17 Coolest Pool Tables for Around $3000 or Less

Whether you are furnishing a man cave or looking for a way to inject some adventure into your dining room, you can never go wrong with a cool billiard table. These cool pool tables are a great way not just to have fun indoors, but also to add a touch of style to your space.

With that in mind, we have curated a collection of the coolest pool tables that are not only awesome but also very reasonably priced! Take a look!

Awesome & Affordable Pool Tables

#1 The Victoria 7’ Pool Table

The Victoria 7’ Pool Table

Offering the perfect balance between style and function, the Victoria is bound to be the focal point of your rec room. An elegant contemporary design and gorgeous finish turns this statement piece into eye candy. Since you get to select the felt color, you get to match it to your décor and create a harmonious look. It is no miniature toy either, and given its dimensions, you can play any game of choice on it.

Take your gaming and your style to the next level with this awesome pool table. Find it Here.

#2 Brazos River Weathered 8′ Slate – Coolest Pool Tables

Brazos River Weathered 8' Slate Pool Table

If you have a thing for old-world furniture, then this cool piece will drive you wild with glee. A trestle leg design, combined with natural weathering and elegant staining make it a beauty! 

It also means that your pool table will be unlike any other. Furthermore, slate is renowned as one of the best materials for billiard tables, with a level surface and high durability.

That, together with high-quality craftsmanship will ensure a long life of fun and games. Find it Here.

#3 6 in 1 Multi Game Table

6 in 1 Multi Game Table

For everyone who loves indoor games, this must-have pool table belongs in your game room. On this versatile piece, you can play pool, roulette, poker, table tennis and air hockey!

All this becomes possible by virtue of its innovative conversion-top design. Moreover, all the necessary accessories come as part of the package. They include a set of colored chips for roulette, an electric air powered fan for air hockey and cloth to serve as the pool surface.

And surprisingly, you get all this functionality without having to break the bank. Cool, right? Find it Here.

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#4 Glen Oaks Billiards 8.3′ Slate Pool Table

Glen Oaks Billiards 8.3' Slate Pool Table - Coolest Pool Tables

Inject an air of refinement to your rec room with one of these unique pool tables. It is a classic piece with a traditional design, drawing inspiration from the old world parlor. A claw-foot design on the table’s feet adds natural charm to the concept. Graceful lines define its elegant silhouette with a range of cool felt colors to choose from to match your décor.

Its package includes pool balls and cues in addition to drop pockets. What else would a pool lover wish for? Find it Here.

#5 Extera 8.3′ Pool Table

Extera 8.3' Pool Table

Enjoy playing billiard under the bright summer sky on this cool pool table. Featuring a brilliant shade of electric blue, the top offers perfect contrast against the aluminum base.

UV resistant polytech cloth is the choice of material for the top, while the base has an anti-rust coating. By virtue of this combination, it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment while retaining its elegance.

Seeing as it comes with pool balls, cues and a cue rack, you can start gameplay as soon as you get the table. Find it Here.

#6 Jack Daniel’s Coolest Pool Tables

Jack Daniel's Pool Table

Celebrate one of the world’s finest whiskeys with one of the best pool tables in the world. As much meticulous attention has gone into the creation of this table as has gone into the beverage. An elegant black finish offers the ideal canvas for the amber Jack Daniel’s detailing. The black leather pockets to feature the JD logo and a Jack Daniel’s nameplate completes the work of art.

If you have your eyes set on the championship, this is the best place to start. Find it Here.

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#7 Rio Grande Slate Pool Table

Rio Grande Slate Pool Table

A post and beam design make this one of the most captivating pool tables in our collection. No matter where you place it, this statement piece will grab attention. Everything about it draws inspiration from old-world charm and brings a piece of the past into modernity. It makes use of weathered Raven or weathered Bark which together with artisan joinery completes its elegant appeal.

Slate is the material for the playing surface, a guarantee of years of fun with family and friends. Find it Here.

#8 Barrington Hawthorne 8.3′ Pool Table

Barrington Hawthorne 8.3' Pool Table - Coolest Pool Tables

Looking for the ultimate addition to your game room? How about one of the most elegant pool tables with a timeless design? The Barrington Hawthorne goes above and beyond the call of duty to balance function and class. Featuring a leather top, professional-style drop pockets and a ball and claw leg design, it is an instant charmer.

A rich cherry finish completes the allure and makes it ideal for the sophisticated pool enthusiast. With all accessories included, the package comes complete and ready for action. Find it Here.

