45 Coolest Unique Dining Tables You Can Buy

Unique dining tables offer you so much potential to transform your home and life. Gone are the days when dining tables used to be purely functional pieces. If you are looking for a creatively cool dining table then you have come to the right place.

We have covered unique coffee tables, now we have searched high and low for a wide variety of the most awesome tables on the planet.

The Most Unique Dining Tables

There are lots of unique dining table ideas here for all kinds of spaces. We have unique dining tables for small spaces and transforming extendable ones for those who love to entertain.

Read on and make your pick from our extensive range of choices;

#1 The SALCOMBE Table by John Lee 

The SALCOMBE Table by John Lee - Unique dining tables

This unique dining table derives inspiration from Mother Nature’s backyard. Made using solid ash, it mimics the natural erosion process of coastal rocks. It is the ultimate piece for everyone who loves to boring the outdoors in.

#2 Modloft Astor Dining Table 

Modloft Astor Dining Table

This contemporary dining table design features clean lines and a minimalist finish. The all-white exterior is the picture of sophistication. And get this! It has a secret compartment at the middle that extends to accommodate extra guests.

#3 Vox Oak Dining Table with Built-In Trivet 

Vox Oak Dining Table with Built-In Trivet

If you are all about wooden furniture with a classic look then this is the piece for you. The metal opening in the middle adds to its appeal and functionality. To top it all up, it has built-in drawers that come in handy for storing cutlery and other odds and ends.

#4 Duffy London Swing Table 

Duffy London Swing Table - Unique dining tables

This has to be one of the most unique dining tables ever. It transforms the meal-time experience into a relaxing adventure. It also adds a bit of spice to your interior space as it projects creativity from all angles.

#5 The Wally Transforming Space-Saving Dining Table 

The Wally Transforming Space-Saving Dining Table

City life at times condemns us to small spaces and we have to do without most conveniences. Wally makes it possible to enjoy all the features of modern dining with this space saving dining table. He comes in a wide array of colors to spruce up your space as well.

#6 Langley Street Killyglen Dining Table 

Langley Street Killyglen Dining Table

Geometric designs will never go out of style and this awesome table is sufficient proof of that. It has a classic glass top and an angular base made using beechwood. It creates an impression of space due to its minimalist design making it ideal for a small dining room.

#7 Custom Made Live Edge Natural Dining Tables 

This is as close to nature as you can come if you love to keep it real. These unique dining table ideas transform your living room into the ultimate relaxation zone. They elicit feelings of being out on a picnic bench taking in all the wonders of nature.

#8 Butterfly Table by Tonin Casa 

Butterfly Table by Tonin Casa

The butterfly table brings you the best of both worlds. It uses a modern finish and the timeless appeal of natural inspiration right to your dining space. The elegant finish makes it ideal for any type of interior décor. Choose between the marble top and the extendable design.

#9 Croixs Dining Table 

Looking for the perfect piece to complete your rustic furniture collection? Look no further than this remarkable piece. It features sturdy construction and clean lines for those who love to keep it simple.

#10 Galvin Cafeteria Table 

Galvin Cafeteria Table

When space is an issue then you have to be creative or risk losing out. This cafeteria dining table comes complete with retracting stools underneath the top. This provides the perfect storage space as well as an alluring layered look.

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#11 Rockhampton Round Dining Table 

Mesmerize your guests with one of these unique dining table ideas. It goes way beyond the ordinary design while offering lots of visual appeal and functionality. It has a refined look to it that will give your space an instant facelift.

#12 Custom Made Rustic Walnut and Blue Glass Dining Tables 

Custom Made Rustic Walnut and Blue Glass Dining Tables

This rustic dining table set takes you on a trip back in time. The execution is artistic and shows great attention to detail. Set it in contrast to a modern interior décor or complete your rustic theme and create harmony. Either way, you cannot go wrong.

#13 Cadogan Extendable Dining Table 

The best thing about this dining table is that you would never notice it is extendable. It seems so perfectly finished, so complete, that it would catch you off-guard. But it sure comes in handy when you need to wow your guests and make them feel at home in style.

