25 Unique Cat Trees for Your Lovely Kittens

Having a pet is the equivalent of raising a child. Sure, they can be adorable creatures that become our best friends. However, they can also be annoying at times. Therefore, you need to make sure that you educate them. The same rule will also apply to cats. That’s the reason why unique cat trees are so popular these days.

Cat trees allow your beloved feline to jump and move around without having to damage your property. Cat trees also help cats train themselves to exercise and play. You can find a lot of unique cat trees on our list below. They are available in various shapes and sizes, so let’s check them all out!

Small and Unique Kitty Trees

You know the famous words: size doesn’t always matter. These small and unique cat trees are not as big as the others on our list, but they are still useful and beautiful for your cat. Plus, the small size makes these unique cat trees easy to be stored anywhere you want.

1. Modern Cat House

Modern Cat House

Let’s start off our list with this adorable cat tree. It is really small, but it is perfect if you only have one cat in your house. Besides, it looks like a house, so it makes perfect sense to buy this for your lovely pet. You can also add a nameplate when purchasing this item.

2. Amazon Cat House with Scratching Post

Amazon Cat Tree with Scratching Post

Amazon has released its own version of the cat tree, and it looks astonishing. This cat tree is perfect for relaxation and playtime. Your cat can scratch however much it wants with this tree. The round platform on top can also serve as a cat bed. 

3. Cat Shelves

Cat Tree Shelves

Create a private lounge for your cat with these awesome cat tree shelves. With this item, your cat can relax and play all day long. Plus, this design is handcrafted, which makes it all the more awesome. Make sure to add some plants for decoration purposes. 

4. Cactus Scratching for Kitten

Cactus Scratching Cat Tree

When you have a small and crowded house, there’s a chance that you might not have the privilege of buying large cat trees for your pet. However, you should still consider buying a small cat tree so that they can still play. We recommend this cute cactus cat tree for you!

5. Awesome Cactus Feline Tower

 Awesome Cactus Cat Tree

Up next is a cactus-inspired cat tree. However, this cat tree is a little different from the one that we recommended before. Here, your cat can enjoy sleeping with a bed that is installed on the tree. They can also learn to climb and scratch. 

6. Wooden Play House for Feline

Wooden Cat Tree

Want to build a house for your cat inside your own house? This wooden cat tree and lounge will be the perfect option for you. It’s got multiple levels of fun and two rooms that your cat can sleep in. This cat tree is also made from cozy material that ensures their comfort. 

7. Poils Bebe Tower for Feline

Poils Bebe Cat Tree

Take a moment to look at this awesome cat tree and do not wait to buy it. Despite its unique structure, this cat tree is extremely stable and durable. You can also set up the cat tree easily with detailed instructions.

8. Multi-level Kitty Playground

Multi-level Cat Tree

This cat tree is one of the best unique cat trees that you can find. It checks all the criteria that you need in a cat tree. Cozy bed, multi-leveled structure for them to climb, and durable building. Don’t think twice and buy it now!

9. Smilemart Kitty Playground

Smilemart Cat Tree

When you have more than one cat, you need to make sure that you can please all your pets. However, if you still insist on getting a small cat tree, then we strongly suggest you consider the Smilemart cat tree. It is extremely cozy and your cats will definitely love this tree. 

10. Smilemart 2 Kitty Playground

Smilemart 2 Level Cat Tree

This particular cat tree, also produced by Smilemart, is smaller in comparison with the one that we have just mentioned. This cat tree is perfect for those of you who want to provide a cozy resting room for your cats. 

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Cool and Unique Cat Trees

After looking at some compact cat trees, let’s move on to some bigger ones. These cool and unique cat trees are perfect for those of you who can provide a larger space for your cats to play. Let’s take a look at some of the best cool and unique cat trees on our list below. 

11. Set of 8 Felines Cave

 Set of 8 Cat Cave and Tree

Did you know that cat trees and caves can also act as beautiful decorations? Just take a look at this item as an example and tell us that we’re wrong! This cat cave is perfect for your cat to climb on and rest, so you should get one now!

12. Shelves and Ladders Set for Feline

Cat Shelves and Ladders

This particular item shares the same concept as the previous item that we’ve discussed. These shelves and ladders are supposed to be hung on the wall and act as climbing tools for your cat. We guarantee that your cat won’t get bored with this item. 

13. Costway Feline House

Costway Cat Tree and House

Create a cozy environment for your lovely cat with this beautiful cat tree and house. This cat house is inspired by a village style that brings a peaceful vibe. There’s a ladder that will allow your cats to enter the cat house and rest. 

14. Hyabi Kitty Tower

Hyabi Cat Tree Tower

Relaxation should be a priority when you try to find a cat tree. A good cat tree allows your cat to play and relax while practicing their moves. We thought that this cat tree tower fits the description. Just see it for yourself!