#9 Boca Billiards 8.4′ Slate Coolest Pool Tables

Boca Billiards 8.4' Slate Pool Table - Coolest Pool Tables

Quench your thirst for unique furnishings with one of these contemporary pool tables. Everything about it screams modernity, making it an ideal piece for your contemporary décor. A sleek and sophisticated silhouette puts it at home in a high-end game room. The jet-black laminate offers the perfect contrast against your choice of felt color to harmonize with your décor.

All that’s left is to get your friends together and indulge in a game or ten of billiards on this modern pool table. Find it Here.

#10 Urban 8′ Pool Table with Accessories

Urban 8' Pool Table with Accessories - Coolest Pool Tables

Complete your game room’s rustic décor with this stylish billiards table. When you buy this piece, you get a solid pool table made using strong and dense wood. It brings together a combination of birch wood veneer and oak finishing for a touch of class. The concrete-like design of the legs draws attention and makes it a statement piece.

To complete the piece, you get leather cover drop pockets and competition-grade felt. Find it Here.

#11 Santini 8.5′ Slate Pool Table

Santini 8.5' Slate Pool Table

To complement your Victorian space, how about this elegant and charming piece? Hand-carved post-style legs are among the key highlight of the design.

Adding to its refinement are the graceful arches on the base frame that merge perfectly with the legs. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident from every aspect of the design, making it one of the coolest pool tables yet!

And to cap everything up, you get a wide array of colors to pick from.

Find it Here.

#12 King George 8′ Slate Pool Table

King George 8' Slate Pool Table

One look at this piece and you understand why it is deserving of so big a name. Sporting a design befitting of royalty, it would be at home in a classy parlor or library.

It is a stunning piece made using solid wood with a top of the range finish. Tassels around the drop pockets add to its charm and make it an impossible to miss focal point.

Thick and durable railings ensure that you will enjoy your favorite pool games on it for a lifetime to come.

Find it Here.    


#13 Reno Laminate Pool Table by Olhausen

Reno Laminate Pool Table by Olhausen

In case your home calls for a touch of funky, then this awesome pool table is the one for you.

The elegant design of the drop pockets, the charming legs and the amazing color combination are among the first things you will see on this piece. Therefore, if you are looking for a statement piece, it covers all bases and then some.

In addition to its elegance, the table is also built to last as you can tell from the use of solid wood and laminate finish. Find it Here.

#14 Bayside Slate Pool Table

Bayside Slate Pool Table

Play a game of pool the old-fashioned way on one of these must have tables. Bringing the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and looks, it is the ideal piece for the ardent enthusiast. What makes it super special is that it includes ball return chutes and a magnetic cue ball separator.

Being slate it also offers the advantage of durability. True pool lovers will love this simple yet remarkable table. Find it Here.

#15 Minnesota Flats Fullerton 8′ Pool Table

Minnesota Flats Fullerton 8' Pool Table - Coolest Pool Tables

A great pool table is not all about looks and elegance. Rather, as is the case with this one, it’s all about balancing function and flair. This table excels at both, offering matchless beauty as well as performance. Manufactured wood is the primary material used on the piece while the top features wool felt.

The color contrast between red felt and brown wood warms up both the eyes and the heart. Find it Here.

#16 Ambrosia 8′ Slate Pool Table

Ambrosia 8' Slate Pool Table

Introduce timeless classic charm into your game room and enjoy the transformation. Made using 100% solid wood the Ambrosia is both a beauty to behold and a top quality work of art.

Top notch construction adds to its appeal and offers an opportunity to indulge in billiards till your hair turns grey. Hand-carved legs and leather drop pockets accentuate it further.

To make it perfect for your space, choose from seven felt colors and three stains. Find it Here.

#17 Oak Hill Billiards 8.3′ Slate Pool Table

Oak Hill Billiards 8.3' Slate Pool Table - Coolest Pool Tables

Intimidate your opponent and strike fear into their heart with one of these cool pool tables. Showcasing the best in old-world charm, this oak piece is a refined choice for the refined gentleman. Ditching the classic curves, it features graceful straight lines on its solid wooden legs and frame. The play surface is slate, sure to last a lifetime or longer, while offering optimal playability.

With a startling range of felt colors to pick from, this is all you need to complete your décor. Find it Here.

As it turns out, finding the coolest pool tables under 3000 should not be an uphill climb. With this wide range of styles, designs and sizes to pick from, your game room will soon become the envy of every billiards lover.

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