Harry Potter Decor Ideas

20 Awesome Harry Potter Decor Ideas To Bring Magic In Your Room

The Harry Potter series has so many pretty moments and characters. No wonder that Harry Potter geeks love decorating their room with items that remind me of those moments. In fact, Harry Potter decor ideas are the best way to bring the magic of this world into your own. When decorating your room, Harry Potter decor can give you a space where you can relax and reflect as it brings the Hogwarts school vibes. In addition, house banners and flags are some of the most popular choices to show everyone which Hogwarts house you belong in.

Whether you’re looking for subtle decorative items for your DIY room or something bold and bright for a birthday decoration, those Harry Potter decor ideas below offer your dream magical world. From creative Harry potter living room decor items to festive Harry Potter party decoration, you will find the best ideas in this article. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the list!

1. Gryffindor Decor Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@hongkiat.com)

Light up your Christmas with charming Gryffindor decor in your bedroom. The bed cover combines red and gold tones, making great Harry Potter decor ideas for Christmas. Put the Gryffindor house banner and flying broom for the quirky and amazing wall decor. To make your room more lively, you can put some Gryffindor pillow dolls on the bed.

2. Slytherin Dorm Bedroom 

Source: Pinterest (@babysideburns.com)

Decorate your bedroom in a Styltherin theme to make a mysterious and magical visual. For the wall decor, put the Slytherin house banner and flying candles. Don’t forget to use the Slytherin bedcover to give a strong statement that this dorm belongs to Slytherin. You may paint your room with dark green color, perfect Harry Potter decor ideas for the Slytherin students.

3. Flying Book Decor

A fantastic decor Gryffindor, these flying books will surely impress your guests. Inspired by the Gryffindor Common Room, you can utilize your reading area with this idea. Pick some vintage books and put the nylon string on the edge of the opened book. You can tie the string with the ceiling structures or nails. This is one of the best Harry Potter ideas to bring magic in your room.   

4. Potterhead Bedroom Decor

A perfect sanctuary for Potterhead, it will be one of the most relaxing comfortable Harry Potter decor ideas. Put the decoration on the pillowcase and blanket. Use Hogwarts house flag blanket and pillowcase for all of your pillows, making colorful tones on your bed. For the wall decor, you can present some memorable posters of your favorite Harry Potter movies.

5. Hogwarts School Living Room Decor

Source: Pinterest (@girlstyle.com)

The Harry Potter living room is indeed a perfect open space for the whole family. You can use a Gryffindor pillowcase which has matching color to the throw blanket and the rug to bring a warm atmosphere. For the table to put some drinks and snacks, use a vintage suitcase table instead of the regular one. Don’t forget to place the decorative house banners near windows to complete the final appearance.

6. Daily Prophet Background with Hogwarts School Envelope

An affordable and creative wall decor, you can make your room look magical with some Daily Prophet krafts for the background. Make a magical background spot with those vintage papers, perfect Harry Potter decor ideas for a limited budget. Make some Hogwarts school envelopes and hang them on the ceiling and in front of the background, creating a magic floating effect.  

7. Hogwarts Posters Wall Decor

Source: Pinterest (@MyGov)

In case you need an extra concept to show that you are a big fan of Harry Potter, then you can try this idea. Make your wall look messy in an artistic way with some Harry Potter bulletins and Have You Ever Seen This Wizard posters, which will be one of the most vintage Harry Potter ideas in your life. Don’t forget to put the Hogwarts school flag for the focal point.

8. Harry Potter Wall Decor for Bright Room

Source: Pinterest (@Mickey’s Decorator)

Suppose you have a bright painted bedroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a magical Harry Potter vibe inside. Use decorative stars and thunder ornaments for the wall decor. Hang some floating candles in your canopy bed which will be a fantastic night lamp during the bedtime. You also can bring some friends in your bedroom such as the Harry Potter stuffed pillow and owl table decor

9. Minimalist Harry Potter Decor

Source: Pinterest (@#koinayekan ♡)

A clean and neat arrangement, it will be one of the most simple but charming Harry Potter decor ideas for adults. Simply paint the wall in black and use the plain gray bed sheet, you don’t need to put any ornament. Instead, adron the pillow with nine three-quarter pillowcase and an owl doll. You can also put the Hogwarts pattern blanket for the bedroom decoration. 

10. Hogwarts Vintage Wooden Sign

Source: Pinterest (@prettymyparty.com)

This vintage Harry Potter sign is indeed a great way to feel the magical vibes in your house. You may create a DIY room with this door sign decor, radiating the Harry Potter atmosphere in your bedroom. In addition, you may create a special spot according to the location name in the door sign, making one of the best DIY Harry Potter ideas for your bedroom.

