25 Cool Portable Bathtub For Kids Who Want Their Own Private Pool

Kids always have their own way to have fun with water. Water is water to a playful child, whether it’s playing in a bathtub or plunging into the ocean, most kids like playing in it in some way. Especially when they are at the swimming pool, most of them love to make a great splash of water with their friends. However, sometimes we can’t bring the kids to the swimming pool too often. Therefore, you can buy a portable bathtub for kids to create their own private pool everywhere. Beside its fun purpose, water play also encourages youngsters to use their senses, which they do naturally through a variety of activities. In addition, a portable bathtub for kids makes them enjoy the daily shower in a fun way. 

Furthermore, as it has a portable design, your kids can use it everywhere. Today, you can find various portable bathtubs for kids of a wide range of age. From the bathtub which is made for the infant to the teenager one, they are specifically designed to provide comfort and enjoyment to your kids. In this article, we will guide you to find the right portable bathtub for kids that definitely will make them jump into joy and excitement. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Airplane Swimming Pool for Kids

Airplane Swimming Pool for Kids

Bring the joyful vibes in your kids shower time everywhere with this inflatable bathtub in an attractive airplane shape. The inflatable feature allows you to save more space for storing this item. It is safe for your children because it is made of thick material that is also eco-friendly. Your children may cool off in the kids pool without the dangers of typical swimming pools.

2. Summer Portable Kids Play Pool

Summer Portable Kids Play Pool

In case you want to buy a portable bathtub for kids who love to play in the water outdoors, then you should add this round pool to your list. The thick non-slip material keeps your children from slipping, ensuring safety and comfort. Besides, it also has a convenient drain plug in the bottom for quick water removal.

3. Sprinkler Pool for Kids

Sprinkler Pool for Kids

Make your kids enjoy their shower time while playing with water with this fabulous portable bathtub. This sprinkler pool is shaped like a narwhal, and its vivid colors and adorable appearance make it appealing to children. At the bottom of the splash pool, there are alphabets and sea creatures, which serve to improve cognition. It is an excellent item for summer vacations.

4. Deep Sea Blue SnapSet Kiddie Swimming Pool

Deep Sea Blue SnapSet Kiddie Swimming Pool

Get your children a cool portable bathtub which brings the summer vibes and ocean. Made from high quality plastic, the deep sea scene is beautifully printed on the wall sides. With this portable bathtub for kids, they also can learn the names of sea creatures under the sea. Besides, it’s simple to set up and doesn’t require air inflation.

5. Portable Lounge Pool with Basketball Hoop

Portable Lounge Pool with Basketball Hoop

Let your kids play in the water along with the other family members in this portable swimming pool. This spray pool for kids includes a water basketball game and a dinosaur sprinkler. Your children will enjoy a fantastic splash party and basketball game in your backyard, allowing them to cool off quickly during the hot summer months.

6. Kiddie Blow up Swim Pools with Canopy

Kiddie Blow up Swim Pools with Canopy

Give your kids extra comfort and safety with this amazing portable bathtub. It has a breathable and removable UPF50+ sun canopy that protects skin from the sun and is easy to put together and take apart. Made from excellent anti-UV material blocks dangerous UVA and UVB solar rays, allowing your children to safely enjoy the water party under the sun comfortably.

7. Blue White Soaking Bathtub with Cover

Blue White Soaking Bathtub with Cover

If your children love to take a bath with warm water, then this portable bathtub for kids will make them happy. The inflatable bathtub has a soft cotton bottom and a nice inflatable cushion to keep your kids warm while isolating you from the cold ground. Not to mention, the calming blue and white design makes this bathtub clean and elegant. 

8. Galaxy Soaking Bathtub

Galaxy Soaking Bathtub

This stunning galaxy bathing tub will be a great way to make your children love to take a bath. Especially if they are space enthusiasts, the creative space design in this bathtub will impress them. It also has the three-layer construction that allows for up to 120 minutes of insulation, perfect to keep the water temperature stable.

9. Pink Panther Soaking Standing Bath Tub

Pink Panther Soaking Standing Bath Tub

Help your tall kids to enjoy the bathing time with this soaking standing bathtub. The quilted layer at the bottom of this bathtub is soft and comfy, because the built-in pearl cotton effectively keeps the water temperature. The big size makes adults and toddlers alike able to stretch freely in the water without feeling claustrophobic.

10. Home Spa Portable Bath Tub 

Home Spa Portable Bath Tub

Get your kids an amazing home spa experience in an affordable way with this fantastic portable bathtub. It has a backrest, armrest, and cushion for the most comfortable and relaxing experience. Moreover, the upper cover has a zipper to keep you warm or cool, and also can be the cup holder to keep your drinks safe.

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11. Portable Large Folding Bathtub Bucket

Portable Large Folding Bathtub Bucket

Enjoy the fun of bath time with the whole family with this portable bathtub. Unlike the regular portable bathtub for kids, this double folding bathtub is larger, giving plenty of space for both kids and adults. In fact, it is possible to improve heat preservation, preserve steam, and generate a greater fumigation effect by using a bathtub cover.

12. Sea Life Portable Folding Bathtub

Sea Life Portable Folding Bathtub

Introduce your kids to the sea life with this gorgeous portable bathtub. The appealing design of the seal’s life is amazingly portrayed on this folding bathtub. It has six layers of increased insulation designed specifically for bathing. Your kids can enjoy the fun bath experience while learning the names of sea creatures.  

13. Backyard Children’s Swimming Pool 

Light up the sunny day with this portable bathtub for kids. It comes with attractive colors that will be loved by your kids. The soft material ensures additional comfort while playing with water. For families with small children who do not have a permanent backyard pool, this is also the safest option for ensuring that your children can safely play in the water.

