25 Classy and Elegant Bathtub Shower Combo for Small Spaces

If your bathroom size is not that big, you might want to consider having a bathtub shower instead of the usual bathtub. If you’re dreaming of having a relaxing time soaking in a hot tub and enjoying a warm shower after, it’s not going to be just a dream anymore, thanks to a bathtub shower combo. There are so many options of bathtub showers that you can find in the following list of the most elegant and classy bathtub showers that we hav created for you below.

Whether you need a compact bathtub shower, a unique one, or the one that can fit two people inside, we have sum up everything you need here in the list. If you have the mounted shower already, no more worry, because we’ve got you covered as well. So, let’s start scrolling and be ready to be inspired!

1. Cabrits Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

Cabrits Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

What a beautiful looking bathtub shower combo, which is perfect for small spaces. The slim design of a free standing bathtub like this is definitely one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, it is constructed of Englishcast material, white gloss finish, and not a coating one, so you don’t have to worry that it will chip or fade. The contour design lets you sit and play the bubble together with the kids inside. Also, you can add the faucets beside the bathtub, so you can choose your favorite shower style.

2. iOS Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

iOS Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

To those who are looking for a small, compact yet modern design of bathtub, iOS bathtub by Victoria and Albert should be on your list. It is suitable for modern and new apartment studios, where you can place it inside your bathroom without feeling too guilty, since the size is slim and you can fit in nicely. It is made of a unique blend of finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin. Also, you can add the faucets or shower next to the tub as well. Then, you can choose bathing to relax your mind, or showering to charge your spirit in the morning with this bathtub shower combo for small spaces.

3. Marlborough Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

Marlborough Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

This one is a luxurious dual-ended slipper that allows you to choose what side you want to relax inside the bathtub. It can be the ultimate statement in your master bathroom. Although your bathroom size is not that big, adding this Marlborough tub will make you see how elegant your bathroom looks instantly. Moreover, it comes complete with English Cast base for best and sturdy material. And the optional Lido faucet stand is available for freestanding faucets. So you can have a bathtub shower combo for small spaces together to maximize your shower experience.

4. MTI Cascara Tub

MTI Cascara Tub

Meet the Cascara tub that combines blissful comfort with exquisite good looks. The asymmetrical design and extended deck allows easy entry and exit. If you look closely, the shape looks like half of a boiled white egg. Through this quirky design, Cascara is the winner of 2015 Good Design awards from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the K+BB 2015 Product Innovator Award-Judge’s pick! To be the best bathtub shower combo for small spaces, don’t forget to add the faucets next to it.

5. MTI Parisian 3 Tub

MTI Parisian 3 Tub

If you already have a shower and want to get the new experience to relax in a long hot soak, this freestanding tub that has a classic and retro design can be your best option. Inspired by Parisian style, the interior is ergonomically sensitive with softly curved backrest, so you can relax after a long hectic day in this tub. This tub is handmade for a fine detail. Moreover, it is scratch and stain resistant, while the acrylic is a non-porous one.

6. Edge Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

Edge Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

This one is a modern, elegant and beautiful bathtub from The Edge. This tub has a high quality material for the tub with mildew, mold and scum resistant non porous surface for durability and easy to clean features. The shape of this bathtub shower combo for small spaces will be the masterpiece in your bathroom. Also, you can set the faucets and shower on the wall to showering or bathing.

7. MTI Basics Freestanding Bathtub

MTI Basics Freestanding Bathtub

The rectangular shape of your new bathtub is always a good idea. This freestanding bathtub is durable with Lucite high-gloss cross-linked cast acrylic in white. No need to worry about a slippery bottom, since the MTI basics made the textured bottom as a slip resistance. Although it is a free standing bathtub, which means you can combine it with shower too, you can also mount it on the wall. It would be a bathtub shower combo for small spaces if you already mount the shower as well. And of course, your small space will turn into more functional yet modern space.

8. Hampshire Clawfoot Bathtub

Hampshire Clawfoot Bathtub

Such a classic Edwardian tub for the most discerning bather. This is exactly what you are looking for as a bathtub and shower combo in your small space. This single ended roll rim reclines at the perfect angle for maximum comfort, and the clawfoot is made of Englishcast for a sturdy one. Also, the manufacturer chose mildew, mold and scum resistant non-porous surface to make the tub more durable and easy to clean.

