25 Aesthetic Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables for Your Cozy House

Do not underestimate the power of dining tables, because you really should choose the right one for your house. After all, it will be the center of your attention during lunch and dinner, where you share life stories with your loved ones. You can find various dining tables that suit your style, but we highly recommend you to consider a reclaimed wood dining table. 

As the name suggests, reclaimed wood dining tables were made using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood means that they are made using various used woods recycled into a new and beautiful reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood dining tables are usually elegant and exotic, despite their simplistic design. It will fit perfectly in a minimalistic dining room. Can’t wait already? Let’s take a look at some of the best reclaimed wood dining tables on our list below!

Elegant Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

As mentioned previously, reclaimed wood dining tables look very elegant in any dining room. It will help to enhance your dining experience! Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing reclaimed wood dining tables with elegant design. 

1. Olive Dining Table with River Motif

Olive Dining Table with River Motif

This is a very good dining table to start off our list. Aside from its sturdy material, this reclaimed wood dining table has a unique river motif that sets it apart from other reclaimed wood dining tables. You can also choose to customize the size of the table that you prefer to buy!

2. Rukulin Foldable Dining Table

Rukulin Foldable Dining Table

Even if this dining table doesn’t have the customization luxury like the river motif dining table, you can still purchase it due to its versatility. You can fold this table and move it anywhere with the wheels installed below. Truly one of the best reclaimed wood dining tables out there. 

3. Oval Dining Table

Oval Dining Table

This amazing dining table was made using premium material to ensure its durability. If that isn’t enough to convince you, just take a look at the unique design of the bottom part of the table! The tabletop itself was inspired from the iconic 60’s silhouette with a little bit of a modern twist. 

4. Herringbone Dining Table

Herringbone Dining Table

If you’re looking for a listing that offers reclaimed wood dining tables with benches, you probably should consider this dining table set. It has a rather minimalistic design with a cool bench for you to sit. For added durability, the dining table is also reinforced with steel legs.  

5. Awesome Dining Table with Reclaimed Wood

Awesome Dining Table with Reclaimed Wood

When you have a small house with minimal space for a dining table, you should look out for this awesome dining table instead. It has a modern and contemporary design that will definitely suit your taste. 

6. Dos Gallos Custom Dining Table

Dos Gallos Custom Dining Table

There are a lot of reasons to own this cool dining table. Aside from the brilliant design of the tabletop, you also should adore the effort it took to hand-forge the bottom part of the table. If you like antique items, this might be the perfect item for you. 

7. Rustic Acacia Reclaimed Wood Table

Rustic Acacia Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed wood dining tables that were made using acacia woods are normally beautiful and amazing. It’s safe to say that this particular dining table also belongs to that list. Plus, this item was handmade to your satisfaction, so there’s no need to question the amazing quality of the table. 

8. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Beautiful Motive

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Beautiful Motivea

Usually, reclaimed wood dining tables are unique because of their simplistic design. However, it’s not uncommon for some reclaimed wood dining tables to have beautiful motives, just like this particular table. This beautiful table was made carefully and precisely to ensure the best dining experience in your home. 

9. Round Table with Distressed Wood

Round Table with Distressed Wood

After seeing all the reclaimed wood dining tables with rectangular shapes, perhaps it’s time to introduce one with a circular shape. This particular dining table was made using distressed wood, and it really makes the table become more aesthetic. Plus, this table will fit perfectly for any house with a small dining room. 

10. Reclaimed Wood Table with Conical Legs

Reclaimed Wood Table with Conical Legs

If you want to own reclaimed wood dining tables that can amaze your guests, be sure to check this table out. It has unique and conical legs rarely found on other reclaimed wood dining tables. It surely will be the sole focus for your guest’s attention due its magnificent design. Don’t hesitate, because this item can be gone in a blink of an eye. 

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11. Rustic Industrial Dining Table and Bench

Rustic Industrial Dining Table and Bench

This item is one of the best elegant reclaimed wood dining tables on our list. Handmade in the UK, this table is reinforced with a steel base. Buying the cool dining table also comes with a bonus: it comes with a lovely bench that you can sit on.

12. Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid Wood Dining Table

A dining table that has a rustic look may just be the answer for your home improvement. If you agree with the idea, you should consider buying this magnificent dining table. It has a handcrafted solid wood surface that has a unique grain and texture. 

Exotic Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

There are two kinds of reclaimed wood dining tables: the elegant and exotic ones. If you want to spice your home more with exotic items, you can consider some of these items below. Let’s take a peek!