#14 Obssedia Dining Table 

Obssedia Dining Table - Unique dining tables

When nothing will do except the very best, then you need one of these unique dining tables. The aluminum bas is the highlight thanks to its captivating rhythm. The artistry of it all is so mesmerizing and inspiring. It makes the perfect centerpiece for any home.

#15 Wade Logan Lansford Dining Table 

The Wade Logan is one amazing dining set. It takes on its own identity to create the ideal statement piece for your dining space. It offers lots of artistic relief with the shapely pedestals on which the top sits. And the minimalism of it all is extraordinary.

#16 Vox Hidden Container Dining Table 

Vox Hidden Container dining table

This is the kind of table that could grace any space, dining room, kitchen or even study. If you are looking for unique dining tables for small spaces this is it. The white color creates an illusion of space while the hidden compartment offers lots of discrete storage space.

#17 Roza Dining Table

Whether you are looking to grace a casual or formal dining space, you cannot go wrong with the Roza. It features a unique base that turns it into a masterpiece. It also gives it the ultimate contemporary look to ensure it never goes out of style.

#18 Ilias Fragkakis Union White Table 

Ilias Fragkakis Union White Table

For those who love to stand out then the Union Table is just right. It contravenes the ordinary with its unique shape. This gives character to your dining space and offers artistic inspiration. It is the kind of table that adds luster to every occasion and every meal.

#19 Langley Street Sheryl Oval Dining Table 

Simplicity is at the core of this design. It is what makes it all the more outstanding and aesthetically irresistible. It sports a classic look that uses solid oak to add a touch of sophistication. The top starburst effect makes it all the more alluring.

#20 Nori Round Oak Dining Table 

Nori Round Oak Dining Table - Unique dining tables

This is one of the most unique dining tables for small spaces. It is simple yet beautiful. It takes up very little room but can seat up to five people comfortably. So gather the family around and bring back memories of the good times.

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#21 Germana Dining Table 

Germana Dining Table - Unique dining tables

The first thing that springs to mind when you first see this unique dining table set is sophistication. Everything from the distinct leg design to the catchy color choice is on point. the contrast between the golden base and marble top completes the effect perfectly.

#22 Yasmine Dining Table 

Yasmine-Dining-Table - Unique dining tables

At times it is not so much about utility as it is about elegance. When decorating your contemporary interior you need that one piece that ties it all together. That piece is Yasmine, with her curvy base and the gold and black finish. She is the perfect centerpiece for a contemporary space.

#23 Florence Dining Table 

Florence Dining Table

Borrow a leaf from the classic era with this unique dining table. She sports a shapely pedestal that also offers solid support for the hardwood top. The blend of solid pine and mahogany does the piece justice and makes it an elegant choice for a sophisticated homeowner.

#24 Retro Herringbone Design Dutchbone Dining Table 

Retro Herringbone Design Dutchbone Dining Table

Bring back the memories with this old-school design. It has an acacia wood veneer top that lets you peek into the grain of the wood. And the geometric base gives it an antique feel. All you need to do is get the perfect pendant lighting and the effect will be complete.

#25 Horwich Pedestal Dining Table 

Your dining needs might change from time to time. This is the piece that adapts to every one of those changes. It has a butterfly leaf that offers extra room when need be. The all-white finish gives it a contemporary edge that can never grow old.

#26 Reditum Lignaro Oak Table With Magnetic Legs 

Reditum Lignaro Oak Table With Magnetic Legs

Unique dining tables go beyond the obvious and offer something more. This piece uses magnetic legs to meet that definition. The legs can be attached in a variety of ways to offer different functions. The stylish top makes it ideal for any space.

#27 Delilah Dining Table 

Your dining table does not have to conform to the convention. Try this bold look and watch your room take on a personality. The geometric base is both sophisticated and eye-catching. The simple glass top directs attention to where it belongs to make this the perfect centrepiece.

