot tub in garden ideas that will suit a newlywed home. 

20. Portable Hot Tub

Portable Hot Tub
Source: Pinterest (@Lori Foster)

We are ending the list with the most unique one: a portable hot tub. The hot tub and curtains come together as a set. So, if you want to use it you can just open it up and you have the roof and curtain ready to be used as well. You can also fold the curtain up if you don’t need to use them. This ons is even better than the inflatable hot tub.  

21. Inflatable Plastic Hot Tub Enclosure

Inflatable Plastic Hot Tub Enclosure
Source: Pinterest (@sunrisespecialty.com)

In case you’re looking for an economical hot tub tent, right here we have the perfect item for you. This inflatable plastic hot tub enclosure is perfect for those who are looking for a tent that maintains privacy while relaxing in a backyard hot tub. It also comes with adjustable covers that you can manage based on your needs.  

22. Green Hot Tub Gazebo

Green Hot Tub Gazebo
Source: Pinterest (@ebay.co.uk)

We don’t just fall in love with the adorable green color that this gazebo offers, but we also fall for the design! This gazebo is definitely a must-have for those who love to have an aesthetic gazebo to place their hot tub. With two round openings on its two sides, this gazebo is perfect to place a corner hot tub in the backyard. It will keep your hot tub relaxing moment private for sure.

23. Classic Style Hot Tub Garden Gazebo

Classic Style Hot Tub Garden Gazebo
Source: Pinterest (@rexgarden.com)

If you think that this gazebo can be the perfect wedding venue, then we couldn’t agree more. It has a design that looks like the perfect wedding gazebo. But it turns out to be a great gazebo for your hot tub, too! Place your hot tub inside this gazebo, add some custom tables to place your drinks or snacks while relaxing, and have some curtains on each side, so you can choose to have an open or closed hot tub moment.

24. 4×4 Wooden Hot Tub Hut

4x4 Wooden Hot Tub Hut
Source: Pinterest (@ezframestructures.com)

For extra privacy, this 4×4 wooden hot tub hut is highly recommended. It comes in a size of 4×4 with full cover on all three sides, plus a canopy that will protect you from the sun or rain. This hut will be the perfect cover for an all-day hot tub moment, which will make sure your privacy is safe all day. 

25. Retractable Hot Tub Dome

Retractable Hot Tub Dome
Source: Pinterest (@sunrooms-enclosures.com)

If you don’t feel like having the usual gazebo to cover your hot tub in the backyard, then you might want to check out this retractable hot tub dome. It features a modern design with neutral color that will match your backyard design. In terms of size, it is extra large to fit a small to large size tub, too. You can even add several extra pieces of furniture like chairs, a towel hanger or a small desk inside. 

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What can I use for privacy around my hot tub?

The most obvious answer would be building a fence around your hot tub or you can install a privacy screen around your hot tub. There are other ways that you can provide some privacy while you are relaxing in your hot tub. This list will provide you with some great ideas that you can do. 

How do you build a deck around a hot tub?

If you want to build a deck around a hot tub, you need to make sure you have enough space for it. It will be best if you can hire professionals to make it for you. Hiring a professional might cost you some money. If you don’t have the budget to do so, you can try doing it yourself. There are detailed instructions that you can follow. In short, you need to prepare the site, the materials, and the design. Then, you can build the deck in accordance with your design. 

How much space do you need around a hot tub?

Having more space will be more comfortable for you. You can at least spare a foot of space on all sides of the hot tub. The space can be used to give extra room if you are having a hot tub cover or other things. Also, it will be more spacious and comfortable for you to go in and out of the hot tub. 

Where is the best place to put a hot tub in your garden?

It will be best to find a spot that gives you both privacy and good scenery to see. A hot tub was meant to allow you to take some time to relax and enjoy yourself. This is why you need to be able to see good scenery when you are in it. However, it will give you a better experience if you also have privacy. Safety is always the priority. 

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