13. Adair Round Dining Table

Adair Round Dining Table

It is very rare to see a round reclaimed wood dining table. But most round reclaimed wood dining tables always look so exotic, just like this particular item. Although it has a simple design, you can’t deny that it will enhance your dining room!

14. Rustic Wooden Table with X Base

Rustic Wooden Table with X Base

This magnificent dining table can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. It will act as a great table to increase your appetite during dinner or other parties. Don’t worry about the strength of this item either, because it is really strong and durable. 

15. Brass Base Dining Table

Brass Base Dining Table

You know what makes this dining table very exotic looking? For us, it is the base part of the table that was made using brass. The tabletop was made using reclaimed Tabak wood, and it definitely makes this table more awesome. 

16. Rectangular Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Rectangular Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

On first thought, this dining table looks a lot like a garden bench that you sit on. But try to buy this table for your home and see how it changes the mood around your dining room. Plus, it also has an extendable part should there be extra people to eat. 

17. LYUMO Dining Table

LYUMO Dining Table

Although reclaimed woods are normally old and aged, they can still look beautiful. Just take a look at this awesome table as an example! It also has a unique motive and design that will fit perfectly in a contemporary house. We also guarantee its durability, as it was made using the finest reclaimed wood!

18. LYUMO Dining Table 2

LYUMO Dining Table 2

There are various reclaimed wood dining tables that LYUMO produced over the years. Here is another cool alternative to the one that we have mentioned before. While the tabletop has a similar design, you can see that this particular model has a different base part. If you like it better, don’t hesitate and buy it immediately!

19. Carved Wooden Dining Table

Carved Wooden Dining Table

Now it’s time to take a look at a dining table with an uncommon design. This might require a huge space in the dining room, but we guarantee you that it will be worth it. To ensure its durability, the wooden table is equipped with three metal hairpin legs. 

20. Tabletop Reclaimed Wood 

Tabletop Reclaimed Wood a

If you’re only looking to buy a tabletop for your dining room, perhaps this item might fit your agenda. Although it was made using old reclaimed wood, the surface has been oiled to maintain a smooth finish. You can also choose various colors that resemble your interior decoration. 

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21. Dining Table with Coffee Table Extension

Dining Table with Coffee Table Extension

This is a really unique dining table to own. On one side, you can enjoy your food with the rectangular tabletop. But when you prefer to stand up and enjoy some beverage, you can put it on the extension located just above the table!

22. Benjara Wooden Dining Table

Benjara Wooden Dining Table

There’s always something unique with reclaimed wood dining tables’ base parts. This particular item also has a unique leg that differs from other dining tables. It’s also made using high quality material that won’t break easily. 

23. Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Style

Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Style

Up next is this beautiful dining table, inspired with Herringbone style. It is equipped with three rod metal legs. We really adore the quality of the material as well as the unique design of the table, and so should you! Aside from its wonderful design, this reclaimed wood dining table is also strong and durable. 

24. Gray Dining Table

Gray Dining Table

With this beautiful dining table, simplicity is the name of the game. You can use this table for various purposes, like dining, work, studies, or other things. Don’t afford to miss out on this masterpiece of a dining table!

25. Margaret Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Margaret Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Our last item is a real sight for sore eyes! With its beautiful design, you can be sure to spice up the mood in your dining room! Buy it now and feel a new dining experience with your loved ones. 

latest post:

Why is Reclaimed Wood Good?

Reclaimed wood is made using various used old woods. As a result, reclaimed wood will look antique and beautiful. Besides that, reclaimed wood will also be durable and strong. Hence, you won’t have to worry about breaking a reclaimed wood dining table. 

What is the Difference Between Salvaged and Reclaimed?

Both of these terms are similar, but they also have a slight difference. Salvaged woods were never cut and used for construction. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, was previously used as a construction material for a building. 

How Strong is a Reclaimed Wood?

Even though reclaimed wood is recycled from old woods, they are durable and strong as heck. Sometimes they are even stronger than modern woods, because they also provide stability in the construction. 

Is Reclaimed Wood More Durable?

To repeat our answer to this question: yes, it is really durable and strong at the same time. Old woods are somehow built to last longer than newer woods, so it comes to no surprise if they are very durable. 

How do I Choose Reclaimed Wood?

There are some simple strategies for choosing the right reclaimed wood. The most important thing is to always find a dry and tight wood. You might also want to find beautiful reclaimed woods for your interior decoration. And last but not least, make sure to buy from a supplier that you trust!

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