#28 Vita Cross Legged Dining Table In Black And Acacia 

Vita Cross Legged Dining Table In Black And Acacia

This unique kitchen table and chairs are effortlessly elegant. The cross-legged design lends the set authenticity and gives it a certain royal look. Whatever the occasion, this design will be a major highlight and will make it a memorable experience.

#29 Briles Dining Table 

Briles Dining Table - Unique dining tables

Sleek is the name of the game when it comes to this piece. It is a simple and cool dining table that does not try too hard to please. That is probably what makes it awesome. The shapely pedestal makes it a beauty to behold and adds visual interest to your room.

#30 Birchwood Dining Table By Specimen 

Birchwood Dining Table By Specimen

The whimsical design on this table promises a relaxing experience for all who recline. It is an elegant piece that can fit any type of décor. It would make a unique dining table to suit an artistic personality and give them the inspiration they need.

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#31 Dante Dining Table

What makes round tables particularly convenient is that they do not take up much space. This piece can seat six comfortably and is also able to fit in any space. White is the perfect color as it does not give off the cluttered look associated with darker hues.

#32 Dutchbone Alagon Wooden Dining Table 

Dutchbone Alagon Wooden Dining Table

Wooden dining tables are a popular favorite. They have a familiar feel of warmth to them that can convert a house into a home. Any family would appreciate the rustic charm evident in this design. its tapered legs give it an industrial touch that gives it greater visual interest.

#33 Cassius Trestle Dining Table 

Cassius Trestle Dining Table -Unique dining tables

For those who are in love with minimalist pieces then this was made for you. It has a simple glass top and a base that is almost not there. The shape of the legs is what gives them away and creates aesthetic appeal around the table.

#34 Oak Perpendic-S By Speciman 

Oak Perpendic-S By Speciman

Unique dining tables for sale at times bring to life the oldest memories we have. This table takes us back to lunch in the early days. Think of how great that memory would feel right in your indoor space.

#35 Levante Extending Table 

Levante Extending Table

This unique dining table combines glass, wood, and metal to capture the best in all possible worlds. The texture of wood and the classy look of glass provides a welcome contrast that generates great visual interest. The extending leaves on the edges ensure that everyone can join in the fun.

#36 Arya Modern Dining Table 

Arya Modern Dining Table - Unique dining tables

The Arya leaves up to expectations as a modern dining table. It offers enough space for up to eight people. But thanks to the base design does not take up a lot of space. The white and brown combo brings out the best of both worlds and feed the senses to satisfaction.

#37 Hartford Dining Table

Hartford Dining Table

This is the ultimate statement piece to serve as a highlight in your home. It features a unique geometric design for its base and a simple glass top. It is full of fun and inspiration for any contemporary art lover.

#38 MIXT Vixen Dining Table 

MIXT Vixen Dining Table

Architectural inspiration is one of the hardest to resist as is the case with this unique dining table. It begs for attention and could make a great focal point for your home. its acacia wood base begs for a closer look and does not disappoint.

#39 Pagosa Springs Oak Dining Table 

Whoever thought it is impossible to combine natural and industrial themes thought wrong. This table proves that nothing can stand in the way of art and creativity. The base features reinforced concrete and the top is wood. Both ensure that the piece will last a lifetime.

#40 Portage Extension Table 

Multifunctional furniture really comes in handy when you have to work within a limited space. These unique dining tables offer an extension feature for special occasions. The design can also be reconfigured to suit personal tastes.

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#41 Greg Klassen Maple River Dining Table 

Greg Klassen Maple River Dining Table - Unique dining tables

As always, everything else is second to nature when it comes to design inspiration. This awesome table has a river running right down its middle. And the designer pays so much attention to detail that it seems almost real.

#42 Wade Logan Broderick Dining Table

Wade Logan Broderick Dining Table

Contemporary designs do not come any better than this unique table. It combines an architectural base and clean lines, with classy materials that exude sophisticated elegance. The piece would grace any home and create a magnetic focal point.