14. Animals PVC Round Swimming Pool 

Animals PVC Round Swimming Pool

Make your kids who love cartoon animals enjoy playing with water with this colorful mini swimming pool. The attractive animal cartoon design will be a focal point. It consists of a safe, sturdy PVC material that resists punctures and has a long service life. Besides, the adorable bath may be used not only as a bathtub, but also as a toy pool for babies to play in.

15. Fish Portable Household Bathtub

Fish Portable Household Bathtub

Get your kids a wonderful place for water play with this stunning bathtub. The light blue color with lovely sea creatures brings the cheerful vibes to their own private pool. In fact, the bubbles pattern on the bottom prevents your kids from slipping, ensuring their safety while having a great time in water.

16. Thermal Foam Foldable Bathing Tub 

Thermal Foam Foldable Bathing Tub 

Since this portable bathtub for kids has a large size, they can get enough water to play. Because it is composed of PVC, with strong brackets, it is also safe and durable to hold a large amount of water. In addition, the fantastic palm trees design gives your children the refreshing summer vibes during their bathtime. 

17. Flamingo Waterproof Portable Tub 

Portable Bathtub For Kids

For those who are looking for feminine portable bathtub for kids, then this item won’t disappoint you. The elegant design of pink flamingo with some greens radiates the calming but attractive charm in this bathtub. Made of soft and durable plastic, it is appropriate for all seasons, providing a hot bath in the winter and a cool soak in the summer. 

18. Ocean Pool Portable 

Portable Bathtub For Kids

Bring the real swimming pool vibes with this portable bathtub for kids. Inspired by the big version of the blue water in the swimming pool, now your kids can have the mini version in their house. Moreover, it won’t be easy to leak because of the double ring independent balloon design. It will allow kids to explore the world under water and fall in love with summer. 

19. Outdoor Water Pool for Kids 

Outdoor Water Pool for Kids 

Make your little one smile whenever they play with water in this portable pool. The creative and unique design which resembles the cute elephant is extremely funny and attractive. When the faucet is turned off, it becomes not only a splash pad, but also a kiddie pool and a sprinkler for kids!

20. Happy Day Large Inflatable Swimming Pool

Let your kids play in the water with their friends in this large inflatable swimming pool. It comes with a large size that can hold up to 3 people but still feels spacious. They may spend bath time anywhere by pumping it up because it can be foldable easily. No worries about leakage because it has the third ring’s independent balloon design

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21. Shooting Stars Folding Bathtub

Portable Bathtub For Kids

This is a foldable portable bathtub that doesn’t need to be inflated and is simple to set up and take down. The thickness is intended to keep the bath water at a higher temperature than other baths. Furthermore, the gorgeous moon and shooting stars are printed on this bathtub, perfect for kids who adore the beauty of the night sky.

22. Summer Inflatable Swimming Pool

Portable Bathtub For Kids

In case you have a large backyard, then you can optimize the space with this portable bathtub for kids. The large size can accommodate kids with adults, perfect for a summer pool party at home. It is constructed from non-toxic, long-lasting, and soft PVC material, retaining its form and freshness in the sun and extending the swimming pool’s service life.

23. Portable Soaking Tub 

Portable Soaking Tub 

This portable mini bathtub for kids is ideal for those who have limited space at home. It has a minimalist blue color with a high wall design, perfect to soak your kids’ full body in water. Meanwhile, it is made of three layers of water-resistant, environmentally friendly fabric. It also comes with a water cushion and bathtub cover for more cozy bath time.

24. Free-Standing Blow Up Bathtub

Free-Standing Blow Up Bathtub

Treat your kids like a king with this luxurious bathtub during the bath session. With this portable bathtub for kids, they can feel the super cozy bath experience. The inflatable pillow, ergonomic backrest, and armrest make the tub even more relaxing. For added durability, it’s made of high-density PVC and finished using thermal fusion technology.

25. Eco-Friendly Bathing Tub

Eco-Friendly Bathing Tub

Give your kids a wonderful and comfortable bath time with this amazing bathtub. It is made of food-grade safety material and is particularly environmentally friendly, according to ATS certification. This portable bath tub for kids also has a stunning green leaf which is gorgeously designed for those who are also the environment enthusiasts.

latest post:

Are inflatable bath tubs safe?

Well, the answer depends on the age. Some people think that inflatable bathtubs can be dangerous for babies since there is a possibility of collapse. Therefore, it is not recommended for babies to play alone. However, the inflatable bathtubs also can be safe with the right supervision from parents. Meanwhile, inflatable bathtubs are safe for older kids, especially those who have swimming skills. For example, the Happy Day Inflatable Large Swimming Pool is safe for kids above 7. If you are looking for a safe portable bathtub for kids, please check our lists above.

Is there such a thing as a portable bath?

Yes, it is! Today, you can find many portable bathtubs in various sizes and designs. This is a popular item especially for kids who love to play with water. Not to mention, this item is a smart way to make your kids enjoy bath time. For more inspiration for a portable bathtub for kids, you can read our article above.

How do you use a portable tub?

First you need to set up the bathtub in the place that you want. It can be both indoor and outdoor in the backyard. Some portable bathtubs such as the Summer Inflatable Swimming Pool should be inflated by pumping the gas inside. Meanwhile, some of them need to be opened like the Shooting Stars Folding Bathtub since it has a foldable structure. Then, you can fill the water inside until the right amount that you want. Hence, your portable tub is ready! Suppose you want to buy a portable bathtub for kids, please check our lists above for more inspiration.

How do you fill a portable bath?

You can fill the portable bathtub with clean and fresh water. For a more effective way, you can fill it via a long hose in case the faucet is far from your portable bath. We don’t recommend you fill the water before placing the portable bathtub to the right location. Because it will be too heavy to be moved. 

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