25 Unique Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Dining tables are important in any house. It serves as the place for you to relax and enjoy your meal. A good dining table will also be a great interior decoration. However, you also need to choose a dining table that matches your interior style. Purchasing a vintage dining table for a modern-themed house will seem a little confusing! Remember: price is not the only factor that determines whether a dining table will fit your house.

If you can only allocate a small space for dining tables, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk about unique dining tables for small spaces. For this list, we’re going to be dividing the dining tables into three different categories: elegant dining tables, amazing dining tables, and modern-looking dining tables. Let’s start our list!

Elegant Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Small dining tables may have their limitations. You won’t be able to put a lot of food on top of it. However, you can’t deny that it looks really elegant and exclusive. On our list below, you’re going to look at some of the most elegant and unique dining tables for small spaces. Some of them also have a vintage vibe that you may like. 

1. Marble Dining Table

Marble Dining Table

Let’s start off our list with something amazing. This is a handcrafted dining table top from India. If you want to add something with a vintage vibe to your dining room, you might want to seriously consider this dining table. It’s said that this particular dining table was made by the direct descendants of the people who built the Taj Mahal!

2. Unique Inlaid Dining Table

Unique Inlaid Dining Table

Here’s another alternative to the dining table that we’ve mentioned before. It’s got a wonderful design that will fit perfectly in your dining room. It’s heavily inspired by Indian heritage. This table is also extremely durable and strong. 

3. Olissipo 6-Seat Granite Dining Table

Olissipo 6-Seat Granite Dining Table

Although it lacks in size, this magnificent dining table is able to hold six people at once. It is polished using Patagonia granite, making it all the more beautiful. It is truly one of a kind, and you should hurry up and buy it before the stock runs out. 

4. Rolanstar Round Dining Table

Rolanstar Round Dining Table

This unique dining table really looks like a chair, right? However, it really is a cool dining table for your house. This table sports is able to accommodate two to four people at once. If you’re looking to eat some snacks, then this dining table is the perfect choice!

5. Wood Bench Dining Table

Wood Bench Dining Table

If you’re looking to add a dining table to your cozy living room, you can certainly consider this ottoman. It is not that tall, hence you can enjoy it while sitting on a carpet and watching your favorite movie. The design is also cool and vintage-looking. 

6. Extendable Kitchen Table

Extendable Kitchen Table

Stop worrying about the downsides of having small dining tables. With this expandable dining table, you can extend the space and its ability to store items above. Originally, this table was able to accommodate six people. But when you have two extra guests, just expand the table and it’ll be alright. 

7. Cross Extension Table

Cross Extension Table

When you have a small space in the dining room, efficiency becomes the name of the game. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this cross-extension table for you. Besides its huge space below for your feet’s comfort, you can also save space if you don’t have any guests coming. 

8. 5-Piece Dining Set

5-Piece Dining Set

If you’re interested in this dining table, you’re going to have to buy the whole set. However, we really thought that it’d be worth it, as it really looks cool as a whole. It’s an ideal dining table and chair for a compact house and apartment. Refresh your dining room with this 5-piece dining set!

9. Opal Small Dining Table

Opal Small Dining Table

This is furniture that dates back to the 1950s era. Even though it’s old, this dining table is really beautiful and is in a perfect condition. It also has a gold-colored edge that has been renewed, it will shine really brightly in your dining room. 

10. Albany Dining Table

Albany Dining Table

Some things are better stored somewhere rather than getting displayed on your dining table. That’s the reason why this cool Albany dining table has become so popular. It’s got two shelves below to store all the things and food that you’re not consuming yet. 

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11. Bone Inlay Floral Dining Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Some people are interested in unique dining tables with amazing arts and design. If you are one of those, you probably should take a look at this awesome floral dining table. It is handmade and handcrafted in India, and it’s got a cool spiral inlaid pattern that people love. 