#43 Modloft Tottenham Dining Table 

Modloft Tottenham Dining Table - Unique dining tables

This has got to be the ultimate blend of modernity and tradition. The ultra-thin top has a classic appeal to it while the conical base gives it a contemporary appearance. The cutouts are somewhere in between connecting the two worlds and adding to the mystery.

With all these elegant dining tables to choose from, the onus is on you. depending on your interior theme, purpose, and the space available, you can get the most unique dining table ever to fascinate family and guests alike.

#44 3-Pieces Wooden Round Dining Table

3-Pieces Wooden Round Dining Table

Look at this efficiently constructed dining table set! This round shape table comes with a pair of chairs. A great impression of simplicity and classy is exquisitely displayed by the wooden material. You can also conveniently store your wine under the table and enjoy them time-to-time. Truly a definition of a unique dining table you can possibly discover.

#45 Folding Dining Table

Folding Dining Table

Have you ever wondered how it feels to have a dining table that can be easily moved around and folded? Equipped with two wheels and folding-ability, it is possible to move this dining table without bothering to lift it. Moreover, there are three tiers that make it easy for you to prepare foods you will consume later on.

#46 Tampered Dining Table With Golden Base

Tampered Dining Table With Golden Base

Here is another dining table that features a tampered glass top! But, unlike the previous ones, this model offers golden-colored legs that have been arranged elegantly. The combination of the transparent top with the golden accent will bring a luxurious vibe into your dining room.

#47 Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Beefy Design

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Beefy Design

The best dining table is the one that has the most stable design. You will be able to dine in comfort when your table has a strong base. Thus, we recommend this beefy dining table that uses reclaimed wood material! The legs will offer absolute stability.

Moreover, the model offers a space for up to 6 seats, so you can fit all of your family members comfortably. This dining table has no fancy paint job as it puts emphasis on being rustic. The farmhouse design of this dining table will provide a homely feeling to your dining room!

#48 Black Dining Table for Gothic Vibe

Black Dining Table for Gothic Vibe

For a family that loves gothic style, a black dining table would complete the house. This table is quite sleek yet can accommodate at least two people comfortably. The all-black finish offers a high-class feeling and the glossy surface is quite smooth.

The table itself has a very simple design but you do not need to doubt its functionality. It is very sturdy and won’t get damaged easily thanks to its waterproofing finish.

#49 Christopher Knight’s Signature Acacia Dining Table

Christopher Knight's Signature Acacia Dining Table

If you want to splurge some money on a dining table, you should consider choosing Christopher Knight’s signature model. This dining table offers one of the most beautiful rustic designs that would impress your guests. You can see the barn door kind of pattern that enhances its old-school countryside look.

Moreover, the solid acacia wood and the rustic dark brown finish would offer a stable and enjoyable dining experience. The brand also offers reinforced joints and a metal base for extra durability. This dining table will surely last for generations!

#50 Ashley’s Signature Dining Table for Two

Ashley's Signature Dining Table for Two

If you have a family of two, just you and your beloved partner, this Ashley’s elegant signature dining table would be an exquisite choice. The table features a gray finish that accentuates its rustic farmhouse vibe.

The mellow-looking table will allow you to have a romantic dining experience. In addition, the table comes with two comfy stools for extra value! There are also some small compartments on the side of the table that can store some small knick-knacks.

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Which type of dining table is the best?

The best dining table is the one that can cover all your family members. For instance, the portage extension table and Briles dining table. They are rectangular in shape equipped with five to six chairs that you can use to eat with your big family. The design is also timeless, so you don’t have to worry about being outdated.

What is the latest trend in dining table?

The latest trend for the dining tables is the one that has table with a minimalist design, is made of wood, has a rustic concept, has multiple functions, and is round and rectangular in shape.

With all these elegant dining tables to choose from, the onus is on you. depending on your interior theme, purpose, and the space available, you can get the most unique dining table ever to fascinate family and guests alike.

Discover the most unique dining tables that you could possibly purchase for your home here in our epic list of the best and most beautifully unique tables for your dining room!

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