25 Useful Toys for Blind Cats You Should Buy

Once you have decided to take care of an animal, you should love them for who they are, no matter what. Even if you have a blind cat, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect them. Instead, show them some love and support. Help them get through their disability by encouraging them with some fun and engaging activities. For example, you can train them to enjoy life with some cool toys for blind cats.

It is essential to buy some toys for blind cats, because the right toys can help them enhance their skills, such as listening, tasting, and smelling. Each toy has their own purpose, and they are also fun for cats to play with. On our list of useful toys for blind cats, you can find cool items that are available in the market. Please consider buying some of these toys to keep your visually impaired cat happy at all times. 

Unique Cat Toys to Train Their Instinct

Blind cats may lose their ability to see, but they will never lose their great instinct. That’s the reason why you should train them to hone their instincts. Down below, you’ll see a list of cool toys for blind cats that can help them train their instinct. 

1. Interactive Cat Swimming Toy

Interactive Cat Swimming Toy

Bring some joy to your cat’s playing time with this fun toy. It contains four swimming fish toys that your blind cat can catch. But here’s the catch; the fishes are not that easy to catch, because they are programmed to move around as soon as they’re placed in the water. But nevertheless, this toy is really good and it will certainly help to stimulate your cat’s instincts.

2. Cat Scratching Ball

Cat Scratching Ball

Cats will always love to scratch something. So, rather than letting them run riot and destroy your house, just buy this cool scratching ball for them. This item will be the perfect toy for blind cats, since the item won’t get lost because it is attached to a wooden stand. 

3. Kitchen Tunnel Toy Set

Kitchen Tunnel Toy Set

If you’re looking for the best toys for blind cats, you probably need to consider this cool toy set. It contains 20 pieces of fun toys that your cat can enjoy, which can be the perfect item to keep your cat active and happy despite their disability. 

4. Laptop Scratching Pad

Laptop Scratching Pad

When you raise a pet, you need to make sure that all of your items are stored safely so that your pet won’t break it. One thing that comes to mind is your own laptop. If your laptop is considered as an attractive toy that your blind cat likes to scratch, you better buy this laptop replica for them. Now you can work in peace without having to worry about broken gadgets. 

5. Scratching Post

Scratching Post

There’s a lot of cat scratching items for sale in the market. Take this scratching post as an example. With this awesome post, they can scratch all day long and won’t get bored about it. In addition, this post is also equipped with a soft plush base that is comfortable for your cat. 

6. Spiral Cat Scratcher

Spiral Cat Scratcher

If you want a unique take on scratching posts for cats, then probably this scratching post will be the best item for you. With this scratcher, you’ll also get an interactive mouse that will try to avoid your cat’s grip. Therefore, this item is a great toy to indulge your blind cat’s hunting instinct. 

7. Groovy Raindrops Cat Toy Wand

Groovy Raindrops Cat Toy Wand

A cat toy wand is very useful for a blind cat. They can practice their instinct and reflect by focusing on the wand, plus the item attached to it. If you’re looking for a cool cat toy wand, then this particular item might be the perfect one for you and your cat to play with together.

8. Cat Catcher Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Cat Catcher Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Here’s a cool alternative for a cat toy wand. It has a similar function to the one that we have mentioned previously. This handcrafted toy is made of top quality material. So having this item will give you a fantastic toy to bond with your lovely blind cat, and also a unique toy that offers durability.

9. Flopping Fish Toy

Flopping Fish Toy

This flopping fish toy is one of the best toys for blind cats. Every time your lovely pet tries to touch it, the fish will wiggle through. We guarantee that your cat will be intrigued and play with them all day long. 

Toys to Enhance Cat’s Listening Ability

Although Matt Murdock is a blind man, he still manages to fight crime with his super sensitive ears. Perhaps the same thing can also apply to cats. They might not be a superhero, but their enhanced hearing sense will absolutely be useful for daily activities. Here are some cool toys for blind cats that can be a great help for that matter. 

10. Electric Toy with Squeakers

Electric Toy with Squeakers

Cats love to play, scratch, and bite or chew any toy. To improve their hearing skills, you can give them this cute fish toy. It is programmed to play different kinds of music and random playback of various songs. Moreover, this fish toy is also equipped with LED lights. For cats who aren’t totally blind, the LED lights will be beneficial for them. 

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11. Squeaky Mice Toys

Squeaky Mice Toys

Cats and mice are eternal enemies. We know that your house is clean, so mice won’t be able to inhabit it. That’s why you should buy these adorable squeakers as great toys for your blind cat to play with. We can guarantee that the grit in the toy will definitely attract your cat’s attention. 

