Rocket Fishing Rod

This Rocket Fishing Rod is a cool fishing rod that casts your fishing line with a literal blast. This fishing rod is meant for kids who also want to enjoy fishing without any problems that can come with that.

Like getting your line tangled, stuck on nearby objects or not even get to casting it far enough. Let’s be honest, even some adults might have problems with that. That’s where the Rocket Fishing Rod comes in.

This fishing rod allows kids to cast their line with high precision and almost no effort on their part. As the name of the product suggests, the line with the bait and hook gets blasted like a rocket into water. 

Moreover, the hook is safely enclosed in a bobber and gets released along with bait only when it hits the water. That’s a pretty smart way to solve the safety issue that involves both kids and sharp hooks.

Rocket Fishing Rod

Even when it’s not the season for fishing or you’d rather stay at home for the weekend, your kids can still have fun with Rocket Fishing Rod.

They can train their aiming in the backyard, shooting the line into an inflatable pool, for example.

Rocket Fishing Rod

If you are a fishing enthusiast and want to introduce your kids to fishing without them getting frustrated at the difficulties of it, this fishing rod is for you.

Even adults can try using it for fun, we’re all kids on the inside.

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