25 Unique Bookshelves for Small Rooms to Save Space 

As Ernest Hemingway stated, “there is no friend as royal as a book”. We couldn’t agree more, because reading a book is indeed good for both our mind and soul. By reading a book, our critical thinking will always be trained. So collecting many kinds of books is not wrong. However, having too many books in small spaces will cause you trouble, because the book can get damaged and ripped. Hence, you might want to consider having a bookshelf to keep your books organized. If the usual bookshelf design is too boring for you, then you might want to choose something different instead. For your small space and rooms, you can choose to have some unique bookshelves. More than just useful, they will also be a nice addition of home decor to your small rooms.

Finding the most perfect bookshelves for your small rooms be a challenge. Therefore, we have created a list of 25 most recommended unique bookshelves for you, which are not only practical, but can also become a unique home decor to add to the room. So, you better check all the items in this list one by one before you make you final decision!

1. Mategot Dedal Bookshelves

Mategot Dedal Bookshelf

This one comes with a modern design for a minimalist theme inside your room. This is one of the most unique bookshelves that offers you the simplicity of storing your books, while still looking neat and aesthetic. For best appearance, you can order two and set them on the wall. So that your book collections can be put neatly and handy. Moreover, the material if this bookshelf is a lacquer coated steel that will hold the books steadily.

2. Natural Rattan Shelton Corner Shelf

Natural Rattan Shelton Corner Shelf

If most your books are not that big or thick, then you can go with this rattan corner shelf. The shape turns it into a unique bookshelf that you can have inside your small bedroom. Since you can place it on the corner of your room, it won’t take too much space for sure. Furthermore, the color of natural rattan fits best to create a minimalist look into any room.

3. String Work Desk Shelving

String Work Desk Shelving

Moving on to the next item, this is one of the most unique bookshelves that comes with a string work desk shelving concept. Since there is a work desk below the bookshelves, you can save space because everything is stored vertically. Furthermore, you can adjust the panel and move it easily based on your needs. Whether you need it bigger, narrower, or even if you need to take out one of the panels, you can adjust this item based on what you need. Another thing that makes your room look neat and spacious even when you add this item, is the color option! White will always give a clean ambience to any room.

4. Dafne Bookcase

Dafne Bookcase

This one comes as a the real solution for you, who is a bookworm who wants to put a divider into a room. You can use this bookshelf as the separator and as place to save your books as well. A wooden material matches other separators that are usually used. Also, you can save money by buying this versatile bookshelf. In addition, you can see the beautiful lighting that comes from the bookshelf.

5. Sapiens 60″ Bookcase Tower

Sapiens 60 Bookcase Tower

What small rooms need is basically a vertical furniture to save space, including a vertical bookshelf. Getting a vertical bookshelf like this can be a savior, if you have a small space at home. As one of the most unique bookshelves, you can build a bookcase tower with it without having to worry that it may fall, since the material is robust and super steady. 

6. Oscarine Lucite Narrow Mirrored Bookshelf

Oscarine Lucite Narrow Mirrored Bookshelf

When luxury and minimalism are perfectly combined into one unique item, then it will probably look like this bookshelf that will be a nice addition to any room at home. This is one of those unique bookshelves that features a clear and shiny look through the gold color as the bezel of the bookshelf. Pretty elegant and simple, isn’t it? Also, you don’t need much space to put this unique bookshelf in your room.

7. Portable Polished Brass Bookshelf

Portable Polished Brass Bookshelf

This next item is truly a unique and modern bookshelf because it comes with wheels! This bookshelf got portable polished brass and used mahogany as the material, so you know how strong this bookshelf is gonna be. By adding this item to your house, it will feels like bringing the 1870’s vibe instantly due to the style of bicycle.

8. Triangle Wall Mounted Unique Bookshelves

Triangle Wall Mounted Unique Bookshelf

If you’re looking for a simple, space saving, and compact bookshelf for your book collections, this one is the perfect pick. It comes in three color options and you can choose one that you love the most, and you can also choose all three at once! Since the material of this shelves iron, you don’t need to worry that it may falls down.

9. Adjustable Bookshelf 

Adjustable Bookshelf

As someone who prefers to store favorite books on the desk, then you might need these unique bookshelves. This item was designed to make your desk looks neat at all times by arranging the books as neat as possible. As an adjustable bookshelf that is made from iron metal, it’s is easy to use and open, based on the number of books that you have. Truly a simple and efficient bookshelves for a small space.

10. Rustic Industrial Pipe Bookcase

unique bookshelves for small rooms

Get a rustic look for your room by adding this industrial pipe bookcase. It is very unique, useful and will definitely become the center point of your room. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about space, because it won’t bother any space in your room since it is mounted on the wall.

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11. Hartwick Revolving Bookcase

unique bookshelves for small rooms

A 360’ bookshelf will give you a different ambience inside your small space. Although this item is not that big, having a rotating bookshelf like this will create a bookstore vibe. Simply put your book collections there, and rotate the bookcase as you wish while picking the book you want to read before bed time.

12. Convenience Concepts Oxford A-Frame Bookshelf

unique bookshelves for small rooms

This one is an eye-catching design of bookshelf that you can get for a room in your house. At a glance, you might think this is not exactly a space saving item. But if you take a second look, this is one of those unique bookshelves that is not only good to keep your books organized, but also to store other items, too! You can place it near the window beside the sofa to add a sweet ambience to your living room.