12. Remote Controlled Mouse 

Remote Controlled Mouse

Try and train your cat to hunt down this mouse at home. Ask them to use their ears and listen to the movements of this awesome robot mouse. It’s not just fun to play with, because it will also give your blind cat a great exercise. Last but not least, make sure to reward them with their favorite meal after they manage to catch the mouse. 

13. Track Tripper Suction Cup Ball Cat Toy

 Track Tripper Suction Cup Ball Cat Toy

You should really buy this magnificent toy for your blind cat. They can track down the movement of the ball with their ears and try to catch them. It is great to train their reflections and instincts, too. 

14. Interactive Suction Cup Ball 

Interactive Suction Cup Ball

Want an even bigger suction cup with even more balls? Don’t worry, because we got you covered! This interactive suction cup ball will be the perfect toy for your blind cat. You’ll probably notice that this item is equipped with a cat brush too. So, it can also help to clean your cat’s hair while playing!

15. Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Look at this tower toy and imagine how happy your cat will be! The awesome toy consists of three different tracks with three different colors. Try to challenge your lovely blind cat to hunt all the balls down by listening to the movements of the balls. 

Toys for Smelling and Tasting 

For our last category, we’re going to be looking at cat toys that will be useful to enhance their smelling and tasting senses. Most of the toys for blind cats that will help enhance smelling senses came in the form of catnips. Let’s take a look at some of the best toys for blind cats. 

16. Madcap Mania Catnip

Madcap Mania Catnip

Ask your cat to rely on their smelling sense and hunt down this adorable mouse toy. This adorable plush is filled with pure catnip. It is lightweight and can be tossed easily. So don’t wait no more, go buy one now for your lovely pet!

17. Yoda Catnip Toy

Yoda Catnip Toy

If you’re a Star Wars fan, why would you want to resist buying this cool toy for your blind cat? Each toy is made of acrylic yarn that is stuffed with hypoallergenic material. Simply ask your cat to channel their inner Jedi and catch this funny catnip. 

18. Mouse Catnip Toy

Mouse Catnip Toy

Go buy this mouse toy if you want your blind cat to have endless fun all day long. Each mouse comes with an extra catnip that you can easily refill anytime you want. Moreover, you can even choose to purchase an additional ball to accompany the mouse. 

19. Trixie Cat Activity Feeder

Trixie Cat Activity Feeder

This toy is possibly the best toy set that you can get for your cat, because it provides five different challenges for your blind cat. All of them require your cat to channel their inner instincts and also smelling sense. If you want to it more exciting for them, hide some food rewards in the toy for them, too!

20. Motorized Interactive Cat Toy

Motorized Interactive Cat Toy

This is an interactive toy that your cat can definitely enjoy. Let your cat sniffs out the mouse that hides inside the ball, and then try to catch them in a game of peek-a-boo. Let’s see how long it will take for your cat to hunt the mouse down. 

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21. Unique Catnip Toy

Unique Catnip Toy

Want a unique catnip scent that your cat can enjoy? Perhaps this item might suffice. It has a unique combination of catnip and silvervine, which is a non-toxic catnip alternative that cats love. This amazing toy is perfect to maintain your blind cat’s mental and physical health. 

22. Petstages Chewing Toy

Petstages Chewing Toy

Chewing toys is not advisable for humans. However, that habit needs to be encouraged for cats. Give them this awesome chewing toy as a fun thing to chew. It contains material that will help remove tartar. Moreover, it will also keep your cat’s teeth clean. 

23. Bubble Scented Toy for Cats

Bubble Scented Toy for Cats

Watching a cat trying to catch all the bubbles that you’ve blown will never get old. If you’re wondering, that’s exactly the reason why you should buy this cool bubble toy for your blind cat. In addition, all the bubbles also contain a unique scent that your blind cat can smell.

24. Interactive Food Toy

Interactive Food Toy

Never let your cat be lazy. Train them to work for their own food with this interactive toy. There are three different difficulty levels to challenge your cat. The food tree cat toy is also easy to clean and assemble. 

25. Various Animal Catnip Toy

Various Animal Catnip Toy

Tired of seeing mouse-shaped catnip toys? Then perhaps you should take a look at these beautiful toys instead. You can choose one of these different variants; owl, turtle, mouse, and also a vibrating mouse. We guarantee that your cat will love having this toy around.  

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