15. Beige Scratching Tower

Beige Cat Tree and Scratching Tower

A good cat tree is made from durable materials that allow your precious pet to scratch with all its might. It’s the reason why we’re recommending this cool tower for you. When you look at the design, you’ll realize that your cat will enjoy this building all day long. 

16. Pawhut Tower House for Feline

Pawhut Cat Tree

This amazing cat tree clocks in at 255 cm tall. It’s the best cat tree that provides different kinds of activities for your cat to enjoy. If you have the space for this cat tree, you should really consider buying it!

17. Pinewood Tower for Feline

 Pinewood Cat Tree

As the name above suggests, this magnificent cat tree is made from pinewood. It makes the structure of this item more durable. It is suitable for cats that weigh under 4.5 kilograms, and it will be a fun place for your cat to hang out. 

18. MWPO Kitty Tower

 MWPO Cat Tree

For the last item on our list of cool cat trees, we’re going to be recommending this cool cat tree from MWPO. There are multiple levels of fun on this structure that your cats will enjoy! Plus, you can easily assemble this item with detailed instructions. 

Elegant Kitty Tower

Some cat trees have elegant and unique shapes that make them unique. Below, we have compiled a list of awesome and unique cat trees for your precious pet. Let’s take a look!

19. Floral Kitty Tower Bed

Floral Cat Tree

This elegant cat tree will serve as a beautiful resting place for your cat. It will also be a nice decoration for your beautiful home. Your cat can climb the ladders or sleep in the room provided below. So fun!

20. Adelayne Condo for Kitty

Adelayne Cat Condo

This wall-mounting cat tree is the perfect item for those of you who are looking to save space. However, its compact size doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat can’t enjoy fun activities here. There’s a scratching board, a cat cave, and two padded perches for them. 

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21. Cat Condo

Cat Tree Condo

This awesome cat tree really lives up to the name, right? When you literally want to find a tree as a resting spot for your cat, then this item will do the job for you. It can be posted outdoors or indoors. It really looks like a real tree!

22. Kindacool Feline Tower

Kindacool Cat Tree

Looking for a cat paradise? This cat tree might be the perfect item for you! With this magnificent cat tree, your lovely pet can play, rest, and scratch all day long. Do not think twice and buy this item ASAP!

23. Wooden Feline Tower

 Wood Cat Tree Tower

Take a moment to look at this cool cat tree tower and adore its beautiful design. This cat tree is made using real natural woods, which makes it more beautiful and extra comfortable. This cat tree will also be a good decoration for your house. 

24. Muliti-level Feline Condo

 Cat Condo

When you have multiple cats, you need to make sure that your cat tree is able to contain them. There need to be at least two rooms for your cats to rest. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this beauty for you. We’re sure that they will feel comfortable with this unique cat tree. 

25. Weatherproof Outdoor Feline Play House

Weatherproof Outdoor Cat Tree

Sometimes, your cats also need some outdoor activities. If you’re not brave enough to let them run wild in the streets, you can install this cool cat tree in your garden. That way, they can enjoy some outdoor activities without leaving your house. 

Final Thoughts

Being a parent to a cute furry friend like a cat, we need to make sure our cat is happy and have proper place to clim and play around the house. Once of the main things wee need to have after we adopt a cat is a cat tree. It is something that will keep our cat entertained, which will also make it feels like home. There are plenty of options of cat trees to choose from, and you can choose the one that will not only able to accommodate our cat’s character, but also the one that fit well to the surrounding room decoration. By doing so, both you and your little firry friend will be happy!

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What Type of Cat Trees is Best?

Cat trees come in various shapes and sizes. However, the most important thing that factors in when you’re going to buy a cat tree is to look at its compatibility with your pet. If you have small cats that love to move all the time, you better find some multi-level unique cat trees with ladders. If you just want to find a cat tree that allows your cat to rest, you can consider this cat tree instead. 

What are the Benefits of a Cat Tree?

As mentioned earlier, cat trees allow your cat to move and relax more. With cat trees, they can exercise and move more. Besides, they can also scratch these cat trees, therefore reducing the possibility of damaging your private property. 

Why are Cat Trees so Expensive?

Cat trees are made using high-quality material that ensures comfort for your cat. They generally come in quite a large size. That’s the reason why cat trees are expensive. However, you still can find smaller and unique cat trees like this particular item.

How Tall Should a Cat Tree Be?

There’s no rule regarding how tall a cat tree should be. It all depends on the space that you are willing to provide. If you have a large room to put the tree, you can find unique cat trees that clocks in at 255 cm. If you don’t have that luxury, there are still unique cat trees out there that fit your space.  

Where is the Best Place to Put a Cat Tree?

Cat trees can be a beautiful decoration for your house too. If it fits the purpose, you can put them in your living room. However, if your cat has their own room, you might want to put all the unique cat trees there. 

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