9. Lapiaz Bathtub in White With Brass and Mirror Details

Lapiaz Bathtub in White With Brass and Mirror Details

Imagine having this luxurious Lapiaz bathtub and shower combo in your space. We know that you are looking for the item that fits in your small space, but this one is more than that, because it can cover all you needs inside a bathroom. The polished brass details and mirrored sides attribute this luxury design artwork an artistic yet warm beauty. You know that there is no failure for the gold and black combination.

10. ‘Ginevra’ Acrylic Skirted Tub Package

Ginevra' Air Jetted CoreAcryl French Bateau Acrylic Skirted Tub Package

The design might look classic, but the material and finishing describes how modern this Ginevra bathtub is. Inspired by Parisian style, this tub package, which contains a bathtub shower combo for small spaces, is such a holy grail for your bathing experience. This tub offers Aged Chrome in a choice of two lacquer finishes: High Gloss Original (high reflective) and Eggshell (medium reflective), choose your favorite that matches your personality. The individual heated air jets will give you another level of bathing. The non-slip bottom will also ensure you are safe and sound whenever you stand up for showering.

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11. DOMENICO-AIR Pedestal Tub

DOMENICO-AIR 73 Pedestal Tub

If you are getting bored of just a plain or monochrome bathtub shower combo for small spaces, then you can change the vibes in your bathroom with a Domenico-air pedestal tub. It uses a patina copper exterior with beautiful color grading. Also, it comes with a handheld shower, which is exactly what you need for showering or bathing. The chrome finish of the shower is another great feature, too.

12. Petra Bathtub in White Marble

Petra Bathtub in White Marble with Black Lacquer Details

Guess no one cannot resist the beauty of this luxury bathtub shower combo. Petra bathtub is made of a combination of Ibiza marble & wood. Also, it is inspired by the ancient city of Petra, where buildings are directly carved to stone cliffs. The white marble Ibiza is handmade, so you know how fine the detail is. If you think the size is too big or the color is just black and white, you can customize it based on your preference. Then you can get the best bathtub and shower combo for your small space. Isn’t it a good idea?

13. Swedish Slipper Clawfoot Tub Package

Cosimo White Acrylic Swedish Slipper Clawfoot Tub Package

A compact, minimalist, yet modern tub from Cosimo. This Swedish Slipper clawfoot tub has a high gloss white interior. The floor is non-slip one and the exterior uses eggshell matte iron with gray color. To complete the ‘Cosimo’ package, the ultimate elegant Victorian freestanding tub filler with 9″ spout from Penhaglion, Victorian drain in polished chrome and beautiful Medici cast iron feet also from The Tub Studio in chrome are available in one package. There are no additional items that you should buy anymore for the best bathtub shower combo for a small space.

14. ‘Christoforo’ French Bateau Tub Package

Christoforo' Acrylic French Bateau Tub Package

Having a bathtub is always inspired by the Parisian lifestyle. This French Bateau bathtub comes in three lengths from 59″, 67″ or 73″ that you can adjust for your small space. The gorgeous shape of this pedestal tub using an aged chrome as the finishing to make it more elegant and fabulous. Moreover, this is not a glitzy tub and the exterior finish is relatively subdued and subtle. While the exterior definitely looks like metal, it is actually the effects of natural aging on the surface.So, this gray bathtub shower combo is the best one for your small space.

15. Empava Modern Freestanding Bathtub

Empava 59 Modern Freestanding White Acrylic Bathtub

When you think that having a bathtub means you need to move the heavy item when you want to refresh the furniture, then you are wrong. This Empava freestanding acrylic bathtub is lightweight yet strong. The acrylic tubs are easy to move compared to traditional cast iron material. Also, choosing the acrylic tub means you just choose the highly resistant to stains since the material is not porous. You can add an additional faucet or handshower for the best bathtub shower combo for small spaces.

16. Newton Bathtub in Black Lacquer Brass

Newton Bathtub in Black Lacquer Brass with Gold Details

This Newton bathtub is such a winner for its luxurious and stunning design. Especially for women, the design, shape, and the color combination of this tub are the ultimate attention seeker. Who can replace this impressive bathtub shower combo in your bathroom? Look at the bubble! It is like speaking to you that this tub is your best companion for bathing and showering. The most important thing, you can customize the size or material based on your preference, and even the color, too although this one is already the best bathtub and shower combo for small space.

