25 Luxury Bathtub Accessories To Make Your Bathroom Look Stunning

A bathtub, without a question, is a crucial part of our bathroom. You use it for a daily bath and also as a private relaxing session with yourself. Sometimes, you can feel bored of the surroundings of your bathtub. It may need a little touch to turn your regular bathtub into a comfortable place for your bathing ritual. Therefore, you can adorn it with luxury bathtub accessories to add a greater bath experience. In fact, many luxury bathtub accessories are designed for comfort and relaxation. Meanwhile, some of them also come in handy and play a big role in the splendor of your bathtub. 

Furthermore, these items can be found in abundance in the market at reasonable prices. To obtain them, we must conduct a small poll prior to purchasing any bathtub accessory, whether online or at a nearby store. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the luxury bathtub accessories we have compiled just for you!

1. Thick And Soft Bath Pillow Bathtub Pillow

Thick And Soft Bath Pillow Bathtub Pillow

With this thick pillow, you definitely will sleep while taking a bath! This is one of the most comfortable luxury bathtub accessories which is composed of a soft, breathable mesh fabric. It allows water and air to easily move through the perforations, keeping it fresh all the time.

 2. Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Get yourself this multipurpose tray for your wonderful bathtub. Its expanding sides make it a bath tray for any size bathtub. Besides, it has a strong design and non-slip handles to hold it in place. You can guarantee its durability and lifespan while admiring its elegant design because it is made of high quality bamboo.

3. Apartment Restroom Luxurious Soap Dispenser

Apartment Restroom Luxurious Soap Dispenser

Turn your bathtub into a luxury restroom feel with this stuff. Made from acrylic and stainless steel, this soap dispenser radiates its elegance and beauty. In addition, it comes in various sizes and shapes, making it perfect to put your soap, shampoo, and even toothbrush. This is definitely one of the most stunning and luxury bathtub accessories you can buy.

4. Clear Bathtub Caddy Tray

Clear Bathtub Caddy Tray

The clear bathtub caddy will make your bathtub look fancy and sophisticated. Made of clear durable acrylic with gold handles, it goes well with a luxurious bath. In fact, the clear color of the transparent tray fits any size of bathroom. With this wonderful item, you can put your towel, book, or even drinks comfortably.

5. Inspirational Geode Bath Bombs

Inspirational Geode Bath Bombs

Make your bathtub full of surprises with these luxury bath bombs. Each of these handcrafted luxury bath bombs fizzes and bubbles while changing the color of the water. Then, the calming scent will begin to relax both the mind and the body. Not to mention, the lovely “geode” is hand painted, making it an ideal accessory near your bathtub.

6. Ergonomic Bath Pillows 

Ergonomic Bath Pillows

Inspired by the ergonomic concept, this amazing bath pillow will support any position in your bathtub. It features 7 powerful suction cups to prevent slipping and the three-panel spa cushion supports the tub neck and back.This will be one of the most comfortable and luxury bathtub accessories you can have. 

7. Ceramic Soap Holder

Ceramic Soap Holder

Bring the luxurious vibe to your bathtub with this amazing soap holder. Since it is constructed from ceramic and stainless steel, the unique leaf shape lets your soap drain easily. It removes excess water and allows for speedy drying. You may save more soap this way, reduce waste, and enjoy it for longer.

8. Corner Wood Tub Caddy

Corner Wood Tub Caddy

In case you are looking for luxury bathtub accessories for a small bathroom, then try to buy this item. This caddy is designed for the corner of your bathtub, so it will fit into any bathtub. You can guarantee its quality as it is constructed from bamboo and coated in a waterproof sealant. Moreover, it has a vacuum-sealed suction cup on this item which will stick firmly to your bathtub

9. Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

Get yourself a wonderful massage in your bathtub with this brilliant item. This electric massage mat has an attached air pipe that sends massaging bubbles your way. It is specially designed to be placed on the floor of your bathtub. All you have to do is simply place the mat in the tub, relax, and enjoy the luxurious spa feel from your home.

10. Polished Stainless Steel Vacuum Suction Cup Soap Holder

Polished Stainless Steel Vacuum Suction Cup Soap Holder

Do you often feel it is difficult to reach your soap and shampoo while showering in the bathtub? Then why don’t you use this fabulous soap holder? Especially if you have shower above your bathtub, this will be one of the useful accessories. It is constructed from stainless steel with a luxurious and neat design. You can put this soap holder near your shower easily, thanks to the powerful suction technology.

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11. Ceramic Bath Accessory Complete Set

Ceramic Bath Accessory Complete Set

No one can resist the fantastic and elegant design of this set of bath accessories. Composed of ceramic with a luxury marble look, this complete set will be a focal point. This set features the soap pump, tumblrs, and a little tray for keeping your toiletries in an elegant way. This is definitely one of luxury bathtub accessories with exquisite design. 