13. Open Storage Revolving Bookshelf

unique bookshelves for small rooms

A minimalist and modern design of this rotating bookshelf is another thing that you should get inside your room. With this unique bookshelf, you can store your book collections on the shelf. Moreover, you can easily rotate the shelf to choose the book that you want to read. Also, your books will not fall while you rotate it since the material is super sturdy.

14. Invisible and Unique Bookshelves 

unique bookshelves for small rooms

No, there’s no magic trick here. This is one called the invisible bookshelves. Aside from being the perfect bookshelf that can save space in a small room, this is also one of those unique bookshelves that can create a different yet unique look inside the room. With this item, you can turn your book collections into a one-of-a-kind wall decor.

15. Custom Made Wooden Book Rack

unique bookshelves for small rooms

Guess everyone is wondering about how this bookshelf can display your books in a very aesthetic way, and cause no damage to the books. This custom made wooden book rack will take you to another level in terms of saving your book collections. By using the pin and string as the bookmark, you can save the books by hanging hanging like this. It is not only space saving, but also aesthetically pleasing to look at.

16. Hemispherical Shelf

unique bookshelves for small rooms

This wooden wall mounted bookshelf will give you a different ambience at home. You can store the book easily inside the open shelves. Also, the 3D effect of this bookshelf design will enhance the whole appearance of the room. By purchasing one item, you can get both the unique bookshelf and room decor, too!

17. Unique Desk Bookshelves

Desk Book Shelves

It is time to organize your books or magazines in a cool way. Get a simple and clean look by adding this desk bookshelf. You can simply put your books on the shelf if you are not reading it. Plus, the adorable white color will make everything brighter and more beautiful, for sure.

18. Unique Tree Bookshelves with Drawer

Tree Bookshelves with Drawer

An oak material used to produce this tree bookshelf will make you realize the strength and steadiness of this unique piece. Putting your books in this unique bookshelf will make your small space looks more artsy. As one of the most unique bookshelves out there, it also has a drawer to put your small items inside. Say bye bye to messy room!

19. Bestier S-Shaped Bookshelf

Bestier S-Shaped Bookshelf

The S-Shaped bookshelf is a versatile piece of furniture since you can use it as a bookshelf, bedside table or a coffee table in your small room. You can organize your books in second and third tiers, while you can put your small items or a cup of coffee on the top tier. The bezel is made of steel and combined with wooden material as the shelf. A win-win solution for a small room!

20. Arch Wall Leaning Shelf, Ladder Bookshelf

unique bookshelves for small rooms

A very beautiful, aesthetic, and minimalist look comes together in this unique bookshelf. As for a small room, you can lean the bookshelf wherever you want. Because this item is not only unique, but also easy to move. Guess everyone is craving for this sleek item inside their house.

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21. Casual Home 3-Shelf Folding Bookcase

Casual Home 3-Shelf Folding Bookcase

At first, you may think that this is just an ordinary and casual bookshelf, but in fact it is not! This bookshelf is unique because it is foldable and easy to carry. You can adjust the item as easy as folding it. So, for the one who likes to move from one house to another, this item should be on your list!

22. The KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook

unique bookshelves for small rooms

If your kids love to read books, then surprise them by giving this bookshelf to them. As one of the most unique bookshelves for kid’s room, this one features a reading nook, which is a clever design to save space. The kids can read the book by sitting on the nook with no worries since the material is very sturdy.

23. Kids Sling Bookshelf

unique bookshelves for small rooms

A simple, cute and easy to reach for the children. This bookshelf is the answer for parents to organize your kids’ book collections. If you have a small room to save the books, then you can get this item to solve your issue. Place it wherever you want, so that your children can continue their new hobby, which is reading a book!

24. Modern House Bookcase

unique bookshelves for small rooms

It is like a dream come true if you get this bookshelf for your kids. Even for the adults, this bookshelf is pretty adorable and hard to resist. Your small space will be enlightened by adding this furniture inside. You can organize the books, store the toys, and put any small items there.

25. Babyletto Presto Acrylic Bookcase & Cart

unique bookshelves for small rooms

Having this to organize and save the book collections of your kids will help you that much. Because it also can teach the kids to tidy up their books by pushing this cart that functions as a bookshelf, too. The acrylic material is safe for the children. After organizing all the books, then they can just place the cart based on their favorite spot.

Latest Post:

How can you fit bookshelves in a small space? 

Fitting the bookshelves in a small space can be done by measuring the size of the bookshelf before you buy it. By doing so, you can avoid any issue that happens in the future. Also, if you don’t have time to measure, just make sure your wall is clean. So that you can buy a wall mounted bookshelf that can be set on your wall.

Where should shelves be in a small bedroom?

Usually, you can place it in the corner of the room or hang it on the wall. So that the bookshelf won’t bother any other space, and you can organize the books easily, too.

What are the unique bookshelves for small rooms?

The unique bookshelves for small rooms are the ones that are one-of-a-kind like the bookshelf with the wheels or the wall mounted bookshelf with a unique shape.

What are the best space-saving bookshelves?

The best space-saving bookshelves are custom made wooden book racks, since you can save your book while still getting the bookmark to the last page you read. A revolving bookcase is the best one, too, since you can put many books there and rotate it to choose the books easily. Also the size is not that big, so it is suitable for small rooms.

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