Kids Portable Chair Booster

This Kids Portable Chair Booster can fit and boost up almost any normal chair, so that your kid can comfortably sit by the table and engage in different activities.

With this portable booster, you don’t have to buy an extra special booster chair for your child that he or she would immediately grow out of.

This chair booster fits normal 4-leged chairs and even the ones with a round base or those that have curved legs.

You can take this booster with you whenever you want to go traveling with your kid in tow since its portable, lightweight (3.5 lbs) and extremely easy to assemble. Come to think of it, it doesn’t require any assembly at all. 

Kids Portable Chair Booster

It tightly snaps around the chair’s legs in a mere second, but still offers a great stability. This booster for chairs has rubberized base that won’t scratch the floors since we all know how kids (and some adults) can be restless in one place.

And if you’re worried that it wouldn’t be able to withhold the weight of your child and the chair itself, then all you need to know that this chair booster can hold up to 300 lbs in weight.

Kids Portable Chair Booster

Let your kids see the world from your perspective and allow them to feel comfortable and at ease whether they’re eating, drawing or doing anything else by the table. 

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