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UO Smart Beam Mini Portable Projector

If you think that the UO Smart Beam Mini Portable Projector is anything like a blurry dusty projector you’re used to seeing in classrooms, think again.

This high-tech gadget looks like it comes straight from the future. Or at least from Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion (which was destroyed but that’s beyond the point). This portable high-quality projector manages to be as compact as possible without sacrificing the sharpness of the displayed picture.

The UO Smart Beam mini portable projector can turn virtually any surface into an HD TV. Fancy watching an episode of your favorite show on the ceiling? Sure, why not. UO makes it possible. 

UO Smart Beam Mini Portable Projector

The high quality of displayed image is possible due to the fact that UO uses a laser power source. This power source allows for up to 60 ANSI Lumens brightness. Hence, the clear and bright picture. The screen size projected by UO can grow from 20” to 100”.

UO Smart Beam Mini Portable Projector

The best part, you wouldn’t have to adjust the focus when going through such changes. The projector will do it for you. UO Smart Beam can be connected to your laptop, phone, or tablet through both HDMI as well as wi-fi.

UO Smart Beam Mini Portable Projector

If you’ve always wanted to have a projector but never wanted to bother with those bulky creatures, we get you.

But that’s not the right reason to miss out on all the movies, presentations, or games you can experience in a new way. Especially if now you can have this tiny projector that easily fits into your palm. 

UO Smart Beam Mini Portable Projector


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