27 Unique and Antique Dining Tables for Your Dining Room

After enduring a long and hard day, you will be hoping to come home and be greeted by your loving family. After taking a bath, all of the members will gather around and eat together in your dining room. This is the place where you spend time to talk and catch up with your loved ones. It makes perfect sense if you’re trying to find comfortable and cool dining tables. For that matter, we’d like you to consider buying antique dining tables.

Antique dining tables have a really unique design that sets them apart with modern dining tables. Their old (and sometimes rustic) design makes them special and beautiful at the same time. Some antique dining tables can be a little expensive. But with a little effort, you can find the right item that fits your budget and taste. Let’s take a look at our list of cool antique dining tables below!

Simple and Antique Dining Tables

Although antique dining tables have unique designs, most of them are also simplistic. Hence, these antique dining tables will be perfect for those of you who don’t like to fill up their home with fancy items. 

1. French Antique Dining Table

French Antique Dining Table

First up, we’ve got this magnificent antique dining table that came all the way from France. This dining table fits perfectly in a small house. Although it really looks old and rusty, we assure you that the table is extremely durable and strong

2. Saarinen Dining Table

Saarinen Dining Table

In the interior world, Eero Saarinen is known as a legend. If you want to get a product made by the myth himself, please consider this amazing antique dining table. Even with the wide roundtable, you will get a lot of space for the leg because of the unique design. 

3. Antique Dining Table from Acacia Wood

Antique Dining Table from Acacia Wood

Most people are afraid that antique items are fragile and easy to break. However, that might not be the case with this antique dining table. Because it is made using Acacia wood, the table is extremely stable and durable. It also has a simplistic design that fits perfectly in any dining room. 

4. Antique Dining Table with Mahogany Wood

Antique Dining Table with Mahogany Wood

Go all the way back to 100 years prior with this amazing and antique dining table. It is made using mahogany wood, therefore ensuring its durability. If you only have a small dining room, this table will be the perfect item for you!

5. Solid African Mahogany Table

Solid African Mahogany Table

Mahogany woods are often used for antique dining tables. This magnificent item is the perfect example of it. The item itself originates from Africa and has a glossy surface that makes it look beautiful. Create many memories with your family members using this wonderful table.

6. 1910s English Dining Table

1910s English Dining Table

This simple dining table is perfect for those of you who love antique dining tables that originated from England. This is a superb table that can fit six to eight people at once. Your guests will definitely gaze at this magnificent dining table in awe before consuming the food!

7. Indonesian Antique Dining Table

Indonesian Antique Dining Table

Our next antique dining table was made using Indonesian teak wood. The result is very pleasing and surprising. It also has a unique oval shape that will perfectly fit in any room with a retro and vintage theme. Buy this one-of-a-kind now before you regret it!

8. Round Cherry Dining Table

Round Cherry Dining Table

Antique dining tables can also come in a small size. Just take a look at this minimalistic table. Despite its small stature, you can still obtain one and use it for your dining room. It is perfect for a house with three or four family members. 

9. Sonali Cement Dining Table

Sonali Cement Dining Table

Yep, we know for a fact that this antique dining table will catch your attention. We really like the unique shape of the bottom part of the table. Although it looks delicate and fragile, you can be rest assured that this table is perfectly stable and balanced

Elegant Dining Tables

Do you know the similarities that antique dining tables and vintage dining tables possess? The answer is simple: they’re both very elegant looking. If you want to enhance your house with elegant items, please start by purchasing one of these elegant antique dining tables below. 

10. Signature Ashley Dining Table

Signature Ashley Dining Table

When you‘re hosting a party and your original dining table can’t fit all of the attendants, you need to have an extension table. There’s no extension table in the market that looks better than this antique table! 

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11. Victorian Extendable Dining Table

Victorian Extendable Dining Table

This antique dining table was made during the Victorian era from England, which means that it was made some time between 1820 and 1914. You can choose to fold one side of the table down if there are a few members who are eating. 

12. Extendable Dutch Table

Extendable Dutch Table

Versatility is very important in a dining table. It’s cool to have an antique dining table that is small enough to fit any dining room, but can be extended should there be any extra attendant during dinner. This Dutch table perfectly matches the description. 

13. Acme Gorsedd Wooden Dining Table

Acme Gorsedd Wooden Dining Table

This wooden dining table tries to break normal tradition with its unique silver finish. However, the bottom part of the table is also unique, therefore making this antique dining table worthy for your dining room. 