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11. Magical Light Decor

Source: Pinterest (@media.bookbub.com)

Have you ever thought of an extraordinary light decoration for your Harry Potter DIY room? In fact, lighting plays a big role for Harry Potter decor ideas. To make a mystical atmosphere, you can place votive candles on the table along with owl and lantern decorations. Moreover, you can hang some battery powered candles inside an acrylic bowl, creating a flying illusion.

12. Harry Potter Platform Birthday Party Decor

Source: Pinterest (@Staceystyle)

Create a small but appealing spot for your Harry Potter birthday party with this idea. Use kraft paper envelopes as a floating curtain to bring the magical feel in your party. Complete the area with decorative balloon garland and platform nine three-quarters background for the wall decor. You may also add some additional props such as a flying broomstick and the owl cage.

13. Classic Harry Potter Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@Jennifer Dareneau)

This is definitely an eye catching makeover for your whole bedroom! Inspired by Harry Potter’s Grffindor dormitory, all of the furniture and decoration have similar tones in yellow and red. For the stone brick accent in your yellow wall, you can use a vinyl sticker. Let the curtain and bed cover have the same red and yellow color. Don’t forget to place the iconic Gruffindor symbol for the wall decor.

14. Harry Potter Food Display Decor

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

If you are looking for amazing decor Gryffindor and the other teams for the food display at your birthday party, try to use this idea. Use a colorful curtain which represents each color of the house for the food display background. Place the Sorting Hat decor as the focal point, surrounded by various sweets and snacks. This idea gives a great Hogwards school atmosphere for your party.

15. Hogwarts Teams Stones Decor

Let your guests choose which house they want to join in your Hogwarts school party with fun Harry Potter decor ideas. You can use colored sand to create both a fun game and party decor. Fill some bottles with colored sand that symbolizes each team in Hogwarts and cover them with aluminum foil. You guests can pick one bottle and pour it to the given glass bucket to decide their fate, giving a surprising decor element.

16. Harry Potter Decorative Floating Candles

Inspired by the great hall floating candles, you may create your own with this idea. To hang the candles effortlessly, first check that your ceiling has enough pillars. You can use LED pillar candles for your safety and hang them on your ceiling. In addition, you can hang other decorative ornaments such as Hogwarts house banners, envelopes, and small LED lights.

17. Diagon Alley Harry Potter Brick Wall

Source: Pinterest (@Roz Maclean)

Feel the wonderful vibes of Diagon Alley with this unique idea. Decor your wall in the  broken brick wall design wallpaper. Let the empty space be filled with decorative Diagon Alley ornaments and wall signs, creating abstract but artistic Diagon Alley, perfect Harry Potter decor ideas. Don’t forget to change your bed cover with your favorite school house from Harry Potter as well. 

18. Magic Wand and Spell Decor

Source: Pinterest (@pbteen.com)

In case you want to feel protected while sleeping, you can put the powerful Harry Potter spell for the wall decor. Expecto patronum word art is one of the best Harry Potter decor ideas to wish you good night sleep. Complete the decor with a magic wand prop along with small LED lights or glow in the dark stars ornaments near the wand which give magical vibes. 

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19. Harry Potter Mural Rooms

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Don’t let your blank wall be wasted in case you don’t want to attach some nails to hang wall decoration. Instad, you can use it for a Harry Potter mural, making one of the most creative Harry Potter decor ideas. With this concept, you don’t need to harm the wall. As the mural arealy be the focal point, you can bring small decorative ornaments such as Hogwarts house banners or flowers.

20. White and Gray Harry Potter Bedroom


Who says that Harry Potter bedrooms for adults always use black and dark dominant colors? Well, you can optimize the lighter tones such as white and gray by using this idea. Make an attractive wall decor with gray rock motifs on one side along with 3D Harry Potter wall art. For the white wall, you can place some Howgarts school flags to create a color contrast.

Latest Post:

How do you decorate your house like Harry Potter?

You can bring up the Hogwarts school theme for the decoration. Put some Hogwarts acceptance letters on a bulletin board along with some vintage covered books in your bookshelf. Decorate the ceilings with floating candles and envelopes to bring the magical feel. Add a Harry Potter wooden sign in front of your house to tell neighbors about your house concept.

How do I make my room look like a dormitory at Hogwarts?

Use wallpaper or faux-stone panels to cover the walls of a space to make it look like a dormitory at Hogwarts. Paint a focal wall in a neutral color that resembles ancient plaster to add contrast to the space. The dorms at Hogwarts can be decorated anyway the student pleases, so be yourself there!

How do I make my room look like the Gryffindor common room?

Choose red and gold tones for your own Griffindor common room. For instance, opted for thick Gryffindor red curtains with a glass and copper light. To hold the curtains in place, use a tie-back made of woven dark red fabric and a crystal drop. At Hogwarts school, the Gryffindor Common Room wore a variety of red and gold hues overall. The room was characterized as being “cozy” and had a lion image on the fireplace mantle.Therefore, you can create a comfortable space for your own Griffindor common room.

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