Modernizing Old Soccer Table Game with the Next-gen Soccer Bot Technology

Would you like to have a mini soccer match with robots as its player? RoboSoccer may just become your next favorite game. When it comes to table soccer, you might think of the big old clunky foosball table

Now, a Kickstarter project has been introduced to bring table soccer to the modern era, with robots and electronic controllers.

In the 70s, people were absolutely crazy with foosball. The retro game was manually controlled using literal sticks and knobs. You and your friends would battle around table soccer to score a goal. With RoboSoccer, things are about to become even better.

The original table soccer was also quite flawed because of dead spots and limited movement. For today’s standard, foosball has certainly become obsolete. It is relatively static as the tiny miniature players cannot move much. Now, this RoboSoccer is vastly different!

Instead of a heavy table, RoboSoccer will provide you with a miniature soccer pitch that can be folded. This way, the arena is highly portable. It is also made out of light-weight materials that should be sturdy enough to absorb impacts from the tiny robots.

Furthermore, the robotic mini soccer player can move around the pitch with a wireless controller. Two or four people can control their own soccer robot. 

The robot is also very small. It is as wide as the size of your palm. It does not have a humanoid shape like the game pieces in foosball. Instead you get a disk-like shaped robot that can dart around in 360 degrees movement. It is quite nimble and can dribble the ball just like how top soccer players play.


Moreover, the futuristic RoboSoccer is powered with chargeable batteries that can last several hours. You and your friend can duke it out in the arena fighting to get the magnetic ball and shoot it into the cute tiny goal.

The magnetic ball allows the robotic RoboSoccer to catch it and shoot like a cannon. It has a specialized mechanism that can utilize the tiny magnetic soccer  ball. The robot can also adjust the shooting angle. It can even kick the ball overhead above opponen robots to make a through pass.

When you score a goal, the LED lights attached around the arena will light up. It can be quite hyped if you can put the magnetic ball into the net.

For the controller, RoboSoccer will also provide you with a phone app. You can just install it inside your phone and use the app to control the movements of the robots. The controller app will be simple enough to master. Every people of all ages will be able to learn new trick shots and combos in the future of table soccer.

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