Amazing Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Let’s move on to the next category in our list of unique dining tables for small spaces. Here, we’re going to be discussing some of the most amazing dining tables. You’ll be amazed and shocked to see how beautiful they look. If you can’t wait, then let’s jump straight in!

12. LED Cube Table/Chair

LED Cube Table/Chair

This multipurpose object will come in handy in your small space. It can act as a cozy chair for you to relax, or it can serve snacks and food on top of it. If you’re bored with the color, just change it with the remote that comes along. At night, this LED cube will shine through the room and it will look so magical. 

13. River Epoxy Dining Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Now if you really like to buy a very unique dining table, perhaps you might want to take a closer look at this beautiful river epoxy dining table. It comes in various sizes that you can choose from. If you have a small space, it will be a perfect addition for your dining room. 

14. Space Saver Kitchen

Space Saver Kitchen

This is the ultimate dining table for small spaces. If you really need to save up some space, you can fold this kitchen set and hide it somewhere. Only use it when you’re going to eat. The dining table is also installed with wheels to help it move easily. 

15. LED Dining Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Add some dramatic effect to your wonderful room with this amazing dining table. With the LED light installed below, you can eat and party like crazy. Hopefully, it will also increase your appetite too. 

16. Old Olive Epoxy Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Dining table must be made using high-grade material so that it becomes durable and strong. This particular dining table is made using natural olive walnut wood along with blue colored epoxy resin. It really looks cool in any dining room. 

17. Black Epoxy Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Here’s another resin table with a different take. It also looks good and beautiful, we can’t even choose which one is better. Plus, this table is made using environmentally friendly and natural material! Nothing can ever go wrong with that. 

Dining Tables for Modern Houses

Previously, we have told you that dining tables need to complement your room style. If you have a house with a vintage theme, getting a dining table with retro design is the right call. But if you choose to have a modern-looking house, then you probably need to take a look at our list below. 

18. Folding Dining Table and Chair Set

unique dining tables for small spaces

Having a minibar in a small house may be difficult. But if you have this wonderful item, you might not have to worry about that anymore. Whenever you’re in the mood, just take this from your storage and set it up in your room. Have a seat and enjoy a meal with your favorite drink. 

19. Reclaimed Wood Base Bistro Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Simplistic and exclusive. That’s the two words that we’re going to use to describe this awesome dining table. With its round shape and wooden base, the dining table is able to accommodate up to four people at once. Have a nice chat with your loved ones while consuming some food. 

20. Golden Shine Dining Table with Unique Metal Base

unique dining tables for small spaces

The shape of the table top might seem common, but what really catches our attention is the unique metal base below. This golden shining dining table is the perfect option for a small and compact house. We hope that this table can increase your appetite too. 

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21. Small Round Dining Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

A white dining table really fits a modern home. If you want to find a small white dining table, look no further. This awesome dining table is the perfect choice for you. The foot is made using pine wood, and the tabletop used a high quality and extremely durable material too. 

22. Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal Dining Table

A wooden dining table is a good option for you to consider. But instead of finding a plain wooden table, you can choose to purchase one with unique designs on it, like this one. The dining table is handmade, but it is strong and sturdy. 

23. HOMCOM Dining Set

unique dining tables for small spaces

If you’re living alone or only with your partner, you won’t have to buy a big dining table. After all, you’re using it only for two people at best. That’s the reason why we’re going to recommend this awesome dining table. It really looks cute, especially if you place it by the edge of the room, just like in the picture. 

24. Art Deco Style Dining Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

A fancy house also requires a fancy table. Even if you only have a small space, you can still fit this beautiful table! We really like the shape of the base, as it has a unique style rarely seen in other tables. 

25. T-Shaped Metal Dining Table

unique dining tables for small spaces

Our last item is definitely not the least. This T-shaped table is really unique, and it will fit perfectly in any modern-looking home. It also comes with a slim pedestal base. You won’t regret buying this magnificent item for your dining room. 

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