17. Koi Bathtub in Brushed Iron and Base Brass

Koi Bathtub in Brushed Iron and Base Brass

This masterpiece should be included in your wishlist as the best bathtub and shower combo. Koi carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, you will feel highly appreciated by its decorative purposes. Its natural color mutations reveal their capacity to adapt.. The Koi scales that compose the panels of the bathtub shine and reflect on its brass surface the sun caught throughout the clear water. You know you will love it at the first sight.

18. ALFI Cedar Wooden Bathtub

ALFI brand AB1139 61 Free Standing Cedar Wooden Bathtub

Having this unique wooden tub by ALFI brand is the perfect addition to any log style cabin, winter home, or your small space. Although it looks old fashioned, this wooden soaking tub comes along with the comfort of modern luxury. Just lay back and relax inside the best bathtub shower combo for small spaces like this. And you can get an unforgettable bathing experience.

19. Vanity Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

Vanity Art 59'' x 30'' Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

Such a classic bathtub shower combo! The chrome hardware finishes with acrylic material for the tub, which makes the bottom a non-slippery item. You can mount it under your existing shower. So, from now on you can enjoy two ways of cleaning your body.

20. ‘Maries’ Tub Plumbing Package

61 Acrylic Slipper Clawfoot Tub Plumbing Package, Maries

Clawfoot is a familiar or common foot for a bathtub shower combo. This Maries is the perfect selection for those who are looking for fashion, comfort, and affordability. Because it comes with imperial balls and claw feet, which are available in several finishes. So you can choose your favorite finishes for the tub. This package will come with everything you need for the installation of your tub, so no need to buy any additional items anymore.

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21. White Rectangular Soaking Bathtub

67 White Rectangular Solid Surface Smooth Resin Soaking Bathtub

Spa inspired bathtubs such as the ALFI brand freestanding resin soaking tubs. This design becomes a popular choice to add a sculptural element to their bathroom decor. Moreover, this is made of smooth resin composite material with a matte finish. And the durable surface of this tub makes it extremely resilient to scratches and stains. So, we guess you just found your best bathtub shower combo. Since you already have the shower mounted in your bathroom, right?

22. Malibu Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

Malibu Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

The antique design of Malibu freestanding jetted tub is a combination of elegant and compact one. This tub comes with a whirlpool jetted tub for a powerful therapeutic massage bath. You are not only bathing in hot water, but also you can feel the therapeutic massage bath by having this tub. Complete your experience by adding the handheld shower to rinse the body.

23. Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Tub Drillings

71 Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Tub Drillings, Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet

A classic design for the most romantic and relaxing bathing ever. It is specially designed to include a cast iron double ended slipper clawfoot tub revealing your taste for both elegance and style. The oil rubbed bronze feet will add a different accent yet the fresh one to your bathroom interior. And why we mention that this tub is romantic, it is because this one fits for two persons. Add the handheld shower or mounted shower for an unforgettable bathing or shower together.

24. BC Designs 1580 Freestanding Boat Bath

BC Designs 1580 Freestanding Boat Bath

The gloss white inside and outside describes how classic yet still the favorite bathtub shower combo for most people. This is a BC Designs Classic Bath with a deep, luxurious bathing space. The material is sturdy and non-slip. So you don’t have to worry if you just stand up on the tub to shower after a long relaxing soak.

25. Worcester Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

Worcester Bathtub by Victoria and Albert

You will know how it feels to have a bath just like in the classic movie. This tub is elegant, classical and refined. Worcester takes its name from the ancient English Cathedral City and the South African town. This bathtub shower combo is classically ribbed plinth and rim detailing originally found in stonework, it embodies a rich history suitable for many interiors.

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Can you fit a tub and shower in a small bathroom?

Yes, you can. Nowadays, you can customize a tub and shower for small spaces by telling the manufacturer your special requests. It is not only about the size, because you can choose the materials, too! So you can have a bathtub shower combo for small spaces.

What are the best bathtub shower combo for small spaces?

For the design, this bathtub shower combo for small spaces is the winner. Although you will assume that this tub is big and not suitable for small spaces, you can customize it by calling the manufacturer to adjust the size based on your small spaces. If you want to get the ready-to-go bathtub shower combo, then you can grab this one now, since it is compact, classic and fits your small space.

 Is a tub and shower combo a good idea?

Yes, because you can experience two types of body cleaning. In a tub, you can get a relaxing soak after a hectic day, while under the shower, you can get the quick cleaning and refresh feeling after that. So, having a bathtub and shower combo for small spaces, or even for the big one is the best choice ever.

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