14. Double Pedestal Dining Table

Double Pedestal Dining Table

It’s very rare to see a modern dining table with a double pedestal. But it was really common back in olden times. If you really love this item, you should not wait any longer because others might swoop in first and grab this antique dining table from you!

15. Acme Picardy Antique Dining Table

Acme Picardy Antique Dining Table

This is truly a magnificent dining table. With its round shape and elegant stool, you can really make your dining room into an elegant one! All you need is to add some vintage chairs to complement the table

16. Expandable Dining Table

Expandable Dining Table

If you want an antique dining table that is able to charm your guests, look no longer because you have found the right item with this one. Plus, it can also be expanded to fit up to six people at once. 

17. Rustic Pine Table

Rustic Pine Table

Although the name of this item is “Rustic Dining Table”, it is absolutely durable and strong. With its awesome rectangular shape, all of your family members can come together and eat while sharing funny stories. 

18. Halton Dining Table

Halton Dining Table

With this adorable dining table, aesthetics is the name of the game. The table was made in India with top quality material. Don’t afford to miss out on this antique dining table, because it’s in high demand. 

19. White Marble Dining Table

White Marble Dining Table

While this amazing dining table has a common shape, you can still fancy its awesome design. The White Marble dining table will definitely add some charm to your dining room with its antiquity. 

20. Cross Extension Table

Cross Extension Table

An antique dining table that is versatile enough to fit any indoor space? We dare say: sign us up! With this cool cross extension table, you can expand the table so that it will fit up to 12 people! Enjoy a warm dinner together with friends and family. 

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21. Round Dining Table with Black Finish

Round Dining Table with Black Finish

For our last item in the elegant antique dining tables category, we’re going to recommend this awesome round dining table for your consideration. It also has an awesome marble top finish and antique design that is very romantic for a young couple

Large Dining Tables

Most of the antique dining tables that we’ve mentioned in previous categories came in small sizes. However, large antique dining tables are also worth mentioning, because they do look cool and elegant. Let’s take a look at some of the best dining tables below. 

22. 20th Century French Dining Table

20th Century French Dining Table

In the modern era, nobody makes a dining table with this kind of stool anymore. That’s the reason why this item is unique and in high demand. If you want to have a dining room with a little bit of French touch in it, don’t wait any longer and add this into your cart. 

23. Antique Dining Table with Koi Motive

Antique Dining Table with Koi Motive

This magnificent table has a really beautiful design due to the Koi and Lotus motive. You can use this table as a dining table or a working table. Have we told you that it was made using upcycled material too? So awesome!

24. Antique 1900s Table

Antique 1900s Table

This table was made in Europe, sometime in the early 20th century. Although it is old, this amazing dining table is still fully functional. You can use it as an indoor dining table as well as outdoors

25. Antique Victorian Dining Table

Antique Victorian Dining Table

You’re looking at a perfectly restored antique dining table. It was constructed using pine wood and still retained the original painting. It will add some charm to your dining table at home, so go and get this amazing table now!

26. Large English Antique Dining Table

Large English Antique Dining Table

Do you know that large dining tables can also be used for outdoor activities, like garden parties? That’s the reason why you should consider buying the English antique dining table. This is a really old table that can be dated as far as the early Victorian period

27. Large Mahogany Dining Table

Large Mahogany Dining Table

This mahogany dining table has a really unique design. It has six legs to support the table with a very long shape too. However, it actually makes the table stronger and sturdier. Plus, it was made using premium material to ensure its longevity. 

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How Do I Know If My Dining Table is Antique?

The first thing to spot is the design itself. Antique dining tables won’t have designs that resemble contemporary dining tables. Then, you can also take notice of its material wear. Although they are durable, antique dining tables will have a little bit of rust or wear. 

What is the Difference Between Antique and Vintage?

This is a misconception that was found regularly. Vintage items are usually 20 to 99 years old, while antique items are far older than that. Now that you know the difference, you can find antique dining tables without being mistaken for a vintage one. 

How Old Does a Furniture Has to be to be Considered as Antique?

We have just mentioned this very thing before. In the case that you’ve not read our article thoroughly, we’ll do you the honor of mentioning it one more time. Antique furniture are items that have aged more than a hundred years. If it hasn’t aged that far, it’s still considered a vintage item. 

What are the Best Antique Dining Tables?

There are a lot of antique dining tables in the market. But out of all the items available, we have to recommend antique dining tables that are elegant and simple. Bearing that thought in mind, you probably should consider this cool rustic table. As an alternative, please feel free to add this Indonesian antique dining table into your cart too. 

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