12. Abstract Navy Blue Marble Shower Curtain

Abstract Navy Blue Marble Shower Curtain

Turn your bathtub into the glamor and classy vibes with this lovely curtain. Since HD printing is used, which results in distinct patterns, vibrant colors, and no fading. Meanwhile, modern abstract art with navy blue backdrop and golden line design adds a more enduring and harmonious décor to your bathtub.

13. Matte Black High-Pressure Round Shower Head

Matte Black High-Pressure Round Shower Head

With this masculine shower, your bathtub will surely appear more sophisticated. It’s made of high-quality solid brass and finished in a rust- and corrosion-resistant. It also has pressure balance valves to keep the water in the shower at a consistent temperature. Moreover, the elegant black matte color and modern design makes this item part of the luxury bathtub accessories in your life.

14. Gold Color Brass Bathroom Accessories Set

Gold Color Brass Bathroom Accessories Set

If you are confused about choosing the suitable luxury bathtub accessories for your bathroom, then try to buy this set of bathtub accessories. It features the soap tray, basket, toilet holder, as well as the towel rack in a fancy gold color. Made from brass with modern design, this set is perfect to make your bathroom look stunning.

15. Marble Ceramic Decorative Tray

Marble Ceramic Decorative Tray

Add the luxurious touch with this simple ornament near your bathtub. Not only for decorative purposes, this elegant marble tray will be a perfect item to put your jewelry in while bathing. Furthermore, the combination of white ceramic and marble with golden lines are exceptionally elegant and wonderful. 

16. Aromatherapy Bathroom Dispenser Sensor

Aromatherapy Bathroom Dispenser Sensor

Add the nice scent while taking a bath with this sophisticated dispenser. It makes use of cold-air diffusion technology which will release nano-particles. So, it will leave no residue and provide a delicate and consistent perfumed environment. Not to mention, you can set the sensor in automatic mode to spray the essential oil.

17. Plush Microfiber Gray Bathroom Rug

Plush Microfiber Gray Bathroom Rug

Say goodbye to your slippery floor after bath, because this cool item will be the lifesafer. This luxury mat is made of microfiber, which is thick enough so it can instantly absorb and lock water like a gigantic sponge.  Moreover,  the bottom part is composed of TP rubber, which can keep in place on various smooth surface types such as marble and tile without sliding.

18. Artistic Bathtub Shower Curtain

Artistic Bathtub Shower Curtain

Create an amazing private session while bathing with this fabulous shower curtain. The artistic green vine design will calm your body and mind, in addition to adding beauty in your bathroom. The polyester material is designed in standard bathtub size, this shower curtain will be a smart way to make your bathroom look charming.

19. Luxury Handheld Shower

Luxury Handheld Shower

For those who admire the beauty of golden touch in the bathroom, then they should add this handled shower above their bathtub. Composed from brass, bronze, and copper, the luxury bathroom accessories will last for the next 20 years. With this item, bath time will feel more fancy and elegant. 

20. Luxury Pillows for Neck and Back in Shower Tub

Luxury Pillows for Neck and Back in Shower Tub

Turn your bathtub into your favorite sleeping bed with this fantastic cushion. It contains six extra-strong suction cups to keep your spa pillow firmly attached to the tub’s back. This breathable bath tub cushion offers steady and refreshing airflow that dries quickly. In addition, it is an ideal cushion for those who have painful muscles and sensitive joints.

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21. Bathtub Board with Tablet Holder

Bathtub Board with Tablet Holder

Do you want to watch your favorite movie in the bathtub? Well, this bathtub board will grant your wish. As it is constructed with classic wood, it features the sturdy tablet holder along with a wine holder. These will be luxury bathtub accessories that allow you to enjoy your favorite movie and drinks at the same time.

22. Minimalist Ambrosia Maple Bath Caddy

Minimalist Ambrosia Maple Bath Caddy

If you want luxury bathtub accessories which still have minimalist design, then try the one made from maple wood. This bath caddy shows the elegant look of sturdy maple wood but still comes with a basic design. This is a cleaner and simpler version of living edge design which will add fancy to your bathroom.

23. Personalized Bath Tray Gift

nalized Bath Tray Gift

In case you want to surprise your partner at the bathroom for the anniversary, then you should buy the personalized and luxury bathtub accessories. You can customize the romantic message above the pine wood tray, making your partner feel special. This bath tray also comes with beautiful tea light candles which also will be perfect for creating a romantic bath time.

24. Luxury Bath Gift Box

Luxury Bath Gift Box

Get yourself this gift box that will provide luxury bathtub accessories that you need. In this box you will get a pink flamingos bath pillow, exfoliation glove, bath salts, eye mask, and face mask for a pampering ritual. Not to mention, this beautiful box is also a perfect gift for your loved one to show your care.

25. Suction Cup Handle Grab Bar

Suction Cup Handle Grab Bar

Help your elderly to enjoy their bathtime safely with this useful item. The suction cup will make a strong handle bar, perfect to prevent your elederly from slipping on the wet floor after taking a bath. As it is made of plastic with an elegant design, this handle grab bar is quite light in case your elederly